Friday, March 30, 2012

The Friday Countdown Surprise!

Yes it's a Trolling Stone Pet.. LOL.

As Ditto the Monster says,
he's the Clark Kent of the Pet Rock!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Contest Results of Kelsey Fireheart's 2nd Wiz-Anniversary Bash!

Contest #1: "Click the Follow Button"
Grand Drawing of everyone who followed my website and blog.

Grand Prize: 5000 Crowns worth of Prizes
1st Prize: 2500 Crowns worth of Prizes
2nd Prize: 2500 Crowns worth of Prizes
3rd Prize: (1) Tier 7 KIFreeGame Code *Courtesy of Cody Raventhorn*

Wanna know who won? Check out the video!


Contest #2: "The Holiday Seeds Name Challenge"
What holiday plants can you think of that Wizard101 should create?

Grand Prize: 2500 Crowns and 3 Packs of your choosing
1st Prize: 5 Packs of your choosing


Name of Plant: The Easter Eggplant
Price of Plant: 1500 crowns

What would it would Drop: mature: 3 candy pet snacks, one of: Sprite card, Unicorn card, Satyr card. Elder: 50% chance to drop egg pet, 2 of the following: Guiding light, Regenerate, Centaur, and 4 candy pet snacks
Difficulty of Raising the Plant: 3
Duration of Plant Growth: 106 hours
Furniture/Plants it would Like: basket of eggs
This Plant dropped where or which vendor or Crown Shop? crown shop, also dropped by the Jade Oni
How much XP would it give? (mature/elder) mature: 15 elder: 200
How much Gold would it give? (mature/elder) mature:35 elder: 500
Would it drop its own seed? 50%chance


Name of Plant: 

Price of Plant:
925 Crowns

What would it would Drop?
Reagents           Treasure Cards        Pet Snacks            
Aethor               Forest Lord            Captain Canteloupe     
Golden Pearl      Ra                          Sun Fruit
Pristine Vial        Medusa                  Crab Apples
Sunstone            Skeletal Dragon      Cubby Brocoli
Sandstone          Snow Angel            Fancy Yogurt
Black Pearl        Efreet                      Hambrosia
Black Lotus       Leviathan                 Mystic Dragon Fruit

Difficulty of Raising the Plant: 

Duration of Plant Growth:
8 Days

Furniture/Plants it would Like:
Brick Walled Pond 
Weapons Rack
Astral Tent

This Plant dropped where or which vendor or Crown Shop? 
Crown Shop

How much XP would it give? 
Mature=110              Elder=400

How much Gold would it give?  
Mature=530-790       Elder= 760-1010 

Would it drop its own seed? 

Contest 3: "Say What? Free Packs?!"
I will collect all of the names of my followers on my site and blogger and do a random drawing on the 29th of every month. Whoever wins gets 5 packs of their choosing and just for this month, also (1) Tier 7 KIFreeGame Code *Courtesy of Cody Raventhorn*

Wanna know who won? Check out the video!

Note: everyone who wins this raffle every month will be removed once they are picked from future raffles. So this way everyone has a chance to win!

WINNERS: Please check your emails, or blogspot messages. I have sent you information how to receive your prize. You have 1 week to respond before the prize is forfeited.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Locked Gates In Wysteria

I was in the mood for some Wysteria air,
so I opened the door to the beautiful and simple world of Wysteria.
Once I step through the door, there was Mrs. Dowager smiling at me with a cheerful welcome of Hello!

"Hi, Mrs. Dowager! Haven't seen you in a while? Why, thank you!
You're lovely too! I'll see you in a bit okay? Have a great day!"

Then I went skipping down the street to my left,
so I could walk pass the Wysteria stores which girls do like to do.
I walk pass the school of Ember, then down this cute cozy domed hall down to the lower level.

Zeke and Eloise was chatting and when I caught their eye, they beamed joyfully and grabbed me into a hug. And we talked a bit about the weather which is NEVER rainy.

"HEY ZEKE! How are you Eloise?! Yes it's such a pretty day! It's always so beautiful here."

