Monday, March 21, 2016

Springtime In Pirate101!

SpringTime has arrived in Pirate101 with spring pets and even a Spring Leaf eyepatch that will make your spring outfit look quite lively for a pirate!

This quite leafy eyepatch costs only 100 crowns. It's quite affordable even for pirates with empty treasure chests. Just remember, you can always watch videos or do trivia on KingsIsle's trivia page to earn free crowns! You can in turn use those free crowns to buy this nifty eyepatch.

Brand new pet in the Spiral, the Spring Grouper! To get your hands on one, it'll cost you 3,500 crowns. Or just hatch for it with someone who already has it which makes it FREE!

Can you say, ADORABLE?! Now, I wonder what kind of hybrids if any this fishy would produce?

Prices Of All SpringTime Items

The PInk Marshadillow and its brother, Yellow Marshadillow, costs 3,000 Crowns each. But I'm telling you, they're the adorablest things. I mean they are Marshadillows! Just don't try to eat them. They're really tough to eat. Hence, the dillo part. I know cause erm, I tried... What? They looked edible!

The Batik Eggaloon and its differently painted siblings cost 2,000 Crowns each, but who would not want to own a brightly painted buffaloon. I mean Eggaloon. Just be warned, they do like to fart.

Blue Chocolope and its sister, Pink Chocolope, costs 2,000 Crowns each. But believe me when I tell you, don't be fooled. They might look cute, but they are tough. Their headbutts HURT. Not funny at all. I still got a headache from one...

Have a wonderful Spring Time.. Ermm.. Ya know what I mean.

New In Live Realm: A Bad Omen Has Arrived!

So there's three new Skeleton Key bosses in Wizard101's current Spring Update Test Realm. And one of them is the bad Omen. Omen Stribog, Bad Omen. Remember the teaser picture Wizard101 showed of him while mentioning a bad omen? Hahaha. clever of them. They practically mentioned him by name! He is after all Omen Stribog!

The New Skeleton Key Bosses

Omen Stribog, Rank 17, in Lake of Frozen Tears, Polaris. *GOLDEN KEY REQUIRED*
Ixac Cursedwing, Rank 13, in the Azteca's Black Sun Pyramid. *STONE KEY REQUIRED*
Ra, Rank 4, in the Kroktopia Library. *WOODEN KEY REQUIRED*

But I will talk about the bad Omen aka Omen Stribog aka the naughty puppy! Because let's face it, he's the baddest one out of the whole group. He does require a golden key, you know? Besides, look at him, even though he is evil, he's still quite adorable! Makes me wanna tell him what a cute doggy he is.. Errm.. Anyways, back to the post!

"So it seems this cave is not quite as obscure as I hoped. Who are you? Some prodding young ally of the Vigilants?"

Omen Stribog, Shadow, 40,000 Health. Dark Seraph, Shadow, 25,000 Health.
Dark Fiend, Shadow, 18,000 Health. Dark Sentinel, Shadow, 99,999 Health.

They were quite easy actually. The Dark Sentinel doesn't like blades, so if you get him out of the way first, it's easy blading up to defeat all of them at once.

You can use anything except Feints and School Blades (single/triple trap or until Dark Sentinel is gone.) Bladestorm works though. Dark Sentinel boosts to Fire, so use that to your advantage when possible. They also like to put up tons of shields, so bring along Shatter or Earth. Also the Dark Seraph likes to heal. But she also attacks using the Life Morganthe spell.

If there's anything else I need to add, just let me know in the comments.

So he's not happy that I set him straight? Psh. See, I told you! Bad Puppy!

My First & Best Drop from Omen Stribog - the permanent Luphilim's Wing mount!


I also got those boots. They remind me of Aquila actually. Also check out the kneecaps. I don't know why, but they made me giggle. It made me think of playing hockey or something.

Did you guys get anything good from those bosses? Post your drops in the comments below!

Springtime In Wizard101!

Springtime in Wizard101 has arrived with brand new sheep/butterfly hybrids. Well I call them hybrids because look at that pet! It's a sheep with butterfly wings! They're so pretty! They're like cotton candy which makes me hungry... But anyway, they're found in the Crown Shop for 3,000 Crowns each. 

Blueberry, Strawberry and Lemon Cotton Candy. What am I saying? You did NOT hear that!

Other Stuff In The Crown Shop

 Don't forget the Bunny outfit, the Bunny mounts, Egg Pet in the Crown Shop to purchase to make your Spring the most festive ever. 

