Tuesday, September 29, 2015

What To Expect For October in Wizard101?

Since October will be here in a day or so, I have decided to list what should we expect for October in Wizard101? Here's five expectations for October.

1. New Wizard101 Bundles

We will be expecting two new bundles on September 30th - The $39 Polaris Bundle and the $29 Jeweler's Bundle both from GameStop. YES NEW BUNDLES! I have listed this first because tomorrow they should arrive according to GameStop stores across the country tomorrow. It depends on their shipments, but the general date is tomorrow. Hopefully your local stores receives its shipment on time. If not, you might have to wait a few days. Make sure that you call your stores and stop by tomorrow September 30th!

2. Major Content Test Realm

We will be seeing possibly the final sneak peek on October 1st. Once that's done, we will be seeing Test Realm very soon for the brand new major content in Wizard101! Aren't you excited?! I know I am!

Every Thursday like clockwork, a poster is allowed to be removed. So in two days, the final poster will be removed. Or will it be the final one? We'll see! Keep your eyes peeled at: https://www.wizard101.com/coming2015

After this, we should fully expect test realm to come soon, possibly in a few weeks!


3. Halloween Packs Returns

Two Halloween Packs returns, the Harrowing and the Nightmare packs. The great thing about this year's packs is that the Harrowing pack has new items that was accidentally leaked like the ram horns and cat ears. Those items have not been found in game before. The people at Wizard101 must have put new items in the pack thinking that people wouldn't find out about the new update until the pack was sold again. The Winged Catastrophe pet was also from that pack. I know a lot of people were so excited that the pet spread like wildfire. So what other new items that we haven't seen yet is in the Harrowing pack? Or maybe the Nightmare pack? I can't wait to find out. I really want those cat ears.

4. Halloween Fish Returns

Remember the Vampire Fish? Yep the Vampire Fish and its evil spawn, the Black Cat and FrankenFish will be swimming in our lakes and rivers and streams. I just received confirmation from a Kingsisle staff worker that there will not be new holiday fish in addition to the above three known Halloween fish. If you have missed out on your chance to reel them spooky fish last year, this is your chance!

5. Halloween Quests Returns

Yep, the Halloween quests will return. Jack Hallow will introduce the quests like he has always done every year. Not only that, the Nosferabbit quest will come along which are great for low level wizards. If you haven't done it already, there's even a great reward - the cute Frankenbunny pet!

What are you most excited for? I personally can't wait for the Test Realm and new Bundles! The new items from those packs doesn't hurt either!

Weirdwood Manor the Mobile Game

The other day, I was looking through the App Store on my tablet and saw this new game. Apparently Apple said that it was one of the best games in the store. I have to admit that the game's trailer and pictures looked beautiful and interesting. I love books and this game is like reading a book. I thought, dang this should be an awesome game. And what was great is that it was on sale! I would save two bucks? Hey why not?!

I started the game, I learned that this boy, Oliver Gryffon, is a foster care kid who was shuttled to homes who constantly rejected him. It was apparent that this kid was different. Strange things would happen around him which terrified them. He won some kind of contest that allowed him to visit an mysterious and reclusive inventor who's known for creating wind up toys and more.

In the first book, you learn how to find mysterious creatures.

..And mysterious items.

All of them goes into his journal which lists all of the people, places, mysteries and creatures he has encountered over his journey. Every new thing you find will go into it.

At the end of Book 1, after a scary incident in the car, you finally arrive at the Weirdwood Manor. What lies there? It's anybody's guess! And yes that's a robot man.

This strange paper puzzle sounds so mysterious. It makes you wonder what's really going on.

At first when I arrived at this screen, I realized that I missed some discoveries and a puzzle. So I went back and redid it all. On my second try, I got all of them on both counts. All of the puzzles are pretty easy. You can finish it in within 30 seconds, a minute max.

I was excited to see the second book until this....

Wait, I gotta buy another book? But the first book took me like 20, 30 minutes to finish? So I spent 3 bucks on a book that took me at least 20 minutes to finish? Sheer insanity. Now they want me to pay another 5 bucks for a second book?

Oh, and what's even worse, the other books, other than Book 2, are not even out yet. But they encourage you to buy all of them for 15 bucks. They seem to think that it's okay for you to wait for such short novels.

