Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Code Wand Farming - Elephant Graveyard - Ian Darkstrider

One of the things I’ve always liked to do when it comes to farming is confirm that the drops are still valid and, if they are, at what rate they drop. Farming is one of the biggest parts of Wizard101 and in many cases it is the only way we can get the gear, jewels, spells & housing items that we want.
A very commonly fished area when farming for Code Wands, is the Elephant Graveyard in Zafaria. I researched techniques through trial and error. Even more helpful though was video posted by youtuber Alex Wizard Pro and the voice of experience of a good friend: Iridian Willowglen.

So without further ado let me begin. The character I used for this article is my max level visionary storm wizard Ian Thundersword. The gear I used is:

Level 120 gear:
Cowl of the Dark Elf 3% fishing luck
Dark Elf Raiment 3% fishing luck
Dark Elf Poulaines 3% fishing luck
Dark Elf Sword And Shield 3% fishing luck
Mega Fishing Luck Elixir +50 fishing luck (3 hours)

Level 100:
Aphrodite’s Storm Of Thorns (no fishing luck) adds 6 energy
Aphrodite’s Bedlam Band 8 energy

Epic Dapper Corgi +8 energy
Huge Energy +15
Ultra Energy +20

Total I was only using 187 Energy but that didn’t matter for this was done during the recent “Free Energy Fishing Event”.

Total Fishing luck with Elixir was 62%

The best strategy after testing out over the 3 days is definitely the following:

The very first cast should be “Buoy Chest 1.” This is going to double your chance of reeling in a chest!
Then follow up by casting “Charm Fish.” Let the fish come close enough in range to you (including the Sentinel) to make for easy casting.  

Cast “Fish Lullaby.” This gives you the additional time to reel in many fish before they start moving off away from your casting range.

Then let’s get rid of those pesky Sentinel by casting “Banish Sentinels 2.” Now that will allow you to focus on setting your lures precisely and reeling in the chests (and fish, many many fish) that you want!

Next, cast “Winnow Death Fish.” This leaves only the school of fish most likely to give you a chest, which after all is what we are looking for when we are farming for shining scales, which turns out to be an added bonus (for crafting the Level 120 Revered wands and Code wands) when farming for the beloved Code Wands.

Next it’s time to begin casting your lure. I recommend the level 3 lure “Common Repose Lure.”
This can be used with the level of fishing luck I have listed to catch just about any fish by the way.

Once you have cleared the area of fish and want to continue, just rinse and repeat by casting “Summon Fish” and repeat the previous steps.

I guarantee you are going to love the results!
From my three day evaluation I pulled in 21 Shining Scale

4 Blue Raptor Code Wands

1 Viridian Scepter

1 Umbra Blade

1 Staff of The Querrent

1 Goldenbeak

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Lastly, I received what I was chasing most of all, on the last day, the Amaranthine Staff (I fortunately have the Fog Staff courtesy of another fan site, but that one can also be obtained by farming using this method in the Elephant Graveyard).

All in all it was a super productive event. I only used three elixirs and probably farmed a total of 9 hours off and on over the period of the three day event. My results clearly show you can get every Code Wand here quite easily! Hope this post helps and good fishing!

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