Monday, May 30, 2011

Funny Moments

This was too funny. With the Gorilla in the back and the Frost Goblin.
Plus T-Rex flapping his tiny arms.

Look at the Genie's tiny head. He always gets it stuck when he's going back home.

I love the way the Squid gets blasted back ROFL. GOOD RIDDANCE!

Cody just walked off my ledge and into the pond.
I still dont know how he does it. I can't even do it ROFL.
And it's MY house.


Is he floating off the floor? ROFL!

I love this photo of my Snake. Lol.

Close up of my beautiful Snake.

This was priceless. I never laughed so hard before.


This was just too cute! Look at his black feet too.

Wig or Hair?.... WIG. ROFL!

I'm still laughing about this one.
If I already showed this one.. It's just too funny not to repeat it.

Me and Diana as Ravens. WOOT!

James and his Crow.. No words has to be said. ROFL.

Wow, what a huge BUG.

He's so cocky. He acts like he's so tough. PLEASSSSSE!

Doggy, come out of hiding... PLEASE?
I have a doggy treat for you?

The Des Army. ROFL!

Present?! I WANNA!

James again. No words has to be said again. ROFL!

My Suggestions for Wizard101's New Furniture for the Sultan's Palace

I was thinking about what things we would need for the Sultan's Palace
since I thought that house needed
so much help with the decorations due to its size.

Also because a lot of Wiz101 furniture items doesn't even fit this house.

So here is my FEW suggestions and all pictures are based from Moroccan or Indian furniture styles.

It would be cool if we had a Camel Statue (or Mount?)

New Plate Setting? Or even a wall decor?

Decoration for the house? It could be designed different than this
but we need more stuff like that for our tables.

Of course, why not more pottery? This one is pretty cool.

Would be awesome if we had this statue.
It seems too perfect for Wizard101.
It's a god named Ganesh.

I would love to have this on my tables with a candle inside of it

This is very popular; the Moroccan Star. We can hang it from the ceiling.

The seating is very lush and comfortable. Burgurdy and pale peach colors.
With nice cushions to sit on the floor.

This is a cute little table. But Wizard101 could make it bigger with similar design.

I love the color Blue lol. But I love this rug. It's vibrant. But it has to be HUGE
to be able to look good in the huge rooms.

I thought this was so cool. I even like the way it's a bit broken.
As a statue, this would be excellent!

I also love this floor even as uncompleted, it looks amazing.

More Wall Decor... It could be in similar colors but different design.

I LOVE this. I would love to put this all over the walls
as the light for the room.

Very funky but would be cool in the Sultan's Palace as either flooring or wallpaper.

Friday, May 27, 2011

About Me and My Deafness

About my Deafness... I got so many countless reactions and questions. So I thought I should write something down so everyone can understand.

I was born deaf because my mother had German Measles which destroyed the hair in my ears while I was in the womb. Yes that was all it took to ruin my hearing. But otherwise I was born perfect. I was raised in a way that I never realized I was different until I was older. My own brother who was born a year and half later learned sign language even though he was hearing as his first language. So my life was perfectly normal to me because I still can do all of the things other people could!

Now when I say I am deaf.. It doesn't mean I can't hear ANYTHING. Personally, I can hear airplanes, big dogs barking, someone screaming really close to my ear, motorcycles and souped up cars. So I still can hear things. I just can't hear words or low noises.

The most questions people ask me is about Music and hearing things. But you know, I can hear LOUD music and just not the words. But just crank up the music, we all can feel it. The beat is important. And that's enough for us.

But, we don't like it when people act like it's a deadly disease. Like we are dying of something really bad or afflicted with something that is awful and incurable. It's not very polite to act like that towards a deaf person.

I mean, how would you feel if we said "OMG, I'm so sorry that your eyes are colored that way! That's awful!" You feel that is silly, don't you? Same thing with Deafness. If we are not upset about it and are quite fine with it, why should you be upset? We are still a full functioning group of people. We can see movies, we can see the sky, smell the flowers, write beautiful poetry and so much more. Everyone knows that it's not right to say that it's awful if you are a certain color, a certain gender or if you are gay, straight or bi. So please include Deafness in that category.

