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Updated! December 2022 Wizard101 Max Energy Guide

Updated! 2022 Wizard101 Max Energy Guide



 UPDATED:  December 26, 2022

150+ level wizards with an energy base of 130 combined with all of the added energy gear, energy pet, and energy jewels, bumps your energy up to a huge 326 points!

Lets break this down with the highest energy gear available, shall we?

The energy gear I use consists of the following pieces

Shadoe's Hat of the Night (Hat) = 30 pts
(Heroes of Lemuria Pack)

Alpine Hunter Flannel (Robe) = 30 pts.

Arcane Engineer Boots = 30 pts.
(Arcane Express Bundle - GameStop)

Light Elf Sword and Shield (Wand) = 14 pts.
(Elven Nightmare Pack)
The Arcane Whistle Staff from the Arcane Express Bundle from GameStop also gives 14 pts.

The gear from the Pet Trainer Bundle is another alternative to the Robe.

Total of 104 energy points

Energy Athame and Ring

These items dropped by Aphrodite still brings in the highest energy over any Athame (+6) and Ring (+8). They can also accommodate energy jewels! At this time, the highest energy tear shaped jewel is +5.

Total of 24 energy points

Amulet and Deck

The key for these 2 pieces of gear is the jewel slot. The amulet and deck shown in the picture below can be purchased from the bazaar.
Once again, +5 tear shaped energy jewels is the key to achieving max energy.

Total of 10 energy points

Tear-shaped energy jewels are possible drops from gardening the Jewel Tear Blossom plants.
They are also possible drops from the following packs:
Farley's Gardening Pack
Death Jewel Pack
Fire Jewel Pack
Ice Jewel Pack
Life Jewel Pack
Myth Jewel Pack
Storm Jewel Pack

Last but not least.. an amazing energy pet!
The Dapper Corgi pet automatically comes with +8 energy, so it makes sense to turn this pet into an energy monster!

KI has released newer pets with the Energy (+5), Big Energy (+10), Huge Energy (+15) and Ultra Energy (+20) talents.
Quick Tip: Check the pet kiosk for energy pets if you're looking for one.

Transfer those talents onto the Dapper Corgi and you'll have the best energy pet out there.
Here's what you'll end up with once you do.

Total of 58 energy points!

Get that energy gear! You'll be glad that you did!

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Test Realm in a Nutshell: Empyrea P2 (No Spoilers...Kinda!)

SPOILER ALERT: Although this post will mostly be spoiler free in regards to what has been recently released in Test Realm (in terms of story, battle, visuals), this post will NOT leave out information regarding Empyrea P1, so if you do not want to read any P1 and mild P2 spoilers, LOOK AWAY!!

Usually around this time of the year, young wizards and witches will always have their attention drawn towards Test Realm. It falls into a cycle of Twizards constantly tagging the Wizard101 and Kingsisle accounts asking when it will open, theorizing on when it will open or tricking other Twizards into thinking it is open when it has not (I'm always a victim of this every year).

Given the fact that Test Realm was open a bit earlier (I've personally noticed that they usually open it in November and this year they opened in mid-October), it means that Kingsisle was ready to throw us further into the cosmic battle between Raven and Spider. So on Thursday, October 18th, the doors to Test Realm were opened and like any other logical wizard, I basically spent like, over 12 hours on Test in one sitting.

This post is just a general synopsis of part 2 in regards to story line, visuals and a bit about the battle difficulty. I can assure you that guides will be coming in soon!

If you're interested on learning more about this Test Realm update, you can click HERE for the page that discusses what is in the update, accessing TR through Steam, bug fixes, etc.

Want to join in on the Test Realm fun but don't know where to start? Click HERE to download Test Realm! 

When we ended Empyrea P1, the life of Mellori and basically the Spiral was hanging on a thread. It was stressed that if Mellori dies, the Spiral would follow suit, and as saviors of the Spiral, it's our job to save not only the Spiral but also Mellori.

