Friday, January 31, 2014

Pirate101's Year of the Horse Celebration!

Pirate101 is celebrating the Chinese New Year with amazing Horse Related Crown Shop Companions and Mounts!

But hey, that Aquilan Pegasus Mount is only unlocked if you finish a certain quest in Aquila. Once you complete the labyrinth, the side quest "The Wings of Change" given by Polyeagos in Delphos will become available. 

You should start this quest which will help you unlock the Pegasus mount in the Crown Shop.

The mount is normally 10k crowns, but with this sale going on, it will be HALF off! But this sale is only available until February 2nd. So grab it while it's available. Good luck!

Friday, January 24, 2014

200,000th Views!

So.. My blog has hit 200k views. What a wonderful milestone! You know, I've been thinking a lot lately about Wizard101 and Pirate101. The milestones we can work on in-game are multiple. And hey, they help us stay busy, even when the game is not full of new quests and worlds.

For example, in both games, you can max out your characters. Aim for Warlord on your Wizard in Ranked PvP. Get all of the badges from both games. Level all of your Pirate101 companions to max level. Those are the typical challenges.

But you know you can make your OWN challenges. I always found it to be more rewarding if you compete with yourself than with others. After all, who knows you best than yourself? You know which areas that you need to improve on. I always believed that if you challenge yourself, it makes your mind think better because you have had to learn how to think in a new way.

You can decide to, for example, not level up any of your Pirate101 companions as you quest through the game and reach Level 65. You can decide to use the same FIRST GENERATION derby pet for all of your wizards and get to Pet Derby Warlord that way. Don't limit yourself by relying on what's already available. Use your imagination. The challenges that you can give yourself are endless!

You can apply this in every area of your life. Even blogging. Don't limit yourself by talking about what's available like the typical news from Wizard101. But talk instead about what COULD be available, what you would love to happen and bring in a brand new subject that nobody has thought of before. It doesn't even have to be limited to words. You can sing it, podcast it, video it, draw it or anything you can think of.

Like Albert Einstein would say, "Imagination is more important than knowledge." How else did people invent new things? Definitely not the ones who were lacking imagination. Go forth and give yourself new challenges today!

As for our blog's awesome milestone today, I want to thank you all for helping me achieve this milestone. This wouldn't be possible without your kind support and visits. You are the ones that makes this blog great!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Islands In The Sky; An Pirate101 Poem

Islands in the sky,
just Old Jim Bones and I,
watching ships sail on by,
sailing between islands in the sky.

Watch the sharks circle the islands,
put the sword in my hand
and to battle I'll cry,
here I'll make my stand.

Throw dem Old Jim Bones and watch them roll,
fighting the fights like in the stories you have been told,
stack them up like bowling pins in the streets,
let's watch them fall down beneath our feet.

Wading through the reeds,
dancing on our toes through the trees,
finding freedom by the ring of the steel,
oh this is the way you should always feel.

Everywhere we'll roam
for the sky is our home
with a sword at our hip,
there's nowhere we can't go with our ship.

Islands in the sky,
just Old Jim Bones and I,
watching ships sail on by,
sailing between islands in the sky.

-Kelsey Fireheart

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The 30 Days of Kindness Challenge

I was chatting with my friends and discussing how we need more kindness in the community and of course in the real world. I suddenly thought that we should have a 30 days of Kindness Challenge. This would start off January off on the right foot, so tada, here it is! I am hoping that you all join me in this great challenge.

I have created goals that you can do in-game as well as in real life. Just remember, some goals might sound like they could apply in real life only. But for example, making a special dinner and be the waiter can apply to in-game too! You can set up a table, chairs and dinner then dress up in a nice suit or dress as a waiter. Remember, you also have the social media that you can use to do some of the things on the list. You can tweet, email, post, comment on blogs, Facebook and Twitter. And of course, with some of the things below, ask your parents for permission first.

Also, if you could, please post a comment below on this blog post of something kind that you can do either irl or in-game to inspire others. If I get enough suggestions, I could stretch this to 40, 50, even 60 days! So comment away!

We will be starting this challenge tomorrow, so don't forget to say something kind to someone that you don't really talk to tomorrow.

Thanks and good luck!

