Monday, February 28, 2011

The Achievement of Attaining the Warlord PvP title!

Hello everyone, my name is Kelsey Fireheart and yes, I am finally a PvP Warlord!
After months of struggling, I achieved my dream of receiving the rank of Warlord in PvP.
Again, this goes to prove that anything is possible once you put your mind to it. 

Our group is working very hard to get our teammates up to Warlord as well.
Natalie is a few games away from Warlord
and also Allan has few ranks to go before he can be Warlord. 
But, they are getting there!

While playing a PvP game, we all decided to turn into Gobblers because all of the trolls!
We decided the extra spray from our Gobbler backside, in addition to our troll sprays, 
would be a great tool
in defeating rude trolls in PvP matches. Lol!

Remember when entering a PvP match,
always bring extra troll sprays!

Have fun in the matches and good luck everybody!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Accomplishments of Kelsey Fireheart

I am pretty proud to say that Kelsey Fireheart, my very first wizard, has completed ALL of her badges (except PvP and Pet Derby) and ALL quests in Wizard101. I wish I can take pictures of my entire Badge book, but that would be too much lol.

However, I was really sad to see that there's no "Master of Badges" or "Master of Wizard101" badge. :( They should invent that! Of course when there's a new world, the Wiz101 badge can be taken away. Same with the Badge one, it can be taken away when there's new badges to earn. I should write a letter suggesting this to Wizard101.

But you know what? When I started on March 29, 2010, I never thought I would get this far. I felt it was impossible and inconceivable. It just seemed too much. And yet I'm standing here saying yes it can be done. Because I did it!

And the most important thing I'm proud of though is the friends I have made throughout this game. I have met the most nicest people from all walks of life. And I appreciate all of their experience, wisdom and laughter.

I never imagined in the short time I have been in the game that I would do so much. I learned so much that I felt like I expanded parts of me in ways that I never thought possible. Can it be really possible that a simple game can make you learn so much about yourself? I guess it is and I'm glad it did.

I'm also grateful for the mentors who taught me along the way when I was starting out. And every day I honor them by helping a newbie that I come across. I pass on their lessons that were taught to me and hope that they prosper just like I did.

I hope for you beginners that I have showed you that anything is possible. For if I did it, you can do it too!

Now I have to pick which Legendary wizard to complete next for both Badges and Quests (A lot of them didn't even complete GH). Myth, Storm, Balance, Death? Decisions, Decisions, You know what? I'll take a break lol. I do have a Ice and Life to break in. :D They're in MS now. WHEW!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Teamwork is the Key!

Last week, Natalie, Diana, and Allan and I were all amped up to do some PvP, praying that we would rise up in rank. FINALLY. I mean, for MONTHS, we couldn't even rank up from Veteran because there were just too many serious players who just knew how to beat us. Also, Allan was private and he swore that he totally sucked at PvP. He said he couldn't win a match. But, by god, we were determined! We wanted to TRY!

After practicing as a team in PvP, we slowly got better and got used to each other's playing styles. Step by step, we started to climb. We couldn't believe it. Could it be?! Are we really getting better? Yes we lost a few and won a little. But that was enough to boost our courage and confidence. We were working together like a well oiled machine.

We started to beat players that were higher rank than us. We started to raise in rank. Me, Natalie and Diana became Captains. Allan became Sergeant and he said he never won a PvP before? Omg, are we that good? Can't be. Must be luck. But we did it again. We shouted, jumped and cheered for joy! We knew we weren't perfect, but at least we were on our way! We knew there will be more fights and we will still lose some. But this moment is precious to us because we finally found our key and the key is Teamwork! And of course, teamwork with the right people.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Badge Farming

On my fire, Kelsey Fireheart, I'm so close to have all of my badges completed. I'm in utter shock that I got this far. I mean what?! How is that possible? I even was caught off guard when "Meow Master Badge Earned" popped up. I mean, that's for defeating 400 cats? That was unreal! I can't believe I fought enough times that 400 cat names have been entered in the tally towards that badge. Btw, sorry Fluffy, Sneakers, Snowball, Tiger and to all of the other cats. Especially Spike the Crusher. I know I have beat you countless times that you can't stand to be in the same room with me. I also hope you forgive me about spilling your milk. I was just teasing. :(

But, I admit I never thought that badge farming was kinda fun. I do look forward to finishing the last two badges that I have in my book. It's a nice simple challenge that you can't really complain about.

Meanwhile, here's a photo to make you laugh and shake your head at. While badge farming, Ethan Windwalker ported down at me and just stood there for a minute. And I got this vision. LOL!

Updates from Celestia Test Realm

I will mention the important updates only.

**New quest in Grizzlehim; Orn in Vigrid Roughland. Nothing to get excited over. It plainly was an horribly easy quest.

For Subscribers ONLY:
*Energy will refill twice as fast
*Backpack will be up to 120 slots
*Crafting Timers will reset twice as fast
*Friend List will be up to 120 people.

*You can't garden your floating plants. Means once the real game is updated, take them down.
*New Gardening Icons for plants

Crown Shop:
*Some Gold Prices have changed (Sea Dragon now sells for 30k Gold)
*Sale Tab will be changed to Featured Tab and will be for both Sale and Non-Sale items.

Will be removed from Crown Shop and from Zeke:
*White Mare Mount
*Purple Glider Mount
*Faithful Dragoness
*Celestian Sword

*Ice Hound will cast their own spells!!
*Polar cat will give 1 Dragonblade card
*Jade Oni and Earthwalker pets will have a chance of having spells that match their school
*Your Pet Stats explain much MORE clearer what your pet does have when you mouse over your pet's name in your book.

*Whoever owns a PvP circle now can boot players ENGAGED in a duel. HAHAHA!
*GH will have new wallpapers and floors
*Pots and plants now count towards your housing item count. :( No more "Gardening Count"

*Efreet's Weakness now can be removed by Cleanse Charm
*Selwyn Skywatcher and Unimatus won't cheat anymore. So many pros and cons about that.
*New TC's in Crown Shop called "Hands of Doom" They have TC's of Bosses such as Malistaire, one of the Raven Covens - Kol Shadowsong, Meowarity, Krokopatra. But they are school specific. So very important to look at the card before putting in your deck, otherwise you have to trade to your other wiz.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Dragon Bust Found!

A friend pointed me in the direction of a secret house and I was able to pick up a secret dragon bust.

Recipe for the Celestial Observatory House

Okay, I have set up a page all about this house. All of the Recipes, Pictures, Reagents, everything is right there. WHEW!

Check it out at: Stars of the Spiral's Celestial Observatory Info

Next I will type up about the other little updates that were included in the Test Realm.