Tuesday, November 24, 2015

My First Smuggler's Bounty Box!


Today I got something amazing in the mail. My very first Smuggler's Bounty Box that's Star Wars themed! Come on, this is pretty EPICCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC! You can click on every picture for a larger version of the picture.

When I first looked at it, I got shivers up my spine and I was filled with excitement. Star Wars! WOOT! With excited fingers, while Yoda was supervising nearby, I carefully opened it and the first things I see is the badge patch and the pin. If you want to show off your evil side, they are the perfect objects to use on your clothes or bags to show everyone to watch out for you. The detail was pretty nifty! I loved the language on them that I cannot read. But it made it more realistic. So much evilness and I'm not even done with this box.

Once I opened it up to see the inside, the first thing I saw was the Star Wars lanyard. Pretty cool! I don't use lanyards, but still if I went to a Star Wars event and I already had a nifty VIP Star Wars ticket, I'd attach it to that lanyard or something. I don't know. But the t-shirt was pretty cool! It even had a Pop! Tees on its sleeve to show off that yea this is pretty authetic. But the best was the last, but NEVER NEVER the least! The Funko Pops!

As you can see there's three versions and I got the best two out of three. I loved Captain Phasma who is in chrome since it was so shiny and his head bobbled a lot more easily than the other one. I think the other one is way too serious, I mean come on, move your head more. Boy, that Fighter Pilot must really take its job seriously. At least Phasma knows how to have fun.

So far, I'm pretty pleased with my purchase. The one thing I love about those Smuggler's Bounty is it's all about Star Wars. I mean who can't get enough of Star Wars?! You get great doses of Star Wars fun in each box for a great price. I am already looking forward to the next box which will be all about the Resistance! The Resistance Box closes in January which is my birthday month. SWEEEEEEEEEEEET! Btw, it's Jan 5th. Yes, the FIFTH. Mark that date please. Don't forget to wish me happy birthday on that day or I will use the force on you. Nah, just kidding lol.

So for those who are interested in having their own Smuggler's Bounty box. There are two subscription plans - Monthly or Yearly. I chose Monthly because hey I'm poor. Maybe for Christmas, I'll spring for the Yearly membership. We shall see. That free gift is mighty tempting.

Every two months, you will receive a box full of exclusive Funko items that's worth $50! That's pretty good for $25 or really $35 if you include tax and shipping. You save $15! For example, this first box cost me $25 plus $10 for tax and shipping. So it is really $35 in total. But remember, the box is actually valued at $50. If you want to join and get your own box, you can join at Smuggler's Bounty's website.

In January, expect me to make another blog post on the Resistance Box. See you around in the galaxy!

What I Am Thankful For In 2015


I was thinking about what I'm thankful for, so I decided to make a post about what I'm exactly thankful for. What are your thanks for this year? Mine are as follows.
  • I give thanks to those who always welcomed me with a hello when I pop up online.
  • I give thanks to the community managers of Pirate101 and Wizard101 as well as #JuliaFromKI. Without them, the KingsIsle community would not be the same.
  • I give thanks for all of the hybrids I've discovered in Pirate101, without them I wouldn't have found amazing new friends in the morphing tent.
  • I give thanks to Exploding Kittens for being my first ever backed project on Kickstarter. Without them, I wouldn't have the courage to try that site out.
  • I give thanks to the writers of Pirate101 and Wizard101 for creating stories that we can relate to.
  • I give thanks to the bad times which reminds me how good the good times were.
  • I give thanks to the good times that reminds me that life can be good and nothing bad lasts forever.
  • I give thanks to the coders and testers who make sure the games' newest updates are ready for us to play as well as creating new stuff for us!
  • I give thanks to Bonnie Anne, Catbeard and Ratbeard for the funny things they say in-game.
  • I give thanks that the color turquoise exists because that's just my favorite color ever.
  • I give thanks for every wonderful thing that was said about me that raised my spirit.
  • I give thanks to my sweet dog and my rotten (and lovely) cat.
  • I give thanks to Pirate101 for allowing me to be a pirate again! It's quite lovely to do ship battles!
  • I give thanks to all of my followers and supporters who gives me a reason to be on everyday.
  • I give thanks to the game designers that created wonderful games for us to enjoy.
  • I give thanks to everyone who made me laugh this year.
  • I give thanks for my family who stayed together and remained strong through the tough years.
  • I give thanks for my teacher, Falmea, without her I wouldn't be a great Fire Wizard!
  • I give thanks to all of the kind people in the community who have been the backbone of this community.
  • I give thanks to Morganthe, Malistaire and future thanks to Old Cob for letting me defeat them. It just reaffirms that I am awesome.
  • I give thanks for every little surprise I have been given.
  • I give thanks for the strength that helped me endure through rough years.
  • I give thanks for my nephew who made me a first time aunt.
  • I give thanks for my Fire From Above spell, for without those mouse boys I would not be gleefully shouting "BOMBS AWAY!"
  • Lastly, I am thankful for cookie dough ice cream because nothing in the world can beat that taste!

What about you? What are you thankful for?
Have a great Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 23, 2015

Caleb Silverflame's Hoard Pack Release History!


Thanks to Caleb Silverflame who made a great chart outlining when and which pack were released in Wizard101. Apparently if you read below carefully, Caleb shows that the releases of new packs are slowing down. Also he mentioned that 2012 was the busiest year for new packs.

I am amazed that there was 418 days between Islander's Hoard and Nightmare Pack. WOW! That's more than a year between releases!

29 Days were the shortest between Kirin's Hoard and Ninja's Lore, making them the closest pack releases. If you notice in the early years, there were usually 1, 2 or 3 months between releases.

In 2012, there were EIGHT new packs released! Holy Meatballs. Boy, KingsIsle used to be really busy when it came to packs.

In 2014, only two new packs were released. The slowest year ever.

I am personally glad that they are slowing down. My wallet needs a break lol. But I can't wait to see what other new packs they will come up with next. I am still waiting for Thanksgiving and Easter packs. Imagine all of the bunnies and eggs?! Plus Thanksgiving dinner furniture? YASSSSSSSS.

Thanks Caleb Silverflame for the above neat chart!

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Alexander's Quick St-RAT-egy To Defeating Rasputin!


**Warning, the video will have spoilers, so do NOT watch if you don't want to see spoilers.**

Have a hard time defeating Rasputin in the final dungeon of Polaris? Don't fear, Alexander Lionheart has come to your rescue! 

The Alexander Lionheart has been kind to make a video on how to defeat the final boss in Polaris, the nasty dirty rat, Rasputin. He will show you how to do it quick and exactly just what you need to defeat him. Hopefully this will help you in showing Rasputin just how amazing a wizard you are! 
Thanks again, Alexander Lionheart. :P

Want To Be A Bear Ballerina in Polaris?


Want to be a bear ballerina? There is a transformation available!

In Polaris, you have to finish a main quest in the theatre which will make the vendor available. Once that's done, go in the front door of the theatre, not the side door where you had to complete the quest.

Here's the map, the green arrow is where you should enter, if you're confused.

Hello Vaslav!

Each transformation costs 1000 gold and lasts up to a hour. Gotta love it!

Now you're ready to brave the world in a tutu!