Friday, May 22, 2015

Pirate101's First Ever Morph-A-Thon!


Notice the pets in the header? They must be new hybrids that has not been found yet!

Welcome to Pirate101's First Ever Morph-A-Thon!

It’s a very special weekend in Bestia, Pirates! Welcome to the first ever Morph-a-thon competition in Pirate101!

Morph-a-thon is a very special event hosted over Memorial Day weekend, May 23, 24, and 25, 2015. During these days of the week, you will definitely want to log on and morph your pets so you can be entered into a grand drawing!

Here’s how the drawing works:
*We’ll be internally tracking all pet morphs made during this event. Make one morph, and you’ll be entered automatically.
*For each morph you make during this event, you will be given one entry into our drawing, e.g., Morph 20 pets, get 20 chances to win. Morph 50 pets, get 50 chances to win!
*For each specialty hybrid pet you make during this event (pets you can’t obtain any other way than morphing, like the Grimtooth Reaper shark), you will be given a bonus entry into our drawing! (NOTE: The Skull Island Macaw, (Blue) Ostrich, and Tarantula do not count as hybrids for this competition.)

Any players who create a morphed pet during this time will be entered into a special drawing for a grand prize of 60,000 Crowns or one of ten prizes of 10,000 Crowns! 

1- Only pets successfully morphed from 12:01 am May 23th, 2015 to 11:59 pm on May 25th, 2015 will be counted as entries.

2- You may sell your pets or place them in your house after you acquire them.
3- Winners will be awarded on May 26th, 2015 on announced that same day on the KingsIsle blog (we’ll also be sharing if any new undiscovered hybrids were discovered during this event).
4- You may only win once per account.

5- Please contact if you have additional questions.

I highly recommend that you guys go sink some ships or raid the Moo Manchu tower to get all of your characters filled up on gold! Don't forget those group chests too!

New Hybrids?

Here are a few hybrid theories to get you started!

The Blue Scarab

Blues Crab with a Crawlie
(Blue) Ostrich with a Crawlie

Christmas Dillo

Any Christmas Pet with an Armadillo Verde?

Orange?/Blue Scorpion

Deathstalker Scorpion or Golden Stingtail x (blue) Ostrich or Blues Crab

This one should be a new hybrid. I know I've seen this picture being around for a long time, but nobody has found this yet.

The Red/Green Chameleon

Cutie Chamelon or Orchid Chameleon x a Christmas Pet?

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Introducing the Brand New Aztecan Builder Bundle!


This brand new bundle is now available at GameStop for $39.
It comes with its own Arcane House, but with the Azteca look. It also comes with a super cute raptor mount and an unbelievable toucan pet that you will have to have! Of course, as always, it comes with a fantastic new gear and wand along with a shield.


You can't tell me that they aren't cute!!

The house is called Serpentine Escape. It's also an Arcane House, so that means you can tear the houses down and rebuild it into your wildest fantasy! The house even includes beautiful fountains. There are secret rooms and passageways. It's a house that acts like a maze. If you go in, you might not get out. Even a friend said, "This is a house I can easily get lost in!"

As always with each arcane house, there's one outside and one inside that's reachable by going through the waterfall. The looks of the houses are just simply amazing. "Oh look, the doors open and close on their own. So cool!" one remarked.

It even comes with its own meteor that will always be threatening to bulldoze your arcane house.
"Uh-oh," we all said.

This was easily my favorite thing about this house. The amazing symbols here.. Wow, I can easily see this as majorly collectible in-game. I sure hope that they will be craftable. Alexander Lionheart was already at the Bazaar hoping that there was an Ice symbol sold there, so he could have it. That's how bad he wanted it. 

Gary who works at KingsIsle and is one of the people who review and test houses thanked Paige Moonshade and his own daughter for building the Serpentine Escape houses that comes with the Aztecan Arcane Builder bundle. If you loved the houses, it was their own design!

