Saturday, September 24, 2011

Mega Pet Snack Packs

Okay, have you ever wondered how many packs
it takes to help a pet reach Epic?
And how much it costs. Here's all of the info! 

Now here's all of the Mega Snacks you get in the Packs.


                                     +50 Pet Experience 
+15 Intellect, +15 Agility, +20 Power           
Fancy Yogurt                                +50 Pet Experience
 +15 Strength, +15 Intellect, +20 Power
Mystic Dragon Fruit                  +45 Pet Experienc
+12 Intellect, +15 Will, +18 Power
Captain Canteloupe         +45 Pet Experience
 +12 Strength, +15 Agility, +18 Power
Cherry Tomato                            +40 Pet Experience 
 +11 Strength, +14 Intellect, +15 Power
Golden Wheat Bread                +40 Pet Experience
+11 Agility, +14 Will, +15 Power
Flowering Pineapple                +30 Pet Experience
+8 Strength, +7 Agility, +15 Power
Green Tomato                             +30 Pet Experience 
+7 Strength, +10 Intellect, +13 Power
Cubby Broccoli                            +30 Pet Experience
+10 Strength, +7 Will, +13 Power
Yellow Corn                                   +30 Pet Experience 
+7 Agility, +10 Will, +13 Power
Crab Apples                                  +25 Pet Experience
+4 Strength, +10 Agility, +1 Will, +10 Power
Baby Carrot                                  +25 Pet Experience
+5 Intellect, +10 Will, +10 Power
Sun Fruit                                       +25 Pet Experience
+7 Strength, +2 Intellect, +5 Agility, +1 Will, +10 Power
Dragonhorned Melon               +25 Pet Experience
+8 Strength +5 Intellect +2 Agility +10 Power

On the average you get two Rank 9's and 5 Rank 8's
out of each Mega Snack Pack.
And the average of all snacks's xp combined is 35.
Then I multiplied it by 7 since there are 7 snacks in each pack
which came out to 245 per Mega Pack.


To Teen which has 150 xp to complete.. It takes 1/2 of a Mega Snack Pack to reach Teen.

To Adult which has 250 xp to complete..  It takes ONE Mega Snack Pack and an extra Rank 5 Snack (or 5 training points) to reach Adult.

To Ancient which has 500 xp to complete.. It takes TWO Mega Snack Packs and two extra Rank 5 Snacks (or 10 training points) to reach Ancient.

To Epic which has 1000 xp to complete.. It takes FOUR Mega Snack Packs and four extra Rank 5 Snacks (or 20 training points) to reach Epic.

Or just add one more Mega Snack Pack instead of Rank 5 Snacks.

To make a pet reach Epic, you need at least 8 Mega Snack Packs
if you are not using Rank 5's at all.

8 Mega Snack Packs times 2500 Crowns would be
20,000 Crowns.

So my suggestion to you on
how to get Rank 9's and SAVE CROWNS
is to plant Evil Magma Peas.
They might be a tad expensive.
But, they will repay the cost by constantly giving back a free seed
and giving you free Rank 9 Snacks.
So in the long run, they really do save you money.

But, if you really can't afford Crown Plants,
try Prickly Bears for Rank 8's Snacks.
And they do help you with gold by giving you lesser rank snacks to sell
which helps setting you up for hatching without worrying about gold!

And Bushes do drop Rank 9's, but not that often.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Undiscovered Pets: Which Ones To Focus On

Okay, I noticed that people are scrambling and trying to find new pets
that do not have the evidence to back them up.
So I'm going to list pets here that should be focused on
since they have been documented.


Pictures of Undiscovered Promo Pets
July 18th, 2009

First, let's discuss what pictures that have been released of previous pets
that have NOT been discovered yet.

This picture is of pets that was from a promotional commercial
that was on the Cartoon Network Channel.
For ONE day, Wizards could get a free code
on July 18th of 2009 to get one of the above pets.
However, not all are seen in-game.

Death Scarab has been used as a special Promo pet
that is often given out as a prize often by Wizard101.

Ghoul is dropped. I have one. Here's the evidence:

Troll looks like Mustard Troll that's being dropped in Grizzleheim.
Same question as above.
There is a Troll pet that exists,
but it's green, not yellow like the one in the picture.
That leads me to think it's really MUSTARD TROLL in the picture.

