Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The First KingsIsle Livestream

KingsIsle had their very first Livestream on Twitch. Don't worry if you missed it, you can watch the recorded version at:

The Community Managers of Wizard101 and Pirate101, Leala the current Lydia Greyrose and Tom aka Friendly Necro aka One Eyed Jack, has come and talked to us all about the wonderful game of Wizard101.

They mostly talked about the latest updates to the Wizard101 game. The fishing feature, birthday event, the Arcane Builder's Bundle and other updates that we pretty much already know about. Leala even worked on her Arcane house while livestreaming. Then they showed beautiful pictures of Arcane Houses that people have created at the end of the stream.

They also gave away Arcane Builder's Bundles for lucky winners who sent in questions that they picked to answer. Not only that, they gave away 2,000 random tapestries to lucky wizards who redeemed a code.

While they were talking, us #Twizards decided to gather in the Commons, Scarecrow realm and celebrate the livestream event! It was so much fun!

Now, I noticed a few things about the stream that would be considered brand new information. First "time lords" was mentioned at the beginning of the stream. That made me think about the telegraph booths that we saw in the Test Realm. Also, time lord is a Doctor Who reference. 

And clearly the telegraph booth as well as The Professor is a Doctor Who reference in-game. So if you connect the two... What does this mean for Wizard101? Mysteries upon mysteries. We don't know.. YET! Are they hinting that soon we will find out why those telegraph booths showed up in Test Realm? 

Then at the end of the stream, they mentioned that tomorrow we will have a Lost Pages quest coming. If you forget what Lost Pages quest are, they are a side quest that you have to complete that was spread over a few worlds. You were able to earn a badge and if lucky, receive a gear piece from the Dragon's Hoard pack which is retired.

Not only that, that there will be several surprises coming in October! Are the telegraph booth mystery reveal be one of the surprises for October? But, they said several surprises. So what else do you think they will reveal? Maybe new Halloween fish, new Halloween pack, new Halloween pets? Who knows? But there's one thing we know that's for sure... October is gonna be fun!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Crafting Quests For The Holidays!

Crafting Quests For The Holidays!

I was thinking about the holidays. The only thing I never am satisfied with is the holiday quests. The Halloween Towers were fun until you did it enough that it became boring. Not only that, you are now are at a level high enough that they are literally a breeze to go through. Not only that the Nosferabbit quest and dungeon was sadly brief. For Level 90s, it took us five minutes to finish. Not only that, it didn't even drop anything great. It left people going, "Well, then what's the point?"

So, I've been thinking what they should do for the holiday time that would actually keep us on our toes. I realized that they should add crafting quests for holiday time! It would be easy to add and set up. And it can apply to ALL character levels.

First of all, there would be holiday themed reagents only dropped during the holidays like Candy Cane reagents, Holly reagents, Pine Cone reagents. Heck you can be incredibly creative. With those cool holiday reagents, you get to craft holiday themed items that's only available during the holiday time. You can craft holiday items like maybe different kinds of Christmas Trees, Wreaths, Fireplaces, Snowglobes, Candy Cane fences. Again, you can be quite creative with this. You can even have a Gingerbread house maybe!

But the most important thing of all, you get holiday themed crafting quests that's only available during the holidays. Every year, the goal of quest is new and different, so they aren't the same every year, which would be a refreshing change. Every year they can add new and unique reagents. One year you can get Candy Cane, Holly, Pine Cone reagents, the next year you could get Ornament, Snowflake, Reindeer Fur reagents. If you do enough new reagents every year, you can eventually recycle them. For instance, in four years, you can start again with Candy Cane, Holly, Pine Cone reagents.

To get them, of course you would have to farm for those special cool reagents to craft those cool holiday items to be able to turn them in for the holiday quest. Every year, Wizard101 should add new crafting quests with unique new goals. One year, you have to make this item. Next year, you have to make ANOTHER item. And of course, in the end you KEEP the item.

Not only that, why not add holiday crafting tables like the way they add holiday vendors. There's a special crafting table that is only available at holidays in Wizard City somewhere where you can craft holiday themed furniture and houses. Maybe a holiday crafting shop in one of the empty unused shops in Shopping District. And of course, there should be an unique Crafting Holiday Vendor NPC that gives quests every year, for every holiday. It could be the same person which will make it easier. It should be someone like Zeke who needs help during the holidays. This way we can craft things and help them or something. This way, this person can show up for every holiday without creating multiple NPCs.

