Sunday, January 17, 2016

The Realm's Environments

I had a crazy thought today while thinking about realms in Wizard101. What if each realm was named because of the realm's environment or of what the realm contains or represents?

For example, what if we enter the Falmea realm and everywhere there's fire and pyro-y things that fire students enjoy? Or Balstrom, you get storms and raining tadpoles? It would be cool if each realm has its own environment look based off its realm name.

I would love to walk through the Unicorn realm and see unicorns everywhere. It would be just as cool in Pirate101 as well. Or walk through Wu realm and see cows everywhere. Can you say, MOOOOOOOO?!

Would you like to see realms being set up this way or not? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Best Blog Posts of 2015

So I was thinking about blog posts and then I realized that there should be a list of best blog posts about Wizard101 and Pirate101 for 2015. So I'll attempt one here.... with your help.

How To Enter:

If you have written a blog post about Wizard101 and/or Pirate101 in 2015, you may submit it by posting the post link in the comments below. You also may submit blog posts written by other people which is a great compliment to them. You may enter TWO of your own posts, one for Wizard101 and one for Pirate101. But you can enter as many posts written by OTHER people.


What Do You Win?

Well, you do get a special badge that you can put on your blog which you can use to show off. Yes, you also get to be included in a special list of best blog posts of 2015 which will be posted on my blog and site. Heck, I'll even pin it to my twitter page.

 If this is successful, I will consider doing this every year. This will be a great way to review best blog posts every year. Let's hope this is wildly successful since I think this is a cool idea that should be done every year.

The following blog posts were submitted. Judging has started. Again, sorry for the delay. Thanks to my computer that broke down, it caused me to have a few weeks delay before getting a replacement to catch up. Please be patient.

Congratulations, ChrissyTheBlesser, you are the winner for the "25 Things Pirates Would Never Say Aloud" blog post. You have been chosen to be Stars of the Spiral's Best Blog Post of 2015. You may use the above badge of honor on your blog or anywhere you would like to display it. All I ask is that the badge above, when displayed on your blog or anywhere you place it, to be linked back to this blog or blog post. Thank you for entering.

For the other runner ups, I have all of your blog posts displayed in the sidebar of this blog all year long to honor your work and people's nominations. Congrats, folks!

As for the rest of you who did not join this, please brush up on your blogging skills and crank out some nice blog posts this year. I really want to read more amazing ones for next year's Best Blog Posts for 2016 from all of you!

Thanks for reading!


 Chrissy The Blesser's

Chrissy The Blesser's

Cheyenne Caster's

Stars of the Spiral's

Swordroll's (Thank you Chase Frost for the nomination)

Stingite aka Friendly Necro's

Stingite aka Friendly Necro's

Vanessa Mythdust's

Michael Serro's

Monday, January 11, 2016

New Witch's Hoard Pack Has Arrived In Wizard101!

New Witch's Hoard Pack has arrived in the Crown Shop! 399 crowns will get you neat of stuff like a new witch hut mount, tons of pretty neat Polarian furniture, even a Polarian music player. But my favorite was the Pinoguin furniture who are actually live chars that dances and celebrates.

Thanks to Calamity Pixieshade & Nathan Shadowmancer for helping me with some of the gear stats pictures!


Waddling Witch Hut Mount


Be warned, a lot of the furniture are no auction at the moment. We are not sure if it's a bug or not.

Polarian Music Player
Walruskberg Palace Painting
Walruskberg Portrait
Portrait of Frozen Tears
Polarian Shipwreck Painting
Witch's Hut Painting
Extra Large Fish Cart
Icy Patch
Stacked Ice Blocks
Tip of Polarian Iceberg
Frozen Fish Block
Icy Polarian Shrub
Polarian Birch Tree
Patriote Graffiti
Walkrusk Empress Caricature
Walruskberg Window
Walrusk Vanity
Walrusk Potted Plant
Walrusk Wooden Settee
Walrusk Officer's Desk
Walkrusk End Table
Small Walkrusk Chair
Walrusk Feasting Table
Walrusk Rug
Walrusk Travel Trunk
Simple Walruskberg Lamp Post
Grand Walruskberg Lamp Post
Walrusk Round Table
Witch's Hut Painting
Walruskberg Guard Booth
Snowy Walruskberg Guard Booth

The New Polarian Music Player

New Pingouin Furniture

Dancing Pingouin Laundress
Ecstatic Pingouin Dancer
Elated Pingouin Seamstress
Pingouin Patriote
Flag-Waving Pingouin
Joyous Pingouin Dockworker
Liberated Pingouin
Pingouin Newsie


Wood Arch Block
Wood Post Block
Lg Wood Wall Block
Md Wood Wall Block
Wood Corner Block
Wood Window Block


