Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The New World of Zafaria

Merle Ambrose: "I'll soon be calling those of you who are level 60 to come to my office in the Commons as soon as you can! We have a small crisis which I hope you can help with. It involves travel to the world of Zafaria. I was there, long ago... 


..but beware, while it is a lush and vibrant land, Zafaria was once the home of Morganthe and even still her agents sow the seeds of chaos. As war threatens to sweep over the grasslands and penetrate deep into the jungles of Zafaria, Morganthe plots to recover the heart of her lost power, and fulfill the words of the prophecy."


Zafiria is a continuation of the Celestia plotline which is the Morganthe storyline.
The level cap is being raised from 60 to 70.
And there will be new Rank 9 spells which are seen in the new video
Wizard101 has released which is at:

Also, of course wizards will have access to new gear, pets and mounts

The new areas of Zafaria:

-Baobab, the market Hub of Zafaria
-The Savannah, with its open grasslands and hidden dens
-Zamuda, the great wooden city of the Zebra Empire
-Stone Town, capital of the Elephant Nation
-Drum Jungle, where twisted ruins hide beneath the lush canopy

Zafaria will come to Test Month this month
and hopefully will be released to Live by the end of the year.


Grub Guardian, an new mini game, which will be on web
and on tablet pcs such as Andrioid and iOS mobile devices
that will help you level your in-game pet while you are without a computer.
Grub Guardian will be launching along with the new world of Zafaria.
Grub Guardian is a tower-defense-style game
which will allow players to link to their Wizard101 accounts and train their in-game pets.


All of the links below has official information from Wizard101 and I give them the credit for all information and pictures that is in this blog entry.


Friday, October 21, 2011

New World Tease, Massively Awards and New Pet Drop!

Take a look at this new tease of the new world content. The code says "Down in the Depths."
Code credit to Kevin Battleblood and Katherine Light.

Vote for Wizard101 at Massive Online Gamer 2011 Reader's Choice Awards

And the last boss in Waterworks drops a new PET! It's called Boar Knight! WOOT! It's similar to the Pet Derby pet, the Boar. Except Knight has armor on, red tunic and red beard.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Guide To The Nightmare Packs

WHEW, Another Pack? Wowwwwwww. That's another huge hole in my wallet.

The new Nightmare Gear and Pet - Gob-O-Lantern

The new Nightmare Mount

This new Pack, the Nightmare Pack, is currently being sold in the Crown Shop for 299 Crowns each.
It's being sold for LIMITED TIME ONLY. So hurry and grab them up!



Halloween Cauldron
Pirate Jack O'Lantern
Halloween Doodle Stands (Vampire, Witch, Ghost, Ghoul and Scarecrow)
Nightside Tapestry
Customized Gravestone
Apple Tub
Bubbling Cauldron
Crate of Pumpkins
Carved Skull
Buried Bone
Vampire Masks
Obsidian Firecat Statue
Lit Furnace
Jacques' Saw
Jar of Bat Wings
Foul Cauldron
Fire Mummy
Pilloried Skeleton
Rattlebones' Feet
Pot-Bellied Stove
Dead Tree
Dark Stone Tower
Worn Shovel
Smoldering Tree
Slanted Grave
Customized Grizzleheim Sign
Death Shield
Death Desk
Death Banner
Large Candle Holder
Obsidian Chest
Brain Jar
Bone Hand



Myth Banshee
Golden Armored Skeleton
Red Ghost
Grim Scarab
Death Scarab
Life Ghoul
Death Imp
Death Treant
Pale Maiden
Black Cat
Ghost Dragon
Skeleton Knight
Ghost Hound
Ianthine Spectre


All are Level 60 stats - No Auction
There are lower leveled gears and wands, but I did not list them.


Darkwraith's Compelling Cowl
2% Pips
3% Acc
15 Crit
6% Attack
6% Resist
Gives 1 Animate Card - Summon a Death Minion at X pips

Darkwraith's Cowl of Penance
3% Pips
3% Acc
15 Crit
5% Attack
5% Resist
Gives 1 Card of each:
Empower - Gives 250 Moon Attack using 2 Pips for 0 Pips
Donate Power - Gives 3 Pips to Target for 3 Pips

Darkwraith's Umbral Cowl
6% Pips
3% Acc
15 Crit
4% Attack
5% Resist
Gives 1 Deathblade card - +45% to next Death Attack



Darkwraith's Shroud of Penance
5% Pips
3% Acc
6% Attack
7% Resist
Gives 1 Card for each:
Sacrifice - Takes 225 Death Attack to give 750 Health for 3 Pips
Spirit Shield - -55% to next Death, Myth, Life Attack Spells for 0 Pips

Darkwraith's Umbral Shroud
3% Acc
10 Block
4% Attack
5% Resist
Gives 1 Card of each:
Scarecrow - 450 Attack to all enemies and gives back the attacker half of the health for 7 Pips
Wraith - 575 Attack and gives back the attacker half of the health for 6 Pips

Darkwraith's Compelling Shroud
3% Pips
3% Acc
15 Crit
5% Attack
6% Resist
Gives 1 Card of each:
Deadly Minotaur - 70 Death Attack then 660 Death Attack for 5 Pips
Guidance - +15% Accuracy to all friends for 1 Pip



Darkwraith's Compelling Boots
3% Pips
30 Block
6% Attack
6% Resist
Gives 1 Steal Health - Steal 325 Health from Minion for 1 Pip

Darkwraith's Umbral Boots
6% Pips
3% Acc
30 Block
4% Attack
5% Resist
Gives 1 Card of each:
Death Trap - +35 % to next Death Attack for 0 Pips
Death Prism - Convert Death Attack to Life Attack for 0 Pips

Darkwraith's Boots of Penance
3% Acc
5% Attack
5% Resist
Gives 1 Card of each:
Dark Pact - Gives 300 Death Attack to self and +35% to next Attack Spell at 1 Pip
Empower - Take 250 Death Attack for 3 Pips (can't crit self) at 1 Pip



Darkwraith's Scythe of Penance
15 Block
30 Crit
1 Golden Pip
6 Cards of 120 Death Attack

Darkwraith's Compelling Scythe
30 Block
20 Crit
1 Golden Pip
6 Cards of 120 Death Attack

Darkwraith's Umbral Scythe
45 Block
10 Crit
1 Golden Pip
6 Cards of 120 Death Attack



Lollipop Wand
Witch's Broom
Hallowe'en Hat, Robe and Shoes
Pumpkin Mask (Kitty, Scary, Silly)
Mean Pumpkin Staff



Deadly Ninja Seeds
Deadly Fly Traps



Bat Wings
Black Stallion
Enchanged Broom
Purple Glider
Enchanted Broom
The Nightmare



Enchanted Broom
Bat Wings
Black Stallion
Purple Glider
Horned Sweeper


I marked the rank of the best cards in this pack. Some of them are brand new.

Atomic Fireball (Rank 7)
Caramel Popcorn
Crab Apples (Rank 8)
Cry Babies (Rank 7)
Gobbler Stoppers (Rank 8)
Peanutbutter Cup
Pixie Stix (Rank 8)
Rock Candy
Rock and Roll Candy
Rotten Candy
Jolly Rancher (Rank 8)
Harvest Corn
Misfortune Cookie
Salmon Joy
Wormy Apple
Gummy Bloodbat
Golden Candy Bar
Glowing Rock Candy
Sandy Corn
Senior Mint (Rank 7)
Spicy Bubblegum
Square Watermelon
Swirled Lollipop
Nutty Candy Bar
Big Squash
Buttered Bread
Stinky Cheese
Star Lollipop
Cheese Broccoli
Chocolate Peanut
Gummy Firecat
Big Squash
Spicy Bubblegum
Yellow Corn (Rank 8)


I added the card info to the new cards or unfamiliar cards.

Gold Skeleton - 380 Death Attack at 4 Pips
Ash Bats - Gives 245-285 Fire Attack at 1 Pip
Krokomummy - 375 Fire Attack at 3 Pips
Black Widow - Gives 40 plus 315 Death Attack over 3 Round at 3 Pips
Black Widow (life) - Gives 440 Life Attack at 4 Pips
Lady Blackhope - 215 Balance Attack at 2 Pips
Life Banshee - 275 Life Attack and +30% to next Life Spell at 4 Pips
Life Bat - Gives 15-120 Health over 3 Rounds for Team
Fire Bats - Gives 190-230 Fire Attack at 2 Pips
Frozen Bats - 200 Ice Attack and +35% to next Ice Spell
Death Bat - Gives 25 plus 200 Death Attack at 1 Pip
Brown Spider - 215 Life Attack and plus 30% to all Life Spells at 3 pips
Lord Nightshade  - 330 Death Attack at 3 Pips
Ice Bats - Gives 245-285 Ice Attack at 2 Pips
Red Banshee - 300 Death Attack and +30% to next Death Spell
Giant Spider - 390-450 Life Attack at 4 Pips
The Bonekeeper - 450 Death Attack at 4 Pips
Crow - Gives 180 Death Attack and Target helps you for 1 Round at 5 Pips
Clockwork Spider - Gives 325 Balance Attack and Power Pip Chance 40% at 4 Pips
Myth Banshee - 190 Myth Attack and Stun for 1 Round at 3 Pips
Lightning Bats
Skeletal Dragon
Ghost Touch
Skeletal Pirate
Time of Legend
Spirit Blade
Spirit Armor
Spirit Shield
Spirit Trap
Spirit Defuse
Blood Bat
Dark Pact
Harvest Lord
Black Cat
Black Mantle



Miniature Bloodbats - Prevents Rank 4 Pests for 48 Hours for 25 Energy



Glass  Vial
Perfect Citrine
Perfect Onyx
Black Lotus
Bronze Gear
Deep Mushroom
Ghost Fire
Red Mandrake
Spider Silk


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The new Walmart Hawkrider Bundle Card


The Teleport Tapestry is the Nightside Tapestry.

Pedigree is 59, Storm School
One of its original talents is SPRITELY

I know you can't see the wand,
but it shows on the game card what it looks like.

The new Super Bundle Card from Gamestop - The Safari Palace


GameStop Super Bundle - $39

Enormous Safari Palace
War Rhino Mount
Great Axe
Safari Outfit
Giraffe Pet
Mystery Teleport Tapestry
1 Month Sub or 5000 Crowns

Welcome to the Fallon's Safari Palace! All of the pets, gear, house
and etc etc, are credited to Fallon since it was her place.
 I wasn't able to take a picture of the Rhino mount,
but next time I see it, I will take pictures of it.

Close up of the Safari Palace.

Gotta love that view and the orange sky.

This statue reminds me of GH. Bears and that sort of thing. Love it.

Beautiful waterfall, there's a cave behind that that will lead you to an underground cave
with a Gorilla who gives out pet snacks.

The PvP Arena!

So love the tapestry in here and the wall art.

So love the backdrop.

Gorgeous eh? It has 4 huge lower rooms. Notice the hand railing's columns
of lion, elephant and zebra heads.

Right next to the bank, there's three tapestry:
Bazaar, Arena and Nightside.

Bazaar comes with the Nighthhawk card,
Arena comes with the Sun Palace,
Nightside is from the Nightmare Packs.

Beautiful Giraffe pet running around.
Btw, it's a Life School pet, if anyone wonders.

Giraffe dancing lol





Fallon here looks extremely fierce in the outfit.
And yeah the wand looks like a sparkly yellow can opener LOL.

 The top floor. Beautiful Views. It has 4 huge upper rooms

 Whew, that was a LONG ladder down from that crack in the first floor of the palace.

Yeah oh yeah, you gonna eat all of those bananas and not give me some? How very nice. :(
He .. err or she.. is like the genie, but instead of reagents, he/she gives out pet snacks.

This Gorilla has a very nice hairdo if anyone noticed! LOL

Out of the cave and you're back at the waterfall.

THE END! Hope you enjoyed the Tour!