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Pagoda Gauntlet Dungeon: A New Bundle from Wizard101!

You can find this in Target!
There's no House with this bundle, but a new Dungeon House Furniture
that you can place in your house.
It comes with a Rickshaw mount and a Monkey pet
and other things!

For pictures of mount and other items;
check this link out

This is how the story begins. And don't worry about dying in here
once the battle ends, you will be taken back to the first floor.
Don't flee, you won't be able to port in.
And there will be health wisps waiting for you too.

1st Battle: Mobs

2nd Battle: Mobs

3rd Battle: 9,000k health Boss with 3 minions
Boss does pierce/shatter and then weak vampire when attacked.

4th Battle: Mobs

5th battle: Puzzle Room

It's easy, just pick the ones that look oldest.
First is front right, Second is back left, Third front left, Fourth back right

6th Battle: Infection in first or second round.
Legions every 3 rounds
"Time Bomb!" One of them puts trap on itself and then wands itself approx 3 or 4 times.
Not sure what triggers this.
"And Continue The Chain!" If you do an AOE, they will do an AOE too.
They are able to do Rebirths, Sirens, Regenerate, Earthquake.

Myth does the Legions
Balance does Sirens
Myth and Life does Rebirths

The Ice Boss Loves -90% Towers and wanding you all with his wand which is
why he always says "Don't Mess With My Halberd: or something like that. The wand is a Halberd
and it is a star wand.
When everyone is gone, he stops doing the Towers.
There's a bug with the fire boss. Sometimes he wands himself to death.
We do not know the exact trigger yet.

This was with 3 Level 80's and a 73.

This is with all Level 80s. Notice the difference in health?

The End!

A Deeper Look at Skull Island - More Pictures from Pirate101!

Ominous rumors have come to Puerto Mico from the nearby Isle of Doom. It is said the Monquistadors prying the gold form the ruined cities there have disturbed... something. Several Monkeys, near death and driven mad with fear, have staggered out of the jungles raving of ancient tombs opening, and the scaly horrors that emerged from them. Surely these are nothing more than fever dreams!

Dinosaur Mummies? How COOL is that?! :O

Monquistan literature if filled with examples of the heroic quest, where a Monquistador overcomes all odds to right a great wrong or do some impossible deed. Alas, in the real world, some Monquistadors become so obsessed with glory that nothing can turn them from their quest - not even death.

No Date of Birth? Awww. A monkey skelly with no past. At least he still has his gold tooth!

A wonder of the Skyways, the village of Jonah Town is built on the back of a great Sky Whale. The humble fisherfolk who live in Jonah Town make their living catching sky fish and clams from the Skyways, but most of each day's catch is fed to the Whale - bad things happen if he gets too hungry...

Male? Hmm, I wonder if there's FEMALE flying whales? I sure hope so! WAIT?! Too hungry? Me scared now. :(

Captain Ahab, mayor and skipper of Jonah Town, is a friendly old bird. He's been the leader in Jonah Town for many years, and the welfare of his people (and the Whale) are his greatest concern. They say old Ahab can understand what the Whale is singing - on some nights, he stands in the prow of Jonah Town and sings back.

I wonder if Ahab will tell us what the whale is singing about?

The jungles of Skull Island hide many mysteries, including ancient ruins, abandoned countless years ago. Many Pirates and Monquistadors have braved these tombs and temples, combing them for gold and jade. Too many of them have not returned. Who raised the great pyramids and dug the vast subterranean labyrinths of Skull Island?

OOH, I LOVE Mysteries! Can't wait to go digging through those ruins like Indiana Jones!

J.Todd Coleman's Pirate101 Sneak Peek - The Witchdoctor Trainer

Straight from J. Todd Coleman's Facebook Page!

Cool Ranch: A Sneak Peek!


