Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Funny Things That Wizards Say - Part 1

Person: "I got the Boss!"

Me: "You know, you could shield yourself instead since you keep dying?"

Person: "Eh, shields are too heavy."


First Round-

Boss Kills Person#1.

"Oh gosh!"

Person #3 heals Person #1 with a Satyr.

Second Round-

Boss Kills Person #1.

"You know what? It's alright. I like being dead and thats why I went first!"


Person #1: "Do you have Choke?"

Person #2: "Choke? I don't have any Choke." (seemed confused)

Person #1: "I swore your school had a Choke spell."

Me: "Choke is a Fire Spell. He's Death."

Person #2: "Do you mean Strangle?"

Person #1: "THAT'S IT!"


Person #1 has been singing "Don't Stop The Pop" in the entire dungeon and was the #Person 1 in the above conversation.

Person #2: "What's the next bubble?"

Person #1: "Don't stop the Pop!"

Me: "I know who gets STRANGLED next." *glares at Person #1*


Person #1: LOL! You just made me spit water all over myself and almost on my laptop! Good thing I turned away in time and spit all over the floor and myself!

Me: Gosh! I thought you knew you shouldn't eat or drink around me! That's the number one rule actually. Me and my jokes are a dangerous weapon when food and drinks are in the vicinity. I can make them do weird things.

Person #1: "LOL! Stop making me laugh! Cut it out!"


*walks into the common*

Person #1: "I dont know. I think it would be odd if there were no eyes on her."



Person #1: "Excuse me, do you know where the Mysterious Composer?"
Me: "Oh that's Nick Jonas..." *points to Nick Jonas who's ten feet away*
Person #2: *goes silent*..... lol.


Person #1: "I can predict that we all will die."
Me: "Why are you being so negative? Besides you were wrong last time. You said the same thing and we survived."
Person #1: "I just have a strong feeling that we will!"
Me: *kills boss* "See, he's dead."
Person #1: "Lol."
Me: "Maybe you should windex your crystal ball more often."
*everyone LOLs*


Thursday, October 14, 2010

The System of Pet Talents' Rarity

Many people get confused about how the dots work
and how they add up to the actual Pedigree number of the pet.

Everyone thinks it is as follows:
Epic: 4 dots
Ultra Rare: 3
Rare: 2
Ultra Rare: 1
Common: 0

This is wrong.

This is REALLY how it is:
Epic: 5 Dots
Ultra Rare: 4
Rare: 3
Uncommon: 2
Common: 1

So if you get confused about your dots not adding up to the actual Pedigree number.
Now you know why.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Celestia Test Realm!

Celestia now opens for Level 48 Wizards who also 
COMPLETED the "The Final Countdown" in Test Realm. 
(Now as of 6:22pm Oct 8th, it is OFFLINE.)

A few specific highlights:

-Level Cap raises to Level 60!
-Rank 8 Spells for Level 58 through your own School Teacher

-No Previews in Dye Shop for Eggs
-Gold Cap raised to 200k
-Reagents will be bought and sold in bulk! As well as Pet Snacks!!
-Reagents and Pet Snacks can be traded through the Shared Bank
-We can finally see if our own backpack is getting FULL!




The Sun School is all about Enchantments.  They will give boosts to accuracy, 
damage at basic levels but at higher levels, they will include mutates and larger bonuses 
(I wonder what, am so curious). 
But one downside of this school is if you enchant any of your cards during battle 
and don't use it. The enchantment cards will disappear once the battle is over. 
It's not going to be in your spell deck for next battle if you don't use it. 
And they cannot be used on Rank 0 or Rank X spells. 
Also, the Cloak spell will be reintroduce into the game. 
It will cloak the cards that you charmed or wards so the other person in the battle won't see it. 



The Moon School is about Polymorphing. Meaning TEMPORARILY Morphing yourself into another schools. 
Like Fire into Storm or whatever. But it's a complete morph, from your deck, your health, 
your stats, everything. Even the way you look! But it only lasts as long as the Polymorph time allows. 



The Star School is about Auras. Auras are energy that surround, protect or strengthen you. They can't be stacked, broken or dispelled. But they will disappear over time of course. They can boost accuracy, damage, resistance and even convert incoming spells for you.

They have timer as in rounds. And all of the spells are for the caster only so is labelled SELF. It is not an attack spells when you use it against the other people.

Auras will have a few different types such as Stun Resistance, Pip Conversion, Accuracy Boost, Resistance Boost and Damage Boost.   
Specific Auras
Aura of Fortification ( Blue ) - This grants the player 15% resistance to all attacks.
Aura of Amplification ( Red ) - The grants the player a 15% bonus to outgoing damage.
Aura of Precision ( Green ) - This grants the player a 10% bonus to accuracy.
Aura of Conviction ( Yellow ) - This grants the player 90% resistance to stuns and 20% block chance.
Aura of Empowerment ( Purple ) - This grants the player an extra pip every time a rank 4 or higher spell is used on him / her.
Aura of Vengeance ( Orange ) - This grants the player a 20% boost to their critical hit chance.


Critical and Block System

  When you press a C, you will see a panel like the one above. 

There will be two new stats called: Critical Hit Rating and Block Rating.;
Critical Hit Rating increase the player's chance of getting a critical hit.
Block Rating increases the player's chance of avoiding incoming critical hits. 

The Critical and Block system will help us perform Critical Hits on our opponen
 and avoid incoming hits. This means PvP will be even harder!
The chance for a critical hit or a block is calculated AFTER fizzle and accuracy.
Charms, Enchantments, Wards, Manipulations and Globals are not subject to the
Block & Critical system. Heals cannot be Blocked, but they can be used as Critical.

The Combat Rating System displays as a numeric value and not a percentage.