January 7 - Day 0: Tell everyone about the 30 Days of Kindness Challenge, so they can join!
January 8 - Day 1: Say something kind to someone that you don't usually talk to.
Today, tell someone that you don't really talk to something kind. It can be in-game, in real life and/or on social media. Try picking someone out who you either always wanted to say something to or someone who you think needs it the most. It can be a compliment, it can be a encouragement, it can be anything as long as it's a kind thing to say.
January 9 - Day 2: Help a family member with a chore or homework.
Helping someone with their work is a wonderful thing. It makes their day easier. If you don't have anyone to help, you can help a friend or a student that needs it.
January 10- Day 3: Write a nice encouraging anonymous letter and slip it in a book at a bookstore or library.
Best books to put that letter of encouragement and positivism in is the books that students will use for school. But it's up to you where you want to put it in.
January 11 - Day 4: Help a stranger with a quest!
Today is the day you go into Wizard101 or Pirate101 and help someone with a quest!
You can go to any area you wish and ask someone if they need help with a quest. Maybe at the end of the day, you will make a great friend!
January 12 - Day 5: Make breakfast in bed for your parent/spouse/child.
Simply said!
January 13 - Day 6: Drop a Thank You note in your mailbox for your mail carrier.
Our mail carriers work very hard to bring our mail. It's time to thank them!
January 14 - Day 7: Print a picture of a special moment you had with someone and write down why that picture and moment meant so much to you and surprise them with it.
January 15 - Day 8: Write a letter of kindness to someone you normally wouldn't.
January 16 - Day 9: Make dinner for your friends or family and be the waiter for them.
January 17 - Day 10: Tell someone you know that you appreciate them.
January 18 - Day 11: Have a mount party in the Commons! Let people ride on your multiple player mounts like the Hydra, Whale, Raven, etc.
January 19 - Day 12: Put coins in someone else's parking meter.
January 20 - Day 13: Send a current or former teacher a Thank You note.
January 21 - Day 14: Hatch your best pet with a stranger who really needs one.
January 22 - Day 15: Surprise your sibling out with a day out together (or a friend)!

January 23 - Day 16: Leave a kind comment on someone's blog.
Bloggers are one of the hard working group of people. A kind comment tends to go a LONG way for them. So, go and make a blogger's day a great one by leaving a comment on their blog!
January 24 - Day 17: Do something kind for the elderly. Help them with their food shopping if you see them struggle, visit them at a nursing home or organize a school trip there with your friends, bring them balloons and letters or visit your elderly neighbors to say hi and see if they need any help.
January 25 - Day 18: Bake cookies and share them! Nom nom nom!
Chocolate, Oatmeal Raisin, Sugar Cookies, anything goes.
January 26 - Day 19: Help a stranger with nautical leveling in Pirate101 or character leveling in Wizard101.
January 27 - Day 20: Write an anonymous uplifting letter and slip it in someone's school locker or mailbox for someone you think that needs it most. (if you want, you can tell them who you are, up to you, if so you can email them)
January 28 - Day 21: Start a charity drive. For Example: you can collect toys or unneeded coats and winter clothes for poor children who will need them in this cold weather. You can donate them to your local homeless shelter. You can also help animals by sending old blankets and old dog toys to your local dog rescue or animal shelter.
January 29 - Day 22: Write a positive, uplifting quote and put it under a stranger's windshield wipers of their car.
January 30 - Day 23: Smile at 10 strangers.
February 1 - Day 24: Send a letter to an overseas solider. More info at:
February 2 - Day 25: Help a stranger who needs gold with gold farming.
February 3 - Day 26: Compliment a stranger. For Example: "Wow, love your shoes! Wow your art is amazing!"
February 4 - Day 27: Eat lunch with someone new.
February 5 - Day 28: Write a letter to someone special in your family and give them top 5 reasons why they're uber awesome!
February 6 - Day 29: Throw a surprise random party for someone special!
February 7 - Day 30: Write about your most favorite Kindness moment  out of the entire 30 days challenge. You may write a blog post about something kind you did then paste the link to your blog post in the comments below. If you do not have a blog, simply type what you did in the comments below. I want to read your favorite Kindness moment, so don't forget to come back and let me know about it.

I hope that you will continue your own ways of Kindness all year long.
One small act can mean a great thing for another person.