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New Years' Eve Tapestry Giveaway!

New Years' Eve Tapestry Giveaway!

We have included hundreds of Merle's Tapestries as well as the Storm School Tapestries. Remember you can only have up to 3 Tapestries per Account, so if you get a "You have redeemed too many" message, please feel free to give them away!

And I have included a TINY surprise for y'all. I put THREE Winterland Bundle codes with those tapestries that contains a Ice House, Permanent Winterglide Skates Mount, Polar Fox, Santa Claus Outfit, Candy Wand, Jingle Bells Music Scroll and 5,000 Crowns!

Have a wonderful 2015! Have fun and be safe tonight!

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Top 10 Tips For Wizard101 & Pirate101

Top 10 Tips for Wizard101 & Pirate101

So you're new to Wizard101 and/or Pirate101? Or you're already playing it, but might need some tips? Well, I have listed ten tips for you, so you can earn gold easier, save crowns and save time. I sure hope that they will help you through the game :D

1. Make Friends - Without friends, it's hard to do anything. It's really important to make friends, so you can ask for help for battles or anything you might need help with. Or if you have questions about Ship Fighting, PvP, Pets, House Decoration, and more!

2. Free Elixirs - Need more damage boost, gold boost, even energy boost? You can earn free energy elixir by winning one from KIFG's Grub Guardian which you can play on the KIFG site or on your phone.

Not only that, every time you create a new character and every time you level up, you get a free energy boost. Great for training pets! So you can transfer a pet to that character and while questing, you can keep training it every time your energy bottle gets refilled.

3. Free Mounts - You can buy free permanent mounts in the Crown Shop for gold if you are tired of walking around at a slow speed. And in Wizard101, you can craft mounts only when the B.O.X.E.S. event is available. But, hopefully someday there will be more craftable mounts that will be in game permanently.

4. Farming For Gold Or Scrip - Tired of being poor? Need gold or scrip for mounts, houses, gears, reagents, etc? You can earn gold in both games, but Scrip and its Black Market is only available in Pirate101.

For Wizard101, farm Halfang who is in Vestrilund, Wintertusk. His cave is near one of Zeke's Troggs. You have to walk up a ramp to get to his cave and as you reach the cave, you will walk pass the Trogg. Halfang drops awesome amulets that you can sell for high amounts of gold. If you are a Crown Player, this is an area you MUST buy. 30 minutes can earn you tens of thousands of gold. But if you're pretty tired of farming Halfang, fishing is the next best thing. Fish can sell for nice amount of gold if you catch plenty!

The cute Trogg

In Pirate101, there's multiple ways of earning gold. Here's a rule of thumb - the higher the world, the more gold you can get and the more gold the items sell. The most basic worlds will sell the cheapest which is not what you want if you want to earn gold fast. 

If you fight the highest leveled ships, you can get the most gold and high value items that also sell for high gold. Not only that, there's an additional bonus now you get while fighting ships, you could get Scrip! This is a new currency you can use to buy cool special items in the Black Market.

Double Lock Chests - Quadruple Lock Chest

You also can chest farm which means going looking for Double Chests or Quad Chests. They are chests with two or four locks. The gold amounts drops randmoly. But if you farm in the highest world, the quad chests can give up to approx 15k gold and the doubles could give 6-8k gold.

You can only open them with friends! Two locks for 2 person, Four locks for 4 person.

And lastly, Friar Sand in Mooshu. You can find him in North Landing, Temple of West Wind, Corrupted Shrine, Subata Skyway. He drops mostly gold and very very few items which is bonus really. He's also pretty easy to beat. All you have to do is defeat just him, not everyone, and you win the battle. You earn gold pretty quickly with this celestial ogre!

In both games, you can buy many things with gold. The best thing about gold is it's FREE! Scrip in Pirate101 as well. You can buy permanent mounts, houses, various of furniture and decorations, even gear without spending a penny. So grab your friends and start farming together!

