Friday, May 27, 2016

My Theory Of How Valencia Part II Ends

I was thinking about how the story could go in the great machine. Suddenly, I had a crazy idea.

What if we enter the great machine and we are able to stop Kane? BUT he already turns on a giant robot or something equally as bad that gets released into the spiral before Kane could stop it in time. And us going, "OH SHOOT, WE WERE SO CLOSE!"

Again we have to do a chase throughout the spiral running after the evil being whoever it is to stop it, but this time with Kane along with Queen and Phule helping us. Without Kane and his robot friends, there's NO CHANCE of stopping whoever it is. Even with their help, the new enemy is still extremely formidable.

That giant being in that photo where we see our mother along with Catbeard and others we have met on our journey in the spiral made me think of Frankenstein and his monster. Like the doctor resurrected his own monster and the monster in turn went on the rampage. Maybe that giant being is involved acting like Frankenstein's monster with Kane as the Frankenstein doctor.

This way the Armada is still involved with the story, but in a different role. Maybe we could even have the Armada Elite as companions. And the new enemy is an Armada robot, but a lot more sinister, evil and tougher. With the new enemy, we are still fighting the Armada, but a different person this time. A new person. A giant monster robot. When the story is set up this way, we get a new enemy without losing much in the story.

Would you guys like this or not?

Valencia Part 2 Is Here!

The journey was amazing. The places we have been to were incredible. And the story will blow your mind. Here's a FEW, very very FEW snapshots of what I saw. The rest you will have to find out for yourself!

Welcome to the Calabria Skyway

Notice the Polaris stormgate? Guess we will visiting there someday. Also the Marleybone stormgate is closed, so we are guessing that it will lead to a new area of Marleybone. I can't wait!

Ooh, a new skyway!

The Valencia Part 2 got off to a great start. In fact, a quest or two in, you get to see Kane and the Queen. But you suddenly get the feeling that something's wrong here. Why are the royalty of Valencia friends with the Armada?

The People We Met

Oh, a Grizzleheim Bear?!

Ooh Polaris!

This is probably the most beautiful character I've seen in game so far.

The Places I've Been To

PINK BUILDINGS?! Also notice the gears in the floor. Super Awesome!

Are you hungry yet? I will need to call Papa John's right away.

 Guinea pig bottles filled with Yum for the guinea pig citizens of Florenza. Clever.

Places We Can't Get To... Yet.

We can't access this place yet. But gosh, look at how pretty it is!

Oooh, does this look familiar? It does to me. Look at the pictures of this place we can't access yet at:

So What Happens Next?

But unfortunately before the story could end, Pirate101 blocked us from accessing more of the main story line. I guess we will have to wait soon before they add it to see what happens.

Right before this happens, your mind gets blown because you will find out something about Kane that you did not know before. I hope that whets your appetite to try out Pirate101 in live, test or both!

Like I said above, there's still two islands we can't access, two storm gates we can't access and a main story place that could hold multiple dungeons that we can't access. So much we can't access at this point. But I am hoping that once test becomes live, we will be able to find out what's there.

Personally I can't wait. 

Witch Hunter's Bundle Is Here!

The brand new bundle is currently out for purchase! You can now find it at GameStop for $39. 

What do you get with this bundle? 

50% Speed Permanent Midnight Rider Mount

Vampire Squirrel with a Balancespear card

You can find the above pet's talents & derbies at:

Witch Hunter's Gear & Arbalest weapon

If you want to see all tiers of stats for the Witch Hunter's Gear & Weapon, click the link below at:
And of course, the Darkmoor Manor!

Also, as usual, the bundle also offers 1 month membership or 5,000 crowns.

Thanks to Korgre and Jared Shadowbreaker for letting me view their houses, gear, mount and pet.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The Daily Assignment Quest Part 3

It's that time - the Daily Assignment Quest day is here! This will be the third part and if you don't want to know what happens, don't read. This is a spoiler!

As always, Aegon needs us!

Then I ran all way to the Shadow Place where Moros lives. That nasty little tree will not be pleased to see us.

Of course... Now we're cursed with Shadow and Chaos? Hope this is not permanent. Old Cob will like this a bit too much.

Ok so, the Pekrons didn't come from Moros? But it is definitely related to Shadow Magic. Hmm okay. Can't wait for the fourth quest to clear this up.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Celebrate Book 15 With A New Pirate101 Mount!

There's a brand new mount and you can get it  as long as you buy a Pirate101 membership or crowns between May 1st - 31st at 11:59pm CST. 

The Need To Know's:

It can be either crowns or membership. It doesn't have to be both.

Receiving Gift Certificates is not allowed. Sending Gift Certificates is allowed.

Free codes from Official KingsIsle Fansites is not allowed.

Make sure your membership is active as of May 31st at 11:59pm CST. 

