Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The Hoarders of Wizard City


The Hoarders of Wizard City

Have you hoarded something in game? I know I have. I mean I'm a secret dragon. Don't tell others okay? Please? While cleaning up my attic, bank, shared bank and my own backpack, I keep finding things that made me go, "Why did I save this?!"

Here's My Top 5 Hoarded Items

Treasure Cards

Before Wizard101 expanded our Treasure Cards storage to 999, it was a super hard time holding on precious cards that you thought that you might need for future crafting, PvP and more.

But even with space for 999 treasure cards, I keep finding myself maxing out. Thank god for card holders on other accounts.... The problem is... I don't remember what they do ALREADY have.


For decorators, you know what I'm talking about. You save everything because what if there's a new house or a new decorating idea. For some reason, I kept buying Sparse Fronds. Probably because I remember having such a hard time finding enough to craft a house with it. At my Avalon house, I actually have extra wood arcane walls that I bought from the bazaar then left at my house and did not do anything with for ... forever... Silly me for thinking that I would want to build a second floor.


I can't even trash a pet to save my life. I keep thinking, well but maybe they're good as decoration. Maybe they will turn out good in the future with great talents? So many what ifs. But then I forget where I put all of them and which ones are decoration or not. Story of my life.


"Miss.. MISS! You have too many of a certain reagent which is why you just lost your reagent reward." Yes, YES, I know, Wizard101.. Yes, I have 999 Mist Wood... Don't ask me why I have that many.

Gardening Seeds

THANK GOD FOR SEED VAULTS! But really though, I save as many as I can. I saved a lot because I thought I would like to someday plant them at certain houses then Second Spring them. But I keep finding out that I keep forgetting or do not have the time nor the energy. I mean LITERAL ENERGY as in the green stuff in that potion thingy.

What about you? Have you hoarded similar stuff or something else that isn't listed?

Monday, August 15, 2016

New School Furniture from Wizard101!

The House-A-Palooza has arrived for the week and with it, the brand new school furniture has finally arrived! I have taken pictures of all of the items that comes in the school furniture set packs below just for you!

Click on the invididual photos to get a bigger view of it.


The water in the sink literally boils as well as in the bathtub. Actually, call it a hot tub.

When activated, the fireplace will make the fire symbol glow above it.

Feel like dinner? You can serve food on the stove top.


Excuse our slimy green water, the plumbing is bad.

That ghost will keep looking at you no matter where you go in the room.

Notice the floating candlestick holder?

This spirit will often disappear and appear in the bed.


Better be careful while eating at that table, the Minotaur is not a very nice fellow.

The eye above the fireplace will watch you no matter where you go.


The bathtub has two spouts, one cold and another hot.


Using item identify, I have confirmed that this school's furniture is also dropped from Omen in Polaris.


Instead of including a fireplace, they replaced it with a healing well that will release butterflies once you activate it.

Notice the bathtub has mini rainbows?


The upper cupboards will rain. Could be a great glitch idea for a shower.

The coffee tank is also an aquarium.

Yes, the bed is a literal cloud. The best mattress in the spiral.

The mirror is a porthole that will show you a swimming fish every once in a while and yes the bathtub is quite electrifying.

You can get them now in the Crown Shop for 22500 Gold or 3995 Crowns. The regular price of this pack during the rest of the year is 4500 Crowns. Better grab it now before the House-A-Palooza is over!

If you cannot afford the gold or crown price, please be aware that the entire furniture sets up above can be found from Fishing. I am betting that each school furniture set is obtainable from fishing at its school house. Fire furniture at the Fire house, Myth furniture at the Myth house and don't take my word for it, it's just a guess!

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Top 10 Summer Updates for Wizard101

The Summer updates has arrived in Wizard101's Live Realm with many changes from Test Realm. I thought that it would be nice to mention the top 10 updates if you're late to the scene or want to refresh your memory on what are new in Wizard101.

The Top 10 Updates

1. They have finally let us access the Astral classroom in the Arcanum. The super awesome teacher, the super galactic Qyburn Stellargaze, has new spells for us to train. They are for Level 110 and up only. They also cost a training point each too.

2. There's a brand new Fishing NPC, Ryoshi, in the Jade Palace who gives us new fishing quests and new fishing winnow spells. He offers 2 fishing trainable spells that will winnow away other fishes who are not Rank 1 or Rank 3 fishes for you. If you complete both of his quests, you will receive the Rank 2 Winnow Spell! That's not all, there are also new Doodlefish in the school houses. YAY!

Each school house has its own unique Doodlefish in the form of its teacher.

Fire House - Falmea Doodlefish
Ice House - Lydia Doodlefish
Storm House - Halston Doodlefish
Myth House - Cyrus Doodlefish
Life House - Moolinda Doodlefish
Death House - Dworgyn Doodlefish
Balance House - Alhazred Doodlefish
3. Apparently Loremaster drops three new spells and they're pretty epic! He also drops treasure cards for the three new spells.

Queen Calypso - +20% Next Storm Damage Spell & 445-505 Damage Spell, 4 Pips
Hephaestus - 425-475 Fire Damage Spell & +25% Fire Damage Global, 5 Pips
Athena Battle Sight - 520 Myth Damage Spell & -35% To Next Incoming Damage, 5 Pips

If you're lazy about farming and prefer crafting, Grady in the Wyrd of Avalon does offer recipes for the above three spells. Loremaster is not the only place that drops the treasure cards. The other way you can get the treasure cards or the spells themselves is from the brand new Immortals' Hoard Pack in the Crown Shop.