Wizard101 sure did a great job with this bundle!

By the way, while looking at the Toucan't slots, the pet HAS to have something new, don'tcha ya think? Everything is a Ultra or Epic. It has only ONE Rare talent.

The Gear and Wand Look/Stats

Alexander Lionheart was raving about the wand in this bundle. It sounded like it could be super useful! But here are all of the stats so you can decide for yourself.


Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Undiscovered Wizard101 Pets - May 2015 Review


Upon reviewing an old blog entry that I made about Undiscovered Pets in September 2011. I thought that I should make an update on it and show you what has been discovered now and what still has NOT been discovered as of September 2015, 4 years later.



The following pets were not around in 2011 when this post was originally made, but thus far has been discovered!

In this video from 2010, a Fire Elf is hopping around next to a regular Scarab pet at 20 seconds!

And now the balance Scarab and Fire Elf is NOW DISCOVERED. 

In 2011, we noticed the Armored Skeleton pet? It's right next to the Fire Beetle,
Interesting, isn't it? And now BOTH of them exists!


I said in 2011: "Notice the Ice Beetle in the red circle at 21 seconds?"




I said in 2011: "Storm Bird was given to a player who lost items or for some glitch.
For some reason, Wizard101 decided to take it back,
so whoever had it don't have it anymore.
However, Wizard101 called it a "Crafted" Pet
which leads me to think that it's a Hybrid.

I don't think it hurts to try to make a Storm Bird since
there is a Fire Bird and a Ice Bird."




I said in 2011: "There's NO pictures of this pet. Just rumors that it was seen in Test.
HOWEVER.. this pet HAS to exist in my opinion because there is..
Death Bat, Life Bat, Fire Bat, Storm Bat, Blood Bat/Fang Bat (both are Myth)
So the only Bat that is missing is Ice and Balance.
Makes you think, doesn't it?"




My Favorite Undiscovered Pet So Far, the Steel Golem! 

Some people say that the Steel Golem pet is a KingsIsle staff pet. I totally disagree. I do not believe that KI would be so callous to post a picture of an awesome pet knowing that children CANNOT get it. So therefore, it does exist, but is simply undiscovered. It is also listed on the Age Conversion List which proves my point that it HAS to be in-game or just not released yet.

As for a few days ago, Gary who works at KingsIsle has stated that this pet is planned to be used for a future game card. When, we do not know. I hope it is soon since this pet has been missing for FOUR years.

The Picture of Promo Pets
July 18th, 2009

As of Today, all pets in the promo pet picture has been discovered except for the Ghost. Some people say they think the Ghost is actually the Yellow Ghost which already exists in game. But others think it's a WHITE ghost. What ya think?

Okay, we all know about Fire Beetle now. But at the time this video was released, the Fire Beetle did not exist. Not until I personally discovered the combination to create one. But people have always suspected that the Gobbler in this picture is NOT the regular Red Gobbler, but an Orange one. If it's a different gobbler, I can imagine it to be a Fire Gobbler or Balance Gobbler? The RED Gobbler pet pretty much says it's a RED gobbler. Why say RED unless there are other colors that exists? Could there be an Orange Gobbler? What about other schools? Imagine a Death Gobbler, all black? The possibilities are endless.



A few years ago, Lydia Greyrose made a post
listing all of the pets whose age would be converted once they went to live.
So this list gives great clues on which pets are still missing.

No Color Change means it has always existed in-game and is already obtainable.
All names marked in RED are not found yet as of September 2013.
All names marked in BLUE were not found in September 2011, but is now found as of September 2013.
All names marked in GREEN were not found in September 2013, but is now found as of September 2015.

