Friday, February 22, 2013

New from Wizard101UK - The Piggle Bundle!

From Wizard101UK, introducing the brand new...

What you get from this Piggle Bundle are the following pets:

And the following seeds:

 And the following furniture:

This is a brand new Wizard101 animated furniture. The coin keeps being dropped into the piggly bank.

Also brand new as well.

And lastly.. The Ninja Pig Costume!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Ship Decoratin': Our Home Away From Home

We might have ship parts to make our ship, but what about furniture for our ship,
especially on the deck? There are tons of ideas of how we can make the ship cooler on deck when our friends comes to visit us and sails with us. The opportunities are endless!

Ship & Ship Part Crafting

Along with gear crafting, I hope we get to craft ships and ship parts.

There would be so many different styles and ships that you could make. For instance a burning ship, a frost ship, a ship with many oars sticking out of their hull or a ship that's covered with moss and vines. It also would be cool if we could slap on "wallpaper" on our ships' hulls, Valentine's Day ship "wallpaper" would make our ship's hull covered with hearts for example.

Decorating The Ship

So can you imagine what if we could decorate the decks of our ship?!
I would love to put an telescope on my deck, a spinning globe stand, table with maps, a barrel with swords in it, coils of rope, anchor laying around. Maybe a few cannons next to the sigil for a good measure.
Or have the ability to add more cannons on the main floor. Heaps of gold and a gold chest would fit in beautifully.

Walking The Plank

I also would love to have a literal plank on the ship when I am on my ship. This way people can just walk on it and press X to jump off it which will let them land on their own ship. If no ship are equipped, it will ask you which ship you want to go to (equip). It would be more fun lol.

Where Our Desk and Bed Be!

Also I hope someday they will open the Captain's Quarters which is a room within the ship
where we can go to and decorate which will be our ship's office.
I can imagine decorating it using the Marleybone's theme. Nice beautiful sofas, desks, chairs, windows with curtains (Hey I'm a girl, so :P) and small things that'd make this office amazing.
Spinning world stand, map table, telescope, heaps of gold and treasure chests. Can you imagine it?

Companions on Deck!

It would be cool if we could go to the bottom floor of the ship and watch our companions manning the cannons. Ahoy Me Hearties, FIREEEE THE CANNONS!

Subodai: "I don't think I like cannons. I'm better with a sword..." *palms face*

After all where do they all go when I steer the wheel? This makes the most sense. I would love to stop my ship and be able to go downstairs and watch them there. Maybe we can promo them here too than having to go to a tavern.

Have a great Valentine's Day, Pirates!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Wizard101's Azteca Blocked Zones Crown Compensation

The Situation From's Message Boards:

(Click on the photos to make them larger)

The Explanation in Short:

There were quite a bit of players who could not progress in game because they could not move through Azteca properly and were blocked from zones inside of that world. For quite a while, Wizard101 tried to fix that problem, but alas Morganthe's spiders really put quite a web in their coding. It really gummed up their system, so it took a bit of time to track down the problem and then be able to fix it. 

So in return, Wizard101 has compensated players who were blocked with 30,000 Crowns. If you did not receive any crowns, it means that you did not have this problem. If you did receive crowns, it is not because you finished Azteca or there were a glitch or you were hacked.

My Concern:

Now I have been noticing a trend that should not be happening. I notice that there were some not so nice comments on Wizard101 Facebook wall or in other discussions on other sites about being upset about this issue.

I hope you all know that Kingsisle is working very hard to make the community happy, but it is impossible to make EVERYONE happy. But I am sure all of you have been one of the recipients of their generosity at least once in the past.

Here are the most recent examples:

1. Deer Knight Refund - They were happily refunding anyone who spent crowns on the pack that wouldn't drop the Deer Knight spell. They also gave out a free trained Deer Knight spell on top of that.

2. Skyvern Packs - They gave everyone Skyvern packs when their own free Birthday Pack item glitched.

3. Azteca Zone Problem - They gave everyone who were blocked crowns.

Now, have you guys thought that if you gave negative feedback, this wonderful generosity would end? If KI is happy, they will feel like giving out more after this. But if they are not, this could change. This is all about Karma. What you give out, you receive. After all, would you want to give someone something free if they gave out nasty comments to you or etc? No, you would not.

If you thought the amount of crowns given was quite excessive, that's up to Kingsisle how much to give. They know best how much should be given. Generosity does not have any limits. But again, think about this.. If you complain and post not so nice comments about that, what if next time they reduce the amount and you received it? That's Karma. What you give, you receive. So be wise and careful about what you say. You should instead be happy for others and be grateful that you are in this amazing generous community! This is amazing for Kingsisle to do and they deserve a big Thank You whether you received crowns or not. This says a lot about the company. Would you want to play for a generous company like theirs or a company that is not? That's something you got to think about!

Please think twice before commenting and always read the post that was made carefully before asking questions. There is no need to be rude. Please try to be polite and respectful. It's okay to be upset, but please be polite about it. After all this game is not about free crowns, it's about playing a fun game. Let's not let that blind you from that. And remember whatever you say puts pressure or can possibly hurt whoever is answering and reading from Kingsisle. I hope you are being considerate of them as well.

How To Comment -


Yes - "Aw, others are lucky, they got crowns, I did not. Oh well. Thank you Kingsisle anyway for fixing this bug!"

Again you should be grateful that they have been so generous to you in the past and will might continue in the future. They are trying so hard to make sure everyone has a bug free experience while playing this wonderful game! Can you imagine being in their shoe and trying to make millions of players happy? WHEW!!! They deserve a pat on the back, don't you think?


