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Top 9 Packs of Wizard101: A Wizard's Must Haves

I've put together the star items aka the must haves from the packs that's available from Wizard101. I needed this list badly and I realized that others probably do as well to keep track of what stuff are actually the best and the most useful. This guide will help me know which pack to buy and I hope that it does the same for you.

Thanks to Dan Phantom and FireDeseAngel for helping me figure out this stuff.
Thanks to Carlos Trollfist who pointed out that I should add the Keeper's Lore Pack.

1. Terror Hoard Pack

This pack has the most epic Darkmoor themed housing furniture! The best furniture I've seen in the game to be honest.

And not only that, it has the FIRST ever May Cast weapons that you can get from a pack! They are currently the must haves for Wizards in the spiral. They don't just may cast spells, they have pretty decent critical and block rating as well as damage! That's pretty useful.

There's three wands - Elemental, Spirit and Balance.

FORTUNE TELLER'S ETERNAL GAZE - 115 Universal Block, 115 Universal Crit, 8% Damage for Fire, Ice and Storm and 6% Power Pip chance. Gives 6 Fire wand cards.

May Cast Spell - Shift Akhtang: 1000 Sun Damage to Enemy

FORTUNE TELLER'S PEERLESS EYE - 115 Universal Block, 115 Universal Crit, 5% Universal Damage and 6% Power Pip chance. Gives 6 Balance wand cards.

May Cast Spell - Shift Chaney: 1000 Moon Damage to Enemy

EYE OF THE SOOTHSAYER - 110 Universal Block, 110 Universal Crit, 10% Damage for Death, Life and Myth and 6% Power Pip chance. Gives 6 Death wand cards.

May Cast Spell - Shift Blackwater: 1000 Star Damage to Enemy

2. Harrowing Nightmare Pack

This pack has the best school crit wands that also comes with incoming.

All of the Harrowing Nightmare wands has 7% Incoming, 1 Power Pip and 6 wand cards, half are one school and the other half is other school. For example 3 fire wand cards and 3 death wand cards. Every wand has different school wands.

Jack Hollow's Wailer - 223 Storm Critical
Jack Hollow's Blues - 209 Fire Critical
Jack Hollow's Gordtar - 195 Myth Critical
Tormentor's Bonerattler - 165 Ice Critical
Tormentor's Shredder - 195 Death Critical
Tormentor's Skullsplitter - 181 Life Critical
Jack Hollow's Guitar - 195 Balance Critical

3. Shaman's Lore Hoard

The Level 100 Teeth of the Lords of Night wand has the best universal block stats - 160 Block, 30 Critical and as always, 1 Power Pip and 6 ice wand cards.


4. Keeper's Lore

For people who love or need high resist, this pack is for you. The Level 100 Jade Gear Set gives 62 Universal Resist!

Not only that, this pack also let you learn spells such as the Keeper of the Flame, Luminous Weaver and the Brimstone Revenant!


5. Yuletide Pack

The Level 100 Fusilier's Fireberry Saber has pretty good universal critical stats that comes with block and pip chance.

Fusiler's Fireberry Saber - 125 Critical, 35 Block, 4% Power Pip chance and as always 1 Power Pip and 6 fire wand cards.

Not only that, it came with a cool 2 person Winter Treant mount and what's even better, a cool Snowglobe housing furniture item that actually made it snow in the area! I'm still waiting for one that makes it rain and more. Hey, what about one that rains certain school symbols?! I want a fire one!

6. Wyvern's Hoard Pack

This pack still gives the best energy gears in the game. The Level 100 Greenwarden's Gears will give you 69 energy on top of your base energy!

7. Hydra Hoard Pack

This pack gave the first and only 3 person mount, the Hydra! This is definitely useful when you are questing with a group. All we need now is a 4 seater mount.

8. Emperor's Attic Pack

This pack had the first ever Housing Game. Remember the Tag Game? Also it had the first ever interactive furniture to be included in a pack like the Koi Pond. Not only that, this pack had the cool Fortune's Cookie plant which is incredibly rare, but it's pretty awesome as a decoration if it's second spring'ed.

9. Dragon Hoard Pack

This pack HAD to be included because it's the first pack to be added to the game. And it has the Bone Dragon mount which is probably the rarest mount of all packs. Not only that, the gears in this pack can make you look like a proper viking... with a cape. But sadly enough the pack has been retired. The only way you can get it is through Grub Guardian.

So this is my must haves and my top packs in Wizard101, what about you?

If I am missing ANYTHING, please comment below so I can update this list and credit it to you. Thank you.

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