Aqua Dragon TEEN 
Arctic Cat ADULT 
Ash Spider BABY 
Azure Dragon TEEN 
Battle Pig TEEN 
Black Cat TEEN 
Black Spider TEEN 
Bloodbat BABY 
Blue Cyclops BABY 
Blue Dragon TEEN 
Blue Ghost BABY 
Bolt Colossus TEEN 
Brass Golem BABY 
Brave Piggle TEEN 
Brown Spider BABY 
Brute Piggle ADULT 
Buddy Dragon BABY 
Burnzilla TEEN 
Cheery Piggle TEEN 
Chistmas Elf TEEN 
Clockwork Golem TEEN 
Cloud Demon TEEN 
Crimsonzilla ADULT 
Cupig TEEN 
Cyclops TEEN
Damp Demon TEEN 
Danger Hound TEEN
Dark Sprite BABY 
Dark Sprite (with card) TEEN 
Death Scarab TEEN *Cartoon Network Promo Pet*
Defender Pig ADULT 
Dire Ghoul TEEN 
Diseased Wildclaw TEEN 
Dragon BABY 
Dream Ghoul ADULT 
Earth Walker TEEN 
Evil Snowman BABY 
Fang Bat TEEN 
Fine Wood Golem TEEN
Fire Elf TEEN
Fire Salamander BABY 
Firecat BABY 
Firewing BABY 
Firezilla TEEN 
Flamezilla ADULT 
Fog Unicorn TEEN 
Friendly Dragon TEEN 
Frost Cat TEEN 
Frostman TEEN 
Frozen Cat ADULT 
Fun Dragon TEEN 
Gamer Piggle TEEN 
Ghoul BABY *Cartoon Network Promo Pet*
Glacier Cat ADULT 
Goat Monk BABY 
Greater Imp TEEN 
Green Ghost TEEN 
Grumpy Snowman TEEN 
Guardian Dragon ADULT 
Happy Piggle TEEN 
Heckhound BABY 
Helephant TEEN 
Helpful Wildclaw TEEN 
Hero Pig TEEN 
Hotzilla TEEN 
Hydra TEEN 
Ice Cat BABY 
Ice Colossus TEEN 
Ice Elf TEEN 
Indigo Dragon TEEN 
Inferno Cat TEEN 
Inferno Salamander TEEN 
Jade Helephant TEEN 
Jolly Piggle TEEN 
Jovial Piggle TEEN 
Krok BABY 
Krokomummy TEEN 
Krokotillian TEEN 
Lava Spider TEEN 
Leprechaun TEEN 
Lightning Bat BABY 
Lucky Leprechaun TEEN 
Magical Dragon ADULT 
Magma Colossus TEEN 
Magma Spider ADULT 
Mander BABY 
Minotaur TEEN 
Myth Ghoul BABY 
Nice Dragon TEEN 
Nimble Piggle TEEN 
Ninja Pig BABY 
Orthrus TEEN 
Piggle BABY 
Pioneer Dragon TEEN 
Pixie Queen (with card) TEEN 
Pixie Queen BABY 
Polar Cat TEEN 
Power Dragon TEEN 
Power Piggle ADULT 
Quick Piggle TEEN 
Rain Colossus TEEN 
Rain Demon TEEN 
Rat Magician BABY 
Red Ghost TEEN *Recently found as a Hybrid - Sept '11*
Royal Dragon TEEN 
Satyr TEEN 
Savage Wildclaw TEEN 
Scarab TEEN
Scout Pig ADULT 
Shardtail Dragon TEEN 
Shock Colossus TEEN 
Shock Demon TEEN 
Smarty Piggle TEEN 
Sneaky Piggle TEEN 
Snow Serpent BABY 
Spider Golem TEEN 
Spiritual Dragon TEEN 
Sporty Dragon TEEN 
Sprite BABY 
Steel Golem TEEN
Storm Beetle TEEN 
Storm Colossus TEEN 
Storm Demon TEEN 
Storm Hound TEEN 
Storm Salamander TEEN 
Stormzilla TEEN 
Stray Piggle BABY 
Sturdy Dragon ADULT 
Sturdy Wildclaw TEEN 
Summer Dragon BABY 
Sun Bird TEEN 
Supportive Wildclaw TEEN 
Swift Piggle TEEN 
Talented Piggle TEEN 
Thunder Colossus TEEN 
Tough Troll BABY 
Toy Dragon TEEN 
Treant TEEN 
Tricky Dragon TEEN 
Tricky Wildclaw TEEN 
Troll TEEN 
Unicorn BABY 
Valentine Pig TEEN 
War Pig TEEN 
Wood Golem BABY 
Wraith TEEN 
Yellow Ghost BABY 
Zebra Piggle TEEN



