Monday, October 26, 2015

Wizard101 Test Realm: The Level 108 Class Spells for Wizard101

The Level 108 Class Spells

Curious what spell you will be getting in Polaris at Level 108? Thanks to others who steamed quickly through Polaris to get their class spell and taped the spells' animations, I was able to post their videos here with their permission. Thank you everyone! Enjoy!

Balance Spell: Nested Fury

Nested Fury attacks for 818-866 Fire, Ice or Storm damage to all enemies.
Costs 6 pips & one Shadow pip to cast.

Video Credit to Sean Redhammer

Myth Spell: Witches' Housecall

Witch’s Housecall attacks for 992-1132 Myth damage and summons a Myth minion.
Costs 6 pips & one Shadow pip to cast.

Video Credit to Sean Redhammer

Fire Spell: Raging Bull

Raging Bull attacks all enemies for 514-802 Fire damage and applies -40% accuracy reductions to all enemies.
Costs 6 pips & one Shadow pip to cast.

 Video Credit to David Hawkthorn

Death Spell: Winged Sorrow

Winged Sorrow attacks for 735-1005 Death damage and has a chance to Beguile the target. 
Costs 6 pips & one Shadow pip to cast.

Video Credit to AwesomeTheSauce

Storm Spell: Rusalka's Wrath

Rusalka’s Wrath attacks for 1352 Storm damage and applies +25% damage or -50% damage to next Storm spell. 
Costs 6 pips & one Shadow pip to cast.

Credit to JohnnyCentral1

Life Spell: Wings of Fate

Wings of Fate attacks all targets for 460 Life damage and heals all teammates for 460 health over 3 rounds.
Costs 6 pips & one Shadow pip to cast.

Video Credit To MegaMikey

Ice Spell: Snowball Barrage

Snowball Barrage attacks for 85 Ice damage per pip to all enemies. 
Costs 1 Shadow pip to cast.

Video Credit to Soloin

I love Fire, Storm, Myth and Death's spells. What about you?

Friday, October 16, 2015

A Live Sneak Peek of Polaris in KI Livestream!

On the KI Livestream, the Wizard101 and Pirate101 community leaders actually showed us a bit of what Polaris looks like on their developer server which is only available to KingsIsle workers. They even showed what the first quest and battle is all about. And no, Polaris is not open to the public yet. But it is clear to me that by next week, we will be running into Test Realm to visit this marvelous world!

If you look carefully, you can notice the Northern Lights in the sky. It's so beautiful. Snow and incredible buildings every where. Even the Arch in the middle of the square. In the distance, you can notice bulb shaped roof of a building. Stunningly beautiful.

Our very first quest. It gives approx 210k xp! Nice eh?

Notice the terms in the first quest. Empress Antuskette the First, Walruskberg which is the first area we visit, Pingouins and Basstille which is obviously is a prison area.

It's clear that the royalty are Walruses, Polar Bears are soldiers and the Penguins are the peasants in this world. Excuse me, Pinqouins.

Could the above be the Basstile? It sure looks like a prison!

Notice the second poster? That's possibly the Queen of Monsquista! Will we be seeing Monquistans in this world? I am very intrigued by this.

But I was most excited about this vendor, the Snow Globe Maker. What does this mean?! We can craft our own Snow Globes?! I was a bit disappointed that it is not WEATHER globe maker. I would have loved globes that rained, did fireworks and more. But hey at least we can craft Snow Globes!

If you want to see the sneak peek of Polaris for yourself, check out the video above. You will be able to see the first battle as well. I suggest you forward to 31:00 to get to the super awesome Polaris part! Enjoy!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

A New Polaroid Sneak Peek from Wizard101!

Wizard101 has released yet ANOTHER sneak peek of Polaris!

"Would be 'Knifer' if YOU were here!"

Oh boy, more puns! And he is even holding a knife in his hand!

Are you excited? I know I am! If you want to see the above sneak peek for yourself, go to

Wizard101's Halloween Packs Are Out!

In Wizard101, the Nightmare and Harrowing Packs are back! And the best thing is the Harrowing Pack now has new stuff never seen before.

The Cat Ears, Halo and the Goat Horns

The Midnight Owl (Permanent, 7 Day and 1 Day Mounts)

The Jack-O-Rug

Cobweb Rug

Halloween Mat

Spooky Spider Web and Creepy Corner Cobweb

The Spider Web Wallpaper

The Trick Or Treat Banner

The Winged Catastrophe 

I hope I'm not missing anything. If I do, forgive me lol.

Good luck in opening the packs today!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The Brand New Jewel Crafter's Bundle from Wizard101!

Brand new Jewel Crafter's Bundle from GameStop that only costs $29 but comes with pretty nifty sparkling things! Can you say bling, bling?!

The biggest item in this bundle is the Bountiful Mine which gives you a daily reward. It could be gold, reagents, maybe jewels!

 The Jeweler's Mount

 The Colors You Can Dye Your Mount

It cost me around 5k gold to dye for each base and trim color. So altogether, it would cost me 10k gold.

 The Jeweler's Pet

The Colors You Can Dye The Pet

Some colors come two tone, some one. The average cost for dying the pet is around 2300 gold.

 The Animation of the Pet While Idle

 The Jeweler's Gear

 The Jeweler's Weapons

 The bundle comes with eight weapons. One with stats, the other seven with no stats. Yes, you get all of them. You do not have to pick one. You can redeem ALL of them, then decide which one to use to stitch.

Non Stats Hammers - For Stitching Purposes Only

As always, you also get either 5k crowns or a prepaid 1 month membership to Pirate101 or Wizard101. But they also added a bonus 100 crowns for stitching! Isn't that nice of them?!

Here's an official video from Wizard101 on the Jewel Crafter's bundle!

Official Wizard101 Page On The Jewel Crafter's Bundle: