Monday, June 29, 2015

Wizard101 Test Realm: Purreau Pack's Pet Jewels

Curious about what kind of jewels you could get from the Purreau's Plentiful Pet Provisions Pack? Don't look any further, we got the information right here just for you!

The Purreau Pack now gives Pet Jewels both for Talents and Derby. Not only that, this pack gives you a chance to also own a jewel that boosts your energy, gold, mana, pip chance, and health!

My little Princess Roscoe's Stats

The amount numbers on the talent jewels reflects my pet who is almost max on all of his stats. Apparently the better stats you have, the better amount you will get on the pet talent jewels. I will research more on how good your stats got to be in order to be able to get the maximum use out of those pet talent jewels. But be aware that if your pet has lower stats, the jewels will reflect a lower amount for instance, +1% Fire Accuracy for the Fire-Eye Ruby.

I am sure there are more jewels out there, however I ran out of crowns. But at least you can get an good idea of what this pack can give you.

PS: This pack gives brand new Rank 8 Pet Snacks which is also a nice bonus!


Fire-Eye Ruby- +3% Fire Accuracy
Myth- Eye Peridot - +3% Myth Accuracy
Balance-Eye Citrine - +3% Balance Accuracy
Storm-Eye Amethyst - +3% Storm Accuracy
Ice-Eye Sapphire - +3% Ice Accuracy
Death-Eye Onyx - +3% Death Accuracy
Life-Eye Jade - +3% Life Accuracy

Balance-Off Citrine - +5% Balance Resist
Fire-Off Ruby - +5% Fire Resist
Ice-Off Sapphire - +5% Ice Resist
Storm-Off Amethyst - +5% Storm Resist
Myth-Off Peridot - +5% Myth Resist
Death-Off Onyx - +5% Death Resist
Life-Off Jade - +5% Life Resist

Balance-Off Citrine - +5% Balance Resist
Fire-Away Ruby - +5% Fire Resist
Ice-Away Sapphire - +5% Ice Resist
Storm-AwayAmethyst - +5% Storm Resist
Myth-Away Peridot - +5% Myth Resist
Death-Away Onyx - +5% Death Resist
Life-Away Jade - +5% Life Resist

Death-Boon Onyx - +3% Death Damage
Life-Boon Jade - +3% Life Damage
Fire-Boon Ruby - +3% Fire Damage
Ice-Boon Sapphire - +3% Ice Damage
Myth-Boon Peridot - +3% Myth Damage
Storm-Boon Amethyst - +3% Storm Damage
Equalizer Citrine - +3% Balance Damage

Dawdle Opal - -30 Speed To Next Pet Ahead
Charge Opal - +5 Morale To Self
Big Downer Opal - Remove 1 Positive From Leader
Clear Opal - Remove 1 Negative From Self
Scoot Opal - Force Lane Change To Next Pet Behind.
Lock Lane Next Pet Behind For 2 Seconds
Boost Opal - +30 Seconds To Self
Siphon Opal - -5 Morale To Next Pet Ahead
Check Opal - -15 Speed To Leader
Slow Motion Opal - -Speed To Next Pet Ahead
Calculating Opal - +25 Max Intellect
Banana Pell Opal - Add Banana To Current Lane
Wise Opal - +25 Max Intellect

Ultra Energy Opal - +20 Max Energy
Gold Miner Opal - +10% Gold Boost
Extra Mana Opal - +49 Max Mana
Pip O'Plenty Opal - +5% Pip Chance
Add Health Opal - +73 Max Health
Wisp Bonus Opal - + Health and Mana From Wisps

EPIC JEWELS - Level 15+

Storm-Shot Amethyst - +6% Storm Accuracy
Myth-Shot Peridot - +6% Myth Accuracy
Fire-Shot Ruby - +6% Fire Accuracy
Ice-Shot Sapphire - +6% Ice Accuracy
Death-Shot Onyx - +6% Death Accuracy
Life-Shot Jade - +6% Life Accuracy
Balance-Shot Citrine- +6% Balance Accuracy

Life-Proof Jade - +10% Life Resist
Life-Proof Ruby- +10% Fire Resist
Life-Proof Sapphire - +10% Ice Resist
Life-Proof Amethyst - +10% Storm Resist
Life-Proof Peridot - +10% Myth Resist
Life-Proof Onyx - +10% Death Resist
Life-Proof Citrine - +10% Balance Resist

Sturdy Opal - +15 Agility, +25 Will
Canny Opal - +40 Will
Charge Up Opal - +10 Morale To Self
Big Exhaust Opal - -7 Morale To Leader
Super-Stall Opal - -20 Speed To Next Pet Behind
Dogged Opal - +25 Agility
Slow Leader Opal - -30 Speed To Leader
Dependable Opal - +25 Max Strength, +15 Max Intellect

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Surprise Giveaway!