Here is the method I have used that I was able to get a Fire Beetle from.


When mixing for a brand new pet,
you MUST use a pet that LOOKS like the pet
and a pet that could force its school upon the other.


You cannot get a Ghost from Helephant and a Snake.
That doesn't make sense.

If you need a Storm Bird.. 

It makes more sense to use a Ice or Fire Bird for looks
then a Storm pet for its school.
PRESTO, a Storm Bird!

If you don't have a clue what school the new pet could be,

try using a pet that might has something the other needs.


For Ghost-
Use any colored Ghost with a Pale Maiden or Ghost Hound..
Maybe the Pale Maiden and Ghost Hound could make it transparent white?
Or use an Ice School since it has White pets?
You could force the colored Ghost to be transparent, white or both this way.

I hope this helped! This is how I discovered the Fire Beetle.


Wizard101's Hybrid Hints

Wizard101 has been releasing hints on Hybrids in-game. They said there's over 100 undiscovered hybrid combinations. Here's their three confirmed combinations they have stated on KI Live.

Red Gobbler x Red Gobbler = Pet Rock

Minotaur x Life Treant = Life Minotaur

Black Spider x Clockwork Golem = Spider Golem

Then in their Wizard101 Newsletter, they released six combo hints. I have added the confirmed hybrid results if it is known leaving two mysteries as a mystery still in what they produce.

As said in the Wizard101 Newsletter:
"For those studious Wizards of the Hatchery, below are a few more hints for combinations that may produce unexpected results. Remember, hybrids can be rare so if you don’t get it the first time, don’t give up. Good luck, Wizards and happy hatching!"

Frostman x Seraph = Yuletide Spirit

Black Cat x Christmas Elf = Lucky Leprechaun

Fire Elf x Grumpy Snowman = ?

Pale Maiden x Dragon = ?

Krok x Brown Spider = Krokomummy

Tough Troll + Brown Spider = Death Troll

I gotta say though that I'm disappointed with the hints so far. They simply produce other pets that ALREADY exists. I was hoping for brand new pets that does NOT exist.



For Pets We Have Seen In Videos and/or Pictures

(white) Ghost (Use any colored Ghost with Pale Maiden? or Ghost Hound? or Ice pet?)
Fire Elf (Use a Yellow Fire Elf with a Fire? pet - We are talking about a RED Fire Elf, not Yellow) *DISCOVERED
Armored Skeleton (Use a Skeletal Warrior with a Death?? pet) *DISCOVERED
Gobbler (orange/yellow)??? (Red Gobbler with a Fire or Balance pet?)
(balance) Scarab (Life Scarab with a Balance pet) *DISCOVERED
(myth) Cyclops (Blue Cyclops with a Myth pet) *DISCOVERED
Ice Beetle (Storm Beetle with a Ice pet) *DISCOVERED
Ice Bat (Any Bat with a Ice Pet) *DISCOVERED
Fine Wood Golem (Wood Golem with Balance?? pet) *DISCOVERED
Storm Bird (Fire or Ice Bird with a Storm pet)  *DISCOVERED
Steel Golem (Clockwork Golem with Spider Golem? or Fire/Storm pet) *NOT IN GAME, SAVED FOR GAME CARD USE SOMEDAY



For Other General Pets

Have you always wondered if some pets you have could come in another school version?