It would be great to be able to do new quests every year for holidays that always changes and it's certainly easier to set up than a dungeon that high level chars can beat in ten minutes. More bang for the buck really. I would love to do this kind of thing for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine's Day, St Patrick's, July 4th. Each holiday would have its own unique reagent. I mean Candy Cane reagent would be for Christmas only while Firework reagents would be for July 4th, same goes for the holiday furniture and houses. They would remain unique for the holidays.

I really hope that Wizard101 and eventually Pirate101 will use this idea since I honestly think that it would be helpful and even more, it's FUN!!! Even thinking about this, makes my heart pound in excitement. This would certainly keep us busy during the holidays!

Pirate101 Egg Looks: Room For Improvements

So, we've been working on collecting pets in Pirate101 and you receive eggs that goes with each pet or type. But I have been playing Dragons of Berk that's based off "How To Train Your Dragon" movie. It's a great little game I've been enjoying. And it's perfect for someone like me who honestly adores dragons.

Now, collecting dragons on Dragons of Berk made me notice something. Dragons of Berk has amazing beautiful egg looks for each of their dragons. This made me think of Pirate101's eggs. I think there's room for major improvement. I know some people might say that it's not important. But if you can improve something, you should, even though it's not that important. 

Imagine this: You hatch for a pet and suddenly sees an AMAZING egg. Like one of the Dragons of Berk's eggs, the excitement will be even more. Because if the egg is THAT cool, the pet must be COOLER!

Pirate101's eggs seem a bit too simple. They all are the same shape. And even some of the eggs simply have stripes or spots. I would love to see more out of box eggs like the Dragons of Berk's below. Since Pirate101 has better graphics, they should push the envelope in creating amazing pets and especially eggs.

What do you think?

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The Loot Roll Call for the Grizzly Bear Pack

Pet Snack

Sauteed Banana - Rank 10
Jammy Babies - Rank 10
Chalupacabra - Rank 10
Zeus Newtons - Rank 10
Jellied Pork - Rank 10
Sauteed Banana - Rank 10
Jiggy Pudding - Rank 10
Kim'Choo - Rank 10
Amazonions - Rank 10
Ships & Queso - Rank 10
El Doreeto - Rank 10
Zeus Newtons - Rank 10

Potatoes Polaris - Rank 9
Pollycrackers - Rank 9
Subata Roll - Rank 9
Baked Banana - Rank 9
Stilted Cheese - Rank 9
Haki Sticks - Rank 9
Pistachios with Moustachios - Rank 9
The Twelve Flavors of Hawkules - Rank 9
Sugar Skulls - Rank 9

Glam Chowder - Rank 8
Mecha Monster Island Mochi - Rank 8
Frojan Mousse - Rank 8
Dark S'Moors - Rank 8
Marleymite Sandwich - Rank 8
Secret Recipe Kernels - Rank 8
Marleymelade - Rank 8
Marble Samu-Rye - Rank 8
Ryan's All-Natural Yum-N-Ade - Rank 8
Broiled Banana - Rank 8
Omelettin - Rank 8

Juju Fruits - Rank 7
Yakatori - Rank 7
Boiled Banana - Rank 7
Tinfoil Stars - Rank 7
Toast Soldiers - Rank 7
Oyster Shooters - Rank 7
Fish Fingers & Custard - Rank 7
Eye Candy - Rank 7
Manticoreos - Rank 7
Skull & Crossbones - Rank 7
Valencian Oranges - Rank 7
Eye Candy - Rank 7

BBQ Banana - Rank 6
Licicles - Rank 6
Beast Wellington - Rank 6
Tardolen Salad - Rank 6
Bandito's - Rank 6
PB&J - Rank 6
Satyr Chow - Rank 6
Despertatoes - Rank 6
Decimatoes - Rankn 6
Monster Island Mochi - Rank 6
Tabooleh Salad - Rank 6
Gears & Granola - Rank 6

Farm Fresh Yum - Rank 5
Wondercud - Rank 5
Fortune Cookies - Rank 5
Moolong Tea - Rank 5
Wild Rice - Rank 5
Yum Trifle - Rank 5

