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The Dueling Merle Ambrose - Where The Magic Begins

So apparently Greengrass Studios helps Wizard101 create those super duper amazing TV commercials. Remember them? They're in those beautiful arenas with 3d characters and texture?

Let's look at their bio: "Here at Green Grass, we’re serious about games.  From character design & development to story telling cinematics, our team loves every aspect of game production.  That is why we jumped at the opportunity to  demonstrate our character design, animation (utilizing a local mocap studio), and vfx abilities for Wizard 101.  Enjoy!"

So.. Greengrass Studios is the genius who created all of that? They deserve ultimate props for their beautiful and amazing work. I cannot wait to see what else they create! Let's take a look at Merle Ambrose dueling in the same arena as others did in the Wizard101 Commercials. Enjoy!

Do you think this is an upcoming new Wizard101 Spell like Johnny from thinks?? He says if so, it is obviously a fire spell! Katherine Light from exclaims that "he (Merle Ambrose) sounds evil!" Do you think that maybe Merle has an evil twin, an doppelganger or himself has turned evil? Is it possible? But Nathan Ashthistle at says that "maybe he had a 'humongo' frog in his throat..." Ian Stormstaff from says, "oh trust me I don't want him to be bad..."

Is this just a simple trailer? Or more sinister than that? We shall find out eventually..

"The Magic (truth) Is Out There!" Cheesy I know. :P

Credit to Sheldon Cooper -
Please visit his blog above.
He's a super lovely nice person who let me know about this amazing video.
Thanks Sheldon! Huggles!

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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Harry Potter, Wizard101, Pirate101 and the Deaf World

Harry Potter, Wizard101, Pirate101 & the Deaf World:
The Similarities You Might Not Know or Notice

Many of you know about Harry Potter the movie series that has been an amazing global success from their books to their movies. If you are not aware of this now, you will now know that I am deaf. I was born deaf because my mother had german measles while pregnant with me which destroyed the hair in my cochlea. For me personally, I can hear loud noises like dogs barking, airplanes, motorcycles and extremely loud music. But for instance, people talking is way too soft for me to hear.

Anyway, I was struck by the similarities between Harry Potter and Deaf School Institutes. Then I realized that it also applies to Wizard101 and Pirate101 as well. What do I mean, you ask?


All four, Harry Potter, Wizard101 and Pirate101 and Deaf World have schools that caters specifically for that group. Harry Potter has Hogwarts for Wizards. Wizard101 have Ravenwood for its Wizard students, Pirate101 have Skull Island Schools for its arggh pirates! And for the Deaf World, we have Deaf Schools and Institutes for the deaf children.

"What? It's morning already?
School, ew... I wanna sleep in...."


Harry Potter, Wizard101 and Pirate101 all have dorms where we stay in year round except for summer breaks right? Well there are two groups of Deaf Education - one is a regular deaf school that you shuttle to every day on the bus morning and evening and the other one is Deaf School Institutes which has dorms as well that allows deaf kids to go and stay year round except in the summer time. Some schools are both but give you both options, stay at school year round except summer or shuttle every day if you live close enough.

"A Slumber Party anyone?!
What about you, Merle Ambrose?"


All four, Harry Potter, Wizard101 and Pirate101 and Deaf School Institutes teach children survival skills that help us survive the world outside of the school. They help foster confidence, self reliance and strength which you need once you leave the school. Poor Harry Potter though.. He had to learn a lot!

"Not you again, Voldemort... I just got a new robe!
You got the last one dirty!"


All four also teach its audience its specific history and culture. For example, Hogswarts students learn about past Wizards, their accomplishments and the ability they can do for the future. Pirate101 teaches us about different kind of pirates, their success (or not) and what we pirates can do. Wizard101 teaches us about the history of Ambrose, Morganthe, Malistaire. We even learn about Bartleby and Grandma Raven and how we all connect in the spiral. Deaf People also learn a lot about deaf culture, deaf pride and deaf  history. This is what aids us to understand where we are coming from and what we can and should look forward to. There even is a "Deaf Culture" class available at Gallaudet University which is a college for the Deaf.

