Thursday, March 26, 2015

New Test Realm Fishes!

So far, there are 25 brand new fish in Dragonspyre in Test Realm. YES 25!! I have listed all of them here so it's easy for you to find them without searching for info on them. Enjoy!

All of the Fish below has been added to Live.

Red Armored Fish

Everywhere, DS

Dragonfly Fish

The Athenium, DS

Hard Albacore

Plaza of Conquests, DS

Spyre Eel

The Grand Chasm, DS
The Drake Hatchery, DS
The Labyrinth, DS

Sweet Yellow Orunion

The Crucible, DS

Labyrinth Fish

The Labyrinth, DS

Trigger Fish

The Grand Chasm, DS

Devil Ray

The Crystal Grove, DS

Ember Parrot

Tower Archives, DS


The Drake Hatchery, DS

Pickled Herring

Crystal Groves, DS

Soul Searcher

The Necropolis, DS

Freshlava Smelt

The Forum, DS

Rambo Fish

The Drake Hatchery, DS

Purple Grunion

The Drake Hatchery, DS

Sam Bass

The Grand Chasm, DS

Undead Spyre Eel

The Forum, DS

SURPRISE! Yes there's a new Epic Fish in Wintertusk!

Red Grunion

Nordilund, WinterTusk

(This Fish is actually an Rank 3 Epic)

*The Schools of Fish*

The following fish are pretty much found everywhere in Dragonspyre. For instance, the Fish School of Fish would be found anywhere there is Fire Fish.

Balance School of Fish
The Grand Chasm, DS

Life School of Fish
The Athenium, DS

Myth School of Fish
The Crucible, DS

Death School of Fish
The Athenium, DS

Fire School of Fish
The Athenium, DS

Storm School of Fish
The Labyrinth, DS

Ice School of Fish
The Grand Chasm, DS

Thank you Iridian Willowglen for helping out with the pictures, locations and information!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

New Socketing System Coming To Wizard101 Test Realm!

Recently released an article from Wizard101 explaining that we will be seeing a brand new system in the Test Realm... *Drums Roll* The Socketing System!

Apparently we will have to farm for new jewels that will give us new stats. They said for now they will focus on rings, knifes, amulets, and decks. They said someday they will allow jewels for the rest of the gear. Apparently it's a LOT of work tweaking and adding jewel slots to all knifes, amulets, rings and decks. I bet! I think that we have tens of thousands of gear pieces. I can't imagine going through all of that.

Starting at Level 15, we will be able to go and meet a new NPC in a new shop in the Shopping District, Katherine Rockhammer. She will give us our first set of jewels and new Jewel Crafting Station. Yep we'll be able to bling bling our gear with jewels that we find from battles.

Wizard101 designed over 1,200 different types of jewels that give varying kinds of stat boosts plus card items. Yep we will be able to add cards to any ring, athame, amulet and/or deck. Very nifty, eh? We will be able to add Critical boosts, Accuracy, Damage, even Cards and more. Apparently there's SEVEN BILLION combinations you could use with the new jewelry! Mindblowing.

Excited?! Well, keep an eye on the Test Realm since it will open soon. When? We don't know. But it's definitely any day now.

Read more about this from at:

And don't forget to download Wizard101's Test Realm at:

If you want to know more about what other new things than the new Socketing system are coming to Test Realm, read more at:

New Easter & Spring Fish in Wizard101!

Eggbert is back in town with his typical Easter wares in the Shopping District. And Nightshade is being harassed for his Easter wands. Poor guy. But not only that, there's brand new Easter fish in the Wizard101 ponds. They are found in all worlds' common ponds such as Wizard City, Krokotopia, Grizzleheim and Mooshu. Yep Easter is really here!

All of the Easter fish are Rank 1 fishes who gives 1600 first catch xp then 16 xp for regular catches.

Black Eggshellfish

Blue Eggshellfish

Yellow Eggshellfish

And don't forget the Springfish who will be hanging with us the entire Spring season!


Friday, March 20, 2015

New Stuff in Wizard101 & Pirate101

New Pet In Pirate101

Pirate101 finally has a Bunnicorn pet in the Crown Shop for 1500 Crowns!
Can you imagine the hybrid possibilities?!

New Seasonal Fish

As for Wizard101, there's a brand new Spring Fish!

The Springfish is a Rank 1 storm fish that gives 1600 xp at start, then 16 regular xp. Get to fishin'!

Free Training Points Buyback!

And from today, March 20th to March 22nd, Sunday, you can buy back your training points for FREE! Only if you are a member though..

While this event is up, you can retrain as many times as you want!

To get the "Master of Shapes" badge, visit the following trainers and train for ALL of the Moon spells that are available from them.

The Moon School Trainer in Base Camp, CL
The Moon School Trainer in the Portico, Base Camp, CL
Ulantor Starmist, Stormriven
The Moon School Trainer in Three Points, CL

Ulantor Starmist's Location

Ulantor's a sneaky one since he likes to hide behind a building with one of Zeke's lizards. He is where the green arrow is.