5. Training Points - Spend them WISELY because you have to pay quite a lot crowns to reset them. If you need more training points, the Zeke quests are the easiest way to earn one. Zeke will have a quest for you in every world you encounter! To make sure you have not missed any, check out our Zeke's Training Point Quests Guide,

6. Gardening - You like training pets, but you need snacks? The best way to get best snacks are by gardening certain plants that drop Mega Pet Snacks. The best plants that drop them are in the Crown Shop such as Elder Magma Peas, Deadly Helephant Ears and Couch Potatoes in that order. But, yes you need to buy them with crowns. If you can't, DON'T! Simply farm for them instead. All three are dropped in-game by various bosses and mobs. But if you have tons of crowns and you want to make an investment in the game that will pay off pretty well in the end, those plants are it. Buy Elder Magma Peas, Deadly Helephant Ears and Couch Potatoes for endless snacks as long as you don't mind gardening all of the time. Research each before you buy, but I personally like Elder Magma Peas the best.

7. Gears - Don't forget that if you do like stitching, do the KIFG Trivia or in-game Videos to earn crowns for it. If you are not happy about your clothes look, remember that you can farm for gears, which will save you money. Not only that you can play PvP or Pet Derby to earn tickets which will help you be able to buy cool PvP clothes! In Pirate101, you can earn scrip for cool gear in the Black Market.

8. Buy And Use Crowns Wisely - Don't buy Crowns while they are not on sale. You can stretch your money by waiting for a sale on Crowns. Then once you have Crowns, use it wisely. There are many ways you can save crowns in-game simply by being patient and using gold instead. For instance, you can simply hatch with someone's Crown Shop pet for gold.

When buying Companions, RESEARCH first before even buying one to ensure that you get what you want. Even then, you do not have to buy them since you do get additional companions in-game for free while questing.

Don't spend them on unsure things such as Packs if you are tight on money.

9. Earn Free Crowns - Go to where they have Trivia that you can complete for Crowns. Complete 10 questions for 10 crowns. Not only that, use the Earn Crowns videos in-game. Every video you complete, you can earn 10 crowns as well. To make sure you have turned on the video in-game, check out our In Game Earn Crowns Videos Guide.

10. Subscription - There are a few different ways you can get a subscription. You can get either one or two months' worth of subscription to either game if you buy a game card from certain stores. You also can buy a subscription on their website for up to a month, six months or a year. My suggestion to you if you want to save the most, simply wait for a sale on the yearly subscription membership. Normally it is almost eighty bucks, but when it's on sale, you can save twenty bucks! That's five dollars per month if you bought the yearly membership on sale. If you bought every month at a time, it would cost you $3 more. And remember, with a subscription, you do get bonus things that you do not have if you only bought crowns. You can get a bigger friends list, a bigger backpack, cool dance emotes and more! Just keep your eyes peeled for a sale. It comes once a month or so.

Remember, you don't have to buy a subscription or buy areas with crowns, for most areas in Wizard City. This way you can take your time and see if you are ready to invest in this game. I hope you do because this game is great! But that's just my opinion. ;)

But The Best Advice Of All?...

To have fun! Go out there and enjoy yourself. Don't rush and take every moment as it comes. Happy Dueling or Pirating!


A Team Oblivion Interview By Proxy


Posted Image

Trevor Rubycoin has been playing Wizard101 for years and has become known for managing the PvP team dubbed "Oblivion".

He has managed several "Woogoolicious Tournaments" and his Youtube Channel has amassed over 1000+ subscribers.

We decided to sit down with him and ask a few questions regarding the new updates and the state of PvP itself. Hope you guys enjoy :)

Being that you specialize in high level pvp, what are your thoughts on the current state of it?
A: High level has lost its state of creativity. Always using the same methods (Critical dependence, spams, etc.), I do see signs of personal skill/creativity which makes PvP a good challenge. Shadow Magic makes the playing field very interesting.

What changes do you think would help improve the pvp experience for the players? 
A: I'd say match their Rank in PvP, also the Win and Loss ratio should be looked in as well to even the playing field, and for schools to serve their purpose pf their position. (Example: Storm high damage and lack of defensive and accuracy, Ice lack of damage, but high in defence. )

Since you are a Youtuber, what are your thoughts on Kingsisle releasing a statement about Youtubers not being able to monetize their videos and make money off of their content?

A: I use my youtube just for entertainment. I use my time to show the public how the game is like! Especially the PvP community. I do not believe to monetize my videos.

Okay, so lately I think we can all agree 4v4 is a little bit dry. No one is really doing it. What do you think Kingsisle could do to bring 4v4 back to the arena?