Walruskberg Theme
Polaris Rasputin Combat Theme
Polaris Ice Block Theme
Polaris Mine Theme
Polaris Frozen Forest Theme
Walruskberg Liberated Theme
Walkruskberg Combat Theme
Polaris Gulag Combat Theme
Polaris Baba Yaga Theme
Arcanum Theme


Wildwood Yeti
Ice Floe Siren
Ice Cat
Arctic Serpent
Ice Salamander
Snow Beast
Ice Elf
Arctic Ninja Pig


Rank 8
Frozen Snails, Fire

Rank 7
Frozen Pergories, Myth
Mustachios, Balance
Fried Ice Cream, Myth
Tricera-pops, Storm
Avocado Milkshake, Ice

Rank 6
Double Popsicle, Ice
Iced Crab Claws, Ice
Veggie Juice, Storm
Polaris Fries, Ice
Cold Snap Peas, Ice

Rank 5
Satyr Chow
Penne Dreadful, Death
Eye Candy, Myth
Hot Cross Buns, Fire
Beast Wellington, Life

Rank 4
Chilly Con Queso, Ice
Huge Ice Cream, Death

Rank 2
Troggy Taffy, Death

Rank 1
Popsicle, Ice


White Tiger Lily
Orange Bell Pepper
Purple Bell Pepper
Red Bell Pepper
Yellow Bell Pepper
Bell Pepper
Snow Apples
Purple Snow Apples
Green Snow Apples
Boiled Peanuts
Evil Snow Peas
Queen Crape Myrtle
White Desparagus
Sugar Khrystal
Angora Bunny Ears
Goose Tree
Blue Huckleberries
Couch Potatoes
Frozen Fly Trap
White Laugh-o-dil


Ashen Bones - Fire - 250 + 1000 Fire Damage Over 3 Rounds
Yellow Troll - 200 Myth Damage and +35% to Next Myth Spell
Death Troll - 180 - 220 Death Damage
Astraphobia - Storm - +25% Storm Pierce, +25% Storm Critical
Age of Reckoning - Death - +25% Death Pierce, +25% Death Critical
Namaste - Life - +25% Life Pierce, +25% Life Critical
Combustion - Fire - +25% Fire Pierce, +25% Fire Critical
Counterforce - Balance - +25% Balance Pierce, +25% Balance Critical
Saga of Heroes - Myth - +25% Myth Pierce, +20% Myth Critical
Katabatic Wind - Ice - +30% Fire Pierce, +15% Fire Critical
Punklops - Myth - 300 Myth Damage and +40% to Next Myth and Ice Damage
Metalops - Death - 300 Death Damage and +40% to Next Death and Fire Damage
Rocklops - Life - 300 Life Damage and +40% to Next Life and Storm Damage
Death Helephant - Death - 365 - 425 Death Damage
War Helephant - Myth - 325 - 395 Myth Damage
Bronze Helephant - Life - 630-710 Life Damage
Witch's Housecall - Myth - 1092 - 1232 Myth Damage and Summon a Minion of Myth
Wings of Fate - Life - 525 Life Damage plus Health Over 3 Rounds
Nested Fury - Balance - 838-886 Fire, Ice or Storm Damage to All Enemies
Rusalka's Wrath - Storm - 1445 Storm Damage - +30% or minor chance - 30%
Winged Sorrow - Death - 850 - 1030 Death Damage and -30% Damage to Enemies
Raging Bull - Fire - 775-900 Fire Damage and -25% Accuracy to All Enemies
Snowball Barrage - Ice - 105 Ice Damage per Pip to All Enemies
Frostfang - Ice - 950 - 1050 Ice Damage + Elemental Shield on Self

Level 110+ GEAR



I'm a Scuba Diver!

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Vote for Pirate101 or Wizard101 at MMOGames! now have new voting polls which will decide which game should be the best family friendly game and best kids game. And what's great is that Wizard101 and Pirate101 are listed in both categories!!!

And what's even better, you can vote every day at MMOGames. You don't even have to register or log in to vote! Let's show them who we think should win both categories.


This category is made for the KingsIsle games. Let's show them the KingsIsle community spirit and how much we love our games! You can go vote in this category at:


You can also find both games in this catagory. Wizard101 is already racking up a nice amount of votes, but don't forget Pirate101 too! You can go vote in this category at:

Voting ends on January 31st, so vote every day until then. And good luck to all games that have been listed in both categories!

Monday, January 4, 2016

How Did Wizard101 Change My Life

I just finished a great book that talked about fear and how people affected you such as your friends, your family and even your lovers. It was thought provoking and profound. It made me think about my own life and of life in general. Riding off that high, I decided to send off an email to an author and post a few book reviews.

