Monday, December 20, 2021

Happy Yuletide Short Story Contest!

 Join us in some fan-fiction fun for a chance at some epic prizes!

Huge THANK YOU to @Wizard101 and @Mathew Anderson for providing these amazing prizes!

Contest Details

You will create a short story of your Wizard celebrating Yuletide with your choice of either your favorite NPCs, other wizard friends, or both! It can take place anywhere in the Spiral, including your Castle. Just make sure there's a fun or heartfelt moment sprinkled in there to make it an interesting read! The most thoughtful, creative, mistake-less writing will get the highest prize!


1st Place - Mystery Bundle

2nd Place - Mystery Mount

3rd Place - 5,000 Crowns


1. You must submit your entries to and please be sure to include both your Wizard's Name and your Twitter Handle somewhere in the email. The subject of the email must include the phrase "Yuletide Short Story Contest"

2. All entries must be submitted by Friday, December 24th @11:59PM and the story cannot exceed 500 words!

3. Only one entry is allowed per person! So that means if you send more than one email, your very first entry will be the only one that counts! Please be sure to triple-check everything you want to submit before you click send!

4. When winners are announced (most likely by the evening of December 25th), we will share your story along with your Wizard name and Twitter handle. Your email remains private!

And Most Importantly...


Create something you're proud of!

And good luck!


Stars of the Spiral Christmas Candy Jar Contest

How many Charity Hippogriff Mounts are in the Candy Jar?

A HUGE Thank you to Wizard101 and CM Mathew Anderson for providing the prizes for this contest!

The correct number was 57!
3 people guessed it right on the nose!
Winners are (in the order that their entries was received):
Congrats! Winners pls chk your emails.
Huge thanks again to
@Wizard101 for providing the prizes!

Take your best guess without going over.
Submit your entry HERE or at this link:

One (1) guess per person

1st Place: Random Wizard101 Bundle + 2 Random Christmas Packs

2nd Place: Random Christmas Themed Perm Mount + 2 Random Christmas Packs

3rd Place: 2500 Crowns + 2 Random Christmas Packs

In the event of multiple people guessing the same winning number (or closest to it), the earliest entry will win.

This contest is being offered on Twitter and Facebook

Contest ends on Christmas Day, December 25th at 6PM CST and winners announced on Dec 26th.

Questions?  DM me on Twitter: @DestinyRain808

Good luck, and Happy Holidays!


Saturday, December 11, 2021

Wizard101 Yuletide Mornings Pack (2021)

New Yuletide Mornings Pack (2021)
Release Date: December 9, 2021
399 Crowns in the Crown Shop

This pack is an updated version of the Yuletide Mornings pack that was released in December 2020.  Everything that was in the original pack is also included in this updated pack.
You can view the original pack HERE
This updated pack includes new New Year's gear sets... A total of 6 Sets!
Check out the new fancy gear below!

Black New Year's Top Hat, Tux, and Wingtips

Black New Year's Top Cloche, Dress, and Flats

Gold New Year's Top Hat, Tux, and Wingtips

Gold New Year's Top Cloche, Dress, and Flats

White New Year's Top Hat, Tux, and Wingtips

White New Year's Top Cloche, Dress, and Flats

Black, Gold, and White New Year's Noisemakers

Auld Lang Sphere Perm Mount

Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Wizard101 Fall Feast Bundles


Head over to the Wizard101 Crown Shop now to snag these Fall Feast Bundles!
This is a limited time deal, so grab them before they leave the crown shop!

Have a look below to see what you'll receive from each bundle.

Fall Appetizer Bundle

Fall Entree Bundle

Fall Dessert Bundle



Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Wizard101 Sky City Bundle (Lemuria House)

New! Sky City Bundle (Lemuria House)

Release Date: October 28, 2021
GameStop $39

The newest Wizard101 Sky City Bundle has arrived!
In this bundle, you'll get the ultra modern Sky City Estate (Lemuria House), the Sky Sedan De-Luxe Permanent Mount (50% Speed), the Outfit of Tomorrow gear set, the Eye Pal Pet, and 1 month sub or 5K crowns.

"Outfit of Tomorrow" Gear Stats
This set comes with the "Cap of Tomorrow", "Jumpsuit of Tomorrow", and "Boots of Tomorrow".

Arbalaster 3000 Wand
Sky Sedan De-Luxe Mount
50% Speed
Eye Pal, Storm School


Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Wizard101 Grim Ferryman Pack Guide

Grim Ferryman Pack
Release Date: October 12, 2021
399 Crowns

Charon's Countenance Hat
Charon's Mantle Robe
Charon's Scythe Wand
Charon's Waders Boots

Haros' Countenance Hat
Haros' Mantle Robe
Haros' Scythe
Haros' Waders Boots
Stygian Countenance Hat
Stygian Mantle Robe
Stygian Waders Boots
Stygian Scythe

 Tartarus Ferry Mount
Available by reaching the final tier in the Grim Ferry Pack Crown Rewards Event 

Charon's Ferry
1 Day, 7 Day, Perm
Haros' Ferry
1 Day, 7 Day, Perm
Stygian Ferry
1 Day, 7 Day, Perm

Bat Wings

1 Day, 7 Day
Black Stallion
1 Day, 7 Day
Enchanted Broom
1 Day
Horned Sweeper
1 Day
Purple Glider
1 Day
Seraph Wings
1 Day, 7 Day


Dutiful Bloodbat
Jack O Lantern
Gloomy Goatling
Glum Goatling
Yellow Ghost
Grim Goatling
Ygor's Grimoire

New items (highlighted) were added to this pack!
Altar with Candles
Grim Bat Balloon
Angled Gravemarker
Grim Spider Balloon
Autumnal Stygian Tree
Grim Tree
Halloween Mat
Brain Jar
Krokotopian Mummy
Large Candle Holder
Bubbling Cauldron
Lit Furnace
Carved Skull
Obsidian Chest
Cobweb Rug
Rattlebones Feet
Creepy Corner Cobweb
Slanted Grave
Dark Stone Tower
Spider Web Wallpaper
Dead Tree
Spooky Spider Web
Death Banner
Stygian Leaves
Death Shield
Tall Pumpkin
Foul Cauldron
Worn Shovel

Black Lotus
Perfect Citrine
Perfect Onyx
Ghost Fire
Red Mandrake
Spider Silk

Pet Snacks
Athame Pop
Misfortune Cookie
Atomic Fireball
Nutty Candy Bar
Big Squash
Peanutbutter Cup
Candy Bar
Rock and Roll Candy
Caramel Popcorn
Rock Candy
Chocolate Peanut
Rotten Candy
Cry Babies
Sandy Corn
Glowing Rock Candy
Senior Mint
Golden Candy Bar
Gummy Bloodbat
Star Lollipop
Gummy Firecat
Swirled Lollipop
Gummy Humongofrog
Wormy Apple

Treasure Cards
Ash Bats
Black Cat
Black Mantle
Life Bat
Blood Bat
Spirit Blade
Dark Pact
Spirit Shield
Ghost Touch
Spirit Trap


Evil Magma Peas

Thanks for checking out this guide! If you have something that you would like
to add to it, please feel free to reach out to me and let me know.
Twitter: @DestinyRain808 or @OfficialSotS
Or via Email