Sunday, May 1, 2022

Guide to the NEW Wizard101 Amazon Pet Jewel Cards

Guide to the NEW Amazon Pet Jewel Cards

In April 2022, Kingsisle introduced a new Pre-Paid Pet Jewel cards obtainable from Amazon.
There are some slight differences between this card and the pet jewel cards from Kroger/Safeway.

Cards from Amazon are $30 each and your redemption code is delivered to the email address that you enter.

Each card code includes: 1 pet jewel, 1 energy elixir, and 15K crowns (or 3 months sub to Wizard101 or Pirate101).
Like the Kroger/Safeway pet jewels, these also Do Not Shatter, so you may move them to different pets, and also bank share them.

In order to equip these pet jewels, your pet must be Ancient or higher, and your Wizard character must be level 15+.
This guide will be updated monthly with the current month's pet jewel, so check back frequently!

Month of April:  Transcendent Opal: Pip Saver + Expert Empowerer


Month of May: Plague Opal: Maycast Plague + Pain Bringer

Month of June: Invigorating Opal
: Maycast Cycle of Life +Healthy


Sunday, April 3, 2022

2022 Stars of the Spiral Fansite Festival BINGO!

 The Annual Fansite Festival Community Event is coming up on
April 9th and 10th, 2022! 

Stars of the Spiral will once again bring the BINGO Fun
on Saturday, April 9th at 4PM CST.

How do I play?

Step 1:
To participate in the Bingo event, the first thing you'll need to do is Save or Print out the Bingo card below. You may also draw out your own card if that's easier for you.
One BINGO Card Per Person

Step 2:
  • Choose only 25 words from the list of 30 below. 
  • Enter one word per space. 
  • There are no free spaces on this card.

    1. Spring
    2. Community
    3. Lemuria
    4. Fansite
    5. Sparck
    6. Festival
    7. KingsIsle
    8. Decius
    9. Ratbeard
    10. Gamigo
    11. Barrel of Fun
    12. Merle
    13. Final Bastion
    14. Stars of the Spiral
    15. Swordroll
    16. Ravenwood
    17. Frostcaller
    18. Jewels
    19. Wizard101 Central
    20. Legends of the Spiral
    21. Arcanum's Archives
    22. Falmea
    23. Adventures of the Spiral
    24. Wizard101 Folio
    25. DuelCircle
    26. Gamma
    27. April
    28. Vanessa Mythdust
    29. Adventure
    30. Friendship
See the example below. Your BINGO card should end up looking something like this. You can fancy it up if you'd like as long as it's legible. If I can't read it, I won't be able to verify if you get a winning BINGO.

Step 3:
  • Once you've filled in your BINGO card, email it to and I will post it on this page for you. Please check back to make sure your entry was posted.
  • Please also include your @Twitter name on your Bingo Card.
  • ALL bingo boards must be received by Friday, 4/8/2022 11PM Central Time. Any Bingo Cards received after the deadline will not be entered. Sorry, No Exceptions!

  • The BINGO event will begin on Saturday, April 9th at 4pm CST on Twitter.

  • I will be entering all 30 BINGO words above into a random word picker.  Please make sure that you're following me on Twitter (@DestinyRain808) to play along.

  • If you're able to get 5 words in a row, either vertically, horizontally, or diagonally, mention me on TWITTER (@DestinyRain808) with “BINGO!”.

    If more than one person gets a Bingo on the same word, the FIRST person who mentions me, wins.

    Rule #1: Mention me ONLY if you have a valid "BINGO"
    Rule #2: Any Fake BINGO mentions made to me will result in automatic disqualification.


    There is a total of 12 prizes.  If you win once, you will not be able to win again.
    • First 4 people to make a standard bingo (5 words in a row - either vertically, horizontally, or diagonally)

    • First 4 people to create an X on their board (Both diagonals – 9 words in all)

    • First 4 people to create an + on their board (Both center rows – 9 words in all)

    Here are examples of "X" and "+" Bingo
    Prizes that will be awarded: 
    Barrel of Fun Permanent Mount - 2 Winners
    10K Crowns - 1 Winner
    Even Creepier Bundle - 1 Winner
    5000 Crowns - 1 Winner
    2500 Crowns - 1 Winner
    1000 Crowns - 4 Winners
    Heroes of Lemuria Pack - 2 winners
    Prizes will be distributed on a first come, first won basis.  The First winner gets to choose which prize they want. The same applies for every winner after that.

    A huge thank you to Wizard101, Mathew Anderson, and Fansite Festival for making these prize codes available!

    Feel free to DM me on Twitter (@DestinyRain808) or email if you have any questions!