Bats - We have Fire, Myth, Storm, Ice, Death, Life that there's no Balance, which should be added to the list.

Crows - There's Ice, Fire, Storm, Death (Dark Crow). So that makes me think that there should be Myth, Balance, Life birds.

Ghosts - Since there's now blue, yellow, red and green ghosts.. I'm starting to wonder if there's orange and purple in addition to the white one that was a promo pet. I am still trying to think what other pets we should keep an eye on.

Treants - There's Life, Death, Myth, Fire. But what about Storm, Ice, Balance?

Death Hounds - There is a Death Hound, Ice Hound, Fire Hound - all with ONE head.. I do not know if the Orthrus mixes counts as Hounds.. But what about Balance, Myth, Storm, and Life?

Beetles - We have Fire, Ice, Storm.. I'm wondering if there's even Myth, Death, Life Beetles? Remember, Beetles have spiky shells. Scarabs have smooth shells

Scarabs - We have Life, Death, Balance, but no Myth, Fire, Storm, Ice. Gosh the list goes on and on!

But, what pets do you want to see now? Do you think there SHOULD be a complete "school" versions of all pets listed above? Do you want more secret hybrids that you only can get through hatching? Let us know by leaving us a comment.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Invite-A-Friend: Does It Need Improvement?



So far as it stands, the only rewards for getting a friend to sign up for a NEW account and spending $6 or more on that account is a small amount of bonus crowns for both you and the new member. But it got me thinking.. why not improve or expand the benefits for this nifty little thing?

Ideas For Improvement:

  • Special Mount and/or Pet for both with maybe a Special Boost.
  • Automatic Add To Your Friends List - the name should be highlighted blue or an unique color so you will know right away where they came from. If you don't want this, there should be an option in the options that allow you to turn this off.
  • Bonus XP. Maybe even a XP Boost for the day or week.
  • A special gear set for the new member - the member should automatically get an useful gear set for questing to start out with.
  • A special unique and collectible gear for the friend like the funny glasses and mustache that Pirate101 only gives to the winners of their Pirate Puppet contests.
  • Elixirs to start off the member right with pet training, gardening, fishing. It would be given to the friend as well.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

New Exclusive Wizard101 Tapestries!


There are now 13 new Tapestries that does not exist anywhere that will be given exclusively from the Wizard101 Official Fansites. Stars of the Spiral is even holding a raffle to give away 20 new Dragonspyre Academy tapestries. Each of the Official Fansite, with the exception of W101 Central, will have its own Exclusive Tapestry to give away. W101 Central will be giving away codes that will give you a random tapestry out of the new thirteen tapestries.

Dragonspyre Academy, Dragonspyre - Stars of the Spiral
Castle Tours, Wizard City Commons - Paige Moonshade
Zocalo, Azteca - Wizards of the Spiral
Pet Hatchery, Wizard City - Petnome
Vestrilund, Wintertusk - Frostcaller
Crescent Beach, Khrysalis - Legends of the Spiral
Crustacean Empire Tapestry - AluraRB
Floating Mountains, Azteca - Adventures of the Spiral
Bastion, Khrysalis - Mercenaries101
Dye Shop, Shopping District, Wizard City - Spiral Radio 101
Drum Jungle, Zafaria - Valerians School of Wayward Wizards
Crab Alley, Wizard City - Duelist101
Floating Land, Celestia - Ditto Monster

We will continue to add more tapestries when we find out what they have as the other official fansites release their contests. If you know of any others, please leave a comment below so we can add them right away!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

How To Save The Environment As A Gamer


So, Earth Day has arrived and I decided to put together a few tips just for gamers on how to reduce your carbon footprint while sitting in your computer chair.

Save Your Energy

 Make sure your Laptop has Energy Saver. This will cut down on the use of electricity. If you also got solar panels on your roof, you're so set.