"Wow, Young Morganthe?.. You sure look... YOUNG! What skin cream do you use?"


All four have tournaments. Hogswart have Quidditch tournaments. Wizard101 has PvP Tourneys or Pigswick Tournaments. Pirate101 will have theirs soon someday but they do have PvP for now (hurry up, ship pvp!). Although P101 Central does set up P101 PvP Tournaments. Lastly, Deaf Schools have Sports Tournaments. They all would go up against other similar (wizard, pirate, deaf) schools. And they get to meet similar people from other countries or states or worlds which promotes community and friendship outside their own school. In a way, Pirate101 and Wizard101 players meet other Wizard101 and Pirate101 players in other countries like the United Kingdom. Do you know how many times when I meet someone new in-game and am surprised where they really are from?

"Yea I'm from Australia!" "I'm from U.K.!"
Say what? AWESOME!


All four also have a common enemy. For instance, Harry Potter has Voldemort, Pirate101 - the Armada Elite, Wizard101 - Malistaire and Morganthe, .. for Deaf people, it's certain groups out there. There are terms that the deaf culture uses. But I do not like using terms so I will not mention it. But there are certain groups of people who want to close deaf schools and encourage cochlea implants (which is like taking the magic or the pirate personality out of you) because this would "transform" the deaf child into a hearing one. This is a very, very touchy issue between both worlds. I will not delve deeper because this is not the place to speak about it. But you get the gist of the issue.

"My Enemy Be Gone! I mean really, go away.
It's dinner time. I'm kinda hungry here.."


All four also have a common theme. All has the child trying to find its own identity. Who am I? What do I do? How do I progress through life? What about friends? But all four end up going to specific schools, learning new stuff and there they find friends to bond with which helps you find your own identity and your own place in the world. Not all deaf children are lucky enough to have a deaf family. For instance, I was born into a hearing world. Just like Harry Potter was born then placed with a "muggle" family because his own wizard parents passed away. Pirate101, we are on a journey to find our parents or at least find out what happened to them. Wizard101, I am starting to wonder if we were born out of magic because there's no mention of parents lol! But you get the idea. We all don't have perfect homes even in real life, which makes us want to find our own identity.

*Clap, clap* "I believe in wizards!" *a wizard pops into existence* "Oh my gosh, a new wizard has been born!"

Okay, what is the point of all of this? Well, I think one of the reasons we connect so well to the games and movies is because it reflects our lives in some way. Also it's the reason why movies and games like Harry Potter, Wizard101 and Pirate101 are a great success. They use themes and topics that are common without us ever knowing it. The themes and topics in all of them exists everywhere, in every school, in every home, in every country. They make it relatable and easy understood that we all are ready to join in. Otherwise, we wouldn't be as connected to the movies and games as we find ourselves to be. They use themes and topics that exists even in the Deaf World. When writing stories, creating games, making a screenplay, anything.. If you use themes or topics we all are familiar with, we connect with it so much more easily. You will draw a larger audience. This is why young teen books are also very successful and you constantly see the books turn into movies. It shows that no matter our age, we all want to be heroes in a way, saving the day, finding our identity and wanting to be surrounded by friends and happiness no matter what our backgrounds might be. Who wouldn't want that? Me, I just want fireworks every time I succeed in real life. Come on, why not?! So that way I can stand in a super hero pose and say "Yes that's right, I did it..." with my cape flying behind me. "I rock!" Life would be even more amazing that way. Otherwise, I'll settle to play in Wizard101 and Pirate101 where at least it gives me badges and huge text saying "YAY you leveled up" or "YAY, you got a badge".. Life is so sweet to me.