Spider looks like the Brown Spider that's being sold in Pet Shop in Mooshu.
Does this mean they're the SAME pet?
Hmm, I wonder since the Troll issue says a lot.
If they are, and it's just mislabeled in the picture, that would explain a lot.

So that means two pets are LEFT to discover just from that one picture.

(Fire) Elf and Ghost

 My biggest question is it that are some of them hybrids, first generation pets and dropped?
Or all are first generation pets, either by special code, store, dropped?


Pictures from Wizard101
of Undiscovered Pets

Okay, we all know about Fire Beetle now.
But, look at those previous photos that were released
BEFORE I personally discovered the combination
to make the Fire Beetle pet.
In some of them, the Fire Beetle is in it.
This proves that the other pets in the pictures that Wizard101 are real
and that we have not discovered them yet.

People are saying that the Gobbler in this picture is NOT the regular Red Gobbler.
If it's a different gobbler, I can imagine it to be a Fire Gobbler
or Balance Gobbler?
AND notice the original is called RED Gobbler.
Why say RED unless there are other colors that exists?

Notice the Armored Skeleton pet? It's right next to the Fire Beetle,
Interesting, isn't it?

And finally the Steel Golem! 

Some people say its a KI pet. I totally disagree.
I do not believe that KI would be so callous to post a picture of an awesome pet
knowing that children CANNOT get it.
So therefore, it does exist, but is simply undiscovered.


Wizard101 Videos
of Undiscovered Pets

Notice the Ice Beetle in the red circle at 21 seconds?
That pet is also not discovered yet.


In this video, yes, a Fire Elf is hopping around
next to a regular Scarab pet at 20 seconds!


Other Important Pet Mentions

Storm Bird was given to a player who lost items or for some glitch.
For some reason, Wizard101 decided to take it back,
so whoever had it don't have it anymore.
However, Wizard101 called it a "Crafted" Pet
which leads me to think that it's a Hybrid.

I don't think it hurts to try to make a Storm Bird since
there is a Fire Bird and a Ice Bird.


Ice Bat

There's NO pictures of this pet. Just rumors that it was seen in Test.
HOWEVER.. this pet HAS to exist in my opinion because there is..
Death Bat, Life Bat, Fire Bat, Storm Bat, Blood Bat/Fang Bat (both are Myth)
So the only Bat that is missing is Ice and Balance.
Makes you think, doesn't it?


List of Wizard101's Conversion Age

A few years ago, Lydia Greyrose made a post
listing all of the pets whose age would be converted once they went to live.
So this list gives great clues on which pets are still missing.
All names marked in RED are not found yet.