Then I decided to check Twitter and reading through my messages as well as the latest tweets. I came across a tweet saying something like this "read my blog post about how this game changed my life." I was struck with a thought. How did Wizard101 affect my life? Then I thought, should I even write a blog post about this? I didn't know. I was torn because I'm incredibly private. I'm not the type of person who writes autobiography books to make people laugh and weep at the screw ups and hard learned lessons in their lives.

I might seem a very open minded person, very blunt and not afraid to lay down my thoughts for everyone to read. I am still incredibly private. It's funny. I feel like it's incredibly rude to talk about my private life when I'm not the only one who has had hurdles in life to go over. Why should I talk about it? It's like showing off. I don't ever want to think that I have had "worse" problems than anyone else because I don't. Yes, they were horrible. But I'm sure somewhere out there, in fact I KNOW, there are people with worse problems.

But Wizard101 did change my life in a small way that was profound. It's funny that sometimes it's the simplest things that makes the biggest impacts. So I thought deeply about it. It's the evening before my birthday. I wasn't even sure if it was even the right time. Even writing this, I feel incredibly nervous and unsure.

Then I realized, that MAYBE, just maybe, it would be an interesting story. Minor story. But still interesting nevertheless. I always loved interesting stories. And telling them. Maybe I'll simply make them simple. That way they're minor enough that it does not compete with anyone else. I have worse stories than the ones below, so it should be okay. So here it is.

The major things I have learned from Wizard101 is that you can't avoid your real life probems by playing a game. It will still find you in-game and vice versa. It's true.

When Words Hurt

I was new to MMORPG games when I first played Wizard101. In fact, Wizard101 was my very first MMORPG game ever. My first friend in game was deaf and I thought that was the neatest thing. She was very kind and sweet. But, I have come to learn that not all people are nice.

You see, I met this guy in Wizard101. His name was Joshua. Josh I called him. My friend begged me to "double date" in Wizard101. She was "dating" this guy in game, Junior, and Junior had a best friend, Josh. They both knew that we were deaf. I was hesistant because I did not believe in forming relationships in game. Heck, I was having the same problems in real life. For some reason, I attract jerks. But I said okay because it was online and maybe I just was being a wuss about it. But I took my time. It took me maybe three, four months to finally loosen up. Still I felt funny. I thought that I was just being guarded as I always am like in real life. I didn't realize that my gut was trying to tell me something.

Eventually I understood why. We were in this dungeon, the Briskbreeze tower dungeon I believe. Back then, it was Helephant Tower tough. After all this was like 2010. Anyway, for a while, I was talking about setting up a site and doing guides. And I added a page filled with pictures of my friends that I met in game. He actually demanded that I remove all male friends from it. I said no, they're my friends. Why would I do that? "Because I said so," he said. Notice he said "MALE friends." This was a constant topic with him. He was so odd. Anyway, I ignored him. Then a week or so later, we are in this tower, fighting. As a team, we end up in the room of the very final battle. It was me, my friend, Josh and his best friend, Junior. We ran into the battle ring. All of us went in except for Josh. He stayed outside of the ring, refusing to come in, even though we begged him. Back then you couldn't finish the last battle with less than four people.

Suddenly, Josh started to taunt me. He would call me names. Say vile things. You don't need to cuss to say mean things. His own best friend, who is his real life best friend too by the way, told him to chill out. Junior said that he did not understand what's wrong with him. That he was wrong to do that. But sitting there stuck in the battle ring, I had to listen to his words. I cried. I suddenly realized that even fighting it, I cared. I didn't want to care for this guy. But I thought he was a friend.

We all fled the dungeon. We all were disgusted by his behavior. Once I was out, I was strong enough to delete all of his characters and tell Junior not to ever let him around me again. He promptly agreed. My friend was extremely sorry about the whole thing. But it made me realize something. I'm glad that I found the strength to tell him to pretty much to get out of my life. But what about others who couldn't? Don't ever think that it's okay if someone taunts you because they're angry. It's wrong. He taunted me because he was jealous, possessive and angry. That's a dangerous combination. If you ever meet anyone like that, run for your life. I mean it. It never ends well. To this day, I will not form a relationship online. But I do admire those who did and was successful at it. It just pays to be careful those days. You never know.

But I realized that day that I should trust my gut instinct more. If it says that there's danger, I should run. If yours say the same about anyone, run like heck.

When In Game Collides With Real Life

And another major event happened 6 months later after the above event. This time it was good, in a bittersweet way. Painful bittersweet way.

I met this girl, Destiny, at a PvP party in Wizard101. She was such a sassy thing that I couldn't help, but laugh. I thought to myself, there's something about this one. We became instantly friends. Every day, we talked, we played, and we had fun. We never fought. To this day, we still NEVER fought. We had conversations. We are very logical people. I appreciated that.

I had so much fun with her in-game then I would go over to a real life best friend's house. Then I started to see things I didn't see before. You see, me and my real life friend, we argued every day. It was a massive give and take. It was always rocky. Don't get me wrong, I loved her. She was my sister of the heart. But it was stressful. Massively stressful. 

