Thursday, December 31, 2015

Goodbye 2015, Hello 2016!

This year saw a lot of neat things. We got a new world, new spells and pets, leveled up to a new level cap and graduated from Ravenwood in Wizard101. Pirate101, we got Ranked PvP and new pets as well as mounts and furniture. What a great 2015 we have had!

**Wizard101 & Pirate101's 2015 in Review**

Okay, let's review 2015 for both Wizard101 and Pirate101. Let's remember what they have added to the games.

1. World Expansions

Welcome to Polaris!

Yes, Polaris! Wizard101 has introduced a brand new world filled with Polar Bears and Penguins. You get to explore a pretty cool world that will lead you to help free the poor citizens of Polaris from the Polarian royalty as well as a new formidable foe, one of Old Cob's children.

2. New Pets

Gosh, there were tons of new pets introduced into the game. It's quite a long list actually. I picked a few for now.

The Golden Goose in Wizard101

New Noel Claward pet in Pirate101, one of the new Christmas pets they introduced in their Crown Shop

The coolest new pet in Wizard101, Frankie Forearms!

There was so many pets dropped in Polaris as well as new hybrids from certain Polarian pets. Also there were quite a lot new pets from Pirate101's birthday and holiday presents. Quite a few also were dropped from the updated Wizard101's Winterland Pack as well as sold in both games' Crown Shop.

But, Frankie Forearms was a cool Rise & Destroy pet promotion for Wizard101 which is sadly now expired. But those who were lucky enough to get it in time got a cool Frankie pet! He's the same cute monster you will see in Rise & Destroy as well as running around in the Arcanum.

3. New Stuff!

Who DOESN'T like new stuff?! Every time they introduce new stuff, it's like Christmas Day all over again. Thanks to Winterland Pack being updated in Wizard101 this year, we saw a lot of cool holiday furniture, hairstyles, mount, and pets. For Pirate101, it was the birthday and holiday presents that were a gold mine for furniture and pets. I listed a few because there were just too many new things that were added to both games. They also introduced new pets, furniture, mounts and even ships to the Crown Shop. There were so many options of where you could get whatever you needed which was super cool!

Pirate101 finally has a Christmas ship!

One of the new hairstyles in Wizard101 - the Cat Ears!

Pirate101 finally has new snowglobes!

Wizard101 has a brand new icy multi tank aquarium. Can you say BRRRRR?!

4. New Spells

Wizard101 introduced awesome new spells for us to learn. One of them is the Raging Bull for the Fire school below.

Yassssssssssssss, bae. I loved it for my Kelsey Fireheart, who is a proud Pyromancer. Can you hear me RAWR?! Don't worry, there are other new spells for ALL schools.

5. New Mounts

I loved the Polaris Train mount for both Pirate101 and Wizard101. Can you say Choo Choo?!

The Polaris Train Mount

Also the super grrrrr-eat Forest Tiger in Pirate101 and the Crystal Unicorn mount as well Narwhal mount in Wizard101.

Wizard101's Yule Reindeer mount from Winterland Pack

I actually got to the point where I had a hard time choosing which mount to use because I loved them all! But we cannot also forget the cool Narwhal mount from the new Polarian bundle!

The Brand New Candy Cane Mounts in Pirate101

Not to mention Pirate101's cool birthday and holiday presents which gave temporary mounts such as the Candy Canes.

6. Ranked PvP Arrives in Pirate101

For those who love PvP, this was a welcome addition to Pirate101!

Yep, in Pirate101, we finally can do ranked pvp where you can earn scrip and points. There's even cool new vendors with pets, weapons and more! What's cool about Ranked PvP in Pirate101 is that the weapon and pet vendors for PvP changes each season. The weapons and pets will change four times a year for Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter!

7. The Fact That We Graduated From Ravenwood!

Leala sure looks good in her graduation cap!

Yep, in Wizard101, when we level up to Level 101, we get to graduate from Ravenwood! Even Leala aka Professor Lydia Greyrose joined in the celebration. We even get a cool badge and graduation clothes to show for it! We can now level up to 108 which is about the time when we unlock a brand new school area in a cool floating area in the spiral called the Arcanum. Not to mention we also get new spells there. I can't wait to see what else we will see in the upcoming years. It will be super epic. After all, the Arcanum has so many doors that we could open and each door could be a brand new journey!

I got to say that I loved a lot of their new items, pets, mounts and stuff. The yuletide pack quite gave a lot of cool furniture and Polaris dropped a lot of cool new pets in Wizard01. For Pirate101, those birthday and holiday presents gave so many new furniture and pets. What more could I ask for?

What else do you think should be added to this list? Post away in the comments below.

