Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Funny Things That Wizards Say - Part 1

Person: "I got the Boss!"

Me: "You know, you could shield yourself instead since you keep dying?"

Person: "Eh, shields are too heavy."


First Round-

Boss Kills Person#1.

"Oh gosh!"

Person #3 heals Person #1 with a Satyr.

Second Round-

Boss Kills Person #1.

"You know what? It's alright. I like being dead and thats why I went first!"


Person #1: "Do you have Choke?"

Person #2: "Choke? I don't have any Choke." (seemed confused)

Person #1: "I swore your school had a Choke spell."

Me: "Choke is a Fire Spell. He's Death."

Person #2: "Do you mean Strangle?"

Person #1: "THAT'S IT!"


Person #1 has been singing "Don't Stop The Pop" in the entire dungeon and was the #Person 1 in the above conversation.

Person #2: "What's the next bubble?"

Person #1: "Don't stop the Pop!"

Me: "I know who gets STRANGLED next." *glares at Person #1*


Person #1: LOL! You just made me spit water all over myself and almost on my laptop! Good thing I turned away in time and spit all over the floor and myself!

Me: Gosh! I thought you knew you shouldn't eat or drink around me! That's the number one rule actually. Me and my jokes are a dangerous weapon when food and drinks are in the vicinity. I can make them do weird things.

Person #1: "LOL! Stop making me laugh! Cut it out!"


*walks into the common*

Person #1: "I dont know. I think it would be odd if there were no eyes on her."



Person #1: "Excuse me, do you know where the Mysterious Composer?"
Me: "Oh that's Nick Jonas..." *points to Nick Jonas who's ten feet away*
Person #2: *goes silent*..... lol.


Person #1: "I can predict that we all will die."
Me: "Why are you being so negative? Besides you were wrong last time. You said the same thing and we survived."
Person #1: "I just have a strong feeling that we will!"
Me: *kills boss* "See, he's dead."
Person #1: "Lol."
Me: "Maybe you should windex your crystal ball more often."
*everyone LOLs*