A: Bring back creativity to the arena! Make spells not just for PVE purposes, allow them to be used for PvP purposes also. Even the playing field and let players use those to create more counters, skills, and tactics!

I'm curious, what are your thoughts on the new updates to the game that just arrived such as the new spells and the new dungeon?

A: I am looking forward to the new updates! I have seen what the new spells can do and I believe it will make the Arena a little more interesting.

Which school in your opinion is the most OP and how do you think Kingsisle could balance it a bit more?
A: I believe Ice is the most OP school. Not only because of the resist, just because the purpose of the schools does not apply anymore. They are having more offensive spells as well stats can match the offensive stats of a Storm and still have the defensive stats of Ice.

Alright so new spells that came with Darkmoor. What are your thoughts on it? Too OP or underpowered?
A: I believe it stands as where it is because it does require a shadowpip and a certain number of pips. The one thing I do have a complaint is the amount of regular pips needed. Some spells may be a bit contraversal, but I think it is a good addition to the game.

Team Oblivion has been around for a long time. What inspired you to create your team and continue posting videos on your channel?

A: I was inspired to create the team because of Team Perfect Catch. They are my friends and Role models, they have shown me how the Arena is on the positive side. Creating the team is not just for fun, we would like to show the community how it is to have a Challenge in the PvP arena as well as good sportsmanship conducts.

Nice, so what is the state of team oblivion right now? Are you guys still together or..?

A: Yes! We are still together. We may be absent in the Arena at the moment, but we are planning to come back into PvP very soon. We are making lots of plans.

Posted Image

Great to hear! So what is the official roster of team oblivion?
A: Trevor Rubycoin (Myth), Morgan Unicorntamer (Life), Andrew Frosthammer (Ice), So far. May recruit soon. 

What is your favorite part of high level pvp?
A: The intensity of how it can be now! Really sparks up the challenge! 

What inspires you as a pvper?

A: My friends! I did not know what PvP was when I first began. Then I was tought and was motivated to keep going! That inspires me to continue! Evolve with the game from the beginning!
Okay lastly, do you have any advice for players wanting to try out PvP?

Posted Image

A: If you are new to the game and just starting. Starts from level 20 a bit to get some experience! Then when you reach every ten levels try PvPing bit by bit. More experience more you learn. Also watch how others duel. This will see how the Arena is! The intensity and play styles of different players can inspire you how you can PvP with yourself or others. Practice also helps as well, having a good set up, also getting advice from everyone! Do not just keen on one duelist point of view. Recieve others, then process it yourself.


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Monday, December 15, 2014

Brand New Holiday Furniture from Wizard101 and Pirate101!

Merry Christmas, Pirates and Wizards! The Holiday Season is upon us and with that, we got brand new cool furniture never seen before in both games which are found in the Crown Shop.

There are more furniture than what is listed below, however they were introduced years ago. I am featuring only the brand new ones that have been added this month.

Also even though you can buy the below items for crowns and gold, I have only showed the gold prices with the exception for the Reindeer Flooring which is Crowns only. I'm not sure why.

**Do not forget to click on the pictures to enlarge them for better viewing.**

Pirate101 New Holiday Furniture

Wizard101 New Holiday Furniture

I can't wait to see what you all come up with those cool new furniture. Just do not forget that there's even MORE new Holiday Furniture in the new Wintertime Pack. We have listed all of the Wintertime Pack's new furniture items there along with pictures in our Wintertime Pack Guide.

Happy Holidays, Everyone!

New Pets, Hybrids & Theories in Pirate101

So you're a Morpher? Well, welcome to the Morphers' Club. In this blog post, we will speak about pets and hybrids. And even better, hybrid theories which I bet you're most interested in!

True Hybrids

So far, we have 14 True Hybrids.

I have already excluded 3 since they were Special Morphs which is a pet that produces a new pet with ANY pet. Also I excluded Golden Dragon which is an exception as well. It is definitely a hybrid, but it's the ONLY hybrid that you can get from Game Card pets. Decius has confirmed that NO other game card pets produce a hybrid.

But if we did add them all, it would be 18 Total for both True Hybrids & Special Morphs. But, I want to focus on the True Hybrids for a minute.