But, if you feel alone out there and you feel like you have nowhere to belong, don't feel that way.. We all are waiting for you in Wizard101 and Pirate101. We'll join with you for your own journey and we'll make it super fabulous that when you turn off the computer, you're smiling. There's space for everyone!


Really? OMG, thank you! YAY, I'm a Spicy Meatball Blogger!

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Wizard101 Test: Music, PvP and MORE!

Well, by now you will know that there's a new Tourney Pedestal in the PvP Arena where you can join tourneys for crowns. And a new interactable band that allows you to play and create music.

But what's more that is not mentioned is this...

New PvP Rewards

Yep new mount - Battle Gorilla!

Bronze Award, reagents, tcs even a Winter Moon TC, gears and pets like below:

Both Flamenco photos are from Duncan Stormthief
Thanks Duncan!

New Gear!

Where do you get those gears from, Richard? Nope he isn't telling us.
New Bundle, Packs, PvP Tourney Rewards? We'll eventually find out!

Thank you Richard Pearlsinger for showing us the gears and pets!

New Bundles!

New Bundle Out at Gamestop for $39

Comes with:
Aquila Palace with Fortune Telling Oracle (Say what?!)
Two Person Chariot Mount
Trojan Horse Pet - Has One Epic Slot and gives Gnomes! when adult (YEP! Take a look at: 
Gladiator Armor (Taurus?)
Gladiator Sword and Shield (?)
1 Month Membership or 5000 Crowns

New Bundle Out at Walmart for $29!

Comes With:
Two Person Whale Mount

Betta Fish Pet
Atlatean Armor
Magic Fish Tank Housing Item

1 Month Membership or 5000 Crowns

Once I will get more information or if I find out more new information, I will post them here.
Have a great day!

PS: I saw this pet .. Not sure if it's a new pet or a pet that has its name changed or "updated"...

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Mega Raffle for My Loyal Blogger Followers

Every word I write, I think of you,
all of the things I want you to know,
With everything I say, I mean it with my heart,
Thank you for being here wherever you are.

 It warms my heart to see so many people visiting and reading my blog posts. I wanted to thank you all in return by a special raffle just for the blog followers who have been there for me and my blog with amazing mega prizes!

You all rawk!!

Don't ever let anyone dull the magic within you.

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The Crumbs on the Pirate101 Trail..

This picture was posted on February 16th, 2012. This was MONTHS before the news of Pirate101 was even released. We all looked at it and assumed that it was about an new Wizard101 world. And we all eagerly learned about how he created whatever he was building on the boards.

But right now, looking back, I felt like facepalming myself.. How could I have been so BLIND?! This was actually about Pirate101! J. Todd Coleman specifically says "..For a new game system, or a new storyline, it often starts as a bullet point list of ideas,..." New Game System?! That was a major clue right there.

So I just wanted to let you all know to look carefully at pictures when they're released, you never know what they could reveal. They could be crumbs on the Pirate101 Trail.. Even Wizard101.. or even beyond the Spiral.. Possibilities are endless! Keep your eyes open at all times.. Well unless you need to sleep :P

To read the rest of it - go to:

Thursday, May 16, 2013

My Journey To Aquila - The Stuff of Myths And Satyrs

**Remember, you can always click on images to enlarge. If that's not enough, just right click on the imagine and pick "open link in new tab".. It will lead you to an even bigger picture where you can zoom in if you wish.**

*Warning, Spoilers*

"Snapshots again? Really, Cap'n?" Ratbeard says.

"Hey, it's for posterity. I gotta show people where I've gone and what we've done," I reply.

El Toro laughs, "Yes, we are the famed crew who have conquered enemies where others couldn't!"

Bonnie Anne just shakes her head at us and sniffs the fresh breeze with a small smile on her face.

"This time, I'll be short. Just pictures and simple things. The story they can find out for themselves when they arrive here," I say.

"WOW, what a nice library!" I remark.

"Wait, Harold? No, you're Harold's cousin, aren't you?" I ask him.
He just grins and nods.

