Wednesday, April 24, 2019

The New Pandamonium Hoard Pack Is Here!

New Pack From Wizard101

This Mooshu themed pack can be found in the Crown Shop for 399 Crowns.



Grand Panda (Permanent, 1 Day & 7 Day)

Giant Panda (Permanent, 1 Day & 7 Day)

Great Panda (Permanent, 1 Day & 7 Day)


Precocious Panda Cubs

Precious Panda Cubs

Playful Panda Cubs

Ninja Pigs
Spellwrit Ronin
Spectre Lord
Bumble Bee
Jade Oni
Ice Salamander



The Pandarian

Pet Snacks

Rank 1

Rank 2

Rank 3

Cheese Broccoli
Sugar Donut

Rank 4

Wormy Apple
Fetid Legumes
Big Squash
Star Lollipop

Rank 5

Gummy Humongofrog
Mooshu Cheddar
Goat Cheese

Rank 6

Glowing Dragon Fruit
Glam Chowder

Rank 7

Honey Bombs
Fish Egg Pancakes
Crystal Custard
Senior Mint
Crystal Custard

Rank 8

Deepwater Toffee


Panda Cub Statue

Bamboo Chimes

Bamboo Vase

Panda Portrait

 Pandamonium Banner

Bamboo Fence

Music Scrolls

Mooshu Main Theme
Mooshu Battle Theme
Mooshu War Theme
Mooshu Mystical Theme
Mooshu Haunted Theme
Mooshu Combat Theme
Mooshu Plague Theme
MooShu Pet Derby Theme

Housing Characters (Non Auction)



Prickly Bear Cactus
Sugar Khrystal
Trumpet Vine
Boom Shroom
Sword Fern
Queen Crape Myrtle
Red Bell Pepper
Snap Dragn
Honey Sickle


Flawless Jade
Flawless Onyx
Flawless Hematite
Flawless Citrine
Flawless Peridot
Flawless Amethyst
Flawless Ruby
Flawless Opal
Flawless Sapphire

Treasure Cards

Monk of Mourning
Jade Oni
Ice Wyvern
Fire Wyvern
Squall Wyvern
Fire Dragon
Donate Power
Goat Monk

Gardening Treasure Cards
Flute Symphony
Plant All
Supreme Sunburst
Trumpet Vine

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

New Chocostein’s Monster Pet!

New Chocostein’s Monster Pet!

Release Date: April 16, 2019

A new, sweet pet has hit the crown shop!

Chocostein's Monster Pet

Looks to be one that could be helpful in the upcoming Deckathalon Towers!

Share which talents manifested on your Chocostein's Monster pet with me on Twitter or Facebook
and I'll be sure to credit you when updating this page with the info you share.


Friday, April 12, 2019

SotS & Fansite Festival 2019

Fansite Festival 2019:
April Horse Dash and "I'm So Fancy" Fashion Show

Grab your favorite horse mount and make sure you have your fanciest gear on for our Horse Dash and 'I'm So Fancy" Fashion Show!
When: Sunday April 14, 12-1pm PST
Where: Commons - Falmea Realm

We'll trot throughout the Commons and be the fanciest equestrians the spiral has ever seen!

For the Fashion Show segment, take a screenshot of your wizard in their fanciest gear and tweet it to me: @destinyrain808 ,include the hashtag #SOTSImSoFancy.

Facebook users can PM screenshots to me HERE
Please make sure that your wizard's name is visible in your screenshot.

Be sure to post or send your screenshots for a chance to win one of these prizes:
Aero Plains Bundle
Great Detective Bundle
2000 Crowns
5000 Crowns
Nimbari Hoard Pack

Screenshots must be taken during our event only on April 14th.
Deadline to post/send screenshots is 10PM PST on April 14th.
Any other entries will not be counted.

Check out the other fun Fansite Festival Events here!