The Battery Usage

If you use a wireless mouse, buy rechargeable batteries. Buying massive amounts of batteries then throwing them out won't make Mother Nature happy. But if you already have regular batteries that you need to get rid of, you could take them to a recycling center.

Turn Off What You Don't Need

When playing, make sure you don't forget to turn out lights or TVs in other rooms that you are not using.

Recycle Your Computer

If your computer is still working, but just not as good. Consider giving it to someone who can use it like a younger sibling or relative. But if you really need to scrap it, you should recycle your computer at a store like Staples. They'll even pay you for it.

Throwing your computer out with the garbage is not really safe since people can steal your personal information off the computer if it's not wiped properly. You can even break down it into parts and let other people have it, so they can create new computers as long as the parts are still good.

Remember you can also recycle your printer ink!

Unplug What You Don't Need

If you leave your computer plugged in all day while not being used, it STILL drains electricity. They call it the vampire effect. No I'm not kidding. If unplugging everything is too much for you (it is for me), buy the Belkin Conserve Energy Saving Outlets or heck, any UL-certified strip plugs. They will shut off the power or stop the drain for you.

Don't Throw Out Your Bottles

A lot of us sit at our desks, eat our lunch and drink from a plastic or paper bottle/cup that's filled with delicious tasting liquids. Then you throw it all out in the garbage bin. NOOOOOO! Walk 10 feet and dump the bottle in the recycle box... PLEASE? It's good exercise for you.

A Better Light

Since you're sitting in your computer chair with a lamp on, make sure the light bulb is an energy saver bulb. Yep, I'm serious.

Convert Snail Mail Into Emails

Make sure all of your bills are being sent to your Email, not to your house mailbox. Less paper, less waste! I mean, really, those poor trees...

Be Proactive

Be active in joining online clubs or groups that support in clean energy, reducing your carbon footprint, recycling, etc. There are many petitions online as well that you could sign that gives feedback to companies  to encourage them to also reduce their carbon footprint. You can also email, tweet, facebook the companies directly asking them to reduce pollution and to invest in clean energy. Do it nicely! Being polite goes a long way.

Not only that, you can send your own congressman, representative and even the President of the United States an email or an tweet saying you support clean energy or anything else you want to say in support of a healthy Earth.

Do not forget that there are many endangered animals on this planet that needs your support as well. The Western Black Rhino just became extinct a few weeks ago for instance. If you want them to stick around, you need to stand up for them. It's your planet after all.

Hope the few tips I provided helped you to make sure that you're doing your best to reduce your carbon footprint as a gamer. If you know of more tips, let us know in the comments below.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Bounty Hunters in Pirate101


I was finishing up side quests in Marleybone when I met this Bounty Hunter who wanted me to do his work pretty much. I had to rope in four very naughty criminals to show Mann that I can be a great bounty hunter like him. He had the nerve to doubt me which was... hurtful.

Anyway, I realized that we should see more bounty hunters in each world because we are pirates ... obviously. We are a shady bunch who likes to get paid for shady things. Roping in criminals for money makes more sense than finding Zeke's little friends. Heck, we should be our own bounty hunter! Us pirates shouldn't be ordered around, we should just do our thing.

Someone's grumpy...

But honestly, it would be cool to have Bounty Hunter quests in each world that gives us a very good amount of gold or companions as reward when we bring in the people they want captured. Maybe we could even earn a badge that says "Bounty Hunter"? So far as I can remember, in Cool Ranch, the Sheriff there did ask us to bring in criminals which gave us a side companion as a reward. Now that was a nice quest reward. Mann did not give much as a reward however which I wish was changed.

I can imagine Bounty Hunters in Skull Island, Mooshu and even possibly Aquila and Monsquista. Heck, why can't we have Bounty Hunters to be special NPCs that give daily or weekly quests? I would love that. It'd definitely keep me busy in-game when there's no new additions to the game.