The bottom picture above is The Temple of the Gods. Hera, Zeuz, Athena, etc etc.

We sail to an island with Sirens and we quickly put wax in our ears to prevent their siren song from affecting us...

Sighs, I think I should really teach my crew sign language.. Especially Ratbeard!


We now have arrived! CHARRRRRRRGE!

Yay we have conquered the Labyrinth!

"CALM DOWN, EVERYONE!" I shout and everyone falls silent.

We walk up to a cave, we have a sneaking suspicion this is not a safe place..
Especially when we see petrified statues of others who tried to go in..


Old Scratch speaks up very quietly, "Cap'n.. I do not like the feeling I get. This be place of evil."

El Toro suddenly pipes up, "I sense we are getting close to the end of our journey!"

Ithaca, the hidden city.

Bonnie Anne gapes at the tablet, "Ooh you mean we can use this to translate the markings on the Mechanical Birds?!" Grace nods eagerly.

Bonnie Anne growls, "Not Meowarity?!"
Ratbeard sighs, "This is not good!"
"What are you all afraid of?! We are better than him! Let's go!" El Toro shouts.

"Now back to Mycroft and see what he says," Bonnie Anne says.
Grace Conrad grins widely, "YES! I'm so excited about this! I never expected to see something amazing like this!"

"YES" we all shout with glee!
Avery laughs, "That's great! Now you guys got to sit tight again and let me find out another way to sneak into Valencia. Go to the tavern and take a well deserved break!"
"HUZZAH!" we all cheer.
Ratbeard sighs, "Finally! I can finish a whole mug of yum this time.."

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My Journey To Marleybone: Sardines and Yaks with Sunglasses

**Remember, you can always click on images to enlarge. If that's not enough, just right click on the imagine and pick "open link in new tab".. It will lead you to an even bigger picture where you can zoom in if you wish.**

*Warning, Spoilers*

I was sitting in the tavern, drinking yum when the bartender suddenly says that Avery needs me. It's time! So we quickly ran to his office with the anticipation of our next adventure for the next piece of the map!

This is where our journey starts! We all cheer, raising our swords in the air! Avery chuckles.

We sailed straight to where Catbeard moored his ship in the toothy cave. But he wasn't there. So we spoke to Mr. Norrington and asked him where was Catbeard? Oy vey, what have Catbeard got himself into?! Pickled herrings? I got a bad feeling about this.

We sailed to Port Regal where we talked to the bartender in the tavern there. He told us that Catbeard is in Marleybone. He also said that Lytton would tell us how to get the windstone for that world. After entering Lytton's house, he said he would tell us where the windstone is only after if we defeated Captain Kid and get to the Captain's ghost in the crypts. He sent us off to the Marleybone Church. Of course, everyone always requires a favor...

Captain Kid the Goat, eh? Hehehe! We had to fight in this spider and web infested church, then in the rafters, boy did we fight. So many ghosts to banish and defeat. In the end, the Captain surrendered.

Running out of the church, we headed straight to Lytton who revealed where the windstone was.

Oh boy, we all groaned.. The sewers is an nasty place to be. Rats, webs, etc etc... "Rats?! Really, Cap'n?!" I blush, "Oh not you.. You're the best Rat I've ever known..." Ratbeard huffs.

As we crawled through the sewers, it led to a base that was well hidden. Ah, this isn't good.

After defeating the naughty puppy boss in his huge office filled with statues of himself, we got the Marleybone Windstone! WOOT! Guess the puppy isn't as tough as he thought he was!

Then off to Mooshu, where we were told that we had to defeat a Yak before being able to enter the Marleybone stormgate. The yak had information we needed. From the crypts in the church, the tip led us to this Mooshu tower! We had to climb up so many floors...

I laughed heartily at this yak.. He had sunglasses.. But he's INSIDE a building.. Why would he need one?