This should be enough to get you the badge. Once you get the badge, you may retrain your spells without losing the badge. Good luck!

Found on Page 31, Second slot

The B.O.X.E.S. Event

And lastly, the B.O.X.E.S event is back! It will be available until March 31st.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

An Strange Idea: Evolving Mounts?

What if our mounts could evolve as we level?

Think about Pirate101 Pets. As we train the pets there, they grow in size. But evolving mounts could be extra special. They could evolve every 50 Levels. For example, for Level 100 characters, there could be three stages at Level 0, Level 50, and Level 100.

Level 0 - The mount would have its base look.
Level 50 - The mount would have a slightly updated look and saddle.
Level 100 - The mount would be gnarly looking. Its body and eyes could glow. Super cool saddles.

What are the pros of this idea? 
  • It will encourage people to level their characters, especially pass Level 50.
  • It will give people a reason to buy mounts. I mean which would you prefer? A simple mount that you will get bored of eventually or a special mount that evolves? I'd pick option B!
  • Instead of buying 100 mounts that do nothing but sit at your castle, you can have a few special mounts that evolve. Super cool!
Not only that, what if they had cool stats?

For instance, water mounts could swim faster underwater. Then the rest could be categorized by world. For instance, flying birds could be faster in Azteca since there are tons of birds there. Big cats mounts could run faster in Krokotopia and Zafaria. So on, so on.

What about Regular Mounts?

I figure that there should be a mount system especially in Wizard101 like there is a companion system in Pirate101. We should be able to use them. They're quite expensive to get in the first place. They should do more than just sit in your backpack or your castle's backyard doing nothing. It would be great to be able to send them away for tasks that helps your character! Need gold? No problem, send out your Swift Shark. Need xp? No problem, send out your Rhino.

Should Evolving Mounts Replace Regular Mounts Or What?

To add evolving mounts to the game, there's two ways.

One - create new evolving mounts from scratch.
Two - create a special magical station that you could take your mount to which turns your mount into an evolving mount.

Personally, it's probably easier to just create new ones because to create evolving looks for ALL mounts is quite a daunting task. But if they were willing and had the time and the resources, it would be super cool to have an special evolving station where you can sprinkle some fairy dust and encourage any mount you want to evolve. This way you can choose ANY mount you want and see how it turns out than be limited to a small group of mounts that can evolve.

Wizard101 Test Realm Coming Soon!

So what should we expect for this Test Realm which will include the Spring Update to come soon? Let's review what we know.

Bedazzle What?

1. Bling Bling! - Wizard101 has said that a future game addition is going to bring some bling and if we would like our gear to be "be dazzled"? So what could it be?! I sure hope that it means we could stitch new patterns and new sparkle looks to our gear. Or does this mean a new stat is coming for our gears?!

Update: They have released a Vine that CLEARLY shows a new shop in the Shopping District with this quote - "What's this in the Shopping District? I'm confused... and bedazzled. :)" Wow, a new shop? Ooh I wonder what it will be.

Yet Another Update: Patt Minotaur and Cyn De Lobster are new characters in a dungeon based off Pat Benator and Cyndi Lauper. That's why they referenced Pen Benator's "Love Is A Battlefield" and Cyndi Lauper's "Girls Just Want To Have Fun." If you notice, behind Patt Minotaur, there are new mobs called "Shadows of the Night" which is also one of Pat Benator's songs. Also behind Cyn De Lobster, you will notice "Goonies" mobs since Cyndi Lauper did sing a song for the Goonies movie. So much 80's nostalgia!

So what do you think it could be about? There's rampant speculation that the new Bedazzled shopowner will ask us to get something from those new characters. Do you think they're right or do you have other theories?

New Dragonspyre Fishing Area?

2. New Dragonspyre Fishing Area - New fish, new Fishing NPC? I sure hope that there will be new fishing spells and tanks. There's a debate that if this will hit Test Realm or Live Realm. So many questions. But we will find out for sure soon. Aren't you excited?!

New House?

3. New House - Gary who works at KingsIsle has hinted at working on a new house for Wizard101. Swordroll did state that he thought that the house will hit Live Realm, not Test Realm. This made me instantly think that the new house probably will show up in the Crown Shop once Test Realm hits Live. They have done this before with other new houses. What kind of house do you think it would be?

Helpful Wizards?

4. Helpful Wizards - Gary also mentioned that it will be easier to be a helpful wizard. What a mysterious clue. Helpful how? Group questing? Frostcaller said that he thought that it's related to reporting glitches and Matthew Dragonblade thought that it could be about being able to port into dungeons. But what do you think that it could be?!

New Badges?

4. New Badges Or Makeover? - Does this mean that we will have new badges or there will be a new makeover for the badge section?!