 Image provided by @DestinyRain808 on Twitter

One thing that I have noticed lore-wise when I was questing through was that Kingsisle was making us go back to our roots (heh roots). The further we get involved into this epic battle, the greater our destiny is. We are growing and shaping into something more, but with all that responsibility doesn't mean that we can let our egos inflate. I just found that detail in part 2 interesting. This detail can have a different effect on players, given how far past worlds are depending on whether or not you have been questing on multiple wizards, stuck to one wizard or have had all your wizards constantly up to date level wise.

Image provided by @DestinyRain808 on Twitter

Not only do we go back to the past in a way, but we also face our nightmares. That's right, Kingsisle knows what the community likes and dislikes, and didn't hesitate to throw some of the community's most popular dislikes into our faces.

But in the end, we learn more about Mellori, the Spiral and the first world. We learn more or less what makes the Spiral tick and we're given the responsibility to ensure that nothing gets blown up (or that's what we had hoped).

Battle mechanics tell a different story. I will spoil this one detail just so you can prepare ahead of time but you will definitely come across bosses who don't really show you the exact numbers of their health. You'll come across a few bosses with ??? as their health numbers and depending on the boss, you might have to face a puzzle or just brace for impact. Street monsters are decent as usual, but then again, it's a lot more quicker to fight with friends than by yourself.

As for the graphics, it's simply beautiful! You come across vibrant colors, stretches of fields and some structures that kind of remind me of Pirate101's Valencia Part 2. There are a couple of street monsters that I would love to have as pets (yaknow, in case if any Kingsisle employee is reading this), such as the Snipe, the Horned Frog and the Shadowy Horned Frog. 

 Image provided by @SeffersTM on Twitter

My general response to part 2 quest-wise is that I'm dying to know what happens next. The further we get into this fight, the more divine beings we have to ally or go against with. I managed to get to as far as I could before the first weekend maintenance shutdown, but of course...

With that being said, for those who have quested through part 2, we're just going to sadly wait until it hits live. For those who are waiting until part 2 goes live, strap in for an interesting ride.

Friday, October 19, 2018

The Steamy Wizarding World

This month, Kingsisle had just recently launched Wizard101, but as a steam version! How exciting is that? Very! Kingsisle have just partnered up with steam to bring you this exciting news! You can now play on both the original MMO download OR you could download it through steam!

Q&A including game tricks and tips at your fingertips! (see what I did there?)

Q: Can you connect, transfer crowns, login, into your original account from the MMO download to steam?
A: Sadly, steam policy won’t allow Kingsisle to do such BUT you could always relive the amazing times that you had questing through all the beautiful worlds alongside new  friends!

Q: How do I download the steam version of Wizard101?
A: In order to download the steam version of Wizard101, you must have already downloaded Steam! After that, click STORE at the top left of your screen. You will be taken to a page full of games to choose from. You can then input “Wizard101” in the search the store. Scroll down to download then you’re done!

Q: Are the graphic, storyline, pets, gear, etc. the same as in the MMO version?
A: Yes! In fact, everyone from the steam version are on the same server as the MMO! This allows for more fun and interaction with long-time players! Woohoo! Time to make new friends! Maybe even give them tips and tricks on how to succeed, who knows what possibilities could await us!

Q: Can I still redeem my cards for membership and bundles on steam version?
A: Of course you can! Everything has the same concept as the MMO version but it is just on a different platform.

Q: Could I still earn free crowns from watching ads on the steam version?
A: Yep! Speaking from my friend’s experience, you can still do that! Yay, right? Right!

Tips and Tricks time!

Questing T&T:

  • Read the storyline! - I made the mistakes of not reading the storyline in my first time through the run of the different worlds. I made another character in order to enjoy the story content itself. It’s pretty wonderful and well written, I can promised.
  • Quest with a buddy! - I had many questing buddies and it was always fun! Ask anyone and they’ll tell you the same thing! Friends who have your back can help make your journey even more fun.
  • Always have potion filled in! - Whichever school you are, I can guarantee that you’re going to face boss after boss. It might take awhile to collect your health and mana so have a potion ready just in case. Better safe than sorry, right? 
  • Use questing arrow/helper! - Sometimes, you may not know what direction a specific boss cave is hidden at. Use the resources at your disposal in order to help you be awesome.

In Conclusion:

The platform on steam is exactly like the original MMO version. The only differences is that It’s on a different platform. The main takeaway is you cannot trade anything over to the original MMO account in all category such as crowns, character, login.

Do you have any other game tips and tricks you’d like to share from experience? Please leave a comment below.

-Momo aka Alli Emerald,
 SotS Writer

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Ghosts, Scarecrows and Spiders, Oh My!

Halloween has different meanings to us wizards. It means the return of Spooky Bob, Jack Hallow, the Halloween towers and hunting down every Jack O'Lantern and ghost in sight. It means getting a call from Dworgyn to battle a vampiric bunny and his undead vegetables. It means pulling out our wallets and getting ready for some spooky hoard packs Kingsisle has in store for us.

Of course, all of the things that I've mentioned have been a tradition for Halloween in the Spiral. As wizards, we face undead and spooky foes everyday. We need some more funny or scary spooks for Halloween! I know many of you feel the same, since I have taken it to Twitter to ask you guys what you would want for Halloween in the Spiral.

A lot of you must be some hardcore trick-or-treaters. A popular answer I've gotten was to add more costumes!

I would totally be down to wear a costume of an enemy or even a onesie of some popular monsters in the Spiral. Now that the Professor's Hoard Pack is out and we can dress up like the Ravenwood professors, I'm sure Cyrus isn't too fond of the idea of a group of wizards dressed up like him and knocking at his door on Halloween. It would be cool to wear a Gobbler onesie or a spider onesie with 6 arms!

Some of you guys aren't that into costumes, which is totally fine! Halloween isn't only about costumes and candy, but also the scares!

Although it would be no surprise for wizards to be creating their own haunted houses and putting them up on Housing Tours, it would be cool to challenge the Kingsisle staff to create a fun haunted house for us!

Or they can add some spooks to already spooky areas in the Spiral!

I like the idea of adding some more Halloween-esque coloring to dungeons or even in other areas! There's no such thing as too much spook!

Speaking of spook....

...Get a load of this big guy!

Kingsisle has released the Spider Rider, which you can get in the Crowns Shop for 4500 crowns. This mount is just freshly released, and although it's essentially one huge giant spider (I'm gonna need a bigger bug swatter...), this mount is definitely spooky...It hisses at you and everything!

Plus, there's the Halloween Keeper Multi-Tank, so your spooky catches of the day can be at home in their spooky tanks for just 1500 crowns!

Regardless of what Kingsisle brings to the table on Halloween, it will always be a spooky time in October! It would be nice to add some color or more Halloween theming, such as putting more of an autumn layover in the Commons (such as the edit you saw at the beginning of this post) or like Momo said, to add more black and orange coloring to areas. Feel free to comment about any other spooky ideas Kingsisle should add to the Spiral! No fun, spoopy Halloween idea is too spooky for Halloween!

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Extra Life 2018 Update

Have you joined Kingsisle's event on Extra Life? You should! I have! KI Gamers have almost reached 10,000 dollars in fundraising! You should join the fun, or if you prefer to donate instead, you could donate to my fundraising efforts which will help children. I call it a win, win, and a WIN!

You can visit my page at:

Come and join the fun! Let us help KingsIsle Gamers reach 10,000 dollars!

Are Mushrooms Evil?

If you don't know by now, there's a brand new sneak peek from Wizard101. Apparently you will see evil Mushrooms in Empyrea Part 2! What do you think?!

Are The Halloween Packs Worth It?

Hello, I'm Ian Darkstrider, a new author on this blog with this being this my very first article! Hope you enjoy this post!

As October rolls around, it’s a favorite time of year in the Spiral for many wizards, and this year has been no exception! There was also an unanticipated surprise when rather than waiting late into the month as they have done in the past, KingsIsle decided to begin the Halloween celebration on the first of October. The holiday packs we have grown to love along with the other Halloween items were added into the crown shop early. In particular the: 2017 Gloomthorn Nightmare Pack, The Harrowing Nightmare Pack, the Original Nightmare Pack, and the New Elven Pack. There are also the traditional events that KI hosts. I, with my collaborators will be reviewing these packs for this article.