After getting the Marleybone Embassy's blessing in Hamamitsu Garden, we are finally on the way to Marleybone! Sailing there, we all whooped and Bonnie Anne just grinned with a smug expression on his face. Typical..

My Snapshots of Marleybone.
"Captain, stop taking pictures! Let's fight!" Bonnie Anne says.
El Toro wistfully sighs, "This place isn't as beautiful as my Cool Ranch..."
Ratbeard huffs, "Come on, Cap'n, lets go! I need a mug of yum. I'm thirsty!"

(Bottom left, that's Wizard101's Marleybone. No we can't enter there. But we can see it from afar.)

Then we finally docked at Isle of Dogs. We have arrived!! So, the first place we went to the tavern named "Admiral's Elbow" or something like that. We all know where you need a tip, Taverns are the best place to go to. Once we entered, there was already someone we knew! Zeke!

We laughed at his request, saying that it's fine and we'll help him as always! Zeke thanks us gratefully. The crew found a table while I went up to the bar to speak with the bartender, and order a round of yum, asking about Catbeard. As the bartender got our order ready, he silently shook his head at our request for information, but with a gleam in his eyes. We knew best to sit and wait, the bartender will spread the word and eventually we might find out more. So I walked back to our table and waited, drinking a round of yum and listening to Ratbeard's tall tales, a stranger silently beckoned to me from the shadows. So I silently followed him and walked behind the bar where there was a shady spot. He whispered a location of someone might know where Catbeard is and I slipped him a coin in thanks. Dragging Ratbeard with us who was screaming, "NOOOOOOOooo, I wasn't finished with that mug of yum!", we headed to the place we hoped to find Catbeard at.

As we introduced ourselves to the frog, we discovered that he was Catbeard's lawyer.. Oy vey. What did Catbeard do now?! But I notice that this frog is so jumpy that I wonder if he simply drank too much coffee or something else.. I stare at him and he gulps.. I make myself laugh, saying that I'm just admiring his outfit. His eyes grow confused and wary as he laughs and thanks me. I'm starting to wonder if he thinks I'm a spy, double agent, or something.. I don't have food on my face right?

When I simply glanced at my watch, he screamed and got spooked. Apparently, he doesn't like guns, prisons, or anything that gets him into trouble! He panted as he realized that I wasn't pulling out a gun or a knife or anything sharp. He stammered out an apology. I suddenly had a bad feeling that this was gonna be a long day.

Sighing, I explain our situation and how we needed his help. The lawyer stated that he would meet us at the prison, so we can have a little chat with Catbeard. So walking through this beautiful town, so many friendly faces and shady ones. I silently whispered to others to make sure their wallets aren't stolen and to secure them as best as they could. Once we arrived, this place gave me the spookies.. It's one place no pirates would boldly go!

Once we enter Catbeard's cell, we got the shock of our life. Catbeard looked... messy. After chatting with him, we realized that we gotta bust him out in order to get his piece of the map, great! He says he won't give us it otherwise. El Toro suddenly says, "Captain, we can do it! Especially with El Toro saving the day! Huzzah!" The lawyer suddenly piped up, "Oh there's an easier way.. I think.. You just need to earn an commision to be an Marleybone Admiral.. Yes.. That's the only way.. I think..  If you are one, you can free Catbeard and put him on your crew... Yes, yes that is it!"

Catbeard meowed pitifully as we had to leave him in his cell and walk over to the Marleybone Navy building. We met those guys who were in the charge of the Marleybone Navy.. They were busy at work figuring how to beat the Armada when I chimed in with my help and request to be an Marleybone Admiral. They take a good long look at me and say, if I want to be a Marleybone Admiral, I gotta fight the Armada for them. What else is new?! Ratbeard sighs, El Toro grins, Bonnie Anne is on her guard..