The sunlight keeps winking at me off a pillar which was distracting me.
So I squint and look to my left to see where it was coming from.
Then I suddenly notice something very strange and I remarked this to Zeke and Eloise.

"Hmm, what is a locked gate doing here? Especially here?"

They had no idea, so they couldn't answer my question.
After chatting with them, I decide to say good bye and resume walking down the street.

I was mesmerized by the pretty flags as I slowly skipped down the street.
I was day dreaming about the day when they would stock new items and pets.
Then I suddenly notice another gate, I run up to the gate and say,

I try to figure out why those locked gates are here. Then I think suddenly, wait a minute, will they open in not so far off distant future?
As I step back, watching the eerily lonely gates, and I start to wonder carefully about this strange turn of events. There was rumors about a world named Avalon that was being spoken by the pig students in shady corners. Could be this true? Could one of those gates lead to Avalon? All I know is when I sleep tonight in my wizardly bed, I will wonder what will happen tomorrow and what lies beyond those locked gates.
I tremble with giddiness and fear. Oh locked gate, I so wish you could tell me your secrets.

Did I Get All Of The Wizard101 Puzzle Pieces?

Oompa Lompa, do-ba-dee-doo, I've got a perfect puzzle for you.
Oompa Loompa, do-ba-dee-doo, yes I do!

Okay, I made this list so everyone can keep track of the pieces. It's way too confusing to make sure that we do not miss ANY pieces. And to keep track of who released the pieces and who did not yet.



March 23rd Release: 1 Piece
March 28th Release: 1 Piece (via
April 4th Release: 1 Piece (via

Wizard101 Wiki 
March 23rd Release: 2 Piece
March 28th Release: 1 Piece
April 3rd Release: 1 Piece
Wizard101 Central
March 23rd Release: 2 Piece
March 28th Release: 1 Piece
April 3rd Release: 1 Piece
Legends of the Spiral
March 23rd Release: 2 Pieces
March 29th Release: 1 Piece
April 3rd Release: 1 Piece
That Pyromancer
March 23rd Release: 2 Pieces
March 31st Release: 1 Piece
April 4th Release: 1 Piece
Diary of a Wizard
March 23rd Release: 2 Pieces
March 28th Release: 1 Piece
April 3rd Release: 1 Piece
Ditto Wizard
March 23rd Release: 2 Pieces
March 29th Release: 1 Piece
April 3rd Release: 1 Piece
West Karana
March 23rd Release: 2 Pieces
March 31st Release: 1 Piece
April 3rd Release: 1 Piece
Paige's Page
March 23rd Release: 2 Pieces
March 28th Release: 1 Piece
April 3rd Release: 1 Piece
Ravenwood Radio
March 23rd Release: 1 Piece
March 25th Release: 1 Piece
March 28th Release: 1 Piece
April 3rd Release: 1 Piece
A Mythspent Youth
March 23rd Release: 2 Pieces
March 31st Release: 1 Piece
April 4th Release: 1 Piece
Friendly Necromancer
March 23rd Release: 2 Pieces
March 28th Release: 1 Piece
April 3rd Release: 1 Piece
Petnome Project
March 23rd Release: 2 Pieces
March 28th Release: 1 Piece
April 3rd Release: 1 Piece
Valerian's School for Wayward Wizards
March 23rd Release: 2 Pieces
March 29th Release: 1 Piece
April 4th Release: 1 Piece

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Little Sister: Cody Raventhorn's New Idea for a Dungeon

A Rare encounter with the Utopian Family… From the Unbreakable Utopia!

Meet the Enemies


This is the Girl you meet at the end of the dungeon. Her speech is as follows:
“Daddy? Is that you…Daddy? No. You’re not Daddy! DON’T TOUCH ME! Daddy won’t be happy!”

She will be the only visible enemy as you enter the battle, so the battle will be starting out as Little Sister vs. your full team in the dungeon. Basically a 4v1.

Little Sister has a Grand total of 25,000 Health. She is a Moon school Boss. She will shield, and de-buff only. She has no attack whatsoever. Here is every spell she will have.

