Friday, August 31, 2018

Avast Pirates! Pirate101 Got New Updates!

Pirate101 Test Realm is Up! Pirate101 now has new skeleton key bosses, quest finder, more backspace space and more!

For more information, go to:

To download Pirate101's Test Realm Launcher, go to:

Wizard101 Turns 10 Years Old!

Wizard101's Biggest Bash In A Decade.. For Obvious Reasons! 

Wizard101 is now ten years old! To celebrate Wizard101 turning 10 years old, Wizard101 is throwing the biggest bash and all of the official fansites will be also throwing events to celebrate this amazing moment!

Not only that, Wizard101 has introduced new pets to the Crown Shop so you can celebrate in style and even a new quest for you to experience! You can also get Birthday Items and more. For more information, go to:

Go forth, young wizards, and party on!!!!!!!!

Wizard101's Official Fansite Events

The official fansites are officially excited to officially hold events for the official Wizard101's very official tenth birthday party! Wow, that was a mouthful! Haha. Here's the calendar for all of Wizard101's official fansite celebrations.

Thanks to @SheldonCentral for this amazing graphic!

Our site, Stars of the Spiral, will be holding Hide & Seek events on Sunday, September 16th. Stay tuned for times and prizes.

To check out what other fansites are up to or to receive more information about their events, please go to: