Mystery Telegraph Boxes Arrive In Test Realm

In Wizard101 Test Realm, there were teases of mystery Telegraph Boxes, what could they be?!

Fishing has arrived in Wizard101!

Collect all 63 Fish to become an awesome fisherperson!

A Brand New Pet Feature in Pirate101

You now can hatch, raise and spar your pets!

Brand New Wizard101 Bundle - The Spiral Cup Gauntlet!

You now can join the advanced Wysteria tournament in its gauntlet! Not only that, you can get a vine mount, pegasus pony pet and more!

Brand New Arcane Builders' Bundle from Wizard101!

You now can build your own castle!

Brand new Aquarium Tanks in Wizard101!

You can buy, craft and stack Aquarium Tanks to store your prized fish!

A Mysterious Tower shows up in Pirate101!

What does this mean? What is that tower for? Hopefully we will find out soon!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Evergreen Bundle from Wizard101

Introducing the Botanical Gardens from the Evergreen Bundle

"After touring this house, I just have one word to say - WOW! This is by far the best piece of work I've seen in the game for a long time. This house has everything - Beautiful secret passages, a PvP ring and an overgrown fly trapper plant that you can get rewards from. Not to mention the natural tranquil and beautiful surroundings. I think this house is alone the full price of the bundle and I'll definitely be moving in here now. :) Great job, KingsIsle!" -Chris Drakeflame aka @TheDrakeflame

The Evergreen Bundle has arrived in Wizard City! It has a beautiful huge greenhouse house, the Botanical Gardens, which your gardening plants will love... LITERALLY! It even has a giant flytrapper which reminds us all of the movie, "Little Shop of Horrors." FEED ME SEYMOUR! It will give you rewards once you pull its levers such as Gardening TCs, Reagents, even Housing Furniture like Gong of the Oni. 

Rub-A-Dub-Dub - Chrissy's Plant Taking A Bath

There are three levers - Pollinate, Sun and Water. There's three funny animations to watch for each lever. If you water the plant, it will be washing itself. Sun, it will act like it's getting a tan. Pollinate, it gets tickled.

"The Bundle is great, functional, and fun. The concept behind the bundle is new and fresh; definitely worth buying." -Nash aka @Spiral_Official

You get a really cute Spirit of the Forest pet that has a Gardening talent, the May Cast Gardening Pixie. He also comes with a Super Nova card as well as Growzone Layer Gardening Card which prevents Magic Need for 48 hours. When you cast any gardening spells on your plants, he will cast his may cast Gardening Pixie talent on your plants too. What a nice bonus, right? Not only that your gardening plants will love the house, so it will give them another bonus like the Red Barn Farmhouse. To sum it up, this house and pet is grrrrrrrr-eat for gardeners!

"The new bundle is unlike any other in the game. It is dark and mysterious, but still holds a sense of fun and adventure within its forests." -Jack aka @Jack_Silversong

There are cool secret passages that leds you down to a secret lake. It's so much fun trying to find them. I would stand in the secret passageways, shouting "BOO!" to friends walking by who are clueless. It was so much fun!

"I just love the new bundle house.  It is HUGE :D I really love the plant with it's nod to Little Shop of Horrors. The place has SO many hidden areas. Most bundle houses don't have so many. It is really a blast to play tag in if you know all the hidden areas lol. The forest is beyond beautiful and I can't wait to decorate it.

I am also in love (Yea I am using Love a lot here lol) with the wolf mount. It is incredibly beautiful and fun to ride. I have included some shots of it. The one of the wolf in the sky with the comet flying by took more than an hour of waiting to get the combination of comet, no debris flying by, and the wolf howling in the short seconds of the comet flyby. Not counting the work involved to float me out there, lol.  All that work was sure worth it as that mounts beauty looks incredible in a night sky :D

Celestian Spectral Wolf Moon With Comet

I have seen several decorated Garden Houses and they are incredible *cough, Paige Moonshade's cough*  :P. One has a delightful maze in the greenhouse that is a real hoot.

