Saturday, September 10, 2022

Wizard101 Birthday Bingo!

 Join us in celebrating Wizard101's Fourteenth Birthday with Birthday Bingo!
 Bingo Day is Saturday, Sept 17th at 3pm CST

How do I play?

Step 1:
To participate in the Bingo event, the first thing you'll need to do is Save or Print out the Bingo card below. You may also draw out your own card if that's easier for you.
One BINGO Card Per Person

Step 2:
  • Choose only 25 words from the list of 30 below. 
  • Enter one word per space. 
  • There are no free spaces on this card.

    1. Wizard101
    2. Celebration
    3. Balloons
    4. Story Lorry
    5. Piggle
    6. Party
    7. Diego
    8. CopyCake
    9. Ambrose
    10. Sparkler
    11. Adventure
    12. Festivity
    13. Gobbler
    14. Confetti
    15. Novus
    16. Anniversary
    17. Plushies
    18. Fourteenth
    19. Decade
    20. Gamma
    21. Decennial
    22. Candle
    24. Bookmobile
    25. Pirate101
    26. Decaversary
    27. Birthday
    28. Roaming Tome
    29. Guilds
    30. Community
See the example below. Your BINGO card should end up looking something like this. You can fancy it up if you'd like as long as it's legible. If I can't read it, I won't be able to verify if you get a winning BINGO.

Step 3:
  • Once you've filled in your BINGO card, email it to and I will post it in the comments section on this page for you. Please check back to make sure your entry was posted.
  • Important: Don't forget to include your @Twitter name on your Bingo Card.
  • ALL bingo boards must be received by Friday, 9/16/2022 11PM Central Time. Any Bingo Cards received after the deadline will not be entered. Sorry, No Exceptions!

  • The BINGO event will begin on Saturday, Sept 17th at 3pm CST on Twitter.

  • I will be entering all 30 BINGO words above into a random word picker.  Please make sure that you're following me on Twitter (@DestinyRain808) to play along.

  • If you're able to get 5 words in a row, either vertically, horizontally, or diagonally, mention me on TWITTER (@DestinyRain808) with “BINGO!”.

    If more than one person gets a Bingo on the same word, the FIRST person who mentions me, wins.

    Rule #1: Mention me ONLY if you have a valid "BINGO"
    Rule #2: Any Fake BINGO mentions made to me will result in automatic disqualification.


    There is a total of 12 prizes.  If you win once, you will not be able to win again.
    • First 4 people to make a standard bingo (5 words in a row - either vertically, horizontally, or diagonally)

    • First 4 people to create an X on their board (Both diagonals – 9 words in all)

    • First 4 people to create an + on their board (Both center rows – 9 words in all)

    Here are examples of "X" and "+" Bingo
    Prizes that will be awarded: 
    Birthday Balloon Mount + Candle Staff- 1 Winner
    Birthday Box Mount + Candle Staff- 1 Winner
    10K Crowns + Candle Staff - 1 Winner
    Peppergrass Glen Bundle + Candle Staff - 1 Winner
    5000 Crowns + Candle Staff- 2 Winner
    2500 Crowns + Candle Staff - 2 Winner
    1000 Crowns + Candle Staff - 4 Winners
    Prizes will be distributed on a first come, first won basis.  The First winner gets to choose which prize they want. The same applies for every winner after that.

    A huge thank you to Wizard101 and Mathew Anderson for making these prize codes available!

    Feel free to DM me on Twitter (@DestinyRain808) or email if you have any questions!