So now we know for sure that there are 14 True Hybrids in-game. Decius has mentioned a while ago before the last test that there was still quite a few that was not found. Don't forget that.

Anyway, since the last test was live, Decius remarked that there's now *DOUBLEthe amount of Hybrids in-game.

So Wait, How Many Hybrids Can We Find Now?

Well, we do have at least 14 known True Hybrids, so at least ANOTHER 14 Hybrids left to find.

Since the last test, we have already discovered 3 Hybrids out of possible 14 missing Hybrids. However one of them was a Special Morph. Again, Special Morph means a pet can produce a certain pet with ANY pet. So that's 2 True Hybrids found and 1 Special Morph found.

When you subtract the 2 True Hybrids from the 14 Missing True Hybrids that means that there are 12 True Hybrids left to find! Just add a few for the missing few that we were not able to find before the last test like Decius said.

My Prediction On How Many Hybrids Left To Find:
Approximately 15 True Hybrids.

And MAYBE one more True Hybrid from that Skarakeet?

UPDATE: Decius has confirmed the Skarakeet does NOT have a True Hybrid.

So What Hybrids Did We Find Since Last Update?

Black Market Tarantula x ANY Pet = (plain) Tarantula

Also the Black Market Tarantula does produce yet another True Hybrid, the Lavalanchula, with Fire Toad. This is not a Special Morph, but a regular specific True Hybrid that comes from a specific combination.

Black Market Tarantula x Fire Toad = Lavalanchula

Also the Horned Toad is a new True Hybrid produced from Ram-A-Lam and the plain Frog which is a brand new pet dropped in the last battle of the Ithaca Palace dungeon. 

To see ALL available confirmed Hybrids as well as the Special Morphs, you can simply check out our Pirate101 Hybrid Guide.

About Them Special Morphers....

Now, a special mention about the Special Morphers which are what I call pets that can produce a certain pet when mixed with ANY pet. We have three Special Morphers - Scrakreet, Ostrich and Black Market Tarantula.

Skarakeet produces Skull Island Macaw with any pet.
Ostrich produces (blue) Ostrich with any pet.
Black Market Tarantula produces (plain) Tarantula with any pet.

But, I noticed another pattern with those pets.
Ostrich and Black Market Tarantula produces a SECOND hybrid, a true Hybrid.

Ostrich x Orchid Chameleon = Emusaur.
Black Market Tarantula x Fire Toad = Lavalanchula.

So here's my question - What about the Skarakeet?

Could the Skarakeet produce a SECOND Hybrid like the others? The problem here though is that it's a Beta pet, so not everyone can easily obtain this pet. It was retired even before the live game started. We do not know for sure if they allowed it to produce a second Hybrid. But it's something that we should think about.

UPDATE: Decius has confirmed the Skarakeet does NOT have a True Hybrid.


Now it's down to the brass and tacks. Or Pets and Hybrids for that matter. I'm listing all Pets In-Game just in case you are missing a few. I excluded Game Card pets since Decius confirmed they do NOT produce a Hybrid. But, I also added the Holiday pets since he did mention some of them are now in the mix.

With the new update and the holiday season, we have got more new Pets in the Spiral!

(plain) Frog - Jungle Toad
Iguana - Black Market Tarantula

Holiday Pets - Santa Claws & Ostrich in a Pear Tree

(plain) Frog which is dropped in the last battle of the Ithaca Palace dungeon.
Jungle Toad and Iguana which are found in the Crown Shop.
Santa Claws and Ostrich in a Pear Tree which are the new Holiday Pets found in the Crown Shop.
Black Market Tarantula which is found in the Black Market.

Since the (plain) Frog pet already produced a Hybrid, so I'm sure the others do too. We just need to find them!

