Thursday, November 22, 2018

Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving

I am writing this on Thanksgiving morning, before my family is even awake I’m up and doing gardens and getting my sense of peace I get from that. I’m drinking coffee and thinking of what I’m thankful for. One thing I’m thankful for is that this game was around when I needed it most. My daughter had moved away, 300 miles away. I had just lost my gf of two years and fiancee to cancer.  This game became a way my daughter and I could spend time interacting with each other and helped give us an opportunity to keep some sort of our closeness. We met people back then that we are still friends with to this day.

The twizard community is new to me and I have been welcomed with open arms by some genuinely nice people. My daughter and I (Christina Summerheart) have even started writing blog posts like this one for Stars of the Spiral! It’s nice to be able to give something back to the game that has meant so much to us over the years.

Something about us (as in you & me)...we have all been in that situation, you’re just minding your own business and out of the blue you catch a conversation and it is argumentative and/or abusive.. One where someone has decided to dish on someone out loud for the rest of us to witness. Or perhaps its a heated exchange between groups. Ok you get my point, we have all had this happen and it’s not just on any one game it’s everywhere on the internet.
Visit any site you that allows comments on posts and you will not need to look far to find people behaving like lunatics. Ranting and raving and cussing and plowing through anyone in their path.

So it’s no surprise that we see that same behavior in Wizard101. I have been playing KI games since 2012. My daughter started playing two years before that so I’ve been around this game almost since the beginning. PVP has probably the most nefarious reputation for badgering, abusive displays of bad behavior. I know, I’ve been active in PVP for years. PVP has such a terrible rep some players really don’t even want to associate with the pvp crowd.  I will say that it used to be a LOT worse but then again I’m not queuing up in the arena as much lately so that could be part of the reason. I like to think the downswing is due to people learning to draw lines and use those filters!

You know what makes this kind of stuff really sting? More then some random person going off in the game which you can easily choose to ignore and send them a nice report card as a going away present but t’s when an argument happens with someone you’re really friends with.

I know you can mute people in general public or just move on but when you get into it with people you care about, oh wow that’s another level of misery. Or if you run into a difference of opinions that you just feel aren’t right it’s sometimes hard to find the means to get past being wronged. Especially if that wrong is never righted, right?

Bad hurtful behavior is everywhere around us, we see it at all levels in our society. So of course it’s no surprise that it’s affected us on Wizard101. But one of the things I’ve witnessed and am thankful for is there’s a level of common good in this community. I’ve seen arguments and uprisings about changes in the game and the way this company chooses to operate. I’ve witnessed friends have online fall outs but still work it out and eventually  get back to what matters most, that we have a place to hang out with other people, people that may just be going through some rough times and came here to get relief, have fun and maybe meet new friends. 

I’ve always stayed away from drama when possible. But I do understand it’s part of life. We can all find hope in the fact that when it comes down to it we all stick together like we did when KI released the crown tier pricing! LOL sorry KI just had to rib you on that one!

I’m thankful for being able to be around you all.

Happy Thanksgiving from a couple Vegetarians!

take care of each other and I wish you all peace & prosperity, peace

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Merle Ambrose Gets Schooled: We Fight Ambrose?!

With the latest installment of Empyrea part two in Wizard101, comes many new questions that must be answered. Pre-release to the current update, Kingsisle had leaked that we would be fighting Merle Ambrose himself! Now this seemed odd at first; the wizard who brought us from Earth to Wizard City in the first place had suddenly gone bad? Or would we be tested? Now of course, any theories that wizards may have had have either been put to rest or have become true with the release of Empyrea part two!
Leading into the world, we come across an area named the Nexus, the doorway to the Reverie. For those who don’t know, the Reverie is where Mellori’s mind is trapped, and where the wizard must save her from. The Reverie is described as the place where Life and Death meet and it contains every memory ever known to the Spiral, but it also contains the nightmares as well. While traveling into the Reverie to save Mellori, the wizard comes across multiple events in the past that may have changed from how they really happen due to Mellori’s nightmares taking over. Near the beginning of the dungeon, the wizard comes across Mellori speaking to Moolinda Wu. However more interestingly, Merle Ambrose comes in to punish Mellori for every student’s nightmare: not doing his or her work. After all, this Ambrose is not the real Ambrose and is a so called “Dream” Ambrose, however he does offer a very good challenge much like how I believe the true Merle Ambrose would.
    The Headmaster ??? Health Rank 999 School: Star and Shadow


