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Hulking Cyclops plus Ice Wyvern Card equals WHAT?!

I can't believe Wizard101 was lame enough to give a Life pet a ICE card. Next month, CVS will be selling a game card with the Hulking Cyclops who gives Ice Wyvern card. What the heck is going on over at Wizard101? Not smart. Who would want to buy this card? Honestly? Lame!

Also last night while I was in the Grotto, farming Cuthalla. A lady named Samantha walked into the fight and asked about Spritely that my pet casted. So I explained about my pet. Then she said nobody helped her and taught her about Pets, Talents, Gears, Drops and anything you could think of. She was Level 54. I was aghast at this fact. She also said that people were so tight lipped on pets, talents and many things. She felt so frustrated until she met me. So I took a few hours just to explain everything and show her my MFP. So she knows what the game is all about.

But this greatly disappointed me. Why are the people being so uptight and selfish? This is not what the game is all about! If you were one of them, please think twice next time you are with someone who needs your advice. After all, someone helped you in the beginning, didn't they? It's time to return the favor!

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Hulking Cyclops plus Ice Wyvern Card equals WHAT?! Hulking Cyclops plus Ice Wyvern Card equals WHAT?! Reviewed by The Fabulous K on Wednesday, January 26, 2011 Rating: 5

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