* - Already has a True Hybrid and/or Special Morph




Clown Fish*
Thresher Shark*
Hammerhead Shark*
Mini Minotaur*
Lil Labor Golem
Coral Widow
Silver Buffaloon*
Cutie Chameleon
Tropical Sky Snake
Golden Stingtail
Ebon Spectre*
Black Tiger
Mechnical Owl
Stormtiger Shark*


Black Market Tarantula*


Lion Fish
Sabertooth Bunny*


Orchid Chameleon*
Armadillo Verde*
Tawny Sky Turtle*
Inky Octopus*
Ice Scarab*
Coconut Crawlie
Not So Great White Shark*
Violet Bubblefish*
Fire Toad*


Imperial Lion
Celestial Dragon*
White Tailed Jackalope


Santa Claws
Ostrich in a Pear Tree
Candy Cane Dragon
Green Baubleloon
Red Baubleloon
Pink Chocolope
Blue Chocolope
Pink Marshadillow
Yellow Marshadillow
Purple Polkaloon
Batik Eggaloon


Spiny Serpent
Scrimshaw Drake
Deathstalker Scorpion
Heck Kitty
Clockwork Spider*


I have come up with a list of Pirate101 Hybrid Theories. Some of the ideas are not mine. I thank Daft Dylan, Clever Brianna Everett, Calamity Pixieshade and Harmony Everhart for helping me get this list together. If you have any hybrid theories you want to add, just comment away and we will add it as well as credit you.

Candy Cane Dragon x Faunfawn - Christmas Fawn?
Candy Cane Dragon x Imperial Lion - Christmas Lion?
Candy Cane Dragon x Hawk - Turtledove
Candy Cane Dragon x Heck Kitty - Cat in a Hat

Clown Fish x White Tailed Jackalope - Red Nosed Reindeer?
Black Widow Spider x Ostrich in a Pear Tree - Fruit Spider
Golden Stingtail Scorpion x Any Christmas Pet - Christmas Scorpion like the Bah Humbug mount?
Ebon Spectre x Any Christmas Pet - Christmas Spirits (Past, Present, Future)

Santa Claws x Hoggle - Crispy Cringle
Santa Claws x Fandango - Mrs. Claws

Ostrich in a Pear Tree x Tawny Sky Turtle - Turtledove
Ostrich in a Pear Tree x Faunfawn or Jackalope - Flying Reindeer

Fandango x Pink Marshadillow or Pink Chocolope - Pink Flamingo
Pink Marshadillow x Fire Toad - Roasted Marshadillow?
Yellow Marshadillow x Fire Toad - Roasted Marshadillow?
Purple Polkaloon x Fandango - I don't know what this could make but both are dance names. Polka and Tango. I call it a Dancing Fool :P
Green Baubleloon x Ostrich in a Pear Tree
Red Baubleloon x  Ostrich in a Pear Tree
Batik Eggaloon x ?
Pink Chocolope x ?
Blue Chocolope x ?


Decius has given two hints on the Pirate101 Boards.
Hint #2: Skitters Crawls

We think that Hint #1 is a red orange pet that has a hybrid while #Hint 2 is a hint toward a combo. They seem to be separate hints for two different hybrids.

UPDATE: Decius has confirmed VAGUELY that Spiders are in the mix which makes us think that the Coral Widow Spider is a possible mix for Hint #2 Theory.


Clown Fish x Coral Widow Spider or Coconut Crawlie - Who Knows?
Clown Fish x Violet Bubblefish - Who Knows?
Clown Fish x Lion Fish - Circus Lion?
Clown Fish x Sabertooth Bunny - Funny Bunny?


Coral Widow Spider x Cutie Chameleon
Coral Widow Spider  x Orchid Chameleon
Coral Widow Spider x Coconut Crawlie


Imperial Lion x Black Tiger - Fire Lion?
Imperial Lion x Heck Kitty - Fire Lion?

Corrupted Imperial Lion x Black Tiger - Fire Lion?
Corrupted Imperial Lion x Heck Kitty  - Fire Lion?
Corrupted Imperial Lion x Heck Kitty Fire Toad - Fire Lion?
Imperial Lion x Fire Toad - Fire Lion?

Lion Fish x Fire Toad - Fire Lion?
Lion Fish x Corrupted Imperial Lion - Fire Lion?

Lion Fish x Any Pets With Wings - Manticore?
Imperial Lion x Any Pets With Wings - Manticore?
Corrupted Imperial Lion x Any Pets With Wings - Manticore?

Iguana x Crokgator - Frilled Lizard?
Iguana x Spiny Serpent - Frilled Lizard?
Iguana x DinoLizard - Frilled Lizard?
Iguana x Orchid Chameleon - Frilled Lizard?

