Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Pirate101 and Wizard101: Review of 2013 and Hopes for 2014

So I was thinking about 2014 and what will come to the games that we all love. I instantly thought, why not? I'll list what I THINK or at least HOPE will happen in 2014 and you can add your thoughts in the comments below.

Yep, we're still chasing after Morganthe in Khrysalis!

Review of Wizard101 2013

So in 2013, we saw a lot of changes and additions to the game. We saw a new Tournament system, a Castle Tours system and they even tweaked PvP a bit. They updated the pets with multiple cards to retain the cards they gain as they reach a level. They added TONS of new pets like Rescue Rover, Flying Squirrel, the cute Bee and more. They brought out a brand new bundle card with the awesome Bee House which allows us to take a cool ride on a dragonfly which gives us rewards once a day. Lastly, they added new worlds; Aquila and Khrysalis! Well, Khrysalis Part 1 at least. Part 2 is coming soon! Yes, we're back to chasing Morganthe again. What disaster lies ahead for us has she created this time? I feel like I'm playing "Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?" except it's "Where in the spiral is Morganthe?" Wait, does Morganthe have a last name? :O

Khrysalis's Eclipse Tower Where You Learn Shadow Magic

My Thoughts for 2014

We all know that Khrysalis Part 2 will come of course probably in early 2014. So I'm guessing January or February. At latest, March. I hope not, I don't think I can wait that long! But I predict that we will beat Morganthe for once and for all! Yea it's a no-brainer like psh, what else are we gonna do? But how?! I'm already imagining the climatic end of Morganthe. I'm wondering if she'll disappear into a hole, or pass away or .... fall to her knees and say "Kelsey Fireheart, you have defeated me. You are the most powerful Wizard in the Spiral. I bow down to you. I'm at your bidding." Errm.. well.. why not? *strikes a pose heroically* No really, I seriously wanna know how it ends for the second major arc story line in this game! And also if we will get a clue of what's coming next? I love getting clues as it ends for the next beginning. It's better than going to the office and Merle's like "Dude, you gotta chill for a while. If something goes wrong, I'll call ya up, cool?" 

Also, we might see a side world for Wizard101 at the end of 2014. They seem to alternate main and side world releases. But honestly I want to get to the new story arc already. I'm more interested in the main story lines. I know it's wishful thinking, but I'd like to see the next new world and enemy after we all finish Khrysalis Part 2. I'm the kind of person who likes to stick with a book until the end. Juggling a few books makes me lose interest. So I want to get to the next villain and see how it all starts up again already. This is one of the reasons why I love Pirate101. I actually feel like I'm progressing there a lot quicker while Wizard101 seems a lot slower.

New Castle Tours Shop in The Commons

My Hopes for 2014

-I know that for sure PvP will be constantly tweaked throughout the year. We all know that area is not done. But I also am hoping that they fix Pet Derby. The low tickets are not a great incentive! Please bump up the amount of pet derby tickets you receive, Wizard101. :(

-I am hoping for more categories with the new House Tour vendors. I would love a Holiday tab for Holiday themed houses only with possibly sub-tabs for each holiday. I also would love a Party tab where you can schedule a party and a date at whichever house you'd like it to be at. And when the day comes, your house is instantly open and you can join it from the house vendor.

-I want some wig stands as well as an interactive wand case. Those wands sure fill up a house's space and walls pretty fast. It'd be great to be able to store 10 wands within a case which will be counted as one in total. Also my new hairdos needs a place to chill while they're not being used. Therefore, a wig stand would be lovely!

-I bet that there's also new House Game Kiosks coming! But I can't think of what it could be though....

-It's pretty obvious that we will get our Level 98 spells. But will they be Khrysalis related or something totally different. I am hoping they won't be related because bug spells? Ewww! But I bet they will be pretty epic!! I'm sure we'll be wow'ed since Level 98 spells are our last before we hit Level 100!

-We will get our school pets, but will they be our own school spells or brand new pets never seen before? I am hoping for the latter! I would love brand new pets for our schools. And gosh for my Fire, I would love a Platypus pet, the ones who dances around the volcano in our Rain of Fire spell. He could throw fire meteors if he wants to too. That'd look totes adorbs! I am also hoping that there will be a hybrid system for all of our new school pets. That'd rawk!

-And of course we will get new houses, new pets, new bundles, new packs, new mounts. But it's all a guess what they could be!

The Brand New Bee House

Riding on the Dragonfly!

-I would like to see more transformations for new quests. For instance if we had to swim in the water, why not a mermaid? If we had to fly, why don't we transform into a giant bird and fly? We shouldn't focus on having two legs or using other mounts to do it for us? We are wizards, surely we can transform into anything? I would love to be a giant bird and fly up high in the sky for a quest. Instead of Superman, I'd be Superbird! And honestly being a mermaid like Lady of the Lake would be just amazing!

-I would like to see a Balance prism. You put on a prism and the school of the prism would be random when it goes on, it could be one of the spirit or elemental schools. Would love to see a new improved Donate Pip card to give your teammates gold pips. Also eventually shadow pips. And Life still needs a low AOE spell.

-I would like to see them improve the holiday decor for Christmas in the commons. And add more challenging quests for Level 90s for Halloween and Christmas. And hey, why not quests for Thanksgiving and Easter? Heck, even July 4th?

-I would love a Turkey pet, just fyi. And a crazy looking turkey at that! I'd love to have one for Thanksgiving next year. I can't think of any other holiday pets to be honest. What about you?

-I also would love a gardener or an system where I can tend to my plants without having to log in the game. It would save me so much time really. Also I would LOVE a new garden item where you can place. For instance a 3 plant gardening item, you can load seeds like you load scrolls for the music player. Watch them grow up and bam, instant pretty garden for your castle! Imagine the brick walled pond, but replace the water with the soil. I know, I'm a genius.

Photo from Wizard101's Khrysalis Commerical

-More Shadow Pips? Will we gain more than one in KH Part 2? It's all a mystery! But the photo above says it all. Does this mean we'll gain new Shadow Magic spells too?

-What will happen once we hit Level 100? Will it be 100 or 101? Whichever it will be, what do you think will happen then? It's a major milestone! I am hoping that we get a promotion from student to something uber cool and all that jazz! I know one thing, it'll be a grand big party once we all hit Level 100 or 101!

The Noelephant Charity Mount 2013

New Halloween Pirate101 Ship!

And Now For Pirate101!

The Barmy Ones - A New Quest That Isn't Out Yet!

Review of Pirate101 2013

Pirate101 has been making great strides in their first year! They added the Bazaar, Henchmen, Transporters, Stitching (and unstitching) and new class houses! They even made an awesome Halloween ship that I'm STILL using, even though it isn't Halloween anymore. They also introduced their first new added worlds; Marleybone and Aquila. *faints*

My Thoughts for 2014

Ship PvP? Ranked PvP? Tournaments?

With the new great arena building that was shown as a Sneak Peek from Pirate101, we know for sure that something new is coming. But what could it be? It could be Ranked PvP, Tournaments, Ship PvP. But my guess is Ship PvP. We also will see a main world coming in probably late spring/early summer? I am hoping for late winter/early spring. Sorry, I just wanna find out what happens with the main story and where we are going next. I'm uber excited!!!! (Pardon my exclaimination marks!!!!).... 

So, we definitely will see Valencia because there's already a major clue in Aquila that we have to sneak back in.. But what other world in addition to Valencia? I'm sure that we would have to visit one more world as well since we will probably only see a small part of Valencia. We do have plenty of choices to choose from. Rajah, Grizzleheim, Darkmoor, Krokotopia, Zafaria, Polaris, Albion. I'm guessing Grizzleheim. We shall see! I honestly can't wait. It's quite fun to see what new additions that they are going to bring out.

