Thursday, June 24, 2010

Funny Things People Say

Person: "I got the Boss!"

Me: "You know, you could shield yourself instead since you keep dying?"

Person: "Eh, shields are too heavy."


First Round-

Boss Kills Person#1.

"Oh gosh!"

Life heals Person #2 with a Satyr.

Second Round-

Boss Kills Person #1.

"You know what? It's alright. I like being dead and thats why I went first!"


Person #1: "Do you have Choke?"

Person #2: "Choke? I don't have any Choke." (seemed confused)

Person: "I swore your school had a Choke spell."

Me: "Choke is a Fire Spell. He's Death."

Person #2: "Do you mean Strangle?"

Person #1: "THAT'S IT!"

----------- ----------------------------------

Person #1 has been singing "Don't Stop The Pop" in the entire dungeon.

Person #2: "What's the next bubble?"

Person #1: "Don't stop the Pop!"

Me: "I know who gets STRANGLED next." *glares at Person #1*


Person #1: LOL! You just made me spit water all over myself and almost on my laptop! Good thing I turned away in time!

Me: Gosh! I thought you knew you shouldn't eat or drink around me! That's the number one rule actually. Me and my jokes are a dangerous weapon when food and drinks are in the vicinity. I can make them do weird things.

Person #1: "LOL! Stop making me laugh! Cut it out!"


*walks into the common*

Person #1: "I dont know. I think it would be odd if there were no eyes on her."



Person #1: "Excuse me, do you know where the Mysterious Composer?"
Me: "Oh that's Nick Jonas..." *points to Nick Jonas who's ten feet away*
Person #2: *goes silent*..... lol.


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Cyrus in Headmaster Ambrose's House?

What's up with this picture? None of my friends could see Cyrus except me. Is this for Celestia's story line? But why only me?

Monday, June 21, 2010

Celestia Beginnings

"After attaining the rank of Grand Master and defeating Malistaire, you are summoned to Ravenwood by Halston Balestrom, who explains that he has received a cryptic message on a strange device, the Resonating Omni-Audio-graph.

Balestrom asks for help decoding the message and sends you to Krokotopia to fina an ancient artifact that will help in the translation. Upon arrival, you discover that the item you need has been stolen, broken apart and scattered throughout the Spiral by a group of mysterious villains.

It's up to you to travel across the Spiral and defeat a cadre of villains to get the pieces Balestrom requires. Gradually, you learn more about these mysterious enemies, discovering that they are the Shadow Weavers, a secret order of Wizards with sinister plans.

Upon successfully decoding Balestrom's mysterious message, you learn that it originates from a long-lost Marleybonian survey team from the Spiral Geographic Society, a league of explorers who set out long ago to find the lost world of Celestia. According to the message, the explorers believe they have stumbled upon an important discovery, but they are trapped and in great danger!

With this new information, Balestrom concludes that the Shadow Weavers are after the ancient Spiral Key to Celestia, held in the Spiral Geographic Society archives. He asks you to travel to the Society headquartes and retrieve the Spiral Key. However, upon arrival in Marleybone, you discover that this simple errand will become a daunting trial, requiring you to overcome a sqadron of Shadow Weavers and other powerful forces eager to keep Celestia lost and its secrets unknown.

After defeating the final enemy, you find a blackened, broken Spiral Key... now you must discover whether it is shattered forever, or if it can be remade to function again!""

This is a picture to show you how you will get started on your quest to Celestia!!


Notice anything new?!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Advanced Pets

In the end of May of 2010, Advanced Pets were introduced. You can hatch your own babies, train them in cute mini games and race them in the derby races.

The combinations can be really freaky or really cool!!!

My ONLY compliant is that the price of breeding of two rare pets is TOO MUCH!! It takes forever to earn 80, 90 thousand gold just to hatch. I know Wizard101 wants to keep it rare. But that much? I don't think the new hatching place will be used often.

I can get my own school houses for 100,000 that I can use everyday and it's HUGE!!! So to get a rare pet the same price as school houses? RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The only bonus I like about this new addition is training them and racing them. It's fun. And also fighting bosses to find new pets. I have SO MANY pets!! But I love setting them in my house and just watch them run.

This is something that we can do while waiting for the new world of Celestia that will come in late summer of 2010.


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Happy Dueling and Enjoy Exploring Wizard 101!

-Kelsey FireHeart, Fire Grand
& Kymma Jade, Myth Grand