Honestly I was extremely disappointed and bored. Great game, bad results. It's too costly on an individual basis especially, way too short and there's really no replayable time. PLUS you have to wait for other books.

So it's like pretty much a game that you can play for one time, at least two if you miss anything, that takes you 20 minutes. So if I had to wait for other books to come out, I can't replay it as much as I want while waiting. Whoever created this game did not plan well. I was really sad at this because honestly, the game itself is beautiful. The graphics are spot on. The story was incredibly interesting. Puzzles were too easy I admit, but still I thought the book's length would make up for it until I found out that it's not as long as I thought it would be.

To sum it up, don't buy it.

Any other mobile games you guys want me to try? Let me know in the comments.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Wizard101's Third Sneak Peek!

Today, Wizard101 released yet another sneak peek! As always, to enlarge the pictures below, simply click on the picture.

One more poster to go!

What could that "United We Fish" poster be hiding? A Polarian city? Something else? Hope it's not the last poster though. I hope that the "Fishing You Were Here" poster is really the last one and once that one is taken down, we see a porthole or something epic. But one thing is clear, the new world expansion is coming very soon!

Above are the posters that have been removed so far. My favorite still is "We Can Do It!" Women Power.. Ahem, I mean "Wo-pen" (Women/Penquin) Power and all!

You can see the current sneak peek at: https://www.wizard101.com/coming2015
Just don't forget to click on the posters to make them fall down.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Pirate101's Secret Trainers And Their Schedule

In Devilfish Hollow of Corsair's Channel in Skull Island, a new mystery appeared in the form of a trap door. Yes, the X really does mark the spot where the mysterious trap door was found!

Under the super mysterious trap door, there are three new Class Trainers. But not all three trainers will appear together. Every hour, instead of everyone being in the same location at all times, a class trainer will be switched under the Mysterious Trap Door. 

And don't forget, if you want to enlarge the pictures, simply click on them.

Powers & Talents

Firenzian is pretty good with his arrows and bows, so he can train you with Musketeer talents.

And in Pirate101's Test Realm, he now has additional two new talents which are below.

Swashbuckler, Buccaneer and Privateer
Powers & Talents

Lost Hoplite is the dude if you need Swashbuckler, Privateer or Buccaneer talents. Relentless FTW.

And in Pirate101's Test Realm, he now has additional two new talents which are below.

Powers & Talents

Kurotadori has great stuff for Witchdoctors. There is even a special power for PvP that has a pretty cool looking card!

And in Pirate101's Test Realm, he now has additional two new talents which are below.

The Secret Trainers' Schedule

Their schedule every day is as follows in CST time -

The Morning Schedule: 

Midnight CST - Kurotorai (Witchdoctor)
1am CST - Firenazian (Musketeer)
2am CST - Lost Hoplite (Swash/Bucc/Priv)
3am CST - Kurotorai (Witchdoctor)
4am CST - Firenazian (Musketeer)
5am CST - Lost Hoplite (Swash/Bucc/Priv)
6am CST - Kurotorai (Witchdoctor)
7am CST - Firenazian (Musketeer)
8am CST - Lost Hoplite (Swash/Bucc/Priv)
9am CST - Kurotorai (Witchdoctor)
10am CST - Firenazian (Musketeer)
11am CST - Lost Hoplite (Swash/Bucc/Priv)

The Afternoon/Evening Schedule:

Noon CST - Kurotorai (Witchdoctor)
1pm CST - Firenazian (Musketeer)
2pm CST - Lost Hoplite (Swash/Bucc/Priv)
3pm CST - Kurotorai (Witchdoctor)
4pm CST - Firenazian (Musketeer)
5pm CST - Lost Hoplite (Swash/Bucc/Priv)
6pm CST - Kurotorai (Witchdoctor)
7pm CST - Firenazian (Musketeer)
8pm CST - Lost Hoplite (Swash/Bucc/Priv)
9pm CST - Kurotorai (Witchdoctor)
10pm CST - Firenazian (Musketeer)
11pm CST - Lost Hoplite (Swash/Bucc/Priv)

Then all over again at Midnight CST with Kurotorai the Witchdoctor trainer. 

Hope this helps!