If there is a bright center to the Spiral, Cool Ranch is the realm it is farthest from. A stark, beautiful realm of rocky islands and seemingly endless skies, Cool Ranch is a land of desert, cactus, and tumbleweeds, a wild realm where civilization can be as fragile as a cool breeze.The proud Bison tribes and the nefarious Toads are the original natives of Cool Ranch - all of the frontier's other inhabitants came here from someplace else. The proud Stallions, distant cousins to the Unicorns of Valencia, came to Cool Ranch long ago and built missions and villages throughout the skyways, but their heyday is long over, and now only Santo Pollo remains. The most recent arrivals are the Chickens, Cranes, and other Fowl who came to Cool Ranch from parts unknown - they rarely talk about their homeland, describing it only as "Back East."

A steady stream of bold and enterprising Birds has come to Cool Ranch, hoping to make a new beginning or escape a troubled past. Their skill at industry rivals Marleybone's: the Birds brought locomotives, steam engines, and other modern devices with them. Life has been hard for the new settlers, however: many of the new boom towns soon went bust, and the great railroads now stand empty. But the honest ranchers and townsfolk keep working: there's gold in them there mesas, and there's good money to be made herding the sleepy Buffaloons. The steady demand for refined food and other niceties has nurtured a bustling mercantile trade for ship captains willing to sail that far.

Cool Ranch is a land of legendary figures: heroes like the Chicken Rangers, Wild Bill Peacock, and the masked hero El Toro, fighting lawlessness and standing up for the humble settlers; but the wild frontier has also fostered terrible outlaws like Libirdy Valence, El Guapo, and the dreaded Duck With No Name. Smugglers and pirates have always been drawn to Cool Ranch - far from everyplace, the dusty realm is an ideal place to hide. Indeed, Captain Barnabus Blood, one of the most infamous pirates in the history of the Spiral, is said to have built a hidden stronghold somewhere in Skull Island before his well-deserved end. Blood's treasure has never been found...

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Pirate101: Names & Combat Circle

This picture on makes me wonder if we get to name our companions?
There's a name that seems to say Scarface Steveriker? It's very difficult to make out the name.
But I'm not positive if it's for the Shark who could be our companion or the character.
Either way, this is extremely interesting.

 In the P101 Fansite kit, this     symbol stands for Witchdoctor.
So, see the icons on the bottom? There's a icon for a witchdoctor which could be us
which is I think pretty obvious by our Witchdoctor doll icon in this battle.
I wonder if we will place our companions in those slots and in a certain order we want them to be.
Or it's for our friends who join our battles. If so, means there's five spots either way in the battle.
Not the regular four like in Wizard101!

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New Blog Buttons!

I met Cody Skyrider last night while chatting with Anthony Deathbane. I casually asked about my buttons since I was wondering about its design. And Cody Skyrider jumped at the chance to create new ones for me. So I just wanted to say thanks to Cody Skyrider aka @PirateSkyrider. He has generously provided beautiful and cool buttons for my blog that fit it perfectly! I am now naming him Mr. Buttons from now on! ;)

Thank you Cody!!

PS: At this moment, I could not say Thanks on Tweetdeck or Twitter since for me, they are not working. I think the blue bird is on a break. LOL.

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PC Gamer: All About Pirate101

In this month's PC Gamer edition, on Page. 38, there's an article about Pirate101. It states that there are about 18 of hundred odd available companions to pick for your crew. And if you complete one of your companion's quests, they will fight better in future fights. And you will travel around on a customizable flying pirate galleon. Then it spoke of classes; Buccaneers tank damage, Musketeers deals damage while the Privateer is a buff class boosting his crew with inspiring yelps. And there were other tidbits we already knew. 


Notice the Strong and Precise? Interesting. Must be what the enemies have
that we might have to pick the correct companion with certain skills that can overcome those.

So love this description of how you do the battle.
So much fun!

"Your Crew fell out of the cute tree and hit every branch on the way down."
That cracked me up!

Well, if you want to read the entire article, run to your bookstore and get one! :)