Friday, October 23, 2020

Wizard101 Pirate Nightmare Pack (2020)

Wizard101 Pirate Nightmare Pack (2020)

Release Date: October 20, 2020
Cost: 399 Crowns 

Level 130 Gear

Ghost Hunter Gear Set
(Huge thanks to Carl Lewis for providing the Ghost Hunter Geistbox pic)

Phantom Catcher Gear Set
Spirit Tracker Gear Set
Blighted Captain's Gear Set
Cursed Captain's Gear Set
Haunted Captain's Gear Set


Spirit Lifter, Spirited Away, and Ghost Host Mount
All available in 1 Day, 7 Day, and Permanent versions
Video of Spirited Away Mount

Flying Dutchman Mount
(1 Day, 7 Day, and Permanent)
2 Person Mount, 40% Speed

Other mounts in this pack
Bat Wings (1 Day)
Black Stallion (1 Day)
Enchanted Broom (1 & 7 Day)
Horned Sweeper (1 Day)
Purple Glider (1 Day)
Seraph Wings (1 & 7 Day)
Housing Items
Altar with Candles
Angled Gravemarker
Bone Hand
Brain Jar
Bubbling Cauldron
Buried Bone
Carved Skull
Cobweb Rug
Crate of Pumpkins
Creepy Corner Cobweb
Dark Stone Tower
Dead Tree
Death Banner
Death Desk
Fire Mummy
Foul Cauldron
Halloween Mat
Haunted Samoorai Shrine
Jaques' Saw
Jar of Bat Wings
Krokotopian Mummy
Large Candle Holder
Lit Furnace
Obsidian Chest
Obsidian Firecat Statue
Pilloried Skeleton
Pot-bellied Stove
Rattlebones' Feet
Shackled Banshee
Slanted Grave
Smoldering Tree
Spider Silk
Spider Web Wallpaper
Spooky Spider Web
Tall Pumpkin
Theater Masks
Worn Shovel

Pet Snacks
Athame Pop
Atomic Fireball
Big Squash
Black Lotus
Caramel Popcorn
Chocolate Peanut
Cry Babies
Glowing Rock Candy
Golden Candybar
Gummy Bloodbat
Gummy Firecat
Gummy Humongofrog
Harvest Corn
Misfortune Cookie
Nutty Candybar
PeanutButter Cup
Rock and Roll Candy
Rock Candy
Rotten Candy
Salmon Joy
Sandy Corn
Senior Mint
Spicy Bubblegum
Star Lollipop
Swirled Lollipop
Wormy Apple

Black Lotus
Ghost Fire
Perfect Citrine
Perfect Onyx
Red Mandrake

Treasure Cards
Black Cat
Black Mantle
Blood Bat
Dark Pact
Death Bat
Death Shield
Ghost Touch
Spirit Blade
Spirit Shield
Spirit Trap

Dutiful Bloodbat
Ghoulish Macawbre
Jack O Lantern
Morbid Macawbre
Spooky Macawbre
Yellow Ghost

Evil Magma Peas
Fish on a Vine
Melting Cheese Tree


Friday, October 16, 2020

Newest Release! Wizard101 Pet Trainer Bundle

Wizard101 Pet Trainer Bundle

Pet Trainer Bundle
Release Date: October 15, 2020
Available from GameStop
Bundle Price: $29.00


The newest bundle has just arrived!
It includes:

Pet Burrow & Pet Door Teleporters

Fur Wheeler Mount
Pup Prodigy Pet
Pawzooka Weapon
1 Month Membership or 5000 Crowns

Energy Gear

Gear can be dyed in the Dye Shop
The hat, robe, and shoes in this bundle is identical to the Light Elf Energy Gear!
Levels 20 -120 also has new Animus Extraction spells. Have a look!

Pawzooka Weapon


Mount:  Fur Wheeler Permanent Mount

Pet: Prodigy Pup

Pet Burrow & Pet Door Teleporters
Play as your pet to use these teleporters

This bundle is well worth it even if just for the energy gear!