Let’s get started. You’ve all probably seen the reviews by many of the leaders in our community and as you know we have a new pack in the Crown shop this year - the Elven Nightmare Pack. This pack offers some new pets like the Dark Merryonette and Light Merryonette as well as two new mounts: the Hart of Darkness Mount and the Light Hart Mount.  This pack will be covered on another blog on SOTS, so I’ll just briefly say that I bought about 13,000 crowns and had just about every item from this pack dropped to me, and still had crowns left over. In my opinion, this pack is not dropping gear that is suitable for PvP/PvE. The gear seems to be designed more so for wizards who enjoy fishing, pet training, and gardening, as they offer some of the highest energy in the game so far.

To get a more informed opinion about the new pets, I reached out to my fellow Wizard player and Expert Pet Kyle Firehammer about what he thought of the new pets from the newest Halloween pack, the Elven Nightmare Pack.


**From The Desk of Kyle Firehammer**

The Elven Nightmare Pack

We’ve all seen the new pets from the Elven Nightmare Pack; the new Dark Scaryonette and Light Merryonette add a new definition to the word “creepy” and Halloween for the game. These two pets are a brand new style of pet within the game a puppet implemented in the game not that long after the Accursed Play Gauntlet was released and put into the game, makes you wonder just a little bit. I personally love the colors that were given to these two pets, that and the eyes really say a lot about them, they’re completely awesome and you can see the two different designs that they have on their chests, a spiral and a star.

Now on a personal note the cards of these two at Baby seem very decent with the Dark version giving a Firetrap since it is a fire pet and the Light version giving a Gnomes since it’s a life pet. As they level up though the cards seem to get a little sketchy, at epic they start to give different school cards that don’t really benefit the user that much. We know that the first two cards that the Dark Scaryonette has are very nice for a fire wizard but the last card that it gives at epic just seems very underwhelming and makes absolutely no sense to use, an ice beetle item card? From a first gen fire pet? Does not make any sense at all, we’re used to a pet getting a different school card if it’s a hybrid but not when it’s a first generation pet with multiple cards.

And the same case for the Light Version at adult however it gives a Elemental Shield item card which obviously could help in some scenarios but being a life pet that just doesn’t fit the trend. Thinking about it now I wish that the first card that it gave was a discounted Sabertooth card because that spell gives a Spirit Shield after it’s attack. Which in turn technically balances out the two cards.

The Dark Scaryonette

This pet has 3 Epics, 3 Ultra-Rares, 3 Rares, 1 Uncommon and 0 Common talents which isn’t bad, but the semi-questionable and standout talent that we see is an Ice Ward talent which obviously is “in-line” with the epic card that it gives, but is not very well understood. Along with that it appears to have a couple of selfish talents which is usually the case for first generation pets these ones do appear to be slightly higher in rarity then some of the ones we’ve seen in the past but not super uncommon. And then perhaps the weirdest talent of them all; Epic Fishing Luck which both of these new pets share.

The Light Marionette

This pet has 5 Epics, 2 Ultra-Rares, 1 Rare, 0 Uncommons and 1 Common talent, with a surprising new talent called Mega Soothe which I’m excited to see what that really is. But one of the most iconic talents is in this pool and everyone that has made a pet surely knows it by now, Spell-Proof! One of the best talents in the game giving the wizard anywhere from 1-14% more resist depending on stats of course. This talent has been out since the beginning but I doubt it’ll be going anywhere anytime soon! Another interesting talent that we see on this pet is Armor Breaker, not incredibly well known but definitely out there if you’re into making a lot of pets to acquire the maximum amount of versatility that this game has to offer. And very helpful in PvP but most people tend to go towards the resist side of things. But probably the most interesting thing about this talent list is that the majority of the talents that this pet has to offer are stat boosting talents, whether that be resist, pierce or healing the rest seem to be idle talents or may cast talents.

Thank you, Kyle for your wonderful input!


The 2017 Gloomhorn Pack

Now to some of my personal favorites, beginning with the 2017 Gloomthorn Pack. This is one of my favorites since I love collecting mounts & pets. This still offers the All Souls Pegasus and the Jack O Lantern pet.  This pack has pretty much stayed true to what it has had in the past, the only change being the update to include level 120+ gear and wands. If you’re creating a new build or just trying to squeeze out every percent of stats you can, this years pack offers some items you may want to pursue.  This pack is definitely giving us something for the PvP side with the maycast wands and critical stats wands.

