Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Brand New Bundle from Wizard101!

Thanks to Cheyenne Nightweaver for allowing us to visit her clockwork gauntlet. You can buy the Great Clockwork bundle from Target and possibly Walmart as well for $39.

What you get from this bundle is a Clockwork Gauntlet, Valencian Steed Mount with 2% Pierce, a super cute Battle Cherub Pet with a Guardian Spirit card, cool Valencian looking gears and sword.

What's Inside The Clock Tower? 

Inside The Gauntlet

If it's familiar to you, I know you play Pirate101 because there you will see this area as well. In Pirate101, they just added a new expansion to the Valencia world and one of the areas in it is Florenza. The gauntlet greatly resembles Florenza. Hope that encourages you guys to play Pirate101!

The Other Stuff

We will add more gear stats soon. Stay tuned!

My Opinion

The drops were not that great to be honest. You could get reagents such as brass, steel, but also platinum. You could get treasure cards such as cold iron, potboiler, etc. But you also could get the rare Crimenea treasure cards as well. I also got clock related items such as Clockwork Flower seed, Grandfather Clock, Wall Clock, etc.

However, Johnny of Wizards of the Spiral was able to get a Steel Golem pet which is something we all have been waiting years for!

The health amounts of the mobs as well as the boss in this gauntlet was really way too low. With all players at Level 110, you could get the boss coming in at 6300 health. You have only four fights in this gauntlet, the first two being mobs. Then you have Lugs as a minor boss. Then Lucia, the major boss in the final fight. Both bosses do cheat. They are minor annoying cheats, but manageable. With a team, you can finish a run really fast.

I would have my doubts buying this bundle to be honest just based from what was dropped. There wasn't even a badge. Although the pet that comes with this bundle is just too cute for words!

Let us know what you have gotten from there so far in the comments below.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Badges and Side Quests in Pirate101 Test Realm

Want to earn all of the badges in Valencia Part 2, but don't know what you could get and what side quests you need to complete to get those badges? I have listed all of them below.

Exploration Badges

Calabrian Explorer - Discover the Calabria Skyway (the easiest badge you'll get lol)

Florenzan Grand Tourist - Saw Beautiful Florenza!

Quest Badges

Librarian-in-Training - Help the Ulpian Library get its shelves in order

Diplomatic Community - Prove your worth as a Monquistan diplomat

Bob's Not My Uncle - Finish Bob's My Uncle

Chapter Badges

Master of Intrigue - Complete Chapter 38

Savior of the Spiral - Complete Chapter 39

Level 70 Class Badges

Sniper - Reach Level 70 as a Musketeer

Blade Dancer - Reach Level 70 as a Swashbuckler

Nautical Level Badges

Admiral - Reach Nautical Level 70

Line Admiral - Reach Nautical Level 80

Combat Badges

Kane's Conqueror - Defeat Kane 1 Time

Kane's Nemesis - Defeat Kane 10 Times

Maybe there's more badges after this. We aren't sure yet.

Calabria Skyway Side Quests

Quests You Can Pick Up Right Away

Seal of Approval - Zokei Bai-Mi, Florenza Dock - 1000xp

See Beautiful Florenza! - Alfonso Buitoni, Florenza by the main foundation - 1880xp
(You earn the Florenzian Grand Tourist badge when you complete the above quest)

Strike Force! - Gerardo Dandini, Florenza by the main foundation - 2470xp

Due Unto Others - Ludovico Muratori, Florenza Library - 1000xp

Garden State of Emergency - Fortuno, Housing Vendor, Florenza Gardens - 1720xp

Caviar Emptor! - Alexei Zhukovitch, Florenza Tavern - 1720xp

Let Flying Fish Lye - Knut Honeypaw, Palazzo Atria, Florenza - 1470xp

The Help - Hawtius Maximus, Palazzo Atria, Florenza - 1470xp

Pizza Delivery - Vittorio Gatti, Tower of Pizza, Florenza - 1000xp

Quests That Will Pop Up Later

Some of the quests below might pop up after completing the main story line quest, "Desperately Seeking Desdemona."

Look To The Skies! - Giovanni Cassini, Totem Vendor, Florenza
(You earn the Master of Intrigue badge when you complete the above quest)

Aragon In 60 Seconds - Ludovico Muratori, Ulpian Library, Florenza

There's one more side quest that I think Viggario from Halls of Justice in Florenza gives called "Orange Is The New Lack." But I'm not sure if the quest name is accurate. I do remember him giving a side quest, but can't recall the quest name. Let me know if you do know the correct quest name. I will credit you of course.

And of course, if there's any other side quests that I've missed, let me know.

Thanks Harmony Everhart for your assistance with this!

Friday, June 3, 2016

New Class Powers & Talents in Pirate101 Test Realm

I was able to check out what was new in Pirate101 regarding powers and talents we can train from our class trainers. Check them out below.


Alert 2 (Talent) - Level 67
Requires Alert 1, Gambit of Steel

Riposte Rank 3 (Talent) - Level 70
Requires Riposte 2, Gambit of Steel, First Strike 3


Turn The Tide 3 (Talent) - Level 67
Requires Turn The Tide 2, Reckless Frenzy

The Reaper (Power) - Level 70
Requires Reckless Frenzy


Mojo Echo 2 (Talent) - Level 67
Requires Mojo Echo 1

Mojo Burn (Power) - Level 70
Requires Stygian Chorus


Repel Boarders 2 (Talent) - Level 67
Requires Repel Boarders 1

Blast of Discord (Power) - Level 70
Requires Dress The Line


Quick Draw 3 (Talent) - Level 67
Requires: Quick Draw 2, Uncanny Shot, Scatter Spike, Canister Shot

Double Tap 3 (Talent) - Level 70
Requires Double Tap 2, Bounding Overwatch

I was a bit disappointed with the Swashbuckler and Musketeer. They simply had upgraded talents. I wanted a power and a cool card. The other classes' power cards also honestly looks cool! Oh well, we will see if this really will stick to live realm or they will be changed.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

The Four Ghosts of Darkmoor Manor

The Darkmoor Manor has four ghosts that take turns every day to appear with daily rewards. But what is even more interesting that they all have their own tragic story to tell.

Apparently Lord Pawtrey was a terrible man from what they will tell you.

He was apparently very cruel to his sibling, wife and even his own children. He spent every penny and didn't leave them very much after his death. Very tragic.