She will start with 5 Power Pips on the first turn. No cheat will begin until she is hit/ targeted with any spell. Any spell that touches her will set off her cheats. For example, a wand will set her off, a pierce will set her off, and a scald will set her off. There is no way to get around this cheat, even with using an AOE Attack.

When she is first struck/targeted with a successful spell, she will interrupt the battle right after the spell has completed its course. She will then say:
“I told you not to touch me! HELP! HELP! SOMEBODY HELP ME!”

A Minion will then spawn and run to her side. The name of this monster will be Big Sister…


Big Sister will run to Little Sister’s side in the battle and say this quote:
“Don’t you dare touch her in front of me!”

This monster will spawn once, every time the Little Sister is targeted. A maximum of 3 Big Sisters can be aiding the Little Sister at a time. The Big Sister has 1000 Health and is a Balance school monster.
The round the Big Sister is summoned into the battle, she will immediately cast a Power Nova that will do 1000 Damage, but won’t place a weakness. After that, the Big Sister will use the following attacks, and won’t cheat.

Once 3 Big Sisters are out on the field, and the Little Sister is targeted 1 more time. The following will happen in this order:


2. The Little Sister will then vanish from the battle, and a bigger Boss Called Big Daddy will spawn and take her Place instead.

3. The Big Daddy will start with a full set of 7 Power Pips, and emit a Ra that will Deal out 10,000 damage.

4. The Big Daddy will continue this process every round until all players on the opposing side have died.

5. You will lose the battle at this point


1. Once a Big Sister has spawned, KILL HER right away, then try to target the Little Sister Again.

Imagine this: A Life wizard, a Storm Wizard, a Myth wizard, and a Balance wizard are in the battle. It has started as a 4v1. The 4 Wizards against the one little sister. The Team blades the Storm player a few times, and he is ready to throw a nasty Leviathan at the Little Sister. However she has tower shields and elemental shields protecting her. So a Myth player uses a quick shatter, and breaks away all the shields swirling around her. The Little Sister then Summons one of her Big Sister’s to aid her. It is now a 4v2. The Big Sister throws the Power Nova at them dealing 1000 Damage to them each, so the Life fixes that all up with a quick rebirth.

It is now the next round. There is of course the chance that the Little Sister will try to shield again, So the Myth uses shatter to clear the path for the Levy that the Storm is about to cast. The Shatter sets off the Little Sisters cheat once again, and she summons another Big Sister. This has now become a 4v3.

The Big Sister quickly casts her 1000 Damage Power Nova. It is now the Storm's turn. He casts his Levy, and hits about 17,000 Damage, leaving the Little Sister with 8,000 Health Left. The Little Sister once again brings a Big sister into the fight. Now keep in mind this is now a 4v4 fight. The Big Sister casts her infamous Power Nova, which could possibly knock out the Storm player, but it doesn’t matter because he has already hit. Now the round has ended. 

The Little Sister shields and the Big Sisters throw a judgment here and there. The Life uses a Rebirth and BOOM, the Storm is back to life. Now, In order to hit the Little Sister again, you would have to kill off some of the Big Sisters so that the Little Sister doesn’t have to summon a Big Daddy to take her place in the match.

So let’s say the Myth uses an Orthrus on one of the Big Sisters and kills it. The Balance also uses a Hydra that criticals, and kills yet another Big Sister. It has now dropped back down to a 4v2. The Little Sister with a remaining 8,000 Health, and a Big Sister with her full 1,000. The team begins to blade again, as the Little Sister shields herself some more.

Let’s then say that the Balance throws off an accidental weakness on the Little Sister. She will summon another Big Sister. The Big Sister throws another Power Nova, and is killed the next turn by a Medusa that the Myth uses. The Life uses a Rebirth and gets a lucky critical. The team is now full health. The Storm is now ready to hit with a Storm Lord, So the Myth uses a Shatter on the Little sister. The Big Sister comes out, blah blah blah, Power Nova, You know the drill. It is now the Storm's turn, and he successfully casts his Storm Lord. He criticals, however the Little Sister blocks it. It does 9,000 and the Little Sister falls to the ground. The Lord Kills the 2 Big Sisters that are in the battle as well, and they finish the dungeon with Success!