Pirate Gear

Haar of the Baar - Hairstyle
Hand of Baar - +4 Base Energy
Hand of the Tedd  Eyepatch- +3 Base Energy
Paw of Braxus - +5 Base Energy
Baarbarian - Eyepatch
Claw of Ursus Eyepatch - +4 Base Energy
Lucky Paw Totem
Yarn of Amusement - Token
Kodiak Torc Amulet - +4 Base Energy
Cat's Eye Ruby - +3 Pet energy
Bird Call - +3 Pet energy
Grizzly Torc Amulet - +3 Pet energy

Pet Gear

Gold Medals
Silver Medals
Bronze Medals
Sandals of Nike
Hand Wraps
Dead Weight
Island Scull
Vaulting Horse
Sanding Pads
Squirt Bottle
Bosun's Whistle
Jump Rope
Walking Plank
Arm Guards
Rally Towel
Sumo Belt
Running Shoes
Knee Socks
Laurel Wreath


Pet Pull Rope
Pet Chew Toy *Interactable
Scratching Post
Hanging Bird Cage
Huge Cat Tree
Empty Combo Pet Dish
Empty Pet Dish
Small Food Bowl
Large Food Dish
Large Empty Dish
Combo Pet Dish With Water
Combo Pet Dish
Mouse On The Pole
Dog Biscuits
Cat Perch
Small Pet Bed
Medium Pet Bed
Large Pet Bed
Small Bird Perch
Squeaking Piggle Toy *Interactable
Small Water Dish
Medium Cat House
Fancy Cat House
Large Bird Cage
Pet Ball *Interable

Morphing Statue Replica
Pet Ball Thrower *Interactable

Habitrail Quad (Red)
Habitrail T (Red)
Habitrail L (Red)
Habitrail Long (Red)
Habitrail Curve (Red)
Habitrail End (Red)
Habitrail L (Blue)
Habitrail T (Blue)
Habitrail End (Blue)
Habitrail Curve (Blue)
Habitrail Long (Blue)
Habitrail Quad (Green)
Habitrail End (Green)
Habitrail L (Green)
Habitrail T (Green)
Habitrail T (Orange)
Habitrail Quad (Orange)
Habitrail L (Orange)

Skull Island Pavilion
Grizzleheim Pavilion
Mooshu Pavilion
Marleybone Pavilion


Silver Medal With Ribbon - Sells for 900 Gold
Bronze Medal With Ribbon - Sells for 600 Gold
Gold Trophy - Sells for 6750 Gold
Silver Trophy - Sells for 3750 Gold
Bronze Trophy - Sells for 1500 Gold

Wallpaper & Flooring

Scaled Walls
Paw Print Floor
Tile Paw Print Floor
Wooden Bone Floor
Wooden Egg Floor


Clockwork Spider
Hoggle (Furry Egg)
Heck Kitty (Whiskered Egg)
Hedgehog (Furry Egg)


Ruhr - Summon a Panther to fight for you
Shrawk - Summon a War Hawk to fight for you
Echo - Summon a Fawn-Fawn for you
Mr. Pointy - Summon a Hedgehog for you
Tocktavian - Summons a Clockwork Spider for you
Hecka - Summons a Heck Kitty for you
Beastmaster's Mark - Summons ALL Pets for you


Apprentice Beastmaster

Laarn - Privateer - Summons the Hedgehog - Has Feeding Frenzy (Recovers health from defeated enemies)
Buccaneer - Summons the Lam-A-Ram
Khord - Witchdoctor - Summons the Heck Kitty - Has Bloodsucker
Yohr - Swashbuckler - Summons the Fawn-Fawn - Has Sneaky Sneaky (May Hide At Every Turn)
Ghor - Musketeer - Summons the Clockwork Spider - Has Eagle Eyes (Allies Within 1 Square Gain +2 Range)
Baar - Buccaneer - The Beastmaster - Has Shrawk (Summons War Hawk for you), Weasel War Dance (237 Damage, -25 Accuracy for 5 Rounds), Ruhr (Summons a Panther to fight for you)


Grizzled Heart Banner - Beastmaster Banner
All Beasts Ferocity: Damage Boost
Deadly Ferocity: Damage Boost and Critical Boost