Monday, January 31, 2022

Heroes of Lemuria Pack Guide

Heroes of Lemuria Pack
Release Date: January 26, 2022

Here's a quick guide of drops available in the Heroes of Lemuria pack.
3 Sets of Gear
Shadoe's Hat of Justice, Shadoe's Costume of Justice, Shadoe's Boots of Justice
Shadoe's Hat of the Night, Shadoe's Costume of the Night,  Shadoe's Boots of the Night

Shadoe's Hat of Vengeance, Shadoe's Costume of Vengeance, Shadoe's Boots of Vengeance
Mandar's Sword of Heroes
Mandar's Sword of Legend
Mandar's Sword of Might

Buck Gordon's Jet Pack
1 day, 7 day, and Permanent
New! Li'l Lemur
Black Spider
Magma Spider
Toy Golem
New Housing Items

List of all housing items
Buck Gordon
Dog Tracy
Duck Savage
Lemuria Boss Combat Theme
Lemuria Forest Combat Theme
Lemuria Jungle Combat Theme
Lemuria Mandoria Combat Theme
Lemuria Sky City Combat Theme
Lemuria Telos Theme 2
Lemuria Telos Theme 3
Lemuria Telos Theme 4
Lemuria Telos Theme 5
Lemuria Telos Theme 6
Lemuria Telos Theme 7
Mandar the Barbarian
Night Forest Coffee Table
Night Forest Old One Painting
Night Forest Well
Noir Coffee Machine
Sky City Benches
Sky City Cabinet
Sky City Coffee Table
Sky City Computer Tall Grey
Sky City Couch
Sky City Hover Car Apple Green
Sky City Hover Car Magenta
Sky City Rocket
Sky City Wall Clock
Soloman Crane
Stallion Quartermane
The Bantam
The Shadoe
Pet Snacks
Caramel Apple
Cheese Broccoli
Cheese Cake
Chocolate Strawberry
Cold Snap Peas
Cornbread Fruit
Dastardly Radish
Deviled Eggs
Diamond Carrot
Flaming Jalapeno
Flaming Pineapple
Golden Taffy
Heavenly Bubblegum
Large Pretzel

Treasure Cards
Deadly Minotaur
Fire Bats
Heck Hound
Sleet Storm
Wild Bolt

Cat Tail
Deep Mushroom
Fish Fin
Mist Wood
Old One Artifacts
Stone Block

Fiery Boom Shroom
Queen Crape Myrtle
Red Huckleberries
Thanks for checking out this guide!

Monday, December 20, 2021

Happy Yuletide Short Story Contest!

 Join us in some fan-fiction fun for a chance at some epic prizes!

Huge THANK YOU to @Wizard101 and @Mathew Anderson for providing these amazing prizes!

Contest Details

You will create a short story of your Wizard celebrating Yuletide with your choice of either your favorite NPCs, other wizard friends, or both! It can take place anywhere in the Spiral, including your Castle. Just make sure there's a fun or heartfelt moment sprinkled in there to make it an interesting read! The most thoughtful, creative, mistake-less writing will get the highest prize!


1st Place - Mystery Bundle

2nd Place - Mystery Mount

3rd Place - 5,000 Crowns


1. You must submit your entries to and please be sure to include both your Wizard's Name and your Twitter Handle somewhere in the email. The subject of the email must include the phrase "Yuletide Short Story Contest"

2. All entries must be submitted by Friday, December 24th @11:59PM and the story cannot exceed 500 words!

3. Only one entry is allowed per person! So that means if you send more than one email, your very first entry will be the only one that counts! Please be sure to triple-check everything you want to submit before you click send!

4. When winners are announced (most likely by the evening of December 25th), we will share your story along with your Wizard name and Twitter handle. Your email remains private!

And Most Importantly...


Create something you're proud of!

And good luck!


Stars of the Spiral Christmas Candy Jar Contest

How many Charity Hippogriff Mounts are in the Candy Jar?

A HUGE Thank you to Wizard101 and CM Mathew Anderson for providing the prizes for this contest!

The correct number was 57!
3 people guessed it right on the nose!
Winners are (in the order that their entries was received):
Congrats! Winners pls chk your emails.
Huge thanks again to
@Wizard101 for providing the prizes!

Take your best guess without going over.
Submit your entry HERE or at this link:

One (1) guess per person

1st Place: Random Wizard101 Bundle + 2 Random Christmas Packs

2nd Place: Random Christmas Themed Perm Mount + 2 Random Christmas Packs

3rd Place: 2500 Crowns + 2 Random Christmas Packs

In the event of multiple people guessing the same winning number (or closest to it), the earliest entry will win.

This contest is being offered on Twitter and Facebook

Contest ends on Christmas Day, December 25th at 6PM CST and winners announced on Dec 26th.

Questions?  DM me on Twitter: @DestinyRain808

Good luck, and Happy Holidays!


Saturday, December 11, 2021

Wizard101 Yuletide Mornings Pack (2021)

New Yuletide Mornings Pack (2021)
Release Date: December 9, 2021
399 Crowns in the Crown Shop

This pack is an updated version of the Yuletide Mornings pack that was released in December 2020.  Everything that was in the original pack is also included in this updated pack.
You can view the original pack HERE
This updated pack includes new New Year's gear sets... A total of 6 Sets!
Check out the new fancy gear below!

Black New Year's Top Hat, Tux, and Wingtips

Black New Year's Top Cloche, Dress, and Flats

Gold New Year's Top Hat, Tux, and Wingtips

Gold New Year's Top Cloche, Dress, and Flats

White New Year's Top Hat, Tux, and Wingtips

White New Year's Top Cloche, Dress, and Flats

Black, Gold, and White New Year's Noisemakers

Auld Lang Sphere Perm Mount

Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Wizard101 Fall Feast Bundles


Head over to the Wizard101 Crown Shop now to snag these Fall Feast Bundles!
This is a limited time deal, so grab them before they leave the crown shop!

Have a look below to see what you'll receive from each bundle.

Fall Appetizer Bundle

Fall Entree Bundle

Fall Dessert Bundle