Monday, October 29, 2018

2019 Wizard101 Max Energy Guide

New Max Energy Guide!



UPDATED July 14, 2019

With the 2019 Pack A Palooza event, the Elven Nightmare Pack is back in the crown shop for a very limited time! This pack drops the max energy gear for level 130 wizards.

Max level wizards with an energy base of 130 and all of the added gear, pet, and energy jewels, bumps your energy up to a huge 318 points!

Lets break this down with the Level 130 energy gear, shall we?

 The Light Elf Set  (Hat, Robe, Boots, and Wand)

Cowl of the Light Elf (Hat) = 26 pts.
Light Elf Raiment (Robe) = 30 pts.
Light Elf Poulaines (Boots) = 26 pts.
Light Elf Sword and Shield = 14 pts.

Total of 96 energy points

Energy Athame and Ring

These items dropped by Aphrodite still brings in the highest energy on any Athame and Ring.
6 on the athame, and 8 on the ring. These specific items can also accommodate jewels - specifically energy jewels! At this time, the highest energy tear shaped jewel is +5.

Total of 24 energy points

 Amulet and Deck

The key for these 2 pieces of gear is the jewel slot. The amulet and deck shown in the picture below can be purchased from the bazaar.
Once again, +5 tear shaped energy jewels is the key to achieving max energy.

Total of 10 energy points

Last but not least.. an amazing energy pet!

The Dapper Corgi pet automatically comes with +8 energy, so it makes sense to turn this pet into an energy monster!

KI has released newer pets with the Big Energy (+10), Huge Energy (+15) and Ultra Energy (+20) talents.
The trick is to transfer those talents onto the Dapper Corgi and attach a Energy (+5)  jewel to it.
Here's what you'll end up with once you do.

Total of 58 energy points!

Get that energy gear! You'll be glad that you did!

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