Eggbert Is Back!

If you need gears or wands, visit Eggbert in the Shopping District.

Goodbye Cold Cod, Hello SpringFish!

Not only that SpringFish has arrived in the ponds all over the Spiral for those fisherpeople who have not obtained one yet!

SpringFish is a Rank 1 Storm Fish that can be found in all ponds of Wizard City, Krokotopia, Marleybone and MooShu. 

Friday, March 18, 2016

New In Live Realm: Welcome To Daily Assignments!

We now will have Daily Assignments that you can do every day. After completing every day, you get a reward! Every time you complete the Daily Assignment, you will get a better reward than the last. Be advised that you only get ONE Daily Assignment per day. Also, wizards who are Level 12 and above can participate in this.

The Super Duper Aegon Statz

To start this, simply go to Aegon Statz in Ravenwood, Wizard City who will give you a quest, "The Gravulum Order" to learn how to do Daily Assignments.

My First Assignment!

I was given a quest and assignment to defeat a Rotting Fodder. And once I defeated a Rotting Fodder in the Haunted Cave, I was informed that I had completed my Daily Assignment.

I returned to Aegon who gave me a badge for completing my quest and first assignment.

Yay, I am a Gravulum Adept!

How To Check Your Progress?

Before I completed my Daily Assignment, it showed Day 1 to be blinking and unchecked.

After I finished my first assignment, a check showed up on Day 1. What an easy way of keeping track of what you've done!

You Even Get A Cool Furniture Reward!

That's not the best part I think. The furniture above is! When completing your quest from Aegon, he will reward you with your own Gravulum furniture that you can place in your house.

It's even interactable! You can check your progress there!

One of the great things about the Daily Assignments is that if you can't complete a Daily Assignment, you do NOT lose any progress. You can simply go back and pick up from where you left it last!

Oh, I know I'll be doing this every day. This looks quite exciting! I can't wait to see what that treasure chest icon contains as well as the great Exclamation Point!

New In Live Realm: What Is The Gear Vault?

Introducing The Gear Vault From The Wizard101 Test Realm

Currently there is a brand new furniture - the Gear Vault. This will allow you to hold up to 100 gear pieces in each Gear Vault. This will be a fantastic addition for those gear hoarders!

Bought from Toshio in Jade Palace, Mooshu for 15,000 Gold

Cool Down Timer: 18:20:00
Crafting Station: Housing


25 Flawless Sapphire - 1250 Gold Total (50 Gold Each)
Bought from Archytas in Base Camp, CL

10 Fairy Treasure Cards - 16000 Gold Total (1600 Gold Each)
Bought from Harold Argleston in the Wizard City Library, WC

25 Reshuffle Treasure Cards - 27500 Gold Total (1100 Gold Each)
Bought from Harold Argleston in the Wizard City Library, WC

1 Reinforced Crate - 35 Gold Total
Bought from Aubert Quickhammer in the Furniture Shop of Shopping District, WC

30 Stone Blocks - Easily found in Bazaar or Avalon, Krokotopia or any other worlds

20 Sandstone - Easily found in Bazaar or Zafaria, Dragonspyre, Celestia, Kroktopia or other worlds

10 Mist Wood - Easily found in Bazaar or Wizard City

How To Set Up The Gear Vault In Your House?

It's quite easy and similar to Seed Vaults and Music Players.

1. Once in your house, Clicky Click this button.

2. Once the interface opens, pull the Gear Vault from your backpack to place it down.

3. Once placed on the ground or floor, click on the hat button to open the Gear Vault. This is like the Music Player or the Seed Vault.

How Does Gear Vault Work?

When you open it via the furniture placement interface and this window opens... If you do not understand what I mean, simply look at the picture above. That hat button needs to be clicked on to open it.

Once opened, this window will show everything that is in your backpack.

This lists what is in your Gear Vault. You can have up to 100 gear pieces in your Gear Vault. All you have to do is click the button with the hat that is at the bottom of the interface screen to add or remove gear pieces.

Please be aware that you can only place ONE Gear Vault per house just like Seed Vaults. One inside, one outside. But interestingly enough, it says Crowns Only. So I checked the Crown Shop and it's available there for 1995 Crowns. This means we have two ways of obtaining a Gear Vault - Crafting or Buying It With Crowns.

May I say, I LOVE YOU WIZARD101?!!!!! This will help me so much when opening packs that's for sure!