Round 1
The Headmaster casts -999% shields against every school on himself.
  • When hit or shattered off, the headmaster immediately recasts these shields
Round 2
First sequence starts. The cards in the wizards deck are changed to shadow strike cards labeled from the numbers 1-4. The wizard should choose the card with the correct number of player wizards in the battle.
  • See below images to get image of cheat at hand.
You have incorrectly deduced the number of students present
Ambrose will hit all wizards present with a shadow bat.
Time to check homework
All cards in each wizards deck will become a deal new cards. The wizard much choose the correct card in order to not be hit, and to get rid of -999% shields.
  • See below for different variations of this cheat
This starts on the 2nd round, and continues on the 10th, and every 10th afterward.
Checkmark for you ---
Er… correct
The wizard has chosen correctly, nothing occurs at this time.
Lets see who failed
Anyone who has failed the sequence will get hit by the Headmaster.
Pop quiz! What is the opposing school?
The Headmaster will cast an aura on each the wizard.

When fighting the Headmaster, it is extremely crucial to pay attention during rounds where he enacts his cheats. If you don't see what is happening in the fight. then you will simply be left upo to guesswork. Luckily these cheats don't make the fight difficult like others in the regard that it does not take vast amounts of time and preparing to hit the Headmaster. However, when not paying attention, it can drag on for a very long time!

Defeating the Cheats

Round 2

Not only does the Headmaster not show his own health in this battle, but he also sometimes disables you to see your own! However, after conducting multiple trials I have deduced that he has no more than 16,700 health! At these times, you as well cannot view the health nor school of your teammates.

Time to check homework-
When every school is given, pick the wizard’s own school.
When every school apart from the wizard’s own is shown, choose the opposite school. (Ex. If life strike is not present then choose death strike)
Any option here may be picked by anyone, however, each card gives you both something good, but includes a limitation as well. Snack Break: Life card Take Notes: Death card Ask Questions: Fire card Listen: Storm card Participate: Ice card 

The wizard must pay attention to what word shows quickly above the aura, and must hit it’s opposite school in the proceeding round.


This is a shortened and condensed list of possible drops by the Headmaster. It is not an extensive list.

Pet Snacks
Super Cold Popsicle
Ultra Snap Dragon
Berry Poundcake
Red Huckleberries
Bread Fruit Bush
Red Couch Potatoes
Bell Pepper
Treasure Cards
Braided Vine

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Make the Most Out of Holiday Foods!

Hello fellow wizards and witches, in case if you have been living under a rock and have completely lost your sense of time, you probably haven't realized how quickly the holidays are approaching! Ah yes, the holidays...Nothing like pretty colors, twinkling lights and grabbing your favorite pair of sweatpants because it's the only pair of pants that will fit for a good couple of weeks.

I asked the help of Gary the Gobbler...It was kind of hard to get any opinions from him since he just kept on eyeing all of my food. I'm pretty sure half of my kitchen got raided by him at some point.

Compared to the olden days of Wizard101, we have been given some more food items over the years. Instead of sticking to the endless amounts of open cans of tomatoes and tuna, pies, a turkey platter, ice cream and pumpkins,
 now we have actual food for our wizards to eat! We have actual roasted turkeys that can work as main dishes, fries, sandwiches, cake, salad and pizza! If you had the chance to redeem the code KI handed out that gave us multiple food items, then your wizard will be having a hearty feast this holiday season! Although, don't forget to share with your friends! This is the season of giving after all.

So now the issue that we as wizards have never had to deal with....How are we going to work off all that holiday food?! There's so much this year that we're bound to end up being like a Gobbler! Of course, we can always quest without our mounts on...That would definitely help us lose that holiday gain...But for those who can't quest or don't have membership to, the community always has something in store for us! We just got to keep an eye out for events that can get us into shape and make new friends! Just like how Gary the Gobbler and I can form a friendship once he stops eating my food!

Don't forget that Harvest Hannah is back in the Spiral to sell us some fall goodies to get us into the season for the fall holiday!

Remember that as the holiday season comes around, that it reminds us to cherish the friendships that we make. This applies all year round but remember to be kind to each other and never be afraid to lend a helping hand to a friend in need!
Also don't forget to remember to enjoy the upcoming holidays and the food (especially the food).