ACK! You are still blocked? Here is what to do -

Wizard101 says if you are level 75 or higher, and you are blocked from entering a zone that you could previously access, send an email to and provide the following information:

Put in the Subject of the Email: "Blocked"

In the Body of the Email, please add -

Character Name:
Character Level:
Zone and world where you are blocked:


Don't forget to SMILE today! :D

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A Surprise Gift from Wizard101 UK

Thanks to Emy Anemalok, the very lovely Community Manager of Wizard101 UK, she has given a Sheep pet to all Official W101 UK Fansites including my own. Its birth name is Madame Moose. Don't worry, I will change that to just Moose soon. He's very much a male sheep to me. Thank you so much Emy! It's an incredible honor to be given one. I have told her that I will be giving Moose a hug everyday and a chocolate candy. :D I can't wait to travel all over with my little buddy, oh the adventures we will have together!

So, I know a lot of you are curious about the Sheep Pets and the little cute things about it that you would know if you owned it such as how does it dance in the pet training games, can you dye it?, what does its pet page look like? etc etc..

Well here's your answers!

So which color should I dye the pet with? Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Purple, Blue, Black, Gold, White? It's overwhelming. I can't pick, can you help? Put your favorite color below in the comments. Thank you!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Skyvern Packs Loot Roll


Skyvern Mount - 2 Person


Velociraptor - Pedigree: 64 - Comes with  
Baby - Fire Trap, Adult - Ancient is Fuel, Epic - Mega is Backdraft

The Firezilla is a Card Talent called Pyrosaurus Rex, an Epic Talent

Snow Serpent
Death Cyclops
Blue Banshee
Red Ghost
Inferno Salamander
Ice Bird
Silverback Wildclaw
Rat Magician


Tortilla Chips - Rank 8 - Ice - 2 Will, 2 Agility, 8 Power
Allocados - Rank 8 - Balance - 2 Intellect, 1 Agility, 6 Intellect, 1 Strength
Bronto Burger - Rank 8 - Storm - 5 Will, 7 Agility, 5 Intellect, 5 Strength
Saursa - Rank 8 - Fire - 2 Intellect, 2 Strength, 8 Power
Apatotatoes - Rank 8 - Myth - 3 Power, 7 Strength

Avocado Milkshake - Rank 7 - Ice - 6 Agility, 1 Intellect
Cactus Fruit - Rank 7 - Ice - 7 Intellect, 2 Power
Fried Ice Cream - Rank 7 - Myth - 3 Will, 5 Agility
Killer Tomato - Rank 7 - Fire - 1 Will, 2 Intellect, 3 Power, 2 Strength
Pyramints - Rank 7 - Myth - 6 Will, 2 Intellect

Golden Pizza - Rank 6 - Storm - 2 Strength, 2 Intellect, 3 Power
Jar of Jelly Beans - Rank 6 - Myth - 2 Agility, 2 Will, 3 Power
Maize - Rank 6 - Life - 2 Will, 5 Strength

Fire Passion Fruit - Fire - Rank 5 - 2 Will, 2 Intellect, 3 Power
Cranberry Frog - Ice - Rank 4 - 2 Intellect, 2 Strength
Black Sun Seeds - Rank 4 - Death - 1 Intellect, 3 Strength
Bunch of Figs - Rank 4 - Death - 3 Agility, 1 Will
Hard Boiled Beetle Egg - Rank 4 - Storm - 1 Intellect, 3 Power
Beetle Cream Soda - Rank 4 - Storm - 3 Agility, 1 Strength
Lemon Daisy - Rank 4 - Fire - 2 Intellect, 2 Power


Articzilla - Rank 4 - Ice - 650-730 Ice Attack
Fire Shark - Rank 2 - Fire - 375-435 Fire Attack
Ether Shield - Rank 0 - Myth - -75% to next Life and Death Attack Spell
Elemental Defuse - Rank 5 - Balance - Dispel next Outgoing Fire, Ice, Storm spells
Flamesnake - Rank 1 - Fire - 105-145 Fire Attack
Fire Beetle - Rank 2 - Fire - 100 Fire Attack and +35% to next Fire Attack x3
Dream Shield - Rank 0 - Death - -75% to next Life and Myth Attack Spell
Firezilla - Rank 4 - Fire - 650-730 Fire Attack
Humongofrog - Rank 4 - Myth - 310-370 Myth Attack to All Enemies
Balanceblade - Rank 0 - Balance - +30% to Next Damage Attack


Shadow Oil
Ghost Fire


Tiger Lily
Fiery Boom Shroom
Orange Bell Pepper
Honey Sickle
Pink Dandelion
Helephant Ears
King Parsley
Maelstrom Snap Dragon
White Laugh-o-dil
Key Limes


Azteca Haunted Theme
Gold Bars
Azteca Palm Tree
Aztecosaur Stela
Purple Lily
Lava Bulb
Pink Lily
Light Pillar
Notch Leaf
Engraved Pillar
Ritual Codex
Bundle of Wood
Stone Azteca Head
King Acampi Bobblehead
King Axaya Bobblehead
Tezcat Threestar Bobblehead
Queen Chasca Bobblehead
Codex Stand
Aztecosaur Statue
Azteca Fire Pit
Butterfly Shrine
Azteca Water Lily
Azteca Haunted Theme
Azteca Swamp Theme
Yellow Teleporter
White Teleporter
Red Teleporter