Aqua Dragon TEEN 
Arctic Cat ADULT 
Ash Spider BABY 
Azure Dragon TEEN 
Battle Pig TEEN 
Black Cat TEEN 
Black Spider TEEN 
Bloodbat BABY 
Blue Cyclops BABY 
Blue Dragon TEEN 
Blue Ghost BABY 
Bolt Colossus TEEN 
Brass Golem BABY 
Brave Piggle TEEN 
Brown Spider BABY 
Brute Piggle ADULT 
Buddy Dragon BABY 
Burnzilla TEEN 
Cheery Piggle TEEN 
Chistmas Elf TEEN 
Clockwork Golem TEEN 
Cloud Demon TEEN 
Crimsonzilla ADULT 
Cupig TEEN 
Cyclops TEEN
Damp Demon TEEN 
Danger Hound TEEN
Dark Sprite BABY 
Dark Sprite (with card) TEEN 
Death Scarab TEEN *Cartoon Network Promo Pet*
Defender Pig ADULT 
Dire Ghoul TEEN 
Diseased Wildclaw TEEN 
Dragon BABY 
Dream Ghoul ADULT 
Earth Walker TEEN 
Evil Snowman BABY 
Fang Bat TEEN 
Fine Wood Golem TEEN
Fire Elf TEEN
Fire Salamander BABY 
Firecat BABY 
Firewing BABY 
Firezilla TEEN 
Flamezilla ADULT 
Fog Unicorn TEEN 
Friendly Dragon TEEN 
Frost Cat TEEN 
Frostman TEEN 
Frozen Cat ADULT 
Fun Dragon TEEN 
Gamer Piggle TEEN 
Ghoul BABY *Cartoon Network Promo Pet*
Glacier Cat ADULT 
Goat Monk BABY 
Greater Imp TEEN 
Green Ghost TEEN 
Grumpy Snowman TEEN 
Guardian Dragon ADULT 
Happy Piggle TEEN 
Heckhound BABY 
Helephant TEEN 
Helpful Wildclaw TEEN 
Hero Pig TEEN 
Hotzilla TEEN 
Hydra TEEN 
Ice Cat BABY 
Ice Colossus TEEN 
Ice Elf TEEN 
Indigo Dragon TEEN 
Inferno Cat TEEN 
Inferno Salamander TEEN 
Jade Helephant TEEN 
Jolly Piggle TEEN 
Jovial Piggle TEEN 
Krok BABY 
Krokomummy TEEN 
Krokotillian TEEN 
Lava Spider TEEN 
Leprechaun TEEN 
Lightning Bat BABY 
Lucky Leprechaun TEEN 
Magical Dragon ADULT 
Magma Colossus TEEN 
Magma Spider ADULT 
Mander BABY 
Minotaur TEEN 
Myth Ghoul BABY 
Nice Dragon TEEN 
Nimble Piggle TEEN 
Ninja Pig BABY 
Orthrus TEEN 
Piggle BABY 
Pioneer Dragon TEEN 
Pixie Queen (with card) TEEN 
Pixie Queen BABY 
Polar Cat TEEN 
Power Dragon TEEN 
Power Piggle ADULT 
Quick Piggle TEEN 
Rain Colossus TEEN 
Rain Demon TEEN 
Rat Magician BABY 
Red Ghost TEEN *Recently found as a Hybrid - Sept '11*
Royal Dragon TEEN 
Satyr TEEN 
Savage Wildclaw TEEN 
Scarab TEEN
Scout Pig ADULT 
Shardtail Dragon TEEN 
Shock Colossus TEEN 
Shock Demon TEEN 
Smarty Piggle TEEN 
Sneaky Piggle TEEN 
Snow Serpent BABY 
Spider Golem TEEN 
Spiritual Dragon TEEN 
Sporty Dragon TEEN 
Sprite BABY 
Steel Golem TEEN
Storm Beetle TEEN 
Storm Colossus TEEN 
Storm Demon TEEN 
Storm Hound TEEN 
Storm Salamander TEEN 
Stormzilla TEEN 
Stray Piggle BABY 
Sturdy Dragon ADULT 
Sturdy Wildclaw TEEN 
Summer Dragon BABY 
Sun Bird TEEN 
Supportive Wildclaw TEEN 
Swift Piggle TEEN 
Talented Piggle TEEN 
Thunder Colossus TEEN 
Tough Troll BABY 
Toy Dragon TEEN 
Treant TEEN 
Tricky Dragon TEEN 
Tricky Wildclaw TEEN 
Troll TEEN 
Unicorn BABY 
Valentine Pig TEEN 
War Pig TEEN 
Wood Golem BABY 
Wraith TEEN 
Yellow Ghost BABY 
Zebra Piggle TEEN


Which Pets to Discover!

Now.. after all of those pictures and etc..
Here's a list of pets we all should focus on to discover.
I also listed the most likely pets
that could make them next to each name.
It's NOT a confirmed combination,
but a LIKELY possibility of how to make them.
So don't hold me against my own unconfirmed opinions
which is why some of them I marked with a ?.
That means I am even MORE not sure about it.



When mixing for a brand new pet,
you MUST use a pet that LOOKS like the pet
and a pet that could force its school upon the other.

You cannot get a Ghost from Helephant and a Snake.
That doesn't make sense.

If you need a Storm Bird.. 
It makes more sense to use a Ice or Fire Bird for looks
then a Storm pet for its school.
PRESTO, a Storm Bird!

If you don't have a clue what school the new pet could be,
try using a pet that might has something the other needs.

For Ghost- Use any colored Ghost
with a Pale Maiden or Ghost Hound..
Maybe the Pale Maiden and Ghost Hound
could make it transparent white?
Or use an Ice School since it has White pets?
You could force the colored Ghost to be transparent,
white or both this way.

I hope this helped!