The Little Sister will lie on the ground and hop back up onto her bare feet. She looks much cleaner and pure now.

Her eyes no longer have a yellow, green glow. She says in a very kind, soft, quiet voice:

“Thank you… Morganthe, she’s trapped me here, along with many other sisters. We didn’t choose to be like this… we were lured here… she told us… there would be no more pain. No more… sacrifice… everything would be perfect… I thank you kind wizard *The Girl does a curtsy and bows* I’ve been stuck in this dungeon for years. I have been asleep, with all the other Little sisters here… I must run and awaken them from this madness that Morganthe has placed upon us.”

The girl runs to a small hole in the wall just big enough for her to slip through. She jumps and grabs ahold of the opening, and climbs in. She turns her head just as she moves through the hole, and says softly “Thanks Again..” and crawls into the darkness of the hole.


If this big guy joins the party… You might as well flee…

This is the final battle to the unbreakable Utopian Society dungeon. There are many battles that lead to this battle. But I will explain those in a further letter. Hehe!

-Cody R.

Legendary Artisan Times 7

Yes I have accomplished making a Legendary Artisan in EVERY school! It was quite a feat! But if I can do it, so can you!




So how did I do it? Evil Magma Peas! They gave me a lot of Aether and some Fossils. (Wizzy, please make more plants that drops a lot of Fossils. EMPS do not drop enough of it!) I also did some Bazaar Shopping! Thank god for Prickly Bear Cactus, they gave me so many snacks to sell! So my gold coffers were FULL and in fact, they were overflowing, so I was able to buy a lot of reagents. Yes that's all it took! If you have overflowing banks, buying reagents helps so much by making a dent in your mountain of gold. Then you are able to sell the gear that has been sitting in your bank which will give you more room to hold things.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Future Spells Wizzy Should Create

Me and Cody Raventhorn were discussing about spells and here's what we came up with. We thought of utility spells as well as future main school spells. Any spells with * was his idea, otherwise it's mine.

2 pips
Block an Incoming Beguile

2 pips
3 white pips over 3 rounds

2 pips
Prevents a blade being put up on Target whether by self or from friends

2 pips
Prevents a trap being put up on self from enemies.

Calm Skies
2 pips
Takes away any bubble in effect

2 pips
Puts fog in the front of the enemies with a little bit fire on the ground, -30 accuracy on all.

The Riverman
Could be Level 78 Spell
Rises out of the foggy water with a lantern with a gold coin in its hand, sitting in a rowboat under dark skies with a moon above. He will put his hand toward a single enemy and then pull the soul out of the enemy, the enemy crashes to ground.

The Three Fates*
Could be Level 78 Spell
Three witches standing and cackling together, whipping a golden thick ribbon thread squeezing around an enemy, then cutting it which releases their soul to gently exit of their body and their bodies crash.

Could be Level 78 Spell
He wakes up next to a rock and a tree and casts an aging spell on an enemy then turns them into an old monster. The enemy will shriek and just wither and then they just explode into dust.

Ghost Ship
Could be Level 78 Spell
A ghost pirate boat rises out of murky foggy water, there's ghost pirates on it too, then the boat turns sideways and boom boom boom! Cannon fire on all of the enemies.

Could be Level 78 Spell
A mountain rises up with a sheep standing near the top and he says BAA! Suddenly it shakes a bit, then an avalanche comes down and knocks into all enemies.

Snow Ram
Could be Level 78 Spell
Snow covered evergreens pop up and out of it, a huge snow ram runs out and rams into a single enemy.

Fire Eater
Could be Level 78 Spell
A caravan van with horses comes on the scene with "Fire Eater" on the side of it and out of the door steps out a gypsy in a turban and gypsy really dull dark purple and green or gray trim. He starts blowing fire either at a single or all enemies.

Could be Level 78 Spell
A old guy in a wig flies a kite and the storm clouds covers the sky and it's lightening, so the old man wraps the kite's string around an enemy. Then lightning strikes the kite, then down the string and electrocutes the enemy.

Could be Level 78 Spell
A woman with a cat head pops up, crouches on the ground like a cat, then pounces, clawing a single enemy or all enemies in a single stroke.

