Sunday, August 2, 2020

Wizard101 Pet Promenade Speed Guide For Beginners

Tips for earning the max daily points with limited time and little gold. This is intended to be tips for the new promenade players. Each character should only take 5 minutes to complete daily for max points.  

1. Normally when you log on now, the Daily Spiral pops up showing the events going on in the game. “If it doesn’t pop up, just click on crown shop.” Click on pet promenade and it will give you the option to port to event.  Unless you are already there, that will save a good bit of time. 


2. Hatch A Pet. This doesn’t have to cost an extreme amount of gold, but can if you’re not careful. My tip on that is to get 2- first generation pets (can be crown pets) and train to adult.
You should be able to hatch those for 3750 gold. 




3.  Feed Pet Snack For Happiness. You can feed 1- 25 point snack or multiple snacks totaling 25. There’s no reason to feed more than that because the max points you can get is 25. 




4.  Win A Pet Game. This is achieved by simply winning a pet game. It gives 1 point per pet rank. I use a mega or ultra pet , so I get the max of 25 points in 5 games. You only have to get 3 correct to have it considered a win. I fail at the first 2 to save some  time. Be careful using that strategy though as it leaves no room for error. 



5.  Feed A Pet A Snack. This is best done after you win a pet game #4. If you’re using a mega or ultra pet, I suggest using a rank 1 pet snack. They can be purchased from the pet pavilion snack vendor or bazaar for a small amount of gold. 



For Visual Learners like me here is a video.