So anyway, after playing in-game, I would go over my best friend's house and notice that our friendship was not the same. Not anymore. It used to be easy going, happy, and simple just like it was in game with Destiny. Now my best friend is always being on her phone, on her laptop, ignoring me. Not wanting to watch a movie or two with me. Then only speaking to me if she needed advice or needed something from me. Otherwise, we were fighting. Then I would go home and talk to this great girl in-game who I felt happy with. I realized at that moment, I actually forgot how happy felt. Until Destiny. I had this instant realization how a friendship should be. It should make you feel happy. My real life friend did not.

It's incredibly sad to think I actually thought to myself, "Oh, so this is what happy is. This is normal? Oh wow, I don't think I remember the last time I was happy." That said a lot.

It's such a strange feeling to realize that years passed by and a friendship changed without you realizing it. It was also strange when you realize a stranger online made you happy, more happy, than your own real life best friend. It was also extremely sad and painful. Looking back now at the early days of the friendship between my best friend and I, man it was great. We were happy, we just wanted to have fun and we laughed every day. I don't know what happened to those days. But I told my best friend about it. We tried to fix the friendship for the next few years. We tried to find our happy place again.

Fast forward, another 6 months or a year later. I find out that Destiny lied to me. She's not a girl, he's a young teenage boy. I totally understood, I forgave, but no we weren't the same ever since. We still talk though, barely. But I was still glad for the friendship because no matter what happened, the friendship was real. It was born from two people who were searching for something and found it in each other. I think he was looking for stability and I think I was looking for the same. All we wanted to do was laugh and have good times. If something bad happened in real life, we brushed it away and did something fun together instead. We would quest, pvp, and did so many things in Wizard101. Man those were the best years of Wizard101. Yep, they were the golden years for me.

Again, fast forward a year or two later, I become fed up with my real life friend and had another fight. This time I walked out. I wanted to find my happy place without her. We haven't talked since. And that was three years ago. Suddenly I was alone after all of those years.

Even though I knew this girl since I was 16 years old, more than 15 years of friendship gone, I was really left with no choice but to leave my only friend. There is a LOT more details about what happened within those 15 years with my best friend that I will not get into. But it was incredibly damaging to my self esteem. Sometimes you got to cut your losses. People do change, and so do friendships. I don't blame myself at all. Life happens. I just have to remember that from now on, I need to keep my eyes open and not be blind to those around me again.

The Finish Line

The whole point of this post is that friendships and/or relationships online can be scary. It doesn't matter which game you're playing. It can happen anywhere, any game you choose to play. It can be dangerous, but it also can be amazing. It can teach you a lot about yourself and other people. I know it did me. It actually helped me grow, even though it was painful at times. Today, I can definitely say that I'm much stronger. I'm a lot more confident, happy and sure of what I want. I'm also a lot more determined to keep my happiness. I will not let anyone take away my happy. Not anymore.

So don't let anyone take away your own happy. If you don't have a happy, make your own. Even if you are alone.

Friday, January 1, 2016

Rasputin's Daddy Issues

We fought so hard to get to the final battle of Polaris, but we managed to step into the battle circle with the final major foe of Polaris. We were so close, yet so far from the finish line. We hoped that we would win this battle. We knew it was going to be super tough. After all rats are tricky, so we had to expect anything.

As we fought Rasputin, the dirty rat, we threw spell after spell without thinking. Constantly shouting at each other as Rasputin cackled in glee. Let me tell you, his spells packed a punch. Even for a dirty rat.

Then we start to weaken Rasputin and he started to realize that he was failing. He tried to fight harder to no avail. A teammate was able to make a huge impact with one of his spells and suddenly Rasputin fell to his knees. VICTORY!

Then it happened. We were cheering as we defeated Rasputin with the flowing hair and flowing dress. Some people say it's not a dress, just a long robe... Somehow I doubt that. 

But I disgress, suddenly Old Cob popped up and their family drama caught us unaware. It was extremely awkward as we didn't know how to respond to that. I mean, really, who wants to be in the middle of family drama? Not me!

But Old Cob was upset that Rasputin wasn't strong enough to defeat us. It was also clear that Rasputin had daddy issues. Is this why he tried to fight us so hard? So he can win and make Old Cob proud? How sad. But, suddenly I realized that we haven't met the other two children yet. I wondered who they will be and if we'll see more family drama. With a spider as a dad, anything could happen!

As we were leaving the battle circle quietly, you know, to give them some privacy... We could hear them still shouting in the distance. But once we stepped outside the cave, we sighed in relief.

It suddenly struck me, spiders can produce thousands of children. And Old Cob has just three?... How strange! Are we even sure there's only three children? I hope so.