Monday, August 31, 2015

Blaugust Day 31: The Finish Line

So today is the last day for the Blaugust challenge. If you didn't know by now, the Blaugust challenge is held by Belghast of the blog, Tales of the Aggronaut. The challenge is simple. Do a blog post or a vlog every single day for the month of August. 

This is why you have been seeing daily posts from me every single day. Man, it's exhausting mentally, but you know what? I still can say that I have enjoyed it. I learned what are my limitations as well as discovered what I can do which exceeded my expectations. One is endurance. Two is how I can find ideas. Three is understanding my flaws as well as overcoming them. And many more.

I sure hope that you have been doing the challenge along with me. If not, I hope that I have encouraged you to join this challenge next year. I want to thank Belghast for this challenge. The challenge has been a refreshing change and a great learning experience for me, both personally and professionally.

I know for myself, I will be joining the challenge again next year to see if I have improved or not. I'm quite curious about that part. I want to make sure that by next year, I have fixed my flaws or at least improved them. It will be a good test by then.

But for now, I am going to enjoy today and be proud of myself that at least I followed through to the end. I think I'll be treating myself to ice cream today. Pineapple style.

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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Blaugust Day 30: Pirate101 and Wizard101 Goals If You're Bored

I know that I'm not the only one that gets bored in game sometimes, so goals are quite helpful for people like us. I decided that I should list some. Maybe they'll help you to get a good start on tackling some things you could do in the game. I know that I completed some of the goals below while others I'm still working on.

For instance, I already have the One in a Million badge in Wizard101, but not Elixir Vitae. Although I really wanna work on getting that badge. I also got the Nefarious 5 badge in Pirate101. I'm so close to level 20 in gardening for Wizard101, like one more level away. But I did create a 700 Heck Kitty in Pirate101. But I really want to try to get that badge you get when you complete the Moo Manchu tower 100 times. Man, I'm falling extremely short on that goal. I'm probably halfway at this point.

But I won't give up. I will keep going and try my best to do all of the goals below. I hope you do too!

Wizard101 Goals

Earn the One In A Million damage badge

Earn the Elixir Vitae healing badge

Earn the Team Up badges

Collect All Wizard101 Tapestries

Reach Level 20 in Gardening

Reach at least Level 10 in Fishing

Become a Warlord for the Third Age PvP

Get the very rare big cat Mounts from the One Shot Gauntlets

Get the awesome gear from the One Shot Duels

Get the jewels you need for your gear

Craft a school specific mount

Finish the storyline quest

Pirate101 Goals

Create a Pet with a 700 Pedigree

Get the Captain's Quarters from the Black Market

Get the Nefarious 5 Badge (and the cool glowing red eyes) from Moo Manchu

Complete Moo Manchu Tower 100 Times for the Badge

Discover a new Pirate101 Hybrid

Create a great PvP and/or PvE pet

Become the top contender in the Brawlin' Hall

Get the fantastic Wizard City furniture from the Nautical Regatta

Finish the storyline quest

Max all of your companions, yes I said ALL of them.

If you got any other goals that should be added, let us know. Otherwise, good luck!

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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Blaugust Day 29: ASL Finger Spelling Quote

For a change, I decided to do something different this time. Something fun.

You know, I was born deaf due to my mother having German Measles while pregnant with me. Because of that, I'm very fluent in American Sign Language obviously. I grew up in a deaf school that taught me that I'm no different than anybody in the world. It's how I approach other people, like equals.

There is still a small stigma towards gamers. Sometimes people think that gamers are people who are stuck in their mom's basement. I never thought of gamers that way and I always tried to show others that gamers are normal people like them. My family is full of gamers so I was practically raised on games. My first console game was Nintendo. Gosh I loved Mario and Luigi when I was a kid. Even today, you can find my mother playing computer games. She likes those mystery ones where you got to figure out the puzzles and stuff. She's a Nancy Drew type of gamer.

Anyway, when I saw the above ASL Finger Spelling Quote picture, I thought immediately that it would be neat if you guys can figure this out. It's something fun and different. Hey, why not? After all, I know a lot of you are very interested in sign language. I thought this would be a neat way to start or even something for the experienced to do. Not only that, I loved the quote in it. 