**What Do I Want For 2016 In Wizard101 & Pirate101?**


So, everyone's been searching for Book 15 and Captain Avery is not telling where it is. Hopefully it will finally pop up on the horizon so we can go on a new journey! I also want to know who the heck is Jones and Short Stop who's in the cove where Catbeard's ship is at. That's the greatest Indiana Jones reference, but we got no clue where or why they're there. 

The Greatest Mystery In The Spiral

I want to find out where that blocked door leads in the Arcanum. Not only that, I would like to be able to see inside the astral teacher's classroom as well as the shadow teacher's. I'm so curious what they look like inside.

I'm also hoping to see more of Mellori in 2016 and figure out if there's a secret relationship between us and her. Like, could she be my sister, my cousin, my.. something?

Other Things I'd Love To See In 2016:
-pet talent transfers (as in transfer my perfect pets' talents on a new pet)
-mount stitching or upgrading (so we can add stats to our mounts)
-dorm expansions (second floor or different world dorm looks)
-pet farm vault (where you can drop in pets and mounts in a vault)
-letter blocks furniture (like "happy holidays!")
-More worlds of course!
-And so many more!

Hope you have had a great 2015. Here's to you having a great 2016 too! Happy New Year's Eve!

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

My Game Resolutions for 2016

Soon it will be 2016. What will be your resolutions for 2016? Here's mine.

1. Play More!

I should really get all of my Wizard101 and Pirate101 characters to max level. I have 9 other wizards that are not Level 110. I have 2 other pirates that are not Level 65.

2. The Elusive Mount

I really want to get that Mammoth Mini mount. It's driving me nuts that I have not gotten it already! I REALLY NEED TO HAVE IT or I will cry forever. THE CUTENESS HAS TO BE MINE. Warlord Minak, you better watch out for me in 2016 because I'm coming for you!

3. Pets, Pets and Hybrids!

I really want to get all of the known hybrids in Pirate101. Those pets really hate me or something because they refuse to jump into my backpack. For Wizard101, I really want to try to get a perfect fire pet that is NOT an ice cat of ANY kind. I'm really tired of those ice cats that does not fit my character's look. Really wish there was pet cloning or something that transfers over talents.

4. Write More?

I am not sure, but I think I should write more blog posts? Not sure yet. I feel like I should write more interesting posts. I don't know. I can be a very picky person, never satisfied with anything I do lol. That's one of my major flaws.

5. Try Other Games

I really wanna get into WoW and explore more of it. Also LOTRO. I also can't wait for the other games that I have backed on Kickstarter, so I can give them a good trial run to see how I like them like The Happy Few.

What about you? Post your resolutions in the comments below.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Pirate101's PvP Winter Season Is Here!

The PvP Winter Season has arrived in Pirate101. This means your PvP Rank will be reset and there's brand new stuff at the PvP Vendors! Aren't you excited?! I know I am!

New PvP Pets

Brand new Maxotaurs are here for the Winter Season! Each class's Maxotaur has different color sashes. How adorable! I wonder what new talents and ability those new pets could have?


New Weapons

With the brand new weapons coming in, you can see that they have a cool blue wintry glow for the season. How cool! There are weapons for all levels. But the below ones are for Level 65+.

Notice that new card, Icy Impediment. Sounds useful!

Remember, you have to be a Champion before you can buy those weapons.

Friday, December 18, 2015

Get a Frankie Forearms Pet in Wizard101!

According to Wizard101, you can get a brand new pet in Wizard101 that you will also find in Rise and Destroy. If you have been to the Arcanum in Wizard101, you will see this red hot cutie running around. 

All you have to do is play their newest mobile game, Rise & Destroy, and get to Level 3. Then you can show off you very own Frankie Forearms pet in Wizard101.

Don't worry, if you already have the game and beaten Level 3, you still will get the pet. Just wait 24-48 Hours for the promo code to show up in your Rise & Destroy mailbox.

If you have not already, that's okay too. You just have to complete three levels. It's pretty easy to do. Don't worry about getting three stars or getting the golden trophy for each level. All you have to do is complete it that's it.

Unfortunately, the ONLY way to get this pet is by playing Rise and Destroy. It is NOT hatchable. If you try to hatch with one, you will get a Crabling in return instead.

The Frankie Forearms' First Generation Pool

So far, we know that the epic talents on this pet are Myth Assailant and Stun (May Cast). This pet is quite interesting with its Balance card while being a Myth pet. It also has Storm and Myth talents as well as being able to use MC Stun.

Guide Contributors:
KaricTheWizard, Flame_Austin, David GriffinGem, Iridian Willow, Argeny Batista

Talents - Derby
Pip O'Plenty - Oil Slick
Stun Resistant - Move It!
Pain Bringer - No Passing
Myth Giver - Drain
Storm Away - Spiffy Pop
Health Boost - Scoot
Myth Assailant - Restore
Myth Shot - Enfeeble
Armor Piercer - Boost
Stun (May Cast) - Siphon

And... I put my hands up... Dance with me!


