Thursday, October 30, 2014

Exclusive Sneak Peeks from Wizard101!

Wizard101 Test Realm is coming soon with new stuff. We don't know if it's an expansion, new world, new dungeons. All we know that it's gonna be awesome!!

Thank you Wizard101 for allowing Stars of the Spiral to have the exclusive sneak peeks! Please do not forget to click on pictures to enlarge for easy viewing.

The file name for this is Knight. :O

The file name for this is Gargoyle Guard

The file name for this is Boar Boss. Whoever it is, he looks super rad! Notice the symbol on his gear, definitely very mooshu-ish?

What a cool yet creepy building. What could this be? Some people wonder if it's the house in the Evergreen Bundle. But why would they send us a spoiler of that? That wouldn't make sense. The file name for this is Temple. Hmm, what temple?

The above picture was released on Wizard101's Twitter. This looks like a Marleybone Palace, perhaps the Barkingham Palace? I mean the throne does give it away!

This looks like it's in Darkmoor. Notice the gargoyles and the creepy design of the building?

Also check out Wizard101's vines which has a few cool teasers too!

What a beautiful kitty. Again she looks like she's in a Marleybone building. Prehaps the palace? Notice the cool new wallpaper and statue next to her.

I adore that blimp and the building looks awesome. I love the way they look so polished and designed to be very very pretty. I'm a girl after all. Don't forget to notice the sigils in the front of the building. And of course, a brand new dance emote, Wizard101 called it #OppaWizardStyle!

This one takes in Grizzleheim's Ravenscar obviously which is not a new area. But she's showing off a brand new dance emote, the Raven. I suspect that it's called the Raven dance since Wizard101 even titled this vine "Hit That Raven for the Vine!"

So what do you think it could be?! Let us know your theories!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Introducing My Mini-Me!

Thanks to ShapeIt, I was able to win this marvelous figure from them which is actually based off the Kelsey Fireheart character I use frequently in-game of Wizard101. ShapeIt specializes in making figurines based off your game character. First, they printed my character in 3d from the photos I gave them of her. Then they would paint it matching the photos as well. They did a great job! They weren't able to create the flame, but eh that's alright. The rest of her is perfect! It's about 4 inches tall and gosh, isn't she cute? I can't stop staring at it and telling it that it's just too adorable for words. I know I'm talking to myself, but who cares? It's my mini-me!

The original picture I sent them.

I'm quite proud to have this amazing opportunity to own this figure. I sure hope that someday it will be priced quite reasonably that everyone can have their own mini figure based off their game character! I mean, who wouldn't want to own their own mini-me?! Thank you, ShapeIt!

Monday, October 27, 2014

The Mystic Fishing Bundle Guide

Here are all of the stats of items in the brand new Mystic Fishing Bundle! To enlarge pictures, simply click on them for easy viewing.

The Private Fishing Retreat is like the Fish Bowl. You interact it which will take you inside of it. It's also apparently tradeable in shared bank. Don't forget to grab the exclusive fish inside this retreat, the Rainbow Trout! It's only found there, not anywhere else!

This pet is able to learn Fishing Talents such as MC Reveal School or Fishing Luck.

The gear is dyeable!

Thanks Cody Sundreamer for the awesome Fishing Bundle Banner!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Two Brand New Bundles From Wizard101!

Credit to Chase Titancloud

There's two brand new bundles out from Wizard101! Yes TWO!

First, the Mystic Fishing Bundle where you can have your own fishing retreat as well as a cute otter pet that has Fishing talents, a cool little boat and dyeable fisherperson gear.

It's currently available at Walmart for $29 and when asking your Walmart if it's available, you should give them its UFC code - 79936626626. This number will help them find it faster.

 Click on the pictures to enlarge it for easy viewing

Yep we even get a fishing lure weapon!!! When we receive this bundle in hand, I will post ALL tiers for the gear sets. But we do have Level 90 and Level 100 gear stats available which should be enough for now.

Thanks to Chase Titancloud

The idle animation while in the mount is the second person will try to stand on the bow, then the person who's actually operating the mount will stand up to rock the boat. It's hilarious! Also notice the boat's license plate - Orca.

Credit to Alura Roseblade

Notice that the Otter pet has a Life Fishing Lure spell card as well as a brand new May Cast Reveal Fish School spell! And like Johnny said, who can resist the cuteness of this pet?! Super Adorbs!

The Fishing Retreat is like the Fish Bowl. You get an small replica of it which you interact with and it will transport you inside. And guess what? There's a brand new fish to get here - the Rainbow Trout! It's a life fish that gives 1,500 xp. Not only that, some fish from other worlds are found here such as the Brain Sturgeon, Doodlefish, etc. The pond also seems to respawn very very quickly that you don't even need to reset it!

A huge thanks to Destiny Wildheart who generously allowed us to view her pet, mount, gears and visit her fabulous fishing retreat!

And finally, the Evergreen Bundle. Not much is known about this card except it's found in holiday catalogs from GameStop!

Credit to Wolf Duskbane

There was so much rumor going around about the second mystery bundle that was supposedly supposed to be released from GameStop. Finally Wolf Duskbane found an image of the Evergreen Bundle from the GameStop's Holiday Catalog which confirmed this bundle.

The game card seems to show a Botanical Gardens Estate with a Abberant Carnvorous Plant which seems like a Flytrap plant that looks like it's from the Little Shop of Horrors movie. I'm sure that it's like the genie, gorilla, etc that will grant you rewards. But still, mucho scaryo!


Not only that, it has a cool Celestial Wolf Mount with glowing eyes. Think Twilight, peeps!! Not only that, we will have a cute Spirit of the Forest pet. 

Notice the gear and weapon. It looks pretty original and interesting! Heck everything's green in this bundle that led some people thinking that maybe this is a gardening bundle? We shall see!

There has been much talk on when this particular bundle will be released. Alexander Lionheart was informed by his Gamestop that the official release of this bundle is November 1st, so keep your eyes peeled for this one!

Thank you everyone who have allowed me to use their images. You rawk!