If you do figure out what it says, please leave a comment on this blog post. Good luck!

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Friday, August 28, 2015

Blaugust Day 28: Wizard101 & Pirate101 Bundle-A-Palooza

Today, Wizard101 and Pirate101 surprised us with Bundle-A-Palooza. Wizards and Pirates can save up to 25% or 50% off on all online bundles at the or sites. This sale will end on September 7th, 2015.

There's quite a bit retired Wizard101 bundles that's available for sale like the Epic, Mega Bundle, Majestic, Super and more. This is a pretty sweet deal to be honest if you haven't bought them already. I bought all of them at the full price. So yea you'll be laughing all of the way to the bank for sure lol.

I would actually recommend you get the Epic and Mega bundles since they're the earliest bundles that were introduced into the game. Also the Evergreen bundle since that house is just epic and your plants will love it.

If you want a huge mount to annoy players with, buy the Atlantean Bundle, the whale mount with will give you that leverage.

But hey, if you wanted to get that Arcane Builder's Bundle, this is the time to buy. Especially if you want the Night Garden which means you will have to buy this bundle and redeem it on the same character THREE times to get it. But remember you're saving 50%!!!!!

I so love Pirate101, especially its ships and companions. The bundles give really good ones too. If you're looking for great ships, buy Hoodoo and/or Admiral's bundles. Empire bundle is great if you want an pretty epic house. Cutthroat Bundle gives an pretty neat companion.

Happy Shopping, Wizards and Pirates!

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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Blaugust Day 27: Retired Wizard101 Bundle Houses Available Only For Today!

Yep, you heard it. Today Only - Retired Bundle Houses from Wizard101 is back in Crown Shop. It's Throwback Thursday after all. Each costs 8750 crowns and they are purchasable only for crowns. Luckily, there's also a crown sale going on which means you can buy 60k crowns for $60. That's like a dollar per thousand crowns. BOOYA!

They all come with a PvP Arena which was one of the best features of bundle houses. They're great for PvP Parties!

Massive Fantasy Palace - This house was actually the very first Bundle House to be released from Wizard101. Man, the memories! I remember getting it and being so excited because it was a cool item to have. It's a huge Wizard City style castle with hidden rooms and it even has a moat!

Sultan's Palace - This house is the very second Bundle House to be released from Wizard101. It has a nifty feature - the Genie's Lamp never introduced before in game. You could "rub" it and the genie who pops out would give you rewards like reagents, treasure cards, and more. People would say that this house belongs in the Mirage world that we have not seen yet. Based on the house design, I bet the world of Mirage would be awesome.

The Sun Palace - It's a cool Zafarian house complete with a gorilla in the basement who gives you sweet rewards. That was my favorite part because come on, a gorilla?! This house has so much space inside the house complete with cool sliding doors that you can activate.

The Pyramid of the Lost Horizon - A perfect Aztecan house where you can place your dinosaur mounts and pets. It has cool lava rivers and awesome hidden areas. I love using this house for hide and seek games. Too many places you can hide which is super awesome!

Winter Wind Tower - This house is the Avalon house in the Winter season. I actually use this house as a Christmas house. There's a cool tapestry inside the house that if you press the X at the right time, which will take you to three different spots in the house. One of them is the basement complete with jail cells. Yep jail cells. But they're full with junk. I guess even storage junk needs to be locked up.

But you better hurry, they're only available to buy TODAY. Yep, tomorrow they will be gone.

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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Blaugust Day 26: The Six Stages of Grief After Your Favorite In-Game Character Dies

In certain games, there are characters that you can't help, but love. In Wizard101, for me, it was Dyvim Whitehart who was this super super adorable mouse who would tag along with us on our quests in the world of Khrysalis. In one epic battle in Moon Cliffs, poor Dyvim got stung as he got thrown through the glass window by the evil Brood Mother.

"DIE, Ratling!" says the evil Brood Mother.

"The Brood Mother stung me - I can feel the poison burning through my veins. Go through the Honeycomb Gate to the Lost Wood."

