Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Tour of my Sultan's Palace

Welcome to my humble Abode!

I worked very hard on this place and I hope you enjoyed yourselves
on the tour of our Sultan's Palace!

I lined up Large Cypress Trees along the perimeter.
This way it looked lush and cozy with splashes of green.

I flanked Cypress Trees with the flaming Krok stands.
I love the way this picture makes me feel. I feel like a princess coming home to her palace.
Earth and Fire mixed. So me!

Oh yes.. Rug was placed there as well as a broom against the wall for the loose sand
when you walk in. I do not like messy floors. ROFL.

My Mini Fountains in the center of the front room.
Paige Moonshade's house gave me the inspiration for this part.

I placed Krok tablets along the walls because it's still a desert related item.
And it does blend in well.

WHOA! Is that a huge tree in the middle of the room?
Yes it is! It creates a beautiful and cozy canopy that makes the room whole.

I placed grass floors and palm trees everywhere.
I also placed Krok Statue heads along the front with Heartblossom Pots.
The white pops out and brings your eyes to the right places.

This is in my study room.
Again with the Krok accents.
I placed up purple wallpaper which does fit
while I left the floors bare.

This was the perfect spots for my Krok Statues.
I can't wait for Arabian type of Statues though.

In my study room, I placed a low table with cushions and pillows
to reflect the middle east culture.

This was the hardest room to decorate oddly.
I placed 7 plants in the center to make a big plant center
and plastered the starred wallpaper up.
I tried to keep the furniture items flowing and related. It's quite difficult when it's a huge room.
But I think I managed it with a touch of Krok and carved furniture.

My Gold Treasure Painting and secret door. I planked it with braziers and gold treasure chests.
I also placed green gems by the chests. So this is obviously a clue to go in.

I placed a Circular Spiral Rug down which was perfect for this spot.
Again with the low table but with a stone bench and two serpent chairs.
A bit of Krok with classic stone. Love it.

When you walk up and end up on the top floor.. this is what you see.
A beautiful canopy that makes you feel like you are in a true oasis.


The kitchen is not done. But here's the view from here to the Oasis Room.

I also dressed up the Balcony with Palm trees and tiny bushes along with Park Benches
and Ferns.

The End... For Now! LOL!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Happy B-day Wiz101 and Celestia

There was a interesting snippet from this month's Press Release about Celestia.

To promote the launch of the new world, later this month KingsIsle will launch a quest featuring one of the hottest teen icons on the planet. The quest, which will introduce players to new underwater environments and preview features of the upcoming Celestia expansion, will be available to all players in the game.