Monday, October 17, 2016

Mirage Will Be Coming Soon To Wizard101!

Tom and Leah, the KI Live team, have officially announced that yes we will be seeing Mirage in Wizard101 soon! The talk about Mirage, the upcoming world we will be able to visit soon, will be at the 32 minutes mark in the below video.

I think that Test Realm should be at the end of this month or next month at the latest! But, I expect more teasers to be coming soon before Test Realm pops up again. I can't wait!

Do you think we will be seeing a similarity to Aladdin's story in Mirage's story line? Who's your favorite character in the photo above? Mine is the floating skeleton head. What? It's cool! But, if not that, I really love the one in the green turban. It's just too cute!!

Notice the crystal floating island? Is it a clue of what we will be doing in Mirage? Finding more gemstones like the Desert Star which we found in Celestia? Desert Star came from Mirage, so who knows what we will find there. Or will we have to stop Old Cob and his minions from getting another valuable gemstone? Who knows?

As for that purple dude, I wonder if he's a Sand Sultan or something else entirely? I only know that his minions looks scary!!! LOVE IT!

Honestly I cannot wait for this new expansion. I'm so ready for world exploration! Aren't you?!

Saturday, October 15, 2016

The Brand New Shinobi Bundle from Wizard101!

In the most recent KI Live, they gave away Shinobi Bundles to those whose questions got picked. Thank you Scarlet Rose Wiz, one of the KI Live winners, for allowing me to take pictures as well as use her own photos for this blog post.

The Shinobi Dojo

You now can have a movable building which has a PvP Arena inside as well as a Moodha Statue that gives rewards. Someone actually got a Skyslash Demon pet from it.

The Shinobi Dragon Mount

Yes you can actually seat two people on this very slippery, but scary, mount!

The Shellnobi Warrior Pet 

This pet is so Ninja Teenage Mutant Turtle. You can't mess with it!

It even spins its own dagger very fast!

The Shinobi Gear & Weapon

Yes this gear set goes up to Level 120! With Mirage coming soon to Wizard101 possibly this month or next month at the latest, it should make complete sense. Notice on the weapon may cast card, there's a new icon!

Watch for this upcoming bundle from Gamestop for $29!

Thursday, October 13, 2016

The New Gloomthorn Pack From Wizard101!

There's a brand new Halloween Pack in the Spiral, the Gloomthorn Nightmare Pack! It's available for 299 crowns in the Crown Shop. It's full of cool things that I've listed below.

Thanks to Timothy Titan for some of the gear pictures.


You become a literal cloud of bats

Permanent -
Bat Swarm (Perm)
Gloomthorn Vine (Perm)

1 & 7 Day -
Gloomthorn Vine
Bat Swarm
Purple Glider
Enchanted Broom
Horned Sweeper
Bat Wings
Black Stallion


Jack O Lantern

Dutiful Bloodbat


*Gloomthorn Dining Chair
*Gloomthorn Coffee Table

Altar with Candles
Carved Skull
Rattlebones' Feet
Tall Pumpkin
Obsidian Firecat Statue
Cobweb Rug
Halloween Mat
Buried Bone
Jar of Bat Wings
Bone Hand
Brain Jar
Pilloried Skeleton

Death Desk
Death Shield
Death Banner
Smoldering Tree
Dead Tree
Krokotopian Mummy
Fire Mummy
Obsidian Chest
Worn Shovel
Spooky Spider Web
Creepy Corner Cobweb
Angled Gravemarker
Slanted Grave
Theater Mask
Foul Cauldron
Dark Stone Tower
Crate of Pumpkins

Spider Web Wallpaper

Placeable Characters

New characters that you can place in your home

Red Ghoul
Yellow Ghost
Purple Ghost
Green Ghost
Red Ghost
Blue Ghost
Orange Ghost
Shackled Banshee
Blue Banshee
Red Banshee

Pet Snacks

Rank 7
Cry Babies
Atomic Fireball
Senior Mint

Rank 6

Rank 5
Gummy Humonogfrog
Rock and Roll Candy

Rank 4
Golden Candy Bar
Nutty Candy Bar
Big Squash
Star Lollipop
Glowing Rock Candy
Wormy Apple
Gummy Bloodbat
Big Squash
Peanutbutter Cup
Rock Candy
Misfortune Cookies
Swirled Lollipop
Caramel Popcorn
Salmon Joy

Rank 3
Chocolate Peanut

Rank 2
Spicy Bubblegum
Gummy Firecat

Rank 1
Harvest Corn


Ghost Fire
Black Lotus
Spider Silk
Red Mandrake
Perfect Onyx
Perfect Citrine

Treasure Cards

Spirit Armor
Spirit Blade
Spirit Shield
Spirit Trap
Black Cat
Black Widow
Black Mantle
Brown Spider
Red Banshee
Myth Banshee
Lady Blackhope
Lightning Bats
Time of Legend
Ice Bats
Ash Bats
Fire Bats
Frozen Bats
Life Bat
Blood Bat
Death Bat
Dark Pact
Harvest Lord
Lord Nightshade
Ghost Touch


The Moon Staff

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Halloween In Wizard101

Halloween is officially back in the Spiral!

You can find the Halloween quests in the Commons of Wizard101. Go talk to Jack Hallow in the Commons of Wizard City and also Dworgyn in Nightside, they both have quests ready for you. You can't miss them!

Halloween Packs

You can also find the Harrowing and Nightmare packs in the Crown Shop for 299 crowns.

And by the way, the gear is still 100+.

PS: There's a rumor that there's a new Halloween pack coming that has not been released yet, stay tuned!

The Spookacular Pets

You can find the Nightmare, Ghost Dragon and Zombie Piggle pets in the Crown Shop.

Nightmare - 2500 Crowns
Ghost Dragon - 3000 Crowns
Zombie Piggle - 2250 Crowns

Wanna Dress Up?

There's cool Mummy and Vampire Costumes available for purchase! They are available for 2500 crowns each set. They include a hat, robe, and boots. Now you can look fabulous for Halloween in Wizard101!

Daily Assignment Chests

Hope you noticed that the Daily Assignment chests have their own cool look for Halloween? They are also dropping cool Halloween items.

Halloween Fish

Black Catfish, Rank 1, Death
Frankenfish, Rank 1, Storm
Vampire Squid, Rank 2, Death
There's three Halloween fish which returned from last year in all of the commons of the Worlds that have fishing. No, sorry, there's no new ones this year.

The current Halloween fish are Frakenfish, Black Cat and Vampire Squid. Hurry and reel them in before Halloween is over!

Spooky Bob

Don't forget to visit Spooky Bob in the Shopping District of Wizard City for your typical Halloween clothes. You can buy masks, costumes, wands and even a Spooky Bob portrait for crowns! Spooky Bob also has a Black Cat, Nightmare and Ghost Dragon pets for sale.

Which Part Is Your Favorite?

I sure love packs the most. But what about you? What excites you most about Halloween in Wizard101?