Thursday, October 8, 2015

A Sneak Peek of Polaris from Wizard101!


Wizard101 has released yet ANOTHER sneak peek. This time, we get to see a character as well as a building in Polaris!


Notice that sky? That's the Northern Lights aka the Aurura Borealis. It's a naturally occurring phenomenon in the Arctic and Antarctic areas. It's a light display that is one of the most beautiful sights that you can find in nature.

Video Example of the Northern Lights

Not only that, have you noticed the building behind the Polar Bear character? It's stunning! Notice the colored bulb roofs? Just beautiful. On the far right, there's an interesting shape of a door. I also love the border right below the bulb roofs. It's very candy cane in a way. 

And how about that Polar Bear character? He's really rawking the mustache and beard! He is obviously a soldier. I wonder if he's an important character or just one of the boys in their army? I love his gear, it's so simple yet elegant. I want that hat!

So, North of North? Are they trying to hint that there's an actual city named North that's set in North? Or an area literally named North? Guess we'll get to see for ourselves soon!

Are you excited? I know I am! If you want to see the above sneak peek for yourself, go to

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Another Concept Teaser from Wizard101!


Today, Wizard101 has released yet ANOTHER sneak peek teaser at the upcoming new world expansion, Polaris!

Looking at the picture, it's clear that you have to wear fur coats here. But in the distance, a statue stands tall. I causually mentioned that it is a penguin crying. Then someone chimed in saying, "actually that looks like Grandma Raven." Then I took another look. Could it be? He's probably right. But then there are penguins with crazy eyebrows. Check out some of them below.

The Erect-Crested Penguin

The Fiordland Penguin

The Macaroni Penguin

The Rockhopper Penguin

The Royal Penguin

The Snare Penguin

So which one could it be? Grandma Raven or the crazy eyebrowed penguins? Guess we will find out soon!

The Adeline Penguin

In addition to the crazy eyebrowed penguins above, I would love an Adeline Penguin as a pet. They have a cool mohawk thing going!

Aren't you excited?! I know I am!

Saturday, October 3, 2015

A Little Education On Arctic Animals


I was thinking about Polaris and what kind of arctic animals there that we most likely will see. A few are obvious like Penguins and Polar Bears. But what about seals? Walruses? Even mammoths?! Then I realized that I don't know much about each animal species. So I decided to ask my best friend for information which was of course Google. While looking through all of those facts, some of them sounded so interesting. Then I realized, why not put them in a blog post? I tried not to put so many facts for each making this one long read. I chose the most interesting facts.


There's no penguins in the Northern Hemisphere, so yes they don't exist in the North Pole.

Emperors stand almost 4 feet tall and the Little Blues are only 16 inches tall.

Their earliest penguin relatives lived 60 million years ago.

The Gentoos are the fastest, swimming up to 22 miles per hour.

Most penguins create nests for their eggs. But the Emperor is the only species that incubates their single egg on the top of their feet under a loose fold of skin to keep it warm.

Only humans prey on Polar Bears.

Even in a freezing environment, they overheat more than be cold.

Polar Bear cubs weight a little more than a pound at birth.

Polar Bears' skin is actually black.

Their fur might look white, but it's actually transparent.

They can smell seals, their main food source, from almost a mile away.

They can run up to 25 miles per hour and swim up to 6 miles per hour in water.

Males weighs up to 1500 pounds while females are usually half of that.

There are two groups of seals. There are 18 species of "True Seals" while there are 15 species of "Eared Seals."

The only difference between the two groups are their ears. True Seals do not have ear flaps while Eared Seals do.

Southern Elephant Seal is the largest, weighting up to 8,500 pounds while the smallest is the Ringed Seal at 110-150 pounds.

The Southern Elephant Seal is also the biggest in length, averaging at 20 feet long while the Ringed Seal averages at 5 feet.

Some seals live in the ocean, some seals make caves in the snow to live in and some stay under the ice creating holes to breathe through.

Seals mainly eat fish. But they also will eat eel, squid, octopus and lobster. Leopard Seals will eat penguins and smaller seals.

They are distantly related to dogs, coyotes, foxes, wolves, skunks, otters and bears.

Harp Seals can stay underwater up to 15 minutes.

Elephant Ears have "Smoker's Blood" which means they have the same amount of carbon monoxide in their blood like a person who smokes 40 or more cigarettes every day.

The Crabeater Seal has the largest population of any species of seal in the world. They think that there are 2 to 75 million Crabeaters.

The Grey Seal can eat up to 10 pounds of food in a day.

They're called the gentle giants of the Arctic because even when they're huge carnivores, they are really not aggressive.

They can weigh from 1,320 to 3,300 pounds, and grow up to 10 and half feet.

Males are twice as big as females with longer and thicker tusks and thicker skin.

Walrus tusks can grow up to 3 feet.

