Tuesday, May 30, 2017

The Avalon Outlaw's Bundle Is Here!

By now you should know that there's a brand new bundle out for Wizard101! You can find it at GameStop for $39.

The bundle gives you a cool Outlaw Refuge which is a huge tree house with secret tunnels, catapult and even a dragon who gives rewards. you also get a huge fox to ride in and Robin Hood themed outfit along with a bow and arrows. You also get a pretty neat Fairy Fly pet!

If you want to see more of the house as well as the pet, mount, even the gear stats, click here.

Today, Wizard101 also released a new fish that is only found in the new Outlaw Refuge.

Deer Knight Doodlefish

School: Life
Rank: 1
Tank Type: Regular
Regular XP: 13
First Catch XP: 1300

This brings the total unique fish in game to 172! Good luck fishing!

Mythbusting The Pirate Myths

Everyone thinks that pirates wore eye patches because they became blind in that eye and wanted something spiffy to cover it up. Apparently, it might not be true. Thanks to Iridian Willowglen for showing me an article which said there could have been another reason for it.

According to scientific research, they think it was to help them see better under deck where it's pitch dark. You know when you walk through the dark and then you turn on the light, suddenly you see spots in your eyes, and they might even hurt? Your eyes also need time to adapt from light to dark as well to be able to see in the dark.

They would walk around in the light with the uncovered eye, but when they went down under deck, they would switch eye patches. Then the one that was under the eyepatch was able to see in the dark pretty quickly because it was already covered up. Back and forth. Interesting theory, eh?

Mythbusters had a chance to test this theory and said it was "plausible" that this was the real reason pirates wore eye patches. In my opinion, it could have been one of the many purposes of the eye patch, not the only purpose of it. There's no historical proof it being intended for light and dark eyesight adjustments anyway.

But interestingly enough, Mythbusters have also tested a few other pirate myths.

1. They were able to prove that the cannonball impacts did the most damage to the ship, not the wooden shrapnel from the impact. 

2. They were able to prove that no, it's not easy to have a slow fall while cutting into a sail. This is because sails are not one simple sheet. They are usually sewed together, so if you try to cut into a sail to slow your fall, you will just get stuck on a stitch which is hard to cut through.

3. They were able to prove that rum is NOT a better clothes cleaner than detergent.

Yo ho ho, a pirate's life for me!

Be Careful Of IP Address Thieves

Hey, if you use Twitch, be leery of links you find in their chat rooms.

We know now that the links will grab your IP address, thanks to GavXD who found suspicious Youtube address links in Twitch chats. Apparently, the IP thieves replaced the letter 'o' with a o with an dot above it. Be careful of what you click on nowadays. They now don't just give you malware, viruses, they now can steal your IP addresses to DDOS you or worse. You never now what they could do.

Stay safe, folks!

The Safety Rules for the Internet

By now you probably have heard about the 22 years old man from South Los Angeles, Cushqader Warren, who has been taken in custody for preying on children that he became friends with in Wizard101. You can read the whole article here.

But I just wanted to remind you once again, the standard safety rules for the internet. This doesn't apply to Wizard101 only, but also social media and various of websites out there.

*The Safety Rules for the Internet*

1 - Do Not Give Your Personal Information To Anybody

Don't give your real name, address, phone number, email address, so forth. Everyone knows this. But this also applies to other website on the internet that's connected to the game such as Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, Twitch, so on and so on. Do not give anybody your information there either. I don't care if they claim to be a cop, a KingsIsle staff worker or someone that you're supposed to "trust." Do NOT give them your personal information.

2 - Whatever They Are Asking For In Return Is Not Worth It

A Wizard101 game card or crowns is not worth your dignity or safety. It's the same idea of a stranger approaching you in a park and offering you a candy or asking you to help them find their lost puppy, would you trust them and follow them? Of course not. It's the same thing on the internet. Don't let them blind you from the real truth.

3 - Trust Your Gut Instinct

If you feel off or not sure about that person or situation. you're probably right. Run in the opposite direction. You also should talk with your family about it immediately, so you can decide what to do together.

4 - Report Them Immediately

If you are scared to talk to your family, report them to the appropriate authority. In fact, report them no matter what, with or without your family's approval. If you met a person like Cushquader, I would recommend you report him to the police, YouTube and Wizard101. Yes all three. Cover your bases.

5. Block, Mute and Ignore Are Your Best Friends

If they harass you or you feel uncomfortable on social media or other sites, don't forget that you can always block, mute and even ignore them in game. Don't hesitate to click on those buttons.

6 - Trust Only Approved Game Sites

If you really need crowns or game cards, please only trust official game sites approved by the game company. They are approved for a reason. They are your safe places to get prizes from.

7. Take What Strangers Say With A Grain Of Salt

Doubt everything. You don't know who's on the other side of the computer screen. They could be lying about who they are, their age, their gender, where they live, and even who they work for. Be careful who you become friends with or even who you date online.

I know it's hard for people to believe that yes there are bad people in Wizard101, which is a family friendly game. But it's something I've been saying for a long time now. They are everywhere. They are hidden behind a computer screen. It's not just Wizard101, it can be any game out there. Don't let that scare you though from playing Wizard101. You just have to be careful and play smarter. Don't let them win and above all, be safe.

Friday, May 19, 2017

PanicGuard: An App You Should Install

Ever worry about your safety or your child's safety out in the world, especially if you are a woman? I came across a very interesting Facebook post from a woman named Lisa Allaway who raved about a certain new app I never heard of before called PanicGuard.

"This has to be the best app I've come across if you have kids that go out....Panicguard!! Basically if they're walking alone they activate the app and if something happens shake their phone....it sends me a text to say she's in trouble and an alarm and light starts going mad!!! You then get sent her location and the video on her phone records what's happening which you can also see!!! Unreal" - Lisa Allaway


Posted by Lisa Allaway on Thursday, February 9, 2017

I found this intriguing, so I decided to check out what is PanicGuard all about. I found a great video on their Youtube channel explaining everything. Check it out below.

Apparently if you fall from a height, it will send out an alert. It also will inform you if there's a weather or even a terrorist alert. It seems like it has tons of potential.

If you're worried about your own safety or even your child's safety while you are out and about, especially at night, you should check this neat app out. I know as a woman, I always worry about my own safety while searching for Pokemon. Because of that, I believe I will try this out.

When I looked up the reviews on this app, I found mixed reviews. A lot of people are missing the email to register. But it seems like they probably ended up in their spam folder or things of that sort. But one person said that it was a great panic alert.

With apps like this, there's always kinks to work out which is normal. You should go and try it out today. Safety should always be your first priority.

If you want to try it out, you can download it on the iPhone's App Store or Google Play Store.