The Brand New Pirate101 Bundle House - Emperor's Villa

My Hopes for 2014

-I am hoping that they will eventually allow fishing and crafting. Those two would work very well with each other. I would love to be able to fish for reagents and be able to craft some cool furniture! Heck, I'd love to craft ship parts to bling out my ships! Gosh, I'd love to be able to craft a ship of my own!

-I would also like to be able to craft my own yum if possible. It could be one of the main ingredients of the crafting recipes for furniture and ship parts. Maybe we could make our own special types of yum that gives us speed to run faster or boost ourselves.

Concept Art of a part of Valencia that we have not seen in-game yet!

-Ship Parts Stitching please! I'm quite picky about how my ship looks, so the look of the ship parts are really important to me, the more options, the better!

-I'd love to see ships being bottled and displayed in our houses than being left in our backpack. This would free up so much room.

-If possible, I would love to be able to upgrade my backpack to bigger sizes since we are holding a LOT of items for our ships and our character as well as pets and furniture.

-I would love to have a Captain's Quarters on our ship. It would be a room where we can decorate and chill out on long journeys. Can you imagine the parties in that room? It would be sweet!

Inside the Emperor's Villa

Darkmoor - Will We Ever Go There?

-And yes, I would love to be able to place my pets and mounts down in my houses! Imagine them running around? Gosh that'd be a lovely sight! And my backpack will sigh in relief.

-I would love an Armada house. Yes, I know this is odd, but think about it... What if we found an deserted Armada house? Hey, I'd definitely take it over and make it mine! Fair is fair. They try to take over the spiral. Well, we should do the same back to them LOL.

Well, what do you think? What would you want for 2014 for either games?

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Kelsey's Crazy Wand Giveaway!


Like Viridian Scepters? You will like this then! You can get a free Viridian Scepter wand by getting a code in the box below.

****This Wand Giveaway Has Ended.****

Thank you so much! You guys rawk!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Brand New Wizard101 Christmas Pet: Polar Fox!

There's a brand new pet in the spiral - the Polar Fox! You can find it in Crown Shop for 3750 Crowns. 

You know, "Polar" reminds me of "The Polar Express." Now that was a good movie and book. That Tom Hanks is a gem! And Fox? Hehe, what does the fox say? ;)

This pet has a cool Bladestorm card which is going to be pretty useful! Definitely a pet that I would improve for sure.

 Apparently this pet has Ace Avenger which is MC Vengeance. How interesting! I wonder what's the second epic? 

Also the best thing about this pet is that you can dye the clothes that's on it! I picked red and green because well, it's Christmas colors obviously.

Go grab that fox, it's so darn adorable!

Thanks Elie Dreamflower for allowing me to have a copy of your awesome Polar Fox pet!

Brand New Pirate101 Christmas Companions!

Pirate101 has introduced two brand new Christmas companion, the Mistle Toad and Prince Yulefest! Interestingly enough, the nutcracker's clothes will match the color of your flag. That's why my nutcracker is in all black I believe. I am not sure if this is a bug or not.

The new companions do not come with any promotions and will be found in Crown Shop for 3995 crowns each. With those companions, you'll sure look yule-merry on the skyways! I believe my favorite is the Mistle Toad. You can't beat those candy cane weapons! They're super awesome. And look at those shoes, too funny! While walking, he practically takes leaps probably to avoid tripping in those huge shoes.

Came with True Grit, Jump and Pirate originally

Came with Quick Adjust originally

Friday, December 13, 2013

New Christmas Pirate101 Pets!

They're currently being sold in the Crown Shop for 1500 Crowns each. I especially love the ornament pets. They're so shiny and they look really neat! The way they are textured is amazing. They look like actual colored glass which ornaments are. I named my pets Christmas themed names. I wish there was more Christmas themed names I could use. 

Updates to the Yuletide Packs


The new Yuletide Pack is out in the Crown Shop with a new doggy pet, the Rescue Rover and a new Gear Set! Thank you, Timothy Titan, for the stats!


The new Yuletide Pack set!