Could be Level 78 Spell
A jungle boy with wild hair and green tunics (like Peter Pan) swings down from a tree, then throws the boomerang to hit a single or all enemies in a single stroke.

Could be Level 78 Spell
A boy with wings that are obviously human made from wax and feathers drops down on an enemy and beats it with a wood branch stick.

Honestly I think the Stun spell should be revamped. Every time you are stunned, you should be stuck and encased in an ice cube for the round.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Ninja Lore Spells now being Dropped!

Yes, the Ninja Lore Spells are dropped now! WOOT!

Shoji drops the Samoorai Spell in Shirataki Temple (First boss before lever)
Zaneki drops the Goat Monk Spell  in Shirataki Temple (Air Shrine Boss)
Koto drops the Ninja Pig Spell in Cave of Solitude.


The green arrow is where the boss is at. 


The green arrow is where the boss is at. 


The green arrow is where the boss is at.

Good Luck Farming!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Mystery Puzzle: Can You Figure It Out?


Wizard101 has stated that:

"Over the next few weeks our incredible lineup of official Wizard101 fansites will be releasing individual puzzle pieces. Search all our fansites to find their puzzle pieces and start to put the puzzle together for yourself!

Will it be a new house? a new world? a new adventure? All will be revealed when all the puzzle pieces have been discovered. There are over 60 pieces in total, so watch these sites for new puzzle pieces to be released over the next few weeks!
Visit all of these sites to collect their puzzle pieces and start putting the puzzle together yourself at home!"

Visit those sites to grab their puzzle pieces!


Wizard101 Wiki
Wizard101 Central
Legends of the Spiral
That Pyromancer
Diary of a Wizard
Ditto Wizard
West Karana
Paige's Page
Ravenwood Radio
A Mythspent Youth
Friendly Necromancer
Petnome Project
Valerian's School for Wayward Wizards

Also do not forget to grab the puzzle piece is on the below link. It is part of the puzzle too!

The official Wizard101 informaton is at:

Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Surprise In The Zafaria Wallpaper

Have you noticed something new in this photo? Look carefully.

How about that tiny little baby Elephant mount?! :O

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Wizard101 UK; March 18, 2012 Update

They are having a special crown sale today on March 18th from 4-8pm UK Time where you can get 20% more crowns when you are purchasing them. That's 11am EST. And much earlier for midwest, mountain and west coast.

In other news.. there's FOUR new furniture items never seen in Wizard101 USA. Take a look!





-Kelsey Fireheart

Thursday, March 15, 2012

No Auction Pet Snacks

I have been noticing that snacks from the Raven and Kirin Hoard packs
Even the Rank 3s, 4s and so on. This made me upset because
I really did not want to keep those snacks
and keep my snack section clutter free.
I also love selling snacks for gold.
But you can't sell them anywhere
and the ONLY way to get rid of them is by feeding your pet with them. :(
I sure hope they fix this and allow us to at least sell them to a Pet Snack vendor.

For now, just feed them to a pet. Or just save them for a rainy day.
Just be warned when you buy those packs,
there's a chance that you will be getting those non-auction snacks.

I have listed all non-auction snacks below,
so you will know what kind you will get.

However, I revamped a huge list of Rank 5-9 Snacks
with information on where they are dropped, crafted or bought.
So now the personal stats of each non-auction snack is included there as well.


Bunch of Figs - Rank 4 - is No Auction.


There might be more snacks I've overlooked.
If so, please let me know.

Rank 4's
Salmon Joy
Black Sun Seeds
Lemon Daisy
Bunch of Figs
Beetle Cream Soda
Cranberry Frog
Hard Boiled Beetle Egg
Sweet Mango

Rank 5's
Fire Passion Fruit
Mooshu Cheddar

Rank 7's
Lime Peel Rickey
Fuzzy Peach Fizz
Simple Sugar Pop
Pollen Bombs
Jade Palace Tempura
Mooshu Tofu
Sweet and Sour Chow
Hot Ginger Snaps
Hot and Sour Bits

Rank 8's
Bad Honeyed Dates
Sunflower Hearts
Kapow Pug Poppers
Zen Poppers
Fido's Fortune Puffs
Basil Poodle Noodles
Frozen Snails
Fruit and Nut Bar
Pickled Garlic Grub

-Kelsey Fireheart

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Kelsey Fireheart's 2nd Wiz-anniversary Super Bash Contest!