More information about the recipes at:

4. The tournaments is a lot cheaper for members. You can buy a tournament for gold instead of crowns and there is also a second chance chest there now after every tournament. There are also brand new tournament gear for looks only.

5. The Friend List is now a lot more complicated and cooler! You now can assign icons to your friends, know how many friends you got, how long they haven't been on Wizard101 and much more. Please be aware that you only can see how long you have been friends with someone if they are a NEW friend, not a friend you already had.

6. There's a new quest from Brandon for high level wizards. Thank you Make A Wish Foundation and Wizard101 for allowing this wonderful young gentleman to create this awesome quest and battle. You can even get awesome Dragonborn Helms which are pretty much dragon skulls as gear!

Thanks Wolf for showing us how scary you can be.

Yes, the quest is all about dragons. They even mention titans. If you read the dialogue carefully, they mention a new area too. Is it a clue?!

Also while you're in battle, don't forget to hover over your character name on the bottom and you will see all of the charms and wards that your character has. To start this cool quest, you can find Brandon in Forlorn Taig in Polaris near that campfire where you enter the gate.

7. Critical hits are now not as powerful in PvP. They now can do 1.25 damage which is considerably less than how it is in the live realm's double damage.

8. There's a brand new elixir in the Crown Shop that levels your character from Level 2 to 50. It also includes Level 50 gears, your own mount, Level 48 pet. This also comes with Grizzleheim spells. The only painful part of this is that you will have to pay 30,000 Crowns for it and you must already have a Level 50 Wizard.

More Information About This New Elixir at:

9. The Keeper's Lore Pack, Spiral Cup Gauntlet Bundle, Mystic Fishing Bundle and Polarian Explorer Bundle now has gears up to Level 110.

10. There are three new badges for hatching pets. Apparently there's one for hatching 10, 50, 100 pets.

The first badge for 10 hatches is called Hatching Specialist.
The second badge for 50 hatches is called Hatching Expert.
The third badge for 100 hatches is called Hatching Master.

And many other little helpful tweaks.

So what do you think of the new Summer updates? Leave us your thoughts in the comments below.

To read the Update Notes for yourself, click here.

Monday, August 8, 2016

What To Do When You Get A Nasty Comment?

I know all of us have encountered various different of comments on our Facebook pages, our Twitter pages, under our Blogs and Articles. You find them everywhere, even in your emails. Or random people on the street. As a Deaf person, I have met some ignorant people. But the thing is, how do you respond? 

Most people react by lashing out and attacking others. Two wrongs do not make a right. I have learned that it's best to ignore it. Yes, it is best to ignore it. Otherwise, it'll turn into a flaming war and in a way, you are proving them right. It gives them more ammunition to turn the tables on you and act like you are the real bad guy which isn't true. 

I know it's too easy to get angry and want to fight back to defend yourself. It's even easier on social media where you feel like all you're doing is yelling at your computer screen. But don't forget, yes there are actually other people behind that same computer screen that you are yelling at.

Trolls thrive on chaos. They love to twist things and make you angry, so they can laugh at you and feel like they have won. I strongly suggest that you do not let them win. 

Here's five examples of what kind of comments you might receive.

Generally Rude People

Example: "You're such a b****! Don't tell me what to f******* do! You think you're so smart, sl*t?!

Know It Alls

Example: "I have gone to college and you have not, therefore I know better than you because obviously I am smarter. What you're saying is incredibly inaccurate. I know my masters degree proves what I know to be the truth."

People Who Degrade You

Example: "I suggest that you should go and pick up a book more often. You're so dumb, hahaha. By the way, you should invest in a treadmill, just saying..."

People Who Like Big Words

Example: "This discussion is positively exhausting and trite. It is clear that this topic lacks creativity and intelligence. What you are stating is misleading and I have no energy to listen to an artificial person such as you."

Personal Attacks

Example: "Did y'all know that she owes Billy 700 bucks? Yes you, Sandy, are full of bulls***. Plus she's dating a guy who has a baby mama LOL. What an idiot!"

Religious Attacks

Example: "According to my religious beliefs, homosexuality is sinful and not natural. It even says so in the bible. I will pray for you." Or "Oh just because you believe in God, you think that you are so perfect that you can't do any wrong? So bogus!"

I know some of you will be upset and can't really ignore. I understand that it's difficult when you feel extremely hurt and angry, but try your very best. 

Do not forget - Block, Mute, Unfriend, Spam Folder and so many more are your best friends on social media. Use them with a heavy finger, just slam on that button right away once you get a nasty comment. That's how you win.

But if they continue to harass you using multiple accounts, report them to the social media's authority that you are using and you might have to possibly turn your account into a private one to block further attacks. They are not worth your time even trying to stop. They will drag more people into it and encourage them to attack you as well. That's how bullies operate.

If you need to talk to someone, talk to anyone. Your parents, your friends, your siblings, anyone who would lend an ear and give you a hug when you need it.

Above all, stay strong and remember that they are just a drop in the sea. There are many more who are kind, friendly and want to be your friend than your enemy. Me included.