Deafness is a beautiful thing. You get to see things in a whole new light. You learn a new language. And what's even more: you still hear loud noises and you can still feel music. That's enough for us you know?

A few facts you might did not know about us in general:
-Car Insurance Polls show that Deaf Drivers are better than Hearing Drivers.
-Marlee Matlin was the first deaf Actress to win an Oscar and danced her way through "Dancing With The Stars". (See, a deaf woman can do it!)
-There is a All Deaf Rock Band called Beethoven's Nightmare.
-Beethoven was a famous composer who made beautiful music and he became deaf in his later years. Even though he couldn't hear, he kept on composing music.
-Lou Ferrigno, the famous original HULK actor, is Hard of Hearing.
-Mark Ruffalo and Rob Lowe is deaf in one ear. (Mark in Left Ear, Rob in Right Ear)
-Alexander Graham Bell who invented electricity and the light bulb had a hard of hearing mother and he married a Deaf woman.
-Mark Hamill, a famous MMA Fighter, is deaf.
-Deanne Bray had a TV show "F.B. Eye" and she is deaf.
-Heather Whitestone who won Miss America in '95 is deaf.
-Ashley Fiolek, a FWA Motocross Champion, is deaf.
-Kathleen Ollerenshaw, a British Mathematic and Politician, is deaf.

Think about it. It is clear that nothing stopped the Deaf Community and we didn't let our deaf ears hold us back. So don't be sad, be proud of us! :D

-Kelsey Fireheart: A Proud Deaf Woman!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Monday, May 23, 2011

A Few Helpful Hints about Crowns History and Purchasing Them

Crowns History

If you suddenly notice that your crowns are lower than what it should be or if you swore you had that item that you bought with crowns but you weren't sure.. There's a special way to check.

1. Go to

2. Log in

3. Go to My Accounts

4. In the box named"Account Management" - Click on "Crowns History"

5. Pick a Date and Items with your total Crowns will show.

You can look through your Crown History to check what you did previous buy or spent your crowns on. It's very useful if you have multiple wizards and you don't remember exactly what you bought.


Paying By Mobile

If you are away from a computer, but you really want to buy membership or crowns before it's too late.. You can pay through your phone's web browser.

1. Log In @

2. Under the Account section on the Wizard101 site in the left side bar Navigator - Click on Pay By Mobile

3. Pick whatever you want to buy and click Submit

Then you can buy subscriptions or crowns from there.


I hope those tips have been useful for you. I know they were for me!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Titans of Wizard101

Notice in the above messages, it keep repeating: Storm, Ice and Fire.
Says that the Ice Titan named YMIR slept under Grizzleheim
and we defeated him in the last dungeon: Nastrond of Hrundle Fjord, Wintertusk.

So of course this makes me wonder, where are the Storm and Fire Titans?
Will they be introduced at all to the game?
To me, it does seem possible that Wizard101 will create more storylines in other worlds
for the Fire and Storm Titans who hasn't showed up yet.
Otherwise, why would they mention them at all?

And the reason I said in other worlds is because it said in the above pictures
that the Ice Titan, YMIR, slept under Grizzleheim.
So obviously that's his domain.

As for the other Titans... Maybe the Storm Titan would live under the Tomb of Storms in Krok?
I think that area would be populated with mostly storm mobs
who MIGHT would have BOLT or other strong storm spells.
Would be brutal to keep ourselves alive.

As for the Fire Titan ... Dragonspyre? That does seem like a obvious location.
But I could see a lot of burning spells occurring in this new area.
It would be difficult since it would be hard to shield ourselves.
Who knows?!

**FinAndQuinn supplied a picture of the Dragon Ttitan message in DS in the Grand Chasm.
This makes me think what if the Dragon Titan is the pet of the Fire Titan.
So he could come back and threaten everyone again
and we have to defeat him personally.

**FinAndQuinn also suggested that the Fire Titan could be in Krok
with Arabian houses and Efreet type of Fire Titan. INTERESTING!

I'm so curious and I can't wait to see what Wizard101 will come up with! 

Friday, May 20, 2011

The Funny Things That Wizards Say - Part 2

Here are the funny little things that I have said
or other people have said throughout the game.
This is Part 1 since I do plan on collecting funny little bits.
I think this is a great way of making everyone laugh
and shake their head. I know I did! Lol.


Person #1: "I got the Boss!"

Me: "You know, you could shield yourself instead since you keep dying?"

Person #1: "Eh, shields are too heavy."


First Round- Boss Kills Person #1.

Person #1: "Oh gosh!"

Person #3 heals Person #1 with a Satyr.

Second Round- Boss Kills Person #1 AGAIN.

Person #1: "You know what? It's alright.
I like being dead and thats why I went first!"


Person #1: "Do you have Choke?"

Person #2: "Choke? I don't have any Choke." (seemed confused)

Person #1: "I swore your school had a Choke spell."

Me: "Choke is a Fire Spell. He's Death."

Person #2: "Do you mean Strangle?"

Person #1: "THAT'S IT!"


Person #1 has been singing "Don't Stop The Pop" in the entire dungeon
and was the Person #1 in the above conversation.

Person #2: "What's the next bubble?"

Person #1: "Don't stop the Pop!"

Me: "I know who gets STRANGLED next." *glares at Person #1*


Person #1: "LOL! You just made me spit water all over myself
and almost on my laptop! Good thing I turned away in time
and spit all over the floor and myself instead!"

Me: "Gosh! I thought you knew you shouldn't eat or drink around me!
That's the number one rule actually. Me and my jokes are a dangerous weapon
when food and drinks are in the vicinity. I can make them do weird things."

Person #1: "LOL! Stop making me laugh! Cut it out!"


*walks into the common*

Person #1: "I dont know. I think it would be odd if there were no eyes on her."



Person #1: "Excuse me, do you know where the Mysterious Composer?"
Me: "Oh that's Nick Jonas..." *points to Nick Jonas who's ten feet away*
Person #2: *goes silent*..... lol.


Person #1: "I can predict that we all will die."
Me: "Why are you being so negative? Besides you were wrong last time.
You said the same thing and we survived."
Person #1: "I just have a strong feeling that we will!"
Me: *kills boss* "See, he's dead."
Person #1: "Lol."
Me: "Maybe you should windex your crystal ball more often."
*everyone LOLs*


Person #1: "Maybe you should go first since you are the not worthy one."
Person #2: "YEP! LOL!"
Me: "Not Worthy?"
Person #1: "What? Wait, what does 'Not Worthy' mean?"
Me: "Not deserving, not important."
Person #1: "Oh, good! I said it right."


Me: "WOW my cat is so smart."
Person #1: "Yeah? Why?"
Me: "She claws at my face to get my attention!"


Hope you enjoyed this!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Wizard101 Wintertusk Video with Sneak Peeks!

Have you seen the new Wizard101 video? It has some sneak peeks of a Arabian type of house and a flying carpet mount! OOOH Can't Wait!!!

Monday, May 9, 2011

A few updates to Test Realm 2.0 that isn't in the Update Notes

The Stun Shield gets a new look!

Also the healing circle has a new look!

The Forest Lord card changed and now has a Trap included.

The Crow's attack raised from 480 to 525!!

Prickly Bears are not Rank 4 anymore, but are Rank 5's.
BUT, I have been raising those plants and there's no other differences
in their gardening needs.

When you click on Attic, there's a new tab under House.
Apparently you can find ANYTHING under House that you placed in your house
even if you lost it (I can imagine losing something in a MFP. LOL!)
and move it to your backpack.

Now when you hover over your friends' pets from your friend list,
you can see what talents their pets have.
You can't do this on non-friends though.