Since my 2nd Wiz-anniverary is fast approaching on March 29th, I've decided to start three contests which includes one of my current running contest, but I added a bigger twist to make it even MORE exciting! It's all about the Number 29 in this contest lol.

Deadline: Thursday the 30th 12:00am EST (midnight of 29th)
The winners will be announced on Thursday the 30th.


Contest #1: "Click the Follow Button"
If my blog and site both reaches 50 followers before March 29th, the 5k prize will be doubled for the first prize winner. That would mean the Grand Prize winner can have anything under 10k crowns.

Remember: if you do both site and blog.. Means double entry!

Grand Prize: 10k if reached by March 29th. 5k if not.
1st Prize: 5k if reached by March 29th. 2500 crowns if not.
2nd Prize: 2500 crowns either way.
3rd Prize: (1) Tier 7 KIFreeGame Code *Courtesy of Cody Raventhorn*

To follow my blog - go to and look at the "Friends" section on the side of the blog and click "Follow"

To follow my site - go to and click "Join Site." All informations are private. Please only enter your Wizard name and information.

Deadline: Thursday the 30th 12:00am EST (midnight of 29th)


Contest #2: "The Holiday Seeds Name Challenge"
I was thinking about holiday seeds and what would your ideas be for various holiday plants. You may send drawings of the plants itself.

Grand Prize: 2500 Crowns
1st Prize: 5 Packs of your choosing
2nd Prize: 3 Packs of your choosing
3rd Prize: (1) Tier 7 KIFreeGame Code *Courtesy of Cody Raventhorn* 

Please include the following information.

Name of Plant:
Price of Plant:
What would it would Drop:
Difficulty of Raising the Plant:
Duration of Plant Growth:
Furniture/Plants it would Like:
This Plant dropped where or which vendor or Crown Shop?
How much XP would it give? (mature/elder)
How much Gold would it give? (mature/elder)
Would it drop its own seed?

And if no drawing is included, do describe how it looks. But, drawings would be nice. It doesn't have to be perfect! 

Email the entries and drawings to - - by March 29th

Deadline: Thursday the 30th 12:00am EST (midnight of 29th) 


Contest 3: "Say What? Free Packs?!"
I will collect all of the names of my followers on my site and blogger and do a random drawing on the 29th of every month. Whoever wins gets 5 packs of their choosing and for this month, also (1) Tier 7 KIFreeGame Code *Courtesy of Cody Raventhorn*

Remember: if you do both site and blog.. Means double entry!

Deadline: Thursday the 30th 12:00am EST (midnight of 29th) 


Have a great month!
-Kelsey Fireheart

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Ninja Lore Pack

This pack has 3 new spells; Goat Monk, Ninja Pig and Samoorai that are NOT treasure cards, but school spells that you can use indefinitely. This pack of course has new clothes, wands and the cute Shenlong pets. This pack also gives out MORE bobbleheads such as Falmea and Greyrose and house items.

The complete guide to Ninja Lore Pack is also on my website at: 

To see the animations of the new spells,


Ivory Shenlong Dragon
Gives Locust Swarm card
285-345 Balance Attack
Strength: 220
Intellect: 230
Agility: 200
Will: 240
Power: 250
Hatches in 5 Minutes

War Oni Bobblehead 
Falmea Bobblehead
Plague Oni Bobblehead 
Greyrose Bobblehead 
Samoorai Bobblehead 
Ornate Round Vase
Pointed Boulder 
Solar Obelisk
Futon Cushion
Tea Plant 
Serpent Obelisk 
Pointed Boulder 
Stepping Stones
Stone Marker
Serpent Obelisk 
Blue Sword Display 
Tea Ladle 
Mooshu Main Theme
Mooshu Haunted Theme 