Ghost (Use any colored Ghost with Pale Maiden? or Ghost Hound? or Ice pet?)
Fire Elf (Use a Yellow Fire Elf with a Fire? pet)
Armored Skeleton (Use a Skeletal Warrior with a Death?? pet)
Gobbler (orange/yellow)??? (Red Gobbler with a Fire or Balance pet?)
Scarab (Life Scarab with a Balance pet)
Cyclops (Blue Cyclops with a Myth pet)
Ice Beetle (Storm Beetle with a Ice pet)
Ice Bat (Any Bat with a Ice Pet)
Fine Wood Golem (Wood Golem with Balance?? pet)
Storm Bird (Fire or Ice Bird with a Storm pet)
Steel Golem (Clockwork Golem with Spider Golem? or Fire/Storm pet)


As an ending note, I know some people are really
anxious to try to mix for the Zombie Piggle.
But, I think it's prudent to wait until Halloween
to see if they even release the pet by then.
So you won't waste your gold on a hatch that might won't work.
This is why I did not include this pet in the list.

Monday, September 19, 2011

The Attic Glitch

There's an interesting attic glitch where you can see your pets
as something completely different like the below pets.

1. Place your pets in dorm or house
2. Open ATTIC
3. Click on HOUSE
4. Click on PETS
5. Click on any pet you want to check out
**Not ALL pets will have a different design.**

However, I have my own theory about this.
Some people think this means there's a hybrid
that can be produced from the pets NAMED in the photos.
For instance: Fire Beetle can make a Ice Beetle,
Golden Piggle can make a "Zombie" Piggle
& etc, etc.

I think the below pets are the BASE DESIGN of the pet named in the photos.
I personally believe that those pets were originally used to make the pets
that's named in the picture.
For example: School Fire Helephant was used to create Damp Demon,
Fire Bird was used to create Ice Bird
& etc, etc.

They just added color and tweaked it a bit
without having to make a FRESH pet every single time.
You gotta admit that it's a pretty clever way to save time
creating countless pets.

Which brings me to the Golden Piggle at the very end of this post...
I personally believe that the pet in the photo has not been released yet.
I do not think it's a hybrid, but a base design original pet.

This one is so interesting since the pet in the photo has "snow"
on its body where the red lines on the Pioneer Dragon are,
it is white on this dragon. Makes me wonder if this was a glitched dragon
or a base design original pet we never saw.

 Yes we never saw this pet before. BUT.. is it a copy of the Cyclops MOB
we see in-game or a BASE DESIGN original pet?
This is a HUGE question we have to think about.

This one really grabbed my attention. 
I would've thought the Fire Beetle was the BASE DESIGN,
Not Frost Beetle.

This also is VERY interesting. Makes me wonder what happened to the Fire Elf pet.
Or is this a copy of the Fire Elf MOBs as well?

Questions Questions. Copy of Scarab MOBs or Not Discovered yet?

This pet does prove my theory that it is a BASE DESIGN.
Unicorns do EXIST.. They are NOT hybrids, but Originals.
They just used the Unicorn design to add color and details
to make new pets.

Yep even Game Cards can have a BASE DESIGN.

Same goes for this one.

And lastly, the Golden Piggle and the "Zombie" Piggle.
I am so hoping that this will be our new Halloween Piggle!
This pet is even cooler than Black Cat.

So we have to think carefully before spending our gold on hatches that might not work anyway
because the pets in the pictures are probably BASE DESIGN original pets.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Wizard101's Zone Pricing

I made the list of all world pricing and added all of the crowns up
for you all to check out without always having to remember
exactly how much for each world.

Forgive me if you find any errors in my calculations,
I am not the greatest student of Mathematics.
Please do correct me if you find any errors.


For Crown Players who likes playing PvP

If you buy 24 Hours Day Pass for EACH day of the month
which is on the average 30 days..
The total of Crowns needed would be 7200 Crowns per Month
which costs $15 at base price per month.


Zone Pricing for each World

3,750 crowns total for Wizard City
(Approx. $9.00)


11,895 Crowns total for Krokotopia
(Approx. $24.00)


12,000 Crowns Total for Marleybone
 (Approx. $24.00)


10,800 Crowns Total for Mooshu
(Approx. $22.00)


10,800 Total for Dragonspyre
(Approx. $22.00)


10,170 Crowns Total for Celestia
(Approx. $21.00)


19,950 Crowns Total for Grizzleheim & Wintertusk
(Approx. $20.00)


3,000 Total for Wysteria


10,170 Crowns Total for Zafaria
(Approx. $21.00)


Total for ALL Worlds:
92,535 Crowns
(Approx. $169.00 total base price)


We strongly recommend using the Crown Sale twice
and using it to get all of the crowns you need
which would cost you $120
which would give you 120,000 Crowns.

