Thursday, April 16, 2015

Bounty Hunters in Pirate101


I was finishing up side quests in Marleybone when I met this Bounty Hunter who wanted me to do his work pretty much. I had to rope in four very naughty criminals to show Mann that I can be a great bounty hunter like him. He had the nerve to doubt me which was... hurtful.

Anyway, I realized that we should see more bounty hunters in each world because we are pirates ... obviously. We are a shady bunch who likes to get paid for shady things. Roping in criminals for money makes more sense than finding Zeke's little friends. Heck, we should be our own bounty hunter! Us pirates shouldn't be ordered around, we should just do our thing.

Someone's grumpy...

But honestly, it would be cool to have Bounty Hunter quests in each world that gives us a very good amount of gold or companions as reward when we bring in the people they want captured. Maybe we could even earn a badge that says "Bounty Hunter"? So far as I can remember, in Cool Ranch, the Sheriff there did ask us to bring in criminals which gave us a side companion as a reward. Now that was a nice quest reward. Mann did not give much as a reward however which I wish was changed.

I can imagine Bounty Hunters in Skull Island, Mooshu and even possibly Aquila and Monsquista. Heck, why can't we have Bounty Hunters to be special NPCs that give daily or weekly quests? I would love that. It'd definitely keep me busy in-game when there's no new additions to the game.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

A 2014 Review Of Pet Drops in Pirate101


I was wondering how many pets each world had, so I made a list of all pets that were dropped in-game. It was interesting. With the last release, we know that Frog and Scarab were the newest pet drops.

If you look at each world, you could tell that MooShu has the most pet drops. Marleybone is the only world that has no pets that are pure pet drops as in pets that are only obtained by drops from bosses. They are the ones that you can't get from the Crown Shop, Packs, and Pet Wrangling. Skull Island leads in pure pet drops then Mooshu. Valencia is the ONLY world that has NO pets at all of any kind.

Skull Island

Coral Widow *Crown Shop* - Frankie Blue Eyes, Ancient Tunnels
DinoLizard - Ch'ok Ak'ab, Pyramid of Fire, Xol Akmul
Fire Toad - Gortez, Valley of the Gold Monkey, Gold Mine
Quackosaurus - The Master, Master's Lair, and Various Bosses


Scarab - Warden Mendez, Zenda


*None So Far*

Cool Ranch

Armadillo Verde - Various Bosses
Tropical Sky Snake *Crown Shop* - Various Bosses
Golden Stingtail *Crown Shop* - Various Bosses


Corrupted Celestial Dragon - Moo Tower, Nefarious Five, Icy Dock, Subata Skyway
Corrupted Imperial Lion - Moo Tower, Nefarious Five, Icy Dock, Subata Skyway
Ebon Spectre *Crown Pet* - Various Bosses
Silver Buffaloon *Crown Pet*- Friar Sand, North Landing, Temple of East Wind
Tawny Sky Turtle *Pet Wrangling* - Various Bosses


Hedgehog *Pack Pet* - War Golem, Testing Range, Isle of Dogs Dock
Not So Great White Shark *Pet Wrangling* - Captain Swing, Secret Tunnel, Isle of Dogs' Sewers and Various Bosses


Ice Scarab *Pet Wrangling* - Zeena and Various Bosses
Frog - Antinous, Palace of Ulysses, Ithaca

Which world would you like to see more pets being dropped in, even worlds we have not visited yet? Any ideas of what kind of pets you would like to see there? Personally I can't wait for Valencian and Polarian pets. Robots, Penguins, Seals, Polar Bears? Now that would be exciting!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Six Things You Should Know About Jewel Socketing


Wondering what is Jewel Socketing and how does it work? I'll explain here. Every Jewel has its own stats boost. It could be defense, offensive, even general health, pet, mana, energy boosts. You get to be able to add it to your existing gear to make it stronger which is very beneficial to your wizard. You can obtain jewels in two ways - crafting or from drops.

Now to explain more about Jewels. Here are six things you need to know to understand what are Jewels exactly and how to affix them to your gear as well as shatter.

1. Level of Jewel

Every 5 or 10 levels has its own name for jewels at that level. For example, If I say that I need Clear Jewels, I mean Level 85+ Jewels.

Level 15+ - Cracked
Level 25+ - Chipped
Level 35+ - Flawed
Level 45+ - Blemished
Level 55+ - Dull
Level 65+ - Plain
Level 75+ - Opaque
Level 85+ - Clear
Level 95+ - Polished
Level 105+ - Lustrous

 2. Type of Jewel

Every Jewel type stands for general use or specific schools.

Amethyst - Storm
Peridot - Fire
Jade - Life
Sapphire - Ice
Ruby -  Fire
Onyx - Death
Citrine - Balance
Opal - Any
Hemalite - Shadow

3. Shape of Jewel

There are four jewels at present that belong in four categories. I mentioned which amount is it - percent or flat, so you would be aware of what they could give.