I have so many new ideas now for decorating it and I can't wait.  I haven't even BEGUN with training the new pet that helps with my plants yet.  I am hoping to mix the forest sprite traits with the otter traits and have a fishing & gardening pet.  So much goodness to discover :D

I couldn't recommend this bundle any higher. It is well worth the investment."
-Chrissy The Blesser aka @ChrissyzTweet

"The Call of the Pack" - Chrissy with her Celestial Wolf Mount

Spirit of the Forest Pet

"Very spacious and has a lot of scenery. Although you may get lost, you can enjoy the surrounding environment." -Alexander Lionheart aka @Alex_Lionheart

You may find this awesome Bundle from GameStop for $39. You can tell by all of the comments from our Stars of the Spiral staff that the bundle is worth having!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Sneak Peeks from Pirate101!

Apparently soon we will have new content coming to Pirate101. Check out their teasers below!

What a cute squid. At first I thought it was a pet, but others disagreed and said it had to be a npc or boss.

Guess they were right, it's a NPC. BLOOP?!? Hehe, so cute. If you notice, he's still in Skull Island. Hmm, wonder what we'll have to do there? Hopefully to find a new key to reach another new world? Polaris, Mirage, Krokotopia, Grizzleheim? Who knows?! Valencia is practically confirmed if you have finished Aquila, there you find out we have to return to Valencia. So yes for sure we are going back there. However, I am hoping that we will get to see yet ANOTHER new world. I am actually hoping for two book expansions or something. I loved having Marleybone and Aquila at once. Since we have waited so long for a new world, I am hoping that it will happen again.

OMG OMG OMG! CAPTAIN'S QUARTERS?! This was something that we pirates have been waiting for a few years for. We wanted the ability to be able to go down inside our ship and decorate it and have ship parties. I guess our dream is becoming a reality with this teaser!

Oooh bundle gauntlet?! SQUEEEEE! It's another thing that us pirates have been waiting for. MORE BUNDLES! We're debating if the building is based off Monsquista or my idea, Mirage.

What do you think? What are your theories? Post in the comments below!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Exclusive Sneak Peeks from Wizard101!

Wizard101 Test Realm is coming soon with new stuff. We don't know if it's an expansion, new world, new dungeons. All we know that it's gonna be awesome!!

Thank you Wizard101 for allowing Stars of the Spiral to have the exclusive sneak peeks! Please do not forget to click on pictures to enlarge for easy viewing.

The file name for this is Knight. :O

The file name for this is Gargoyle Guard

The file name for this is Boar Boss. Whoever it is, he looks super rad! Notice the symbol on his gear, definitely very mooshu-ish?

What a cool yet creepy building. What could this be? Some people wonder if it's the house in the Evergreen Bundle. But why would they send us a spoiler of that? That wouldn't make sense. The file name for this is Temple. Hmm, what temple?

The above picture was released on Wizard101's Twitter. This looks like a Marleybone Palace, perhaps the Barkingham Palace? I mean the throne does give it away!

This looks like it's in Darkmoor. Notice the gargoyles and the creepy design of the building?

Also check out Wizard101's vines which has a few cool teasers too!

What a beautiful kitty. Again she looks like she's in a Marleybone building. Prehaps the palace? Notice the cool new wallpaper and statue next to her.

I adore that blimp and the building looks awesome. I love the way they look so polished and designed to be very very pretty. I'm a girl after all. Don't forget to notice the sigils in the front of the building. And of course, a brand new dance emote, Wizard101 called it #OppaWizardStyle!

This one takes in Grizzleheim's Ravenscar obviously which is not a new area. But she's showing off a brand new dance emote, the Raven. I suspect that it's called the Raven dance since Wizard101 even titled this vine "Hit That Raven for the Vine!"

So what do you think it could be?! Let us know your theories!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Introducing My Mini-Me!

Thanks to ShapeIt, I was able to win this marvelous figure from them which is actually based off the Kelsey Fireheart character I use frequently in-game of Wizard101. ShapeIt specializes in making figurines based off your game character. First, they printed my character in 3d from the photos I gave them of her. Then they would paint it matching the photos as well. They did a great job! They weren't able to create the flame, but eh that's alright. The rest of her is perfect! It's about 4 inches tall and gosh, isn't she cute? I can't stop staring at it and telling it that it's just too adorable for words. I know I'm talking to myself, but who cares? It's my mini-me!

The original picture I sent them.

I'm quite proud to have this amazing opportunity to own this figure. I sure hope that someday it will be priced quite reasonably that everyone can have their own mini figure based off their game character! I mean, who wouldn't want to own their own mini-me?! Thank you, ShapeIt!