Good Luck!!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Achieving Grandmaster Artisan Times 7

Hello everyone! I hope you all had fun on Labor's Day. I sure did!
I ate hamburgers and corn on the cob and then had ice cream for dessert.
Nom nom nom.

But, I have great wizzy news that I wanted to let you all know about.
Take a look at the pictures that I have posted below.
Do you notice something in common that all of those pictures have??? ;)


 YES! I'm quite pleased to let you all know that all 7 wizards of mine,
one from EACH Ravenwood school, are now
Grandmaster Artisans!

This was quite a task, I'm telling you.
At the very beginning of this journey, I was dismayed at the thought
of turning all of my seven wizards into GMAs.
I had felt that it was nearly impossible to do this.
But, with much persistence and patience, I made this goal of mine a success!

Now here's a few tips that I have learned throughout all of this
that I would love to share with you fellow wizard crafters.

Now if you are JUST starting out on the Crafting quests
and you're quite lost on what to do or how to start.
Check this guide out on Crafting101 which will lead you through it.


This will save you gold at the bazaar
since the more you get, the cheaper they are gonna be.
And frankly it also saves you energy too in the long run ROFL!

Top 10 Rare Reagents To Watch Out For:

#1: Golden Pearls
#2: Sunstones
#3: Diamonds
#4: Black Pearls
#5: Nightshade
#6: Sandstones
#7: Frost Flowers
#8: Scrap Iron
#9: Black Lotus
#10: Blood Moss

Grendelweed is also considered a Rare reagent,
however it's not needed for the crafting quests
which is why it's not listed above.
However, I thought you should know for future reference 
just in case you want to craft other crafting items that is not crafting quest related,
but does need Grendelweed.  Such as the Carousel!
This reagent can be found from harvesting Frost Flowers
or gardening Fickle Pickles.


Don't wait until you get the quest to start buying up reagents. start early!
Research the recipes of the future crafting quest lines and start gathering from the beginning.

In fact, here's the link to my site with all of the crafting quests recipes!



The plants I mentioned up above are my favorites.
And they will provide you with all of the rare reagents
that you will need for your crafting quests.

But, if you can't afford the crown plants, that's alright.
There are other non-crown plants that could also help you.

Plants That Drops The Top 10 Rare Reagents To Watch Out For:

#1: Golden Pearls
Evil Magma Peas,
Fickle Pickle,
Maelstrom Snap Dragon,
Silver Trumpet Vine

#2: Sunstones
Evil Magma Peas,
Fickle Pickle,
Maelstrom Snap Dragon,
King Parsley

#3: Diamonds
Deadly Helephant Ears,
King Parsley,
Frozen Fly Trap,
Fickle Pickle

#4: Black Pearls
Pink Dandelion,
King Parsley,
Deadly Fly Trap

#5: Nightshades
Fickle Pickle

#6: Sandstones
Evil Magma Peas,
Fickle Pickle,
Maelstrom Snap Dragon,
Deadly Helephant Ears

#7: Frost Flowers
Evil Snow Peas,
Fickle Pickle,
Frozen Fly Trap

#8: Scrap Iron
Burning Snap Dragon,
Helephant Ears,
Evil Magma Peas,
Venus Fly Trap

#9: Black Lotus
Burning Snap Dragons,
Evil Magma Peas

#10: Blood Moss
Fickle Pickle,
Pink Dandelion,
Deadly Fly Trap



Now, if you want to farm for gold so you can buy reagents from the bazaar,
Halfang Bristlecrown in Vestrilund, Wintertusk is the best farming spot.
That's the easy part.
But, farming for reagents is a different story.

Here's the best spots for Reagent Farming:

#1: Golden Pearls
The Pearls from the Portico. It also can be found in Grotto and Stormriven Hall.
But, believe me, the Portico is the BEST spot for Golden Pearl farming.

#2: Sunstones
The Bosses in Chancel, Trial of the Sphere and the 5 Bosses of Stormriven Hall.

#3: Diamonds
Dropped from Ore which is found everywhere.
But my favorite place is Dragonspyre.

#4: Black Pearls
Black Lotus which is found mostly in Mooshu and Vestrilund, Wintertusk.
But, my favorite place is Ancient Burial Grounds, Yoshitito Temple, Mooshu.

#5: Nightshade
Dropped from Deep Mushrooms
which is found everywhere in Mooshu.

