Saturday, June 28, 2014

Wizard101 Butterfly Mount & Pirate101 Pets

Wizard101 has introduced the brand new Monarch Butterfly Mount as well as a Dual Skimmer which is like the Dual Dragonfly except it's all pink. Dual Skimmer is also 2,500 crowns less than the original Dual Dragonfly mount.

The Monarch Butterfly reminded me of a fundraising project that was tweeted by our lovely Wizard101 community manager a while ago. Apparently there's not enough Milkweed plants for them to help their species survive. It's actually shrinking, so there's a massive spotlight on fundraising where people can buy milkweed plants to support the beautiful butterflies. You could join the below fundraiser at Kickstarter where you can buy Milkweed plants for your outdoor gardens.


Sunny Side Up

People were getting confused about pet eggs, which egg belongs to which pet and what type of egg. So I created an guide on Pet Eggs!


(Mooshu Badge Photo Credit To ChrissyTheBlesser)

Want an Imperial Lion?

Since a lot of people are having a hard time completing the badge that gives them an Imperial Lion pet as a reward. ChrissyTheBlesser has made this awesome guide on which quests, where, who and more. Check it out and soon you will have your own Imperial Lion pet!


(Photo Credit To Pirate101)

Whooooo Is There?! It's Me, Owl!

And best of all, the Mechanical Owl is finally out in Crown Shop! It only costs 2,500 crowns too!