Lil Labor Golem x Mini Minotaur - Mechanical Bull?
Jungle Toad x Cutie Chameleon - Jungle Chameleon?
Frog x Violet Bubblefish - Tadpole?
Scrimshaw Drake x Any Shark - Skeleton Shark?

Hawk x Tawny Sky Turtle - Turtledove?
Hawk x Fire Toad - Phoenix?
Hawk x Stormtiger - Thunderbird?

Clown Fish x Clockwork Spider - Clockwork Orange?
Fire Toad x Lion Fish or Violet Bubblefish or Clown Fish - Lava Fish?

Black Tiger x Ice Scarab - Snow Tiger?
Black Tiger or Ebon Spectre x Tropical Sky Snake - Black Mamba snake?

If you're ever stumped on what egg you got while hatching, check this Pirate101 Egg Guide out.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Christmas Tapestry Giveaway

Christmas Tapestry Giveaway!

We will be giving away tapestries to Merle's House in the Commons and to the Storm School. If your account already can't redeem anymore, simply give them away to your friends, strangers, etc. Today is the day of giving, so pay it forward. Merry Christmas all!

Winterland Pack Loot Roll

Brand new Christmas themed pack with brand new goodies!
You can find this pack in the Crown Shop.





Santa Hat
Santa Robe
Santa Boots

Candle Wand
Candy Wand
Gingerbread Wand
Sweet Staff
Mint Staff
Ornamental Paper Staff
Star Staff




Red Candy Cane - Permanent
WinterGlides Skates - Permanent
WinterGlide Skates - 1 Day
Red Candy Cane - 1 Day
Yellow Candy Cane - 1 Day
Green Candy Cane - 1 Day
Mixed Candy Cane - 1 Day


Sweet Staff
Gingerbread Wand
Ornamental Paper Staff
Star Staff
Candle Wand
Mint Staff

Festive Yuletree

Galloping Reindeer Rug - Dancing Reindeer Rug - Snowflake Rug

Yuletide Present Giver's Bed

Yuletide Peppermints - Yuletide Candy Canes
Cream of Chicken Soup - Holiday Cranberry Sauce


Festive Yuletree
Snowflake Rug
Galloping Reindeer Rug
Dancing Reindeer Rug
Holiday Cranberry Sauce
Cream of Chicken Soup
Yuletide Peppermints
Yuletide Candy Canes
Yuletide Present Giver's Bed

Holiday Fireplace
Winter Bed
Tallow Candles
Small Candle
Tree Wrapped Gift
Snowman Wrapped Gift
Polka Dot Wrapped Gift
Spiral Wrapped Gift
Tree Wrapped Gift
Spiral Wrapped Gift
Snowy Pine
Snow Basin
Small Snowy Tree
Large Snowy Maple Tree
Big Holiday Tree
Candle and Holder
Holiday Wreath
Small Snowflake
Green Holiday Ornament
Yellow Holiday Ornament

Yuletide Tall Whopper Aquarium

Yuletide Large Whopper Aquarium

Yuletide Tanks

Yuletide Tall Whopper Aquarium
Yuletide Large Whopper Aquarium

Snowbound Yuletide Decor

Gingerbread Wall Icing


Snowbound Yuletide Decor
Gingerbread Wall Icing
Holiday Striped Wallpaper
Fresh Powder Floor

Music Scrolls

Carol of the Bells Theme
Deck the Halls Theme


Evil Snow Peas
Snow Apples

Pet Snacks

Crystal Bites - Rank 8
Bedrock Bombers

Gingerbread Wizard - Rank 7
Simple Sugar Pop
Chili Peppermint
Ninja Figgy Pudding
Cry Babies
Hickory Chicory
Crystalweb Candy
Chocolate Comet

Candy-Caned Yams - Rank 6
Gingerbread House
Cheese Cake
Assaulted Caramels
Sourpuss Stovies

Egg Nog - Rank 5
Rock And Roll Candy
Gummy Humongofrog

Nutty Candy Bar - Rank 4
Star Lollipop
Athame Pop
Glowing Rock Candy
Peanutbutter Cup

Candy Bar - Rank 3

Learnt Spells


Treasure Cards

Evil Snowman
Jolted Snowman


Frost Flower