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A Boring Sunday

Gosh what can I say about today, a boring Sunday? I woke up, wiped sleep from my eyes, yawned then stumbled to the laptop to sign on Wizard101.

Last night was amazing. I fought in some good battles and lost few. Really just ONE? Lol. But the point was I learned a lot. I knew I had still tons to learn. But at least I was on my way to an island titled "PvP Know It Alls"

Then today, I only fought in one or two battles. One was with Kevin Battleblood and Gorman. Diana Wildheart was on my team. We were winning in the beginning, then losing badly in the end. Like I said, still a lot to learn lol!

One thing that I learned today when Kevin explained about Gears in PvP, a light bulb went off above my head. I knew it! It always bothered me that my crafted gears had no resist to schools. I always had a feeling that my Legendary Gears were better in PvP. But certain people said NOOOOO, Critical is better. So I bowed to the wrong people. But now I know better!

But in between, went farming for the ol' Headmaster Ambrose Statue with Chronius in Crystal Grove. Got it. Farmed in the Sphere. Got rich. Hatched and got Earth Walker. Got Poor. Did Myth a bit in Star District. Got even more bored. Then PvP time! Hmm, indeed what a lazy Sunday. Then when everyone crawled off to bed, me and Diana Wildheart farmed for Statues. She needed Minotaur Statue amongst others. *whistling*

One good plus about today is I finally finished the Crafted Decks section. Now onto Crafted Rings/Necklaces/Athames. Can't let laziness beat me today. Although I'm already tempted for the feeling of getting into the bed and sleeping in on Monday morning.

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