Saturday, May 30, 2020

Fansite Festival BINGO 2020

Posted by Destiny Rain
The Annual Fansite Festival Community Event is coming up on June 6th & 7th!  Vanessa Mythdust has always done this BINGO event, but this year, she's given her blessing to Stars of the Spiral to continue her tradition. Thank you again, Vanessa!
BINGO 2020 is scheduled for Sunday, June 7th at 12noon CST. 
We hope that you'll join us!

Step 1:  To participate in the Bingo event, the first thing you'll need to do is Save or Print out the Bingo card below.

Saturday, May 16, 2020

Wizard101 Contest: Celebrate 2020 Graduates!

Congratulations Class of 2020! You Did It!

This contest is dedicated to all 2020 graduates!

Lets show the Graduates how proud we are of them for pushing through and overcoming this difficult and challenging time.

Use your imagination and decorate an area at your castle or dorm room with a Celebratory Graduation theme to honor them!

3 winners will be chosen. Everyone is welcome to participate as long as your entry is Graduation themed.

This contest is open to players on both Twitter and Facebook social media platforms.

1st Prize: 30K Crowns
2nd Prize: Random Bundle
3rd Prize: 10K Crowns

Contest starts: May 16, 2020 (now)
Contest ends: May 23, 2020, 6pm CST


  1. Entries should be of one area (indoor OR outdoor) at your castle or dorm
  2. You may submit a maximum of three (3) of your best screenshots
  3. Videos is not an acceptable form of entry

When submitting your entry, please do the following:
Email your entry to:

Enter "Wiz2020Grads" in the subject line
Please include your Facebook or Twitter @name with your entry.

One entry per person

Thank you @Wizard101 and Mathew Anderson for providing prizes for this contest.

Looking forward to seeing your entries!

Contest Results

I got a little carried away and decided to award more prizes than originally planned!
Thank you for your entries!

First Place: @bubu10716671
30,000 Crowns

"I just had a virtual graduation that was pretty boring, but I'm happy I could make one much livelier in game lol!"

Second Place - 2 Winners (Tie)
Prize: Random Bundle

The screenshot shows my wizard receiving his diploma from the principal."

Congratulations Class of 2020!"

Third Place: @ben78239842
10,000 Crowns

I tried to recreate a graduation with the stands and stuff and the students are six feet away because they are responsibly social distancing"
Additional prizes were also awarded to these entries

@BlazeStormCloud - 5000 Crowns

@serena_ellis_ - 5000 Crowns

@MontesArtemis - 5000 Crowns

@_Karonyx_ - 2500 Crowns
I know several of my college graduate friends who have definitely had it rough, so it was nice to do this in their honor, even if it is a digital gift. "

@BananaBrian3 - 1000 Crowns

 @yellowr02473652 - 1000 Crowns

@Mythicalrosie - 2000 Crowns
"Dear Wizards in the Class of 2020,
There are memories that we play out in our heads over and over again that are deemed to be irreplaceable. We've always dreamt of the moment of walking across that stage, looking back at our loved ones, and finally grasping that diploma/degree that we worked so hardly for. Some of us are the first in our families to graduate. Who knew that our daily routine of going to class, studying, stressing, talking to friends face to face and repeating these actions week by week were one of the last times you would ever get to do so. It reminds us that time is valuable, and that each moment should be cherished. Your support system, your dedication, and your strive to finish your education have all led up to this moment. Class of 2020, there will never be enough words to describe the sadness that is being felt from all across the world. As this chapter of our lives close, there are many more to be written. One day, you will look back and remember that you were the Class of 2020, and that finishing your education in the presence of your own home is just another hurdle to be jumped over. There will be a day in the future where you will be recognized. For some of you, it may not be at a commencement ceremony. It means moving onto the next part of your life, entering college, or finally getting to take on your dream career. Your future successes will be the ultimate redemption of this very uncertain time. Graduates, you are allowed to feel upset. Do not let anyone invalidate your feelings, or tell you that not being able to graduate is not the worst thing in the world. Even though it is just a day, remember that the years spent on earning this honor did not come easy. Remember to thank the people that have helped you get this far, and to be kind others. For me, some of these people would be the hardworking developers that keep Wizard101 running. Without this platform, I would not be as resilient as I am today. Class of 2020, you are not forgotten. This project is dedicated to you. Congratulations!
Best, Victoria Rose"

Below are the remaining entries that were submitted.
I wish I could have given everyone a prize for participating!
Thank you to all who entered!

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Doomsday Krok Hoard Pack

Wizard101 Doomsday Krok Hoard Pack

Release Date: May 11, 2020
Cost: 399 Crowns

Gear Sets - Updated as of July 2020 (Summer Update)

Apophis' Warrior Set

 Setesh's Warrior Set

 Sokar's Warrior Set

Adophis' Scarab Pet

Setesh's Scarab Pet

 Sokar's Scarab Pet


Apophis' Scarab
Grizzley Boar
Setesh's Scarab
Sokar's Scarab
Void Basilisk

Pet Snacks

Ancient Date
Black Sun Seeds
Bunch of Figs
Buttered Popcorn
Cactus Fruit
Chili Peppermint
Gator Tots
Green Grapes
King Banana
Loco Nut
Medium Fish
Orange Jalapeno
Prickly Bear Punch
Raising Bran Cereal
Sandy Corn
Square Root
Surfin' Turf
Veggie Juice
Zocalo Wings


Blood Bat
Snow Serpent

Treasure Cards

Lightning Bats
Locust Swarm
Mega Taunt
Myth Prism
Sandstone Colossus

Housing Items

Desert Forge
Desert Table
Double Scroll Case
Elephant GraveStone
Fire Sarcophagus
Glass of Hours
Hieroglyph Wall D├ęcor
Instanboo Platform
Krok Balance Plaque
Krok Bird Plaque
Krok Fire Plaque
Krok Ice Plaque
Krok Insect Plaque
Krok Moon Plaque
Krok Scarab Pillar
Krok Skull Plaque
Krok Snake Plaque
Krok Storm Plaque
Krok Sun Plaque
Krok Tree Plaque
Krokotopia Map
Large Archway
Lion's Paw Print Floor
Novice's Socket Wrench
Primitive Snake Mask
Red Top Drum
Sand Celebration Rug
Sand Device
Solar Pattern Wallpaper
Stone Throne
The Boat
Zebra Warrior


Red Bell Pepper
Sugar Khrystal


Alternate Time Lime
Amber Dust
Ancient Date
Cat Tail
Fish Fin
Leather Straps
Mist Wood
Parallel Time Limes
Star Fruit
Stone Block
Time Lime