Tusks helps them to break through ice and helps them climb out of the water and onto the ice. They also use them to defend themselves and establish dominance.

Most Walruses live near the Arctic Circle, preferring areas with shallow water so they can easily find food.

On the average, they can swim around 4.35 miles per hour and run as fast as 21.74 miles per hour.

A group of walruses is called a herd.

Herds are segregated by gender. There's a herd for each gender.

Walruses can slow their heart rates which allow them to live in freezing temperatures.

Walruses love to eat shellfish. They can eat up to 4k clams in one feeding. If desperate, they will eat carcasses of dead seals.

Calves weigh around 100-165 pounds at birth.

Swimming right after being born, calves stay with its mother for the first three years of its life.

Walruses have two natural predators - the Orca aka "Killer Whale" and the Polar Bear. They say that both predators are more likely to hunt their calves than the adults.

Odobenus rosmarus, Walruses' scientific names, is Latin for "tooth-walking sea-horse."

Woolly Mammoths were not the only animal that was woolly. There were even Woolly Rhinos!

There were a dozen kinds of Mammoths other than the Woolly Mammoths. A few examples are the Steppe Mammoths, the Imperial Mammoths, and the Columbian Mammoths.

There were also three different smaller mammoth groups - Pygmy Mammoths of California, Dwarf Mammoths of Wrangel Island off the coast of Siberia and Dwarf Mammoths of Saint Paul Island, Alaska.

The Woolly Mammoths weren't even the biggest Mammoth species. The Imperial Mammoths weighed over 10 tons. They say that also a few individuals of the Songhua River Mammoths were even bigger, at 15 tons!

The smaller dwarf mammoth races were on the average 5.6 feet tall and 1,680 pounds.

The Woolly Mammoths did not just have a thick coat of fur. They had 4 inches of solid fat under that fur to protect them from the freezing conditions.

The Woolly Mammoths' fur ranged from blonde to dark brown.

The last Woolly Mammoth was alive 4,000 years ago. That was at the same time when the pyramids already existed in Egypt. Imagine that!

A small group of Woolly Mammoths from Wrangel Island lived there until 1700 B.C.

Hope this was interesting to you like it was to me. I sure learned a bit today! Maybe when we walk through Polaris, when we will see new characters, we will get to be able to understand them more. For me, I just want cool pets and mounts. Some of the animals above sounds awesome. Especially that Woolly Rhino!

Thursday, October 1, 2015

What's Inside Pirate101's Birthday Presents?


So it's October which means Halloween. But not only that, it's Pirate101's 3rd Birthday! Everywhere in Skull Island, you will find those awesome presents that now drop loot! You can get pets, temporary mounts, eyepatches, furniture and pet snacks! The neat thing is there are actually NEW furniture and pets. I am sure I'm missing some, but here's the info I could gather the best as I could.


None of the items below are new. But still you're getting free eyepatches which normally cost 100 crowns!

Birthday Eyepatch
Autumn Eyepatch
Jack O'Lantern Eyepatch
Metal Eyepatch
Pirate Eyepatch
Crossbones Eyepatch

The Karma Paper Dragon


The Karma pets are brand new, never seen in-game before. However, the Crawlie is not a new pet. It's actually a known card pet.

Karma Chameleon
Karma Paper Dragon
Birthday Cake Crawlie


7-Day Temporary Mounts:

Some mounts are new while some are not.

Armored Skeleton
Sky Shark
Pouncing Panther
Riding Lion
Lonely Buffaloon
Transport Golem
Solar Saber
Forest Tiger
Jaunty Jaguar
Flying Turtle
Lurching Lobster
Prancing Pony
Pirate Parrot
Aquilan Pegasus
Clockwork Wings


Most of the items below are new.

* - New Items

Red Checker*
Black Checker*
Gumball Machine*
Tall Sundae*
Small Toy Train Set*
Toy Train Set*
Blue Party Gift*
Ship in a Bottle
Toy Monkey
Piggy Bank
Theater Mask
Teddy Bear

Pet Snacks:

None of the pet snacks are new.

Decimatoes - Rank 6

Kippers - Rank 5
Albion Eggs
Moolong Tea
Farm Fresh Yum
Haggis Crisp
Fortune Cookies
Stymphalian Birdseed

Chilly Cos Queso - Rank 4
Buffaloon Patties
Wholly Frijoles
Junction Jerky
Banana Burger
Miranda Midas
Tumbleweed Toast

Banana Kabobs - Rank 3
Breakfast Tacos
Pan Fried Banana
Banana Soup
Banana Creole

Mystery Nuggets - Rank 2
Molten Lava Cake

Fish Fingers - Rank 1

Which ones are you most excited about? I loved the new furniture and pets. It was pretty cool finally getting something other than confetti from those presents. The pet snacks didn't hurt either!

If you find anything missing or incorrect, please leave a comment below. Thanks!