Mystery Telegraph Boxes Arrive In Test Realm

In Wizard101 Test Realm, there were teases of mystery Telegraph Boxes, what could they be?!

Fishing has arrived in Wizard101!

Collect all 63 Fish to become an awesome fisherperson!

A Brand New Pet Feature in Pirate101

You now can hatch, raise and spar your pets!

Brand New Wizard101 Bundle - The Spiral Cup Gauntlet!

You now can join the advanced Wysteria tournament in its gauntlet! Not only that, you can get a vine mount, pegasus pony pet and more!

Brand New Arcane Builders' Bundle from Wizard101!

You now can build your own castle!

Brand new Aquarium Tanks in Wizard101!

You can buy, craft and stack Aquarium Tanks to store your prized fish!

A Mysterious Tower shows up in Pirate101!

What does this mean? What is that tower for? Hopefully we will find out soon!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Wizard101 Test Realm Is Open!!!

Wizard101 Test Realm is Open for some cool updates! You now can restore Arcane Castles and there's a brand new Crown Shop look and tons of other minor updates.

The New Crown Shop Look!

There's new sub-categories that makes it easier!

The New Restore Castle!

Mystery Doodle?

This was odd since this guy seemed so out of place when being surrounded by the typical Wizard City characters. Maybe it's a clue for future quest updates?!

Minor Details

A few things you should know from the Update Notes that bear reminding.

  • Buy Pigswick Academy Tapestry NOW because they have removed it in Test.
  • The Krokotopian Houseboat now can be placed in Shared Bank.
  • The Spiral Cup Gauntlet is now not only limited to friends.
  • A fish will indicate if it's Seasonal.
  • You won't be able to access the fishing menu in non-fishing areas.
  • Lloyd Fallingwater has two new Castle Block recipes - Roof/Floor B Castle Block and Roof In Corner Castle Block.

Check out the rest of the Test Realm Update Notes at: 

Monday, August 25, 2014

Looking For Awesome Blog Posts!

I'm currently looking for bloggers who would love to have their blog post featured on my blog. If you got an awesome blog post that you'd like to send my way, just email me at

Once it's approved, I will post it here on my blog as well as feature it on my SotS site and forums' homepages. This way, you get tons of traffic reading it!

I only got a few rules. It must be PG-rated, Pirate101 and/or Wizard101 related. If you got any questions, just email me. Thank you!

The Review for the Month of Arrr!

A Month of ARRR! August 2013
If you don't remember last year, let us recount it for you.

The first week, our wonderful official fansites gave out awesome contests.
The second week, Pirate101 celebrated Left Hander's Day by giving away a free cool weapon for Leftys!
The third week, Pirate101 released brand new Mooshu Furniture!
The final week, Pirate101 released a brand new Gryphon Mount and Mini-Minotaur.

A Month of ARRR! August 2014
This year, Pirate101 released a fantastic "Design Your Own Eye Patch Contest!" for the first week.
Then the second week, we celebrated Shark Week with awesome price slashes to Shark items in the Crown Shop.
The third week, our super rad official fansites gave out uber-cool contests!
The last week, they released new Aquilan Furniture!

Now my questions for you all.

Do you think they have improved from last year? If not, say why.
Is there anything you want to stay, remove, change, add for next year?
Are there any other events you want them to celebrate next year like Lefty's Day and Shark Week?
Did you like their Eye Patch contest? Do you want more of those kind of contests or less of it?
If you want more contests, what kind of contests would you like to see?
What do you want to see for next year's month of Arrr?

Please post your answers in the comments below!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Loot Roll of the Nefarious Five Chest

This is a Loot Roll for the Nefarious Five's chest. Apparently it drops a lot of furniture items that are dropped in other worlds. Not only that it drops cool Nefarious weapons and more!! Again, this guide can only be complete with your help, I can do so much. I am hoping that this guide will help you decide if it's worth spending crowns on this chest in Live.

Send your photos by commenting below this post. Thank you!


Nefarious Five Weapons
Nefarious Knives

Ivory Lotus Cap
Orange Blossom Cap
Moo Ichi Headband
Chou Sou Kasa
Corrupted Shinobi's Hood
Blue Anemone Hachimaki

Dak Fang Gi
Blue Anemone Gi
Auric Peril Garb
Corrupted Warlord's O-Yoroi
Zayat Jacket
Centipede Shozoku
Manchu Disciple Robe


Jewel of Sumuru
Talisman of Sumuru
Token of Sumuru
Ornament of Sumuru

Black Pearl Loop
Master Li's Ring

Seven Lamps Charm
Seven Lamp Amulet


Bound Oni's Bulwark

Pet Snack

Banana and Potatoes
Banana Salad - Rank 3 - Monsquista
Banana Soup - Rank 3 - Monsquista
Scrimshaw Swiss - Rank 1 - Skull Island


Orange Stand
Clockwork Treasure Chest
Framed Krokosphinx Photo
Framed Campsite Photo
Embroidered Green Couch
Large Tatami Floor Mat
Regal Gold Leaf Chair
Winged Chariot
Aquila Director's Chair
Small Bison Totem

Mini Games

Rat Attack Game