Wednesday, December 16, 2015

What Are Inside The Pirate101's Christmas Presents?

Pirate101 has brand new Christmas Presents everywhere in Skull Island. This is the very first time that they have appeared and with them, they give pretty cool loot! I have listed what I know of so far. If you see any mistakes or anything missing, let me know so I can add them!

Opening Presents Are So Much Fun!

Pets, Pets and more PETS!!!


Found Also In Crown Shop:

Yuletide Shark - Toothy Egg (Green/Red)
Noel Claward - Crunchy Egg (Green/Red)
Snowfall Fawn - Furry Egg (Brown/White)

Brand New Pets:

Festive Dimetrosaur - Scaled Egg (Green/Red)
Yuletide Paper Dragon - Soaring Egg (Green/Red)
Paper Chain Snake - Slithering Egg (Green/Red)
Festive Grouper - Slimy Egg (Green/Red)
Yuletide Iguana - Scaled Egg (Green/Red)
Yuletide Crawler - Pinching Egg (Green/Red)
Snow Lionfish - Slimy Egg (White)
Mistletoad - Croaking Egg (Green/Red)
Sky Dragon Candy Cane - Soaring Egg (Red/White)
Festive Candy Dragon - Soaring Egg (Red/White)

Making A Return:

Karma Paper Dragon - Soaring Egg (Yellow/Green)

The Noel Claward


Spiral Light Tree
Rainbow Holiday Tree
Blue Holiday Tree
Big Holiday Tree
Pink Holiday Tree
Large Snowy Pine Tree
Small Snowy Pine Tree
Small Snowy Maple Tree

Pile o' Presents
Star Wrapped Gift
Snowman Wrapped Gift
Polka Dot Wrapped Gift
Tree Wrapped Gift
Purple Reindeer Gift
Spiral Wrapped Gift
Snowflake Wrapped Gift
Long Polka Dot Wrapped Gift
Bells Wrapped Gift
Scrolled Gift
Striped Gift

Festive Shrub
Festive Snowman
Festive Yuletree
Milk And Cookies
Gingerbread House
Large Snowflake
Jar of Candy Canes
Jar of Peppermints
Cranberry Sauce
Cream of Chicken
Toy Monkey
Snow Pile
Small Toy Train Set
Toy Train Set

Holiday Wreath
Pink Wreath
Blue Wreath

Red and White Holiday Rug
Red and Green Holiday Rug
Pink and White Reindeer Rug
Green and Purple Reindeer Rug
Blue Holiday Rug

Holiday Buffet Table
Stuffed Turkey Dinner
Holiday Bed With Lights
Fancy Holiday Bed
Red Ornament
Yellow Ornament

Well Worn Stocking
Holiday Stocking
Swashbuckler Stocking
Musketeer Stocking
Buccaneer Stocking
Privateer Stocking
Witchdoctor Stocking

Witch's Hut Painting
Polarian Shipwreck Painting
Portrait of Frozen Tears

Green String Lights
Red String Lights
White String Lights
Colored String Lights

Lively Reindeer Decoration
Majestic Reindeer Decoration


The neat thing about those candy cane mounts is that you can place them in your house as decoration! 

Brand New:

Berry Candy Cane
Cinnamon Candy Cane
Peppermint Candy Cane
Spearmint Candy Cane
Bubblegum Candy Cane
Ginger Candy Cane

Making A Return:

Armored Scorpion
Sky Shark
Pouncing Panther
Riding Lion
Lonely Buffaloon
Transport Golem
Solar Saber
Forest Tiger
Jaunty Jaguar
Flying Turtle
Lurching Lobster
Prancing Pony
Pirate Parrot
Aquilan Pegasus
Clockwork Wings


Snowflake Eyepatch

Watch me speedily open those presents!

Hope you all have received something cool from those presents! Remember that they will remain around until the holidays are over. So hurry and open them before it's too late.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

#PyromancerProbs: Snow and Pyromancers Don't Mix

Well, the other day, I was chatting with Melloni and well.. You'll see below what happened for yourself...

Would it be rude if I sing an impromtu song... like... "Let It Go"? I think I should explain that Pyromancers simply do not deal well in cold climate, much less sticking her hands in something cold like snow? Even so, I felt bad. Maybe I'll help her after I find my gloves....

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Brand New Polaris Express Train Mount!

When I saw the brand new Polaris Express train mount, I was like....

Once it was in my possession, I felt like the Queen of the Polaris Express.

Even Santa joined in...

Then others joined... (and went a bit crazy around the tree)

Even my pirate was able to join in! Yep, it's available in Pirate101 too!

Hope you were able to join the festive club of train owners! It's even at a good price. Only 4,500 Crowns. Remember, the mount will be around as long as the holidays do. After that, they go away until next winter.

Happy Choo Choo Holidays, everyone!