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Badge Farming

On my fire, Kelsey Fireheart, I'm so close to have all of my badges completed. I'm in utter shock that I got this far. I mean what?! How is that possible? I even was caught off guard when "Meow Master Badge Earned" popped up. I mean, that's for defeating 400 cats? That was unreal! I can't believe I fought enough times that 400 cat names have been entered in the tally towards that badge. Btw, sorry Fluffy, Sneakers, Snowball, Tiger and to all of the other cats. Especially Spike the Crusher. I know I have beat you countless times that you can't stand to be in the same room with me. I also hope you forgive me about spilling your milk. I was just teasing. :(

But, I admit I never thought that badge farming was kinda fun. I do look forward to finishing the last two badges that I have in my book. It's a nice simple challenge that you can't really complain about.

Meanwhile, here's a photo to make you laugh and shake your head at. While badge farming, Ethan Windwalker ported down at me and just stood there for a minute. And I got this vision. LOL!

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