#6: Sandstones
Dropped from Stone Blocks which is found everywhere
especially in Krokotopia and Dragonspyre.
Bosses do drop Sandstone everywhere.
But, I personally prefer the bosses in Chancel.

#7: Frost Flowers
Everywhere in Wintertusk.
Also in front of Herkir's cave
on the lake in Mirkholm Keep.

#8: Scrap Iron
Everywhere in Marleybone.
But my favorite place is Knights Court, Marleybone.

#9: Black Lotus
Everywhere in Mooshu.
But I really do love farming for this item in Ancient Burial Grounds.

#10: Blood Moss
Dropped from Red Mandrakes which can be found in Nightside, Sunken City
and the rest of Wizard City.
You also can find this in the Floating Land, Celestia.



The best way of knowing of how much of each reagents you have is to simply...

Trust me, this is the best way to do it.
Then any of your wizard can just pull whatever it needs
for its crafting from the shared bank. Believe me it's so much easier
than searching all of your wizards' backpacks and having to tally them all up.
Let Wizard101 do the job for you LOL.



Okay, personally I do NOT believe in Transmuting.
Why? It wastes my reagents and just makes me work harder
to recollect everything all over again..
I'm lazy that way lol.

I also personally think it's EASIER to shop then farm for gold
than to transmute then farm for reagents all over again.
But, to each their own. And honestly I'm a girl.
I do like to SHOP!

But, I know there are people out there who really are not that patient
either with farming or shopping at the Bazaar.
And frankly, they just want to get it over with.
I don't blame them really.

For those, do transmute the reagents you need.
There are many Recipe Vendors all over the spiral
that you can purchase recipes from.
My favorite Recipe Vendor though is Avery Templeton in Base Camp, Celestia.
He's a one-stop recipe vendor who has EVERYTHING you need which I LOVE.



I cannot repeat and stress this enough. USE TRANSPORT STONES.
Reagents are usually near the stones.
So it is logical to use Transport Stones as your taxis
than walking or flying or riding and wasting time.
Every time you exhaust resources in that area, change realms.

For example: I go to Ancient Burial Grounds.
I use all three Transport Stones to go POOF, POOF, POOF
as I collect Black Lotus near each transport.

When I finish collecting from all three transport stones,
I change realms and then do it all over again.

I don't even explore the rest of the area
since it'll just consume your time.
This is such an useful tool which will save you so much time
in collecting reagents


Here's the total of all reagents you will need to reach Grandmaster Artisan.
This way you can prepare ahead of time to collect everything to be ready
without rushing or any hassle.


8 Sapphire
8 Black Coal
55 Mistwood
76 Cattail
4 Citrine
18 Simple Vial
8 Parchment
114 Stone Blocks
16 Jade
10 Deep Mushrooms
32 Scrap Iron
36 Glass Vial
12 Ruby
8 Peridot
60 Black Lotus
20 Ectoplasm
18 Ghost Fire
30 Diamonds
30 Frost Flowers
28 Black Pearls
6 Shadow Oils
24 Nightshades
20 Blood Moss
7 Perfect Jade
5 Pristine Vial
6 Sunstone
11 Golden Pearls
8 Fish Fins
10 Sandstones
6 Crystal Vials
6 Fire Elf TCs
5 Polymorph Treants TCs

And for the school robes
which varies by school obviously,
therefore the recipes varies:

If you are Balance, add-
12 Locust Swarm TCs
28 Onyx
24 Bone

If you are Death, add-
12 Banshee TCs
28 Amethyst
24 Bronze Gear

If you are Fire, add-
12 Sunbird TCs
28 Onyx
24 Leather Straps

If you are Storm, add-
12 Shark TCs
28 Jade
24 Leather Straps

If you are Myth, add-
12 Cyclops TCs
28 Ruby
24 Ectoplasms

If you are Life, add-
12 Nature's Wrath TCs
28 Ruby
24 Ectoplasm

If you are Ice, add-
12 Evil Snowman TCs
28 Amethyst
24 Spider Silk


I hope that my tips have helped you with the future success
of making your wizards Grandmaster Artisan
just like I did.

Yes, it will be an arduous journey going from
Novice Artisan to Grandmaster Artisan.
But, once you succeed, you will be extremely thankful
that you followed through with your goal and completed it!
Trust me, you will be.

After all, if I could turn SEVEN wizards into Grandmaster Artisans,
you sure could do the same. :D

Good Luck, Everybody!!!