Hard Boiled Beetle Egg Rank 4 Storm
Glowing Star Fruit Rank 6 
Flaming Soup Rank 5 Fire 
Misfortune Cookie Rank 4 Death
Dasterdly Radish Rank 6 Death
Large Fish Rank 4 Life 
Rotten Candy Rank 4 Death 
Large Watermelon Rank 4 Balance 
Fire Cracker Rank 4 Fire  
Sweet Mango Rank 4 Balance 
Cauliflowers Rank 5 Death 
Glowing Dragon Fruit Rank 6 Fire 
Salmon Joy Rank 4 Storm
Golden Peanut Rank 4 Storm 
Big Squash Rank 4 Storm 

Samoorai Rank 5 Balance 460-540 
Goat Monk Rank 5 Life 440 
Ninja Pigs Rank 5 Myth 
Nature's Wrath
Black Cat 
Jade Oni 
Storm Shark 
Thunder Snake 
Snow Serpent
Ninja Pigs 
Frost Beetle 
Lightning Bats 

Turtle One Day Mount
Bengal Tiger One Day Mount 
Ancient Koi One Day Mount 

Mist Wood
Stone Block
Frost Flower 
Black Coal 
Crystal Vial
Pristine Vial
Spider Silk 
Black Coal
Perfect Ruby 
Water Lily
Frost Flower 
Deep Mushroom
Ancient Scroll
Blood Moss
Black Lotus
Bronze Gear 
Water Lily 
Glass Vial
Perfect Sapphire 
Leather Straps
Fire Blossom 
Scrap Iron 
Lava Lily
Shadow Oil 
Black Pearl 
Fish Fin
Golden Pearl 
Fire Blossom
Perfect Ruby 

Deadly Ninja Fig 
Fiery Boom Shroom 
Burning Snap Dragon 
Pink Dandelion 
Ninja Fig 


Imperial Court HelmChrysanthemum CowlAugust Sage Helm
160 Health
+3 Armor Piercing
+35 Critical Rating
Hex Card (gives 35% to next attack)
Spectral Blast (505 Fire, 420 Ice, 635 Storm Attack)
180 Health
+3% Pips
+5 Resist
10% Outgoing 
Spirit Defuse (defuses Life, Death, Myth spells)
Elemental Defuse (defuses Fire, Ice, Storm spells)
345 Health
+9% Pips 
+5% Incoming
Unbalance (defuses balance spells)

Imperial Court RobeChrysanthemum CoatAugust Sage Robe
505 Health
+4% Armor Piercing
+50 Critical
Elemental Trap (+30% to next Fire, Ice, Storm attack)
Hydra (220 Fire, Ice, Storm Attack)
405 Health
+6% Pips
+7% Resist
+8% Outgoing
Balancestorm (+25% to next Attack spell to all friends)
Sandstorm (295-335 balance Attack to all enemies)
505 Health
+14% Pips
+9% Accuracy
+10% Outgoing
Power Play (Power Pip Chance +60%)
Donate Power (Gives a Pip to Target)

Imperial Court SlippersChrysanthemum BootsAugust Sage Shoes
145 Health
+2% Armor Piercing
+30 Critical
Dragonblade (+35% to next Attack spell)
Steel Colossus (575-675 Balance Attack)
238 Health
+5% Pips
+4% Resist
+10% Outcoming
Elemental Shield (-55% to next Fire, Storm and Ice spells)
Helping Hands (60 +540 Health over 3 Rounds)
230 Health
+12% Pips
+5% Accuracy
+9% Incoming
Weakness (-40% to next Attack Spell)

Thunder Chasing SpearBlazing NaginataSweeping Longspear
+1% Pip
+2% Armor Piercing
+35 Critical 
Balanceblade (+30% to next Myth, Death, Life Attack Spells)
Balance Wands with 120 Power
+1% Pip
+2% Armor Piercing
+50 Critical 
Spirit Shield (-55% to next Myth, Death, Life Attack Spells)
5 Balance Wands with 120 Power
+1% Pip
+2% Armor Piercing
+50 Critical 
Elemental Shield (-55% to next Fire, Ice, Storm Attack Spells)
5 Balance Wands with 120 Power