Triangle Jewels -
Spell Cards. General and School Accuracy and Pip Chance (percent amount)

Circle Jewels -
Offensive Stats like School Critical, School Damage (flat amount)
Outgoing Heal (percent amount)

Square Jewels -
Defensive Stats like General Block, School Resist, School Block (flat amount)
Increase Base Healing & Stun Resistance (percent amount)
Boost Critical Block (percent amount)

Teardrop Jewels -
Fishing Luck (percent amount)
Health, Mana and Energy (flat amount)

 4. How To Affix & Shatter

What is Affix? It means to fit the jewel in. It's quite easy. Just make sure you have the proper shape and level to be able to affix it. The Affix button will light up if it is correct.

As for Shatter, it means to destroy the jewel. Once you shatter it, it's gone forever. So choose wisely. Simply click on a jewel and the "Shatter" button on the bottom will light up.

5. Socket Wretches

You might notice some sockets have locks on them. Sockets are the spots where you affix or fit the jewels in. This means that you need to unlock them. Socket Wretches are "tools" that you get as a drop that lets you unlock the socket spots for free. If you don't have one, you will have to pay with crowns to unlock the sockets. The crown cost will increase as you level to unlock the sockets.

For Example:

At Level 0-45: 45 crowns
At Level 50-75: 75 crowns
At Level 80-100: 150 crowns

6. New Reagents

There are new reagents that you will need if you want to craft jewels. You can find Pyrite, Bronze and Orichalcum from drops throughout the worlds in boss and mob battles. The other new reagents are Cobalt, Nickel, Penny which are used in the new Lava Aquarium recipes.

But, be aware when you craft a jewel, it will give random stats. You will not know what it gets until you finish crafting it. It's a gamble. Even the amount of boosts will change.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Lockpicking: A Talent Pirates Should Have


You find a double chest (with two locks), or even better, a quad chest (with four locks), but your friend list is empty. Nobody is on. Nobody's around either. You're stuck not being able to open the chest. What shall you do? Normally you give up and walk away.

But, if Pirate101 uses my idea, you don't have to! Why can't we train for talents that are not related to PvE, but for other things such as the locked chests?!

First, I thought that what if we can use lock breaking talents on both Double and Quad chests?

Lockpicking - Rank 1: You can open double chests.
Dynamite - Rank 2 - You can open quad chests.

Some people were concerned that it would defeat the purpose of group chests that required teamwork, so I realized wait a minute.. Double chests, Quad Chests,... What if there was a chest with SIX locks?

So here's my idea for real:

Double Chests - Too bad, find a partner for this one.
Quad Chests - Lockpicking Rank 1 Talent
You can open two locks, not all four. You still need a partner who trained for lockpicking too or get two more people.
Six Lock Chests - DYNNNNNNNNNNAMITE! Rank 2 Talent
Break open THREE locks, not all six. You will still need a partner for this too.

In fact, with Six Lock Chests, you can use Lockpicking, it'd break 2 locks which means you could have three people open this with their own Lockpicking talent than six people.

This way, the group chests will STILL need teamwork, but also the talents would give you a leg up when nobody is around as well.

This could also be expanded to other areas. Pet Training Talents for example, with ranks of Novice, Apprentice, Master, and Expert. Every talent you train, you would gain a rank and it would give you a better percentage in being able to obtain better talents and producing hybrids or even making your pet a better fighter. This could also apply to ship fighting, ordering around companions and more. The possibilities could be limitless! Training points shouldn't be limited to only PvE and PvP.

Well, that's my idea for Pirate101. Hope you enjoyed reading about it.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Dragonspyre - Room For Improvement?


A month ago, for some strange reason, I was thinking about Dragonspyre while shoveling snow for the 100th time this winter. I was thinking about a certain tweet that went like this..

"Wizard101, please fix it that we don't have to do the Labyrinth... TWICE!"

I was like, believe me, I know you feel. Then I remembered another tweet I read months ago that was also about the Labyrinth that went something like this.

"If there was an quest, I would decline to do... It's the Obsidian Chest quest. I mean the quest is so long, then I have to do the Labyrinth which is even longer? Blahhhhhhhhh!'

Then I remembered that from Wizard101's own stats, it showed that Malistaire has been defeated over 566,595 times. Even though we have tens of millions of players, this shows that only 566,596 finished Dragonspyre. But what about those tens of millions? So many characters has not even advanced pass Level 50.

All of the sudden, a light bulb lit up above my head. It was the world that was probably the problem that discourages wizards to advance pass Level 50 or even finish the world.

So my question is...
What would you do to improve Dragonspyre?!

I remember while questing my multiple characters through that world that I did encounter a few problems.