Off to the Armada's base in Marleybone - Beachhead! It's a scary fortified Armada base bent on breaking Marleybone under its very well oiled machine knee. Nope, we cannot allow this! If Marleybone falls, then so does Mooshu! Then the rest... Avery would shudder if he knew this was happening.

Looking up and down this place, we realized that we got a lot of work ahead for us! So many floors, dungeons, clockworks.. But we were determined to do it! We have faced worse before!

As Ratbeard pointed out the angels, I started to wonder, what is Kane up to?! Oh boy.. There were tons of them! We jumped into the battle to get rid of those soldiers. Boy, did we fight, fight, fight.. We took a break.. Then again we fought, we fought we fought.. Until we stumbled across this! What mystery is this?! Ratbeard was visibly nervous. But then anything not piratey makes him nervous...

Eh, Magic which isnt Magic? Okay.. Grace knows better than us.  Still, magic that isnt magic?..

Grace Conrads' eyes widen in surprise.. "The Toymaker? Who is this?! What mechanical birds? I must take a look at them!" Bonnie Anne says, "Eh, we can do that LATER.." My, my, my! Mysteries wrapped up in mysteries.. So many questions.. I silently put it away on my "to do" list - Find out who is the Toymaker? Is he good, bad, what part of this story does he play?

As Bishop steps out of the shadows once the movie ends, "How nice to meet you, pirate. I have heard of you." I laugh, "Ah Bishop, how nice of you to drop in and act like you own the place.. Oh right, you do own the place.." Bishop laughs evilly. El Toro screams out, "CHARRRRGE!!"

We shout with cheers, raising our swords up, we have blew up Beachhead and beat Bishop! El Toro: "And again we have saved the day!".. Bonnie Anne: *rolls eyes* "But it isnt over .. yet!" Now for Rooke!

The Marleybone Navy guys grinned and shook our hands after we told them the great news about Beachhead. After having a quick conference, it was decided that we will go with Admiral Nelson to deal with Rooke! This was the next and final step. We got to stop him and his mad plans to conquer Marleybone! We sailed to his huge ship moored in a vortex. How clever. He has hidden himself here all of this time. We fought so many of his soldiers, battle after battle, then finally the final battle with Rooke. Our crew all took a deep sigh and glanced at each other, nodding at each other, with a silent message saying.. "We can do this!" And into the fray we flew, swords clashing, Rooke's maniacal laughter ringing.. 

Whew!!! I am now an Marleybone Admiral! Our crew again cheers! Off to bust Catbeard out of prison... I mean bring him to court... Catbeard stands there nervously as the Judge puts his face on his hand, his elbow propping him up. The Judge is obviously bored.. Can't blame him. Catbeard can't stand still next to the spooked lawyer.. I shake my head, not out of pity, but with the thought that he deserved this. We stood there and listened.. 

As they recall Catbeard's offenses, I stare at Catbeard with surprise in my eyes, "Catbeard?! REALLY?!" Catbeard just looks at me out of the corner of his eyes, shamed and silently whispers, "Well, it was fun!" I shook my head and sighed. Yep a LONG day..

Once asked, I stood up and stated that I am an Marleybone Admiral and can vouch for Catbeard. I also state that I will bring him onto my crew and will make sure he's on the straight and the narrow. My crew cheers behind me. The Judge bangs his gavel, "QUIET, QUIET!" The Judge looks at me for a few seconds, then nods.. "Okay, I will release Catbeard into your obviously very capable hands." Catbeard tears up, "Thank god! I am finally FREE! I can finally take a shower!"

Then on my way out, a soldier whispered to me.. "Meowiarty is here. Cell #11."
WHAT?! So I took a little side trip to his cell.. and there he was...

He wouldn't answer my questions why he was there, he just smirked with that evil gleam in his eyes. Ah forget him, I'll eventually find out when the time is right. As always, mysteries wrapped up in mysteries.. Well, now, off to Aquila! My work here in Marleybone is done! Off to see Gortez in Monsquista. I mean KING Gortez...