This pack also has the Headless Horseman Card! So for those of you that cannot get the drop from Loremaster this season you can still try to acquire the card from this pack. We want to thank Zanzidia for this clean gif of the Headless Horseman. If you want to see more of her amazing work, check her out at:

Headless Horseman gif from Zanzidia

The max wands are giving a 1% increase in damage and a 4% increase in block however so personally I’m not sure I would spend a lot of crowns trying to upgrade from my level 110+ gear I currently equip, for that.

As for the wands in this pack I’d personally want to go after the Blood Moon Staff, Blue Moon Staff & Hunters Moon staff, aside from the obvious increased level 120+ stats that you can get and may cast card. If you have a revered wand you’ve crafted, but don’t want to lug that huge two handed beauty around, these staffs are nice looking and are great for stitching.

Blood Moon Staff at Level 120 gives +48 Universal Stun Block, +12% Death and Ice Damage and May Cast Shift Grey Wolf. This staff also has death and ice wand cards as well as gives 1 golden pip and a square socket.

Blue Moon Staff at Level 120 gives +44 Universal Stun Block, +15% Fire and +14% Storm Damage and May Cast Shift Grey Wolf. This staff also has fire and storm wand cards as well as gives 1 golden pip and a square socket.

Hunter Moon Staff at Level 120 gives +46 Universal Stun Block, +12% Balance, +12% Life and +13% Myth Damage and May Cast Shift Grey Wolf. This staff also has myth and life wand cards as well as gives 1 golden pip and a square socket.

The Harrowing Nightmare Pack

Another favorite pack I always spend some crowns on every year is the Harrowing Nightmare Pack. One of the must haves in this pack are the critical wands and those have been upgraded to level 120+. Unfortunately wiki is not showing the stats on many of the level 110+ and 120+ wands so we cannot give you a good idea of the increases.

The only wands I can offer as an example are the Death Tormentor’s Shredder level 100+ wand vs the level 120+ wand, the increase is only the incoming heal with an increase of 1%. For me, this is not a big enough deal to dip into my cash card and spend crowns on. However, if you’re shopping for the first time for your critical wand and your max, that’s what you will get. The same goes for the increase on the Life critical wand, Tormentor’s Skullsplitter. These are the only two at this point this time that are available for comparison.

There are some cool mounts in this pack, but there haven’t been any new additions. The Midnight Owl is my favorite.

The Original Nightmare Pack

The Original Nightmare Pack is back again this year and still has some of the coolest most desired mounts that offer +40% Speed Boost.

Cloudstrider Pegasus




This is one pack I always spend crowns on! You will also find some pets you cannot get any other way besides finding someone to hatch with you like the Red Ghost, Vampire, Gob-O-lantern and so many more.

Hope we have helped you decide what is best for your wizard!

Happy Halloween
From Kyle Firehammer, Christina Summerheart and Ian Darkstrider

Saturday, October 6, 2018

UPDATED! Wizard101 Great Detective Bundle

August 19, 2020:
► All gear updated
► Added Level 130 Gear

Released Oct 6, 2018 - Physical cards available at Gamestop stores.
Update 10/9/18: Now available online for email delivery at
Update 8/19/2020: Now available for purchase on

Included in this Bundle
Hot Air Balloon Ride Housing Item

Gyrocycle Mount

Baskerville Hound Pet

Detective Attire

Sherlock's Eyeglass

See all the gear - Levels 0-130!

Hat, Robe, and Boots

Level 0
Level 10

Level 20

Level 30

Level 40

Level 50

Level 60

Level 70

Level 80

Level 90
Level 100
Level 110
Level 120
Level 130

Wands - All Levels

Levels 0 - 30

Levels 40 - 70
Levels 80 - 110
Levels 120 & 130

What does the wand animation look like when it casts? Check it out!
 The Hot Air Balloon Ride!

Have you seen the message on the rope as the balloon ascends?

Take in the view!!

Barkerville Hound Pet

HUGE thank you to @CarlLewis7133, @BreckenBlue and @Iridian_Willow
for their help with Talents and Derby Stats!

Barkerville Hound's Dance Moves

The Gyrocycle Mount