Your crown purchase must have been made between May 1st and 31st at 11:59pm CST.

Any amount of crown purchase should be fine.

If you bought crowns or membership this month, you will get your Very Fast Valencian Steed permanent mount the first week of June which will arrive in your gift box!

Thursday, May 12, 2016

A Sad Day At KingsIsle

I know a lot of you have heard about the massive layoffs from KingsIsle and some of you were very confused. What is "lay off"? It means that the company cannot afford to keep the employees or had to let them go to refocus their efforts on other projects. It is NOT a bad thing. It is a SAD thing though. Nobody likes losing their jobs. KingsIsle would NOT lay off employees unless they had to. So I'm telling you that please do not blame anyone. Things happen and they stink. But it had to happen. It's very very different than fired. Fired means someone did something wrong and got let go. The employees today did NOT do anything wrong. They are innocent. Please give them some respect.

Please when you have a chance, tell KI's Former Employees as well as KingsIsle the company themselves, positive messages as well as using the hashtag #StayStrongKI for ALL employees, former and current. We need to rally together and stay strong together. This is the day to offer support. It's NOT the time to tear people down.

"To verify, many talented employees were released as part of a reduction in force today at KingsIsle Entertainment, and we wish them the best. This coincides with a couple of unreleased mobile games being cancelled. The strategy is to refocus our efforts on our MMO games and polish our more promising mobile projects, many of which are still slated for a 2016 release. Fans of our MMOs should know that Pirate101 is soon to receive an update and will be going to Test Realm most likely next week.  Wizard101 has new content updates in the works for both Summer and Fall 2016. " - KingsIsle, reprinted with permission

If you were worried or upset about the upheaval today and if it is going to affect Wizard101 and/or Pirate101, let the above quote let you rest easy. They will not introduce more new mobile games this year. Instead they will refocus on the MMOs we love, Pirate101 and Wizard101. This means they will be able to make the games' updates more frequent I hope and give us more content in-game. This is a GOOD thing.

As for Pirate101, we should expect to see Test Realm next week. That should make you excited. I know it did me! And for Wizard101, we will see updates for it in the Summer and Fall. Again, a GOOD thing.

It is sad that we have to say goodbye to those wonderful employees we have come to know through the years such as Leala Turkey, the Community Manager of Pirate101 and Wizard101 and the fabulous #JuliaFromKI and many more. I wish them all good luck and I hope that wherever they land, it's gonna be a great place.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

How Many Seeds Can You Store?

The Gardening Benefit is back! That means double seeds, double mega snacks and more! But if the gardening benefit made you wonder just how many seeds your character could hold and store using the Seed Vaults only, I will help you figure that out. And I also will tell you just how many seed vaults you need to hold the maximum amount of seeds you can store.

First, we'll figure out just how many seed vaults we could hold. Remember each house holds one seed vault inside and one seed vault outside, so that's two seed vaults per house.

40 houses for one character
80 seed vaults for one character
240 houses per account
480 seed vaults per account

Now to figure out how many seeds our seed vaults could hold.

1 seed vault holds 100 seeds
80 seed vaults holds 8000 seeds for one character
480 seed vaults holds 48,000 seeds per account

As a bonus, I have figured out how many mega snacks you could earn if you could plant all of them. Keep in mind, this is based on the Evil Magma Peas & Deadly Helephant seeds. Too bad this is just a pipe dream.

Normal Harvest is when there's no Gardening Benefit. Remember, during Gardening Benefit, we receive double rewards which means double mega snacks, double seeds, so on and so on.

48,000 seeds could give 48,000 Mega Snacks during Normal Harvest.
48,000 seeds could give 96,000 Mega Snacks during the Gardening Benefit.

But if we could use up all 350 housing space for each house for the gardens.

350 plants per house x 40 houses for one character = 14,000 plants
14,000 plants x 6 characters for the account = 84,000 plants

For One Character:
That would give you 14,000 Mega Snacks during Normal Harvest.
That would give you 28,000 Mega Snacks during Gardening Benefit.

For The Entire Account:
That would give you 84,000 Mega Snacks during Normal Harvest.
That would give you 168,000 Mega Snacks during Gardening Benefit.

This would never happen because if you actually were able to plant all of those seeds, you would never have the time to sleep. Like the famous gardener, Timothy Titan, said...

"By the time you finally finish planting the last seeds, the ones you planted at the beginning will be ready to be harvested at elder."

So the time you are done, you would have to start all over again. Hope this blog post was interesting. It certainly was to me. After Timothy Titan corrected my math that is.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Stars of the Spiral's Exclusive Pirate101 Teaser!

Thanks to Pirate101 for giving us our own very exclusive Valentica Part 2 teaser. Those unicorn ladies are quite lovely! Check other official Pirate101 fansites for they each will have their own exclusive teaser.