  • The world is so dark, brooding and depressing. It just made me want to lag behind. Everything seems to blend into the same old thing. Red, black, lava, smoky sky.
  • The Labyrinth Problem - We do the dungeon TWICE?! Why? I even remember dreading to do my school quest in there. I had to buy crowns just to complete it..
  • The flow and quests in certain areas seems to take so much time. Not sure if it's the story line or the battles. But it just doesn't seem terribly exciting.
  • Too many back and forths. We return to the Crucible twice. The Drake Hatchery twice? Was kinda confusing.
  • I would've loved to explore more in depth with the Dragonspyre schools. 
But if you could improve the Dragonspyre, what would you want to improve?
What did you see as speed bump or roadblocks in that world?
Let us know what you think by leaving a comment.

April Fool's Mount and Fish!


New April's Fool Mount

Human, the view from here is amazing!

Why hello human, I'm Sir Wonky the Third. Who are you? Gosh you're so tiny!

Yes swim on, my little slave.

*yawns* Gosh, traveling is so tiring, isn't it?

If you have the urge to carry around a quite demanding, lazy and conceited donkey, you can get one in the Wizard101 and Pirate101's Crown Shop for 4k Crowns. Be warned, he's pretty heavy.

New April's Fool Fish

Yes, it's really a boot.. a very old boot with a tiny fish living in it. No, I don't know whose boot is it. This Balance fish, who is also Rank 1, is found in all common areas of Wizard City, Krokotopia, Mooshu and Grizzleheim. The Ol' Boot gives 1600 First Catch XP as well as 16 Regular Catch XP.  Good luck!

Brianna's Pirate101 Pet Theories


Clever Brianna Everret is always whispering into my ear about her hybrid theories, so I thought that it was time to make a post listing them all. The Fandango, which was produced from the Pink Marshadillow and Flamango, was actually one of her hybrid theories. So who knows what other theories of hers could be correct?

Cutie Chameleon x Scarab = Love Bug
Spooktooth or Grimtooth x Candy Cane = Sweet Tooth
Pink Chocolope x Blue Chocolope = Cotton Candy-Tailed Lope
Ebon Spectre x Rock Crab = Ghost Crab
Bullrog x Frog = Bullfrog
Not So White Shark x Minotaur = Bullshark
Habenero Tiger Shark x Imperial Lion = Lion Cub
Grimtooth x Stormtiger or Thresher Shark  = Doomtooth
Clocktopus x Hawk = Clockwork Bird
Glowfish or Storm Tiger x Inky Octopus = Jellyfish
Coral Widow x Black Tiger = Black Widow
Ram-A-Lam x Heck Kitty or Black Tiger = Black Sheep
Iguana x Celestial Dragon = Komono Dragon
Frog x Iguana = Gecko
Golden Sky Rattler x Mechanical Owl = Golden Owl
Black Tiger x Jungle Toad = Black Panther
Fire Toad x Fandango = Flameingo
Jungle Toad x Crokagator = Jungle Crokagator
Grimtooth x Mini Minotaur = Death Minotaur aka Grim Minotaur

And with the newest pet in the Crown Shop, the Bunnicorn and its own hybrid theories.

Bunnicorn x Ram-A-Lam = One Horned Ram
Pink or Blue Chocolope x Bunnicorn = Marshmallow Bunny
Bunnicorn x Not So Great White Shark = Narwhal
Bunnicorn or Jackalope x Storm Tiger Shark = Energizer Bunny

Thank you Clever Brianna Everret!

Also if you have some of your own pet theories, please feel free to comment away with your own ideas.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

New Test Realm Fishes!


So far, there are 23 brand new fish in Dragonspyre in Test Realm. YES 24!! I have listed all of them here so it's easy for you to find them without searching for info on them. Enjoy!

Red Armored Fish

The Athenium, DS

Dragonfly Fish

The Athenium, DS

Hard Albacore

Plaza of Conquests, DS

Spyre Fish

The Grand Chasm, DS
The Drake Hatchery, DS
The Labyrinth, DS

Sweet Yellow Orunion

The Crucible, DS

Labyrinth Fish

The Labyrinth, DS

Trigger Fish

The Grand Chasm, DS

Devil Ray

The Crystal Grove, DS

Ember Parrot Fish

Tower Archives, DS

Dragonling Fish

The Drake Hatchery, DS

Pickled Herring

Crystal Groves, DS

Soul Searcher

The Necropolis, DS

Freshlava Smelt

The Forum, DS

Rambo Fish

The Drake Hatchery, DS

Purple Grunion

The Drake Hatchery, DS

Sam Bass

The Grand Chasm, DS

SURPRISE! Yes there's a new Epic Fish in Wintertusk!

Red Grunion

Nordilund, WinterTusk

(This Fish is actually an Epic)

(Pix Needed)

Undead Spyre Eel

The Forum
Death Epic Fish

*The Schools of Fish*

Balance School of Fish
The Grand Chasm, DS

Life School of Fish
The Athenium, DS

Myth School of Fish
The Crucible, DS

Death School of Fish
The Athenium, DS

Fire School of Fish
The Athenium, DS

Storm School of Fish
The Labyrinth, DS

Ice School of Fish
The Grand Chasm, DS

Thank you Iridian Willowglen for helping out with the pictures, locations and information!