We are giving away crowns, mounts, tapestries and even a month of membership!'

This is to celebrate love in all forms as well as America's Independence aka July 4th. We so love our visitors and our community. Every one of you is a wonderful person and you all rawk!

"Love cannot discover new horizons unless one has the courage to lose sight of the obstacles that hinder its growth."

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Wizard101 Test Realm: Where You Can Farm For One Shot Duels

One Shot Duel Drop Locations

Want to know where those new One Shot Gauntlets are dropped? I was lucky enough to have Duncan Stormthief to take the pictures for me, so thank you Duncan for your help!

You can also buy them in the Crown Shop for 500 Crowns Each.

Master Duels

Archmage Duels

Exalted Duels

Wizard101 Test Realm: New Baddle of the Bands Music Player

You now can have a Baddle Music Player!

You can buy the recipe from Balthazar Dragonthorn in the Athenium, DS

Cooldown Timer: 45 Seconds
Housing Crafting Station Required

10 Baddle of the Bands Trophies

Wizard101 Test Realm: Seed Vault

Introducing a brand new seed storage - the Seed Vault! You now can store up to 100 seeds without it flooding your attic, bank and backpack. I know I'm not the only one who's sighing in relief! Next time the Gardening Member Benefit comes around, this Seed Vault will be highly useful!

You now can buy the Seed Vault from the Crown Shop for 1995 Crowns or buy the crafting recipe for it from Toshio in Jade Palace, Mooshu. You must be an Initiate Crafter in order to craft it.

Recipe Cost: 10,000 Gold
Cooldown Timer: 18:20:00
Housing Crafting Station Required
Initiate Crafter Required

Recipe Ingredients:
10 Pest Zapper TC
10 Dragonflies TC
25 Pink Dandelion
5 Braided Vine
50 Deep Mushroom
10 Flawless Amethyst
50 Mist Wood

How does it work?

It works just like the Music Players. If you are still confused, let me explain how!

Once you pull your Seed Vault from your Backpack to place it down at your house. Click on it again to see a Seed Icon above it.

Click on the seed icon to open the interface within it.

To move a seed from your Backpack to the Seed Vault, pick any seed you want to move and click on the button on the bottom of the screen with the plus sign.

To view what seeds are in the Seed Vault, simply click on the Seed Tab.

To move a Seed from the Seed Vault to your Backpack, click on the minus sign button on the bottom of the stored seeds screen.

That's it! Good luck!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Wizard101 Test Realm: New Celestia Fish

Brand New Celestia Fish!

You now can fish in Celestia. The new fishing ponds can be found in Base Camp, Survey Camp, Floating Land, Stormriven and District of the Stars.

There are 10 new fish in Celestia. If you have caught all fish in live including the summer fish and all of the fish in test, you would have 122 unique fish in total.

Thanks to Harmony for helping me with XP information as well as the picture of the Little Mackerel


XP: 1600
RARITY: Common

Found in Base Camp, Stormriven, Floating Land, District of the Stars

False Catshark

XP: 1500
RARITY: Common

Found in Base Camp

Flying Saucer Fish

XP: 2000

Found in Base Camp, Stormriven, District of the Stars

Oil Drum

XP: 1500
RARITY: Common

Found in Stormriven

Blue Armored Guard

XP: 1700

Found in Floating Land, District of the Stars


XP: 1600
RARITY: Common

Found in Floating Land


XP: 1500
RARITY: Common

Found in District of the Stars

Channel Bass

XP: 1500
RARITY: Common

Found in Survey Camp


XP: 2100

Found in Stormriven

FISHING TIP: Use Death Winnow, then Use Reveal All Fish School. If it says "No Fish Affected," means the fish is not there. But if it doesn't say it, it is there. Use Reveal Fish School to find it. If you cannot see it, use Charm to pull it from the walls. Remember, there're three pools. Two are side by side and one is near Stormriven Hall.

Little Mackerel

XP: 2100

Found in District of the Stars

FISHING TIP: Use Balance Winnow, Reveal Fish School, Count How Many Fish Are There then Reveal Fish Rank 1, Count How Many Fish Are There. If it's the same number, Little Mackerel is not there. If there is one less, it's there. If none, reset and do it all over again.

If you need to save energy, you can simply winnow, fish then reset.

Wizard101 Test Realm: New Purchasable Housing Furniture, Wallpaper & Flooring

Located in Three Points, Azteca

Located in the Housing Shop of Pigswick Academy, Wysteria