As he laid there dying, he wanted us to continue the fight. But Dyvim Whitehart was our buddy. He was our constant companion through Khrysalis and helped us in battles. It brought tears to my eye as he laid there on the ground slowly dying from poison and there was nothing we could do to help him. I hated feeling so helpless. But we eventually did what he wanted us to do.

But looking back, I still remember it. The feels when I look back still lingers, so I decided to list the six stages of grief as you lose your favorite in-game character.

The Six Stages of Grief

1. Shock

"What? Wait.. What just happened? OMG!"

2. Anger

"What the heck? NO WAY! This is stupid. WHY DYVIM?!"

3. Sadness

"But he was so sweet! So helpful! He was like.. my best buddy!"

4. Ranting On Social Media

"NO, NOT DYVIM! GUYS, GUYSSSSSSSS... DYVIM DIED!!! The cute mouse got killed!"

5. The Comfort Food Stage

"I need Ice Cream to fill in the gaping hole of my heart where Dyvim was!"

6. When You Snap Out Of It

"Oh wait, this is just a game. Dyvim is not real... Right? Hope I didn't sound nutty. Is this normal?"

Luckily, for Dyvim, there's still a happy ending with a cool Star Wars reference! If you want to find out, go and play Wizard101. Next time, if you come across a scene like I did with Dyvim, be prepared to go through the six stages of grief. Even though they are made from pixels, they still capture a piece of your heart just like any real living person. Amazing isn't it?

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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Blaugust Day 25: Farmville 2 Country Escape Event News

Well, I decided to talk about a mobile game that I play often. You see, I just finished Farmville 2 Country Escape's 2nd Annual Green Thumbs Game Event. I just won a Gardening Bengal Cat prize in one of its events. Let me explain more for those who have not played this game before.

They tend to give events pretty often where you can win prizes for your farm. It could be pins to help boost things or helpers that can help around the farm. You can even win tickets to buy helpers, special ingredients to use in crafting/cooking and golden gloves to decrease crafting/cooking time.

In this event, there's two phases, which makes it great for those who are budgeted on time. If you're too busy for one phase, you can do the another one. Anyway, I was aiming to try to get the Gardening Bengal Cat which would be an extra permanent helper for me around the farm. It can help me forage, farm, fish, mine, etc for special ingredients to craft stuff.

Even in Stage 1, I'm working hard to stay in the top 5 because I need a gold medal to win a Bengal Cat.

First is Gold which is Rank 1-5, second is Silver which is Rank 6-10 then Bronze which is Rank 11-15. Depending where you are on the ladder, you win the prize that's allotted for each medal. I want the Bengal Cat, so that means that I have to stay in the very top 5 placements. Whew, I got my job cut out for me.

So how do I gain ranks? Simple, craft or cook stuff! Each item gives special Green Thumb points. Some give low points and some give high points, but are harder to make. With boosts, I can easily make tons of points. But the 100% boost costs 10 keys which is cheap while the 50% costs 300k gold, again cheap. The thing though is that it's easy to run out of keys and it costs real life money, so you got to be smart how to play the game.

When the first stage completed, I was able to get myself a cute Bengal Cat. But did that stop me? No, I worked just as hard in the second phase, earning me a Gardening Bengal Cat which is an upgrade. WOOT! 

Welcome to my farm, little pet!

Dogs have their own playground like the Cats do. It's where they take a rest and sleep or play or whatever they wanna do. Now we have a new buddy to join the kitties that I already have acquired. BOOYA!

The New Lighthouse Expansion

But there was also a new expansion over the weekend - Ancient Mariner's Lighthouse. It is currently locked only to those who want to pay to open it early for 400 keys. Zygna did not do a good job of explaining this to be honest. I couldn't find anywhere on their blog explaining when it's free for everyone. I checked their twitter and they said "a few weeks." They're too shady and vague about this update that everyone has been begging for a year or more for. Plus 400 keys? That's like $20 in American Dollars. I find that a bit much imo. They did not even talk about this new expansion in their blog which is another mistake as well. This makes me feel like they are afraid to even tell people that "yes you have to pay 400 keys to open it early." Like they don't want to be overwhelmed with negative comments.