Sunday, November 18, 2018

The opportunity to 6 Immunity

How would you like to be immune to 6 different schools?
Go no further, this guide is just right for you!

Here is what your stats will look like:

What you will need:
*I will be ignoring other boosts to stats accept for resist*
  • Jade hat(“Jade Hoof of Mystery”): +22 resist *Keeper’s Lore pack
  • Jade robe(“Jade robe of Mystery”): +23 resist *Keeper’s Lore pack
  • Boots(“Rockstar Kicks”): +18 resist *Baddle of the Bands TIER 5*

  • Wand(“Katana of Takanobu’s Wraith”): +1 resist *Mooshu: Takanobu the Masterless
  • Athame(“Heartsteel”): +5 resist *Crown shop/Wizard City: Prince Gobblestone
  • Rasputin amulet(Name varies): +6 resist *Polaris:Rasputin*

  • Ring(Name varies): +x resist *Recipe from Khrysalis: Wozina the EdgeCutter*
  • Pet(Proof + 4 Wards + Socket Ward): +10(always need proof!), +15, +15, +15, +15, +15 resist


You will want to use a different school resists ring if you have a ward of that school on your pet otherwise you CANNOT achieve 6 Immunity!!

I suggest having ice ward on your pet because ice resist on the ring is quite low and it will NOT bring you to 6 immunity without it being on your pet!!

*Any schools besides fire and storm are able to achieve 6 immunity*
*due to their amulet only giving +5 instead of +6 in comparison to other schools*

Tag me in your post when you’ve conquered the 6 immunity!
I can’t wait to see it! :)

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Crafting 130+ Visionary Storm Gear

After all the hype we have been seeing online about the new crafted Level 130+ gear that’s available in Empyrea part II, I streamed to Nimbus Citadel and talked to Romar to see for myself if this is truly the next level game changer gear everyone has been anticipating. Romar is located to the far right as you enter the Nimbus Citadel.

Each school has a choice of one hood, robe, and boots. To craft these you will need to be a Visionary Level Crafter and have a Equipment Crafting Station. Simple enough. I’m shopping for storm gear for this post. Always the first question that comes to mind about gear is what do I give up and what do I gain. For instance the helm.

Alphoi Charger Helm vs the Cabalist Chaotic Hood

5% pierce
9% accuracy
14 Health
1% Power Pips
12% Critical
1% Damage

Alphoi Charger Armor vs Malistaire Cloak of Flux
The Storm robe has stats you would expect on a Life Wizard more than a Storm.  

9% Power Pips
25% Accuracy
27% Damage
7% Resist
115% Critical

759 Health
2% Shadow Pip
3% Pierce

Alphoi Charger Boots vs Cabalist Chaotic Stompers

5% Accuracy

52 Health
9% Power Pips
11% Critical
1% Damage

Alphoi Charger Glaive vs Ione’s Focused Sword Revered

11 Max Energy
5% Fishing Luck
6% Pierce
121 Pip Conversion
1 Square Socket

20% Critical

Alphoi Charger Knife vs Blade of the Shadow Palace

260 Max Mana
4% Power Pips
27% Outgoing
4% Damage
1 Triangle Jewel Socket

414 Health
78 Block rating
6% Incoming Heal

Alphoi Chargers Medallion vs Flygob’s Medallion

This is nice change to see Mastery Amulets available to craft. Storm Wizards cannot equip this amulet.

Alphoi Charger Ring vs Aphrodite’s Bedlam Band  

69 Max Health
204 Max Mana
8 Energy
12% Power Pips
2% Incoming Heal
Tear drop jewel socket

10% Outgoing Heal
46% Critical
9% Damage

As an avid crafter it is disappointing to see another missed opportunity to add some recipes to the game that could have boosted more players to a competitive level and taken crafting PVE/PVP gear to a new level. It has been many, many worlds since the gear recipes were designed to be an equivalent of the dropped gear such as the Grizzleheim recipes vs the Waterworks drops.

So for now the anticipation as we anxiously wait for the next level gear will continue to grow.  If history repeats itself then KI should be releasing a new side dungeon in the near future.

Until the next time, I hope you all take care of each other and I wish you all peace & prosperity. I’m out.