Saturday, February 9, 2019

Love Is In the Air!

As February steps in, the only things we can think about is love, friendship and discount chocolate. Not only that, but Valentina Heartsong has made her return to the Spiral! Along with the usual Valentine's Day items she brings, she brought in a few cool surprises as well! Now we have a Valentine's Day mount and the Friendship Table (which means our wizards can finally take a breather and sit down after 10 years!) They're just worth falling in love for! You can check out this year's Friendship Festival goodies here!

For those who have already bought a stock full of Friendship Tables, have no fear for updates are coming near! Kingsisle and our lovely CM Matt has reassured us that they will be fixing the placement limit as well as some possible fixes! Although the catch is that these updates will apply AFTER the table leaves the Crowns Shop on February 20th.

As we enjoy the Friendship Festival, don't forget to help spread some love throughout the Spiral! Let's encourage kindness by being kind to one another, helping out people with difficult battles and perhaps throw in a surprise gift or two if possible! I'll definitely try to spread my share of love and kindness, although I refuse to share my discounted chocolate...Those are mine!