The site looks leery. I mean, That sounds like a site that is full of advertisements. Yet Zygna tells its followers to go and read the article. Whey can't they make their own blog post about it and point people there? I simply find it all very very strange.

New Event Coming Soon!

But anyway, there's a new event coming soon. I can't wait! I better start stocking on sugar, butter and milk. I just hope that there are good rewards in this event, otherwise I'm not doing this event. Fingers crossed!

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Monday, August 24, 2015

Blaugust Day 24: Pirate101's Arrrgust Flag Design Contest

The Flag Template You Can Use For The Contest

This week, Pirate101 is hosting a Flag Design contest for ARRRgust!

The Grand Prize Winner will win sixty thousand crowns while the five Runner Ups will win an Epic Hero Galleon. There will be also 10 Honorable Mentions who could win seven thousand crowns. Deadline is August 30th, midnight CST. Don't forget to include your Pirate101 username with your entry!

I'm thinking of entering this contest. I got a crazy idea, but it probably won't win any prizes. But hey, the fun is in creating something! Someone pointed out that there will be great artists who will be winning this. That's probably true, but that won't stop me from trying and having a giggle at my weird and yucky art. I hope I see your entries. I love seeing others' art. They usually blow me away!

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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Blaugust Day 23: Help, My Motivation Is Missing!

I was thinking about goals that I wanted to accomplish in games I have played and I noticed a pattern in myself. Let me show you what I mean.

1. Wizard101

I should really finish my other nine characters and max them out. For some reason, I keep delaying it. I'm not sure why. It's incredibly hard finding my motivation to do so. But hey, at least I got one max level character!

2. Pirate101

I want to finish my two male pirates in Pirate101. For some reason, I keep not having enough time in the day to really commit to this. My boys are now in Aquila, they're practically 50 feet from the finish line. I could finish them in a week. But I feel like they can wait. At least I got 5 max level chars.

3. WildStar

I'm currently playing in the beta stage. So far, it's quite interesting. But I only played for ten minutes. The only compliant I got is the way the keys are placed. It's not comfortable playing it. But I feel like I will get the hang of it. My goal is to see it to the end if possible. I just gotta remind myself to play it.

4. Guild Wars 2

I got up to I think level 15 or something. I really should go back and keep going. The only thing that's stopping me is time and downloading it. I hate downloading games that makes me wait for a hour or two before even playing it. So this can wait until I'm in the mood to download it.


It has been years since I've played this. I really should get back into it and keep playing. Eh, when I got the time.

6. WoW

Same thing as LOTRO. Although I need to buy a subscription. Right now, I can't afford to. But someday when I can, I'd like to play it some more. I still have not decided if this game is essential as breathing yet. You know what I mean. There will be games that makes you feel like they're just as important as breathing. Until then, this game can wait.

So Where's My Motivation?

One thing I kept thinking as I typed all of those goals for each game is that I need motivation to play each game. Because to be brutally honest, I keep making excuses not to. That's the honest truth.

So, what do you do to find motivation? I need to find my excitement to make me want to jump in feet first. But what do you do if it's missing? Do you push yourself? Do you accept it? Is this normal? Is it not? I have so many questions and no answers. If you can provide some, let me know.

I am wondering if I'm the kind of person who needs to be challenged and to be excited to want to play something. I'm trying to remember how I felt when I discovered a new game to play. Feels like it has been a hundred years ago. Have I changed as a person? Am I simply bored? Because I keep finding myself going, "Yea but I want new content." I feel like I need goals that challenge me. New goals. Not the typical ones like finish your chars, blah blah.

Also is it because it's too lonely to play on your own in a game? Like who do I talk to? Who do I play with? But really do I even care about this issue? I don't find myself wanting company in a game. Yet in other games than Pirate101 and Wizard101, I go "so who do I ask if I need help?" It's quite interesting to think about.

Not only that, making multiple characters in a single game can get tedious. Most of the time the quests are pretty much the same, so you're just repeating it. I know this is true for Wizard101 and Pirate101. I'm not sure about others since I haven't tried it. I used to love doing this, but one day it just became a thing you do, not the thing you want to do.

The sad thing is there's one game that I do keep playing, Farmville 2 Country Escape. Yep, a mobile game. The reason why? They keep bringing out events that challenges us to compete and win. And they bring out events pretty often, almost one after the another. If they offer great prizes, I'll do it. If they don't, I won't. Most of the time they do. Their events make me feel like I NEED to play, so I do. So is it really me or is it the games? It's so confusing!

Am I the only one? Am I crazy? I feel like I need to get away, sit on a mountain and mediate to find my inner gaming muse. This way, I can come back all refreshed, feeling fierce and ready to conquer all and any game I come across. ...Yea I'm probably crazy lol.

Image Credit For The Header Goes To @Umbra_SHunter

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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Blaugust Day 22: Wizard101 Member Benefits

While wondering what member benefit was probably coming up next, I thought that I should make a list of we have already seen to find out a pattern to figure out what's coming next.

So I have made a schedule of all member benefits that Wizard101 hosted since it first came out. I also have listed all of them along with the dates that they were available as well as what it's all about.

Nov 2014: New Member Benefits In Test Realm

Member Benefits are introduced into Test Realm for us to test.

January 21-25, 2015: Gardening Rewards

This is our first ever Wizard101 member benefit in the live game. During this member benefit which lasts for five days, we are able to earn double gardening rewards. And yes it means double seeds.

February 25-March 1: Pet Training

During this member benefit which lasts for five days, we are able to earn double pet experience.

March 20-22: Training Points

During this member benefit which lasts for three days, we are able to buy back our training points for free!

April: 24-30: Gardening Rewards

During this member benefit which lasts for six days, we are able to earn double gardening rewards. It increases from 5 to 6 days to give us more time planting, raising and harvesting them to elder.

May 6-10: Free Tournaments

During this member benefit which lasts for four days, we are able to enter tournaments for free which means free tickets win or lose!

June 12-14: Training Points

During this member benefit which lasts for three days, we are able to buy back our training points for free!

June 26-29: Pet Training

During this member benefit which lasts for three days, we are able to buy back our training points for free!

July 31st - August 5: Free Tournaments

During this member benefit which lasts for six days, we are able to enter tournaments for free which means free tickets win or lose! This time, we get extra two days which is super sweeeeet!

August 21st - 23: Training Points

During this member benefit which lasts for three days, we are able to buy back our training points for free!

And the rest is a mystery....

September: ?
October: ?
November: ?
December: ?

But I had a sudden thought while researching this. Do you realize that we only have four member benefits so far. Gardening, Pet Training, Tournaments, and Training Points? Yes just four.

I think my favorite is gardening so far because I am not Level 20 yet. Getting to Level 20 is like trying to climb Mt. Everest. Any amount of xp helps. Although double gardening xp is super sweet! Once I am Level 20 in gardening, I think I would focus on Free Tournaments or Pet Training member benefits.

 But, what other member benefit events would you like to see for Wizard101? I know that I would love to see a Fishing member benefit where we can earn double fishing experience! If they do ever introduce a fishing member benefit, it will blow all of the other member benefits out of the water. Double fishing xp for a week? YASSSSSSSSSSS! Right now I am Fishing Level 10 and we can become up to Level 15. But with the slow introduction of new fish which gives pretty good xp for the first time catches, it will take quite a while. So with the fishing member benefit, I believe that it would help a lot if we received double regular fishing xp. I sure hope that it does happen one day.

I also thought maybe that there should be a Jewel Socketing member benefit. Free socketing for a few days. Now that would be a nifty nudge for us to socket our pretty little gems.

How about a Crafting member benefit for a few days? All cool down timers will be disabled. This way, you can craft as many items as you want during the benefit without waiting for the cooldown timer.

Let us know what else you would like as a Member Benefit in the comments.
Also let us know your guess what will be the next member benefit and why?

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Friday, August 21, 2015

Blaugust Day 21: Wizard101's Training Points Buyback

Now through August 23rd in Wizard101, you can buy back your points for free and have your wizard retrain spells just in case you made a mistake or want to improve your character.

Keep in mind that only Wizard101 Members can do this. If you want to be able to join this benefit, you must buy a Wizard101 subscription and be a current member. It does not matter if you have a month, a six months or a year long subscription membership.

There's actually also one more good reason to join this member event. You could earn the "Master of Shapes" badge.

My character with the "Master of Shapes" badge

You could buy back your points then go buy all Moon spells that is listed at: When you are done with that and you have received your nifty "Master of Shapes" badge, you can once again buy back your points for free and have your wizard get the spells that it actually needs.

This badge is found under the Miscellaneous Badge section.

The reason it's called "Master of Shapes" is because when you use Moon spells, they tend to morph you into another creature with its own set of spells for a few rounds. So, morphing into creatures is also known as morphing into shapes. It's pretty much the same thing.

I sure hope that they introduce more nifty reasons to buy back your points other than the Master of Shapes badges and fixing your mistakes as well as improving your character. It would definitely make us use this member benefit more once we have our badges and are pretty sure about my character's spell needs. But I can't think of a thing to suggest. Maybe another badge? I don't know. Hopefully someday, we'll be surprised. We shall see.

Have fun in the Spiral!

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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Blaugust Day 20: What Story Would You Like To See In-Game

I had a crazy thought the other day about stories and what kind of stories I would love to see in game. Are there any story plot you would like to expand or add to the stories we know of in Pirate101 and/or Wizard101 that would be a great story? If you don't play Pirate101 and/or Wizard101, that's alright. Let us know of a story that you would still like to see in a game.

For example:

"Who Would Steal A Horse Stick Mount?"

Someone stole Donkey Hotay's horse stick mount. It's up to us to find it and return it before Donkey Hotay finds something else to ride like a Monsquistan or a vicious spider really. The Monsquistans are hopping mad, so it's pretty urgent. Tiny angry monkeys aren't to mess with really. Gortez is besides himself. He would like to find the thief, alas he cannot since he is the King and has to remain home. But he wants you to find the mount and the thief. There is an empty cell in Zenda waiting for him, her or... it.

"The Case of the Missing Mother Ship"

Sherlock Bones alerts us to a case that needs our help right away! The tiny aliens in the tiny UFOs that we find all over in Azteca immediately needs your help. Apparently they can't find the Mother Ship, so we get to magically shrink ourselves and ride with them in their tiny ships to explore the world of Azteca and other new places to find the Mother Ship. How can a giant ship go missing? Something's not kosher here. 

Are there any others that you wish were part of the story in Pirate101 or Wizard101? Comment away with your stories!

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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Blaugust Day 19: Postal Carriers & Mailboxes

This is going to be a bit of the out out out out of the box type of post. And it's not even game related. But bear with me, this post actually has a great message, and a tip, for you all. When realizing I need to get the mail, I thought about the mailbox we currently have. Then I remember a remark that my mother made the other day about those "poor postal carriers who have to walk up and down the stairs every day."

You see, my mother used to work as a post office postal carrier so she knows what it's really like. When we were renovating the house, I installed new floor paneling and railing for the patio. Then my mother mentioned that we should remove the letter holder box that was on our wall. You can see it by the darker color on the wall which marked where it used to be.

She said that "believe me, if you remove that thing on the wall and install a mailbox next to the stairs, your postal carrier will thank you for it!" She said that it's incredibly tough on the carriers who would walk up and down the stairs of each house they have to deliver mail to. As she said that, I looked around at the houses around me and I realized that she was right. A lot of houses' mailboxes are on the wall of the houses, usually only accessible by using the stairs.

When my mother posted a picture of the new renovations including the mailbox on her facebook wall, I saw an interesting comment. A friend of hers who is a postal carrier and actually delivers the mail to our house actually left a comment saying "Thank you for the mailbox!"

Maybe you can, maybe you can't. But if you can, maybe you could do the same for your postal carrier. This mailbox only cost me I believe $70 and with accessories I need to buy made it $100 in total. I bought a special post screw that did not require me to buy concrete or mix it. Then the 6x6 wood post. But, it honestly is priceless to those postal carriers since it makes it easier for them to deliver their mail. One less stairs makes their day easier. One simple thing can change everything. So, be considerate to your local postal carrier today.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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