Wednesday, July 28, 2021

New! Wizard101 Ravenwood Rangers Lore Pack

 New! Wizard101 Ravenwood Rangers Lore Pack
Release Date: July 28, 2021
Crowns: 399

The Ravenwood Ranger's pack just hit the crown shop. Let's have a look inside!


Able Ranger's Gear Set

 Adventurous Gear Set

Intrepid Gear Set
Able, Adventurous, and Intrepid Racoon Pets

 The following Spellements for the new spells drops from this pack.

Collect 35 spellements of each to train the permanent spell.

Beary Surprise

Camp Bandit


 This guide is still under construction and will be updated very soon with housing items, tc, reagents, etc that is dropped from this pack.

Check Out The Brand New Wizard101 Adventure Parties!

Hello wizards of Wizard City!

It's that time of year again, the annual Summer Update! There are many exciting things that you can read about on the official Update Notes, but here at Stars of The Spiral I'd like to personally tell you about the Adventure Parties feature in this short Q&A:

Q: What are adventure parties, and aren't they like guilds/groups?
A: Adventure Parties are essentially permanent groups, but they are not to be mistaken with guilds (which is in the works). They establish a formal team within players along quests, provide tools to help players synchronize, and also has some bonus functionality to add a sense of identity. So, if you'd like more than what groups currently provide, this is perfect for you!

Q: How do players make an adventure party?
A: First, you must form a regular group of at least 4 players. (Check out the new group tab in the social menu!) You must each have a free adventure slot. One of the players in the group must click the "Create Adventure Party" button. The player who clicked the button is now the owner of the adventure party and will be prompted to name it. Once that's done, the adventure party invite will be sent to all the group members, and they must all accept otherwise the creation of the adventure party will not go through. If you ever decide you no longer want to be part of the party, don't worry, there's a button at the bottom of the details page where you can leave!

Q: After the adventure party has already been created, can I invite new members?
A: Great question, yes you can! You can either click the "Invite Friends" button or click on a free slot and follow the prompt of which player to add. They must meet the adventure party requirements (listed below) and they must be on your friends list!

Q: How do adventure parties function?
A: Adventure parties display a bunch of information about the  party itself and the player characters within, including but not limited to: how many members it has and how many are online, the latest message (more about that feature below!), each player's name school level and last login date. Furthermore, players can post messages for other players within the party to see that invite them to various activities! These messages can only have proposals for any time within the next seven days. You may delete your messages as well. When you create a message, you are added to the list of players planning to attend that event, to which all the other party members can also click to be added so that you can all see. Finally, there is a message for whenever a player joins or leaves a party.

Q: Any restrictions to adventure parties that players should know about?
A: In order to create or join an adventure party, you must be at least level 30. When creating an adventure party, each player in the group must have a free party slot. You can be in only up to 3 adventure parties at once, those of which each can have up to only 12 players in each party. To stay in an adventure party, you must login at least once every 30 days. If the party ever has just one player in it, it is disbanded.

Thanks for reading and I wish you a wonderful day!

Much love,
Sestiva Song

Sunday, July 25, 2021

Christmas in July Mystery Shadow Contest!

Christmas in July Mystery Shadow Contest!

Join us in our Mystery Shadow Contest for a chance to win some really cool prizes!

Huge THANK YOU to @Wizard101 and @Mathew Anderson for providing these amazing prizes!

Answer Key:

Contest Winners

I decided to add a new prize category...SURPRISE!
(3x) Grand Prize 10K Crowns + a Mystery Perm Mount
(5x) Second Chance Prize 5K Crowns + 3 Mystery Packs
(New Category) (5x) Surprise 3rd Chance Prize 2500 Crowns + 1 Mystery Pack

(3x) Grand Prize 10K Crowns + a Mystery Perm Mount
Alison Kuleba (FB)

(5x) Second Chance Prize 5K Crowns + 3 Mystery Packs

(5x) Surprise 3rd Chance Prize 2500 Crowns + 1 Mystery Pack

Scroll down the page to read the rules of this contest

The object of this contest is to correctly guess each mystery shadow.
It could be a mount, pet, or housing item

Below are 25 Mystery Shadows. Can you guess them all?


Earn 1 Point for each mystery shadow that you guess correctly.

1. Correct spelling is mandatory for this contest. Misspelled words will cause you to lose a point for that mystery shadow.

2. Names of each shadow must exactly match the way it appears in the game or a point will be deducted for that mystery shadow.

Please triple check your entry before submitting it. Absolutely no exceptions.

One entry per person.
Your first entry is the only entry that will be accepted, so please make sure that you're confident with your answers before sending it in.

Include your social media name (Twitter, Facebook, etc) with your entry.

Entries must be received by 6PM CST on Saturday, July 31, 2021
Answers will be posted on this page at the end of the contest.

Grand Prize Raffle - 3 Winners:
Each winner will win 15,000 Crowns and a Mystery Wizard101 Permanent Mount
Anyone who guesses all mystery shadows correctly will have their name entered into this Grand Prize Raffle. 
If no one guesses all mystery shadows correctly, then those with the highest number of correct entries will be entered into the raffle.

Second Chance Prize Raffle - 5 Winners:

Each winner will win 5,000 Crowns and 3 Mystery Wizard101 Packs
All entries that did not make it into - or win in the Grand Prize Raffle - will be entered into this raffle.
Winners of the